45+ pre-event survey questions to increase attendance at your events right away

When designed appropriately, pre-event survey questions can provide you with so much more than you could ever anticipate.

They are essential for determining the amount of interest in your event among your audience as well as for learning what they require, desire, and anticipate from it. But one of the best methods to increase attendance at your event is to send out a pre-event survey as part of your pre-event engagement strategy.

In fact, it can increase attendance chances by as much as 60%!

There’s a reason that before organizing their virtual, in-person, and hybrid events, 85% of our 12,000+ event builders from Fortune 500 organizations and 10 of the top 20 life science companies do pre-event surveys.

Continue reading to learn how sending pre-event survey questions can improve your events, how to increase response rates, and what to include in your pre-event survey so you can get the most out of the responses.

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