For event specialists, here are 9 free AI image generators.

Although programs like ChatGPT and Bard have dominated news stories about artificial intelligence this year, generative AI is capable of far more than just writing words. It is therefore not surprising that many event teams are expanding their toolkits to include artificial intelligence picture generators, a market that is anticipated to more than double to $534 million by 2028.

Events teams may use this technology to speed up their efforts in a variety of ways, from developing branding and logos to helping with social media creativity and improving event website design.

The use of artificial intelligence picture generators provides event teams with a low-cost method of producing photos of a high caliber. Event teams may produce compelling pictures in just a few minutes without the expense of hiring a costly graphic designer, giving them instructions, and waiting for slow production times.

Event teams can also customize visuals using these intelligent image generators, iterate as necessary, and eventually improve their prompts. These features enable event teams to strengthen marketing and promotional materials, enabling them to cover more ground in less time.

Additionally, if your business is encouraging diversity and inclusion through the visual identity of your event, AI image generators can make your DE&I plan come to life on a budget.

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