3 Tips for Extending the Value of Events in the Hybrid Era


How can you extend the value of events in the hybrid era? In a roundtable event, we posed this question to three of today’s top event leaders:

  • Sarah Reed, Senior Director of Global Strategic Events at Zendesk, told us about her experimentation with event types. By installing event guardrails, she honed in on a handful of optimal formats.
  • Jessica Vogol, Vice President of Marketing at Movable Ink, revealed how leading organizations break out hybrid budgets into two distinct events—in-person and virtual.
  • David Moricca, Founder and CEO at Socialive and our co-host for the event, unpacked what it takes to convert an event’s worth of content into usable long-term marketing assets.

Read more at: https://www.bizzabo.com/blog/extending-the-value-of-events-in-the-hybrid-era/

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