XTUGA 2 Channel Audio Mixer – DJ Sound Controller Interface with USB Soundcard for PC Recording, XLR and 3.5mm Microphone Jack,

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‎ 18 March 2022


‎Made in CNH

10 reviews for XTUGA 2 Channel Audio Mixer – DJ Sound Controller Interface with USB Soundcard for PC Recording, XLR and 3.5mm Microphone Jack,

  1. Keith

    Clean sound. Strange hookup.
    Channel one is broken. 1/8 the volume of channel 2, basically unamplified, but for the usual reasons attempting a return is a hassle. cannot readily contact the company. Honestly not enough amplification even through the working channel. could be better, but not terrible. the sound is clean.(Edit: The seller contacted me in an attempt to resolve the issue. Due to the clean sound and noiseless (no static when turned) potentiometers, i am upping from 3 to 4 stars)Note, unless using this to record to the computer, use an external common USB power supply instead.. So, if using in Karaoke style, do not have it connected to the computer. You would use the Headphone Out of the device directly. This will be instant, instead of delayed, and also there will not be the noise from the computers USB that occurs when used in Karaoke mode. There is not the same noise when recording to the computer as there is when trying to use the computer for just power. It is simply not designed to work that way.

  2. Antrell McLean

    Low budget audio solution
    Works perfect for my streaming set up. Low latency, may even work for a home project studio. Simple to understand layout, and the price point makes it a no brainer!

  3. Alejandro Roldan Arboleda

    Excelente interfaz de audio/mixer por su precio
    El producto por su precio no tiene rival, es un excelente mixer/ interfaz de audio con 2 entradas combo(XLR/LINE), y capacidad para usar hasta 3 micrófonos (2 por las entradas combo y 1 Mic condensador con entrada de 3.5mm) en mi opinión no he sentido latencia o es imperceptible que tanto comentan, al final creo que es perfecta para iniciar en el mundo del podcasting a nivel amateur o como streamer/youtuber si quieres mejorar tu calidad de audio, no le doy un 5 por la simple razón de que no se puede apagar el monitoreo de audio,lo que puede generar cefaleas si se usa por periodos prolongados, por todo lo demás es una compra excelente

  4. Benjamin

    You get what you pay for – a 5v analog mixer
    Worst:Latency in USB mode is completely unacceptable. Not usable for live monitoring or live playing. But if you plan on using it as nothing but a plain old recording interface, it’s good enough.I’ve tried it in many computers, with or without USB hubs — You will get at least a little bit of USB noise (chatter, hiss) bleeding into it. If it’s the only device on your computer’s USB controller, it’s quiet enough. If I power it only via a dedicated 5v power supply, and not plug into a computer, it’s quiet enough.Best:What you see is what you get. You get two channels that can be panned stereo (why are pan pots totally absent on so many tiny mixers?), stereo mains out, and a stereo headphone slot whose volume is independent of main out. Bare bones, but good enough for applications that only need an itty-bitty mixer. And easy on the pocketbook.

  5. Lucas Parks

    For the money….
    I bought this for my secondary PC setup since I just needed voice chat.My normal setup is an ART Tube Pre into a 2i2 and it sounds fantastic, studio quality.This has the worst preamps i’ve ever heard.I’ve heard better quality out of a $30 USB mic rather than using this with an SM58.Also still had to apply digital gain to get to a good level with an SM58, which is not hard to power at all.I bought a Logitech G435 gaming headset on sale for the same price, and the microphone on it sounds better than this with a $100 SM58, so if that’s what you’re looking for- for streaming or voice chat, just go with a G435 headset.

  6. Little Beast2

    I’m ready!
    Just what I was looking for. Cheap, good quality audio interface.

  7. Moises Gutierrez Gonzalez

    Calidad media
    Me gusta l portabilidad, no me gusta el ruido que hace l conectarse a mi laptop. Deberían de venir con algo ayude a aislar ese ruido.

  8. Jimbo H

    48v Phantom power on 1 XLR just what was needed.
    This an inexpensive solution for supplying phantom power to a condenser mic within an integrated USB interface. It has a headphone out (works well) and line out for studio amp/speakers (untested). I’ve had it a month and it is working out quite well for what I’m doing.The features are as described and I’ve produced a few pieces with it using Ableton Live and Pro Tools. It should work with any DAW as it appears to be completely USB compliant.Genuinely and pleasantly surprised.

  9. José Ernesto Castellanos

    Audio Digital
    Buen producto, buen precio , cumple lo de una tarjeta de audio Digital

  10. JY

    Great little USB Mixer
    For what it is it’s great! Simple, easy to use, plug and play. It has 48v phantom power to power condenser microphones. No EQ , just a gain knob. It’s 16bit but sounds good. It is nice and small so it doesn’t take up to much desk space. This little mixer is USB powered so it is conveniently powered by your PC or laptop. If you just need something to plug your condenser or dynamic mic into to use with your PC this will do it.

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