Sound Storm Labs S4EQ 4 Band Pre Amp Car Equalizer with Gold Plated Front Rear and Subwoofer Outputs

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Sound storm S4EQ 4 band pre-amp car equalizer with gold-plated front/rear and subwoofer outputs

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Weight 649 kg
Dimensions 17.27 × 2.79 cm
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‎10.92 x 17.27 x 2.79 cm; 649 Grams

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‎4-band Preamp Equalizer

Item Weight

‎649 g



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1 January 2010


Sound Storm Laboratories

10 reviews for Sound Storm Labs S4EQ 4 Band Pre Amp Car Equalizer with Gold Plated Front Rear and Subwoofer Outputs

  1. Marcelo Preciado

    Excelente producto para lo económico que es
    Es de buena calidad y bastante duradero y fácil de instalar lo recomiendo bastante si buscas algo económico y bueno.

  2. Joe Bernal

    You get what you pay for
    You get what you pay for

  3. Amazon Customer

    Bon produit côté qualité prix
    Installer ce radio dans un VR. TRÈS SATISFAIT. LE SITE SSL mentionne que le radio requiert une batterie CR2 . Ceci n’est pas le cas

  4. StoneWolf460

    Sounds VERY good. Buttons and volume knob feel cheap
    Sounds VERY good.Buttons and volume knob feel cheap, as if just normal use will quickly break them.The removable faceplate is precarious, just trying to remove a USB cable will pull the whole thing off the unit.The display is perfect not too bright at night, and not dim during the day. The buttons however are very bright, so much so its distracting at night. I have yet to find a way to adjust the brightness of either the buttons or the display.The hands free functionality is unusable in all but a literal sense. Technically you can place calls, if you have the number memorized and feel like fumbling with the remote, at which point your contact list in your phone will be easier and faster. You can receive calls, but since this unit uses your phones mic, you have to hold your phone to your face at which point you might as well just use your phone because you can’t hear anything anyway.The Bluetooth media functionality is essentially a wireless aux cord, with no media info, or the ability to navigate your phones folders. Next and last buttons do change the track but only in the media folder you selected from your phones media player to play from.The USB port does appear to charge your phone at a normal rate (not really slow like some of these) but I have yet to be able to use it for anything but charging. I will try a few different cables to verify this and update later. I have not yet tried the USB flash drive functionality.As I use this unit more I will update this reviewI was hoping for a great deal on a unit that (from the pictures) didn’t look gimmicky or cheap, and had all the functionality I wanted.What I got was a very good sounding unit, with minimally adequate functionality that does look a tiny bit cheap with VERY overbright buttons.I feel what you get for the price falls in the range of fair.I have paid less for units with better functionality, but more for units with inferior sound quality.If you just want something somewhat inexpensive that sounds good, and don’t mind bright lights in the dash while your driving, I would say definitely buy it.If your looking for hands free functionality definitely don’t buy itAesthetically everyone has their own opinions, personally I could do without the bouncing bar graphs on each side of the display, and the over bright buttons, but otherwise I like the appearance of this unit.7/20/18 updateI have now had this unit installed for almost 2 years, and its still functioning just as it did when I installed it.I did have some trouble with random power downs and not reading my USB flash drive, but it turned out to be caused by the face plate.After I removed and replaced the face plate, and cycled the power the problems went away.The USB port works well for USB flash drives loaded with music. I never did get the USB tether to connect to any of my android phones.One annoyance I have discovered: As stated in my original review the hands free bluetooth functionality is more or less useless.If a phone has been bluetooth paired with the unit at any time, and if the bluetooth on the phone is on when a call is received, even after setting up not to, the unit will try to hijack the call, then after telling the phone to return to the handset for the call, a few minutes later the unit will hijack the call again. this will continue until bluetooth on the handset in question is disabled. This will even occur as far as 20 feet away from the vehicle.

  5. Dirk Lance

    Don’t Cheap Out…
    I bought this radio to replace the factory unit in my Silverado after the CD player broke. I was looking to install another factory unit in my truck, but this model year of Silverado requires reprogramming that my dealer-grade scanner can’t perform. Bummer.I figured I’d just get the least expensive double-din radio with a CD player and AUX, and this one fit the bill. After talking with tech-support about why it wouldn’t turn on, I remedied that issue and began to have tunes in my truck again.First gripe – the button noise is loud and stupid. I know you can turn it off, I’ve done so a few times, but it doesn’t even need to be there in the first place.Second gripe – Whine. The audio has a high-pitched whine under it that fluctuates with the throttle input. I know this might be a ground issue, which I need to look into, but the old radio didn’t do that.Third gripe – The audio randomly cuts out. Usually while listening to CDs, which is one of the big reasons I opted for this radio. The CD will be playing a song, then the music stops. The counter continues to move on in one second intervals then increases to skipping every other second, all while no sound is coming from the radio. To remedy this, I change modes from CD to radio and back to CD. This usually fixes it, sometimes it doesn’t. As of the other day, this has started to happen while listening to the FM radio.Fourth gripe – Randomly, when I turn the truck on, the radio will be blasting at a LOUD volume. I turn the volume down to 3 (whatever that unit means) before I turn my truck off. Then sometimes when I turn the truck on, the radio is blasting at 20 volume units. Not sure if that’s the loudest it goes, but it’s pretty loud. And no one tampered with the radio between turning it off and on, because one time it did this while I was in the truck and turned it off to eat and chat with friends.Overall, I’m not that happy with the radio. It seems like they cheaped out and didn’t iron out the bugs. If you’re looking to purchase one, I’d suggest looking elsewhere and getting a more reliable unit.

  6. Jaime

    Chulada de equalizador básico no necesitas más bandas con eso puedes dejar excelente calidad audio
    Básico pero muy buena calidad de audio entregada.Distorsiona si la ganancia está muy altaAún con los amplificadores y los subwoofer conectados como se debe.Ya probé varias fallas posibles y nada pero sin funciona bien a una ganancia media alta

  7. J. Garcia

    Phone + BlueTooth Receiver + THIS Equalizer + Amplifer = killer sound system for older cars!
    This little inexpensive EQ greatly improved the sound quality coming out of my phone/bluetooth receiver combination in my classic musclecar ride. For some 60’s and 70’s muscle cars, there aren’t very many great options for head units that does not require cutting the dash. That’s not a route I wanted to take, so I set out piecing together a sound system for my ’74 Plymouth Duster after trying out and returning a RetroSound Redondo stereo.What I pieced together was this EQ along with an NVX bluetooth receiver (reviews aren’t great on Amazon, but it’s crystal clear) and an NVX 5 channel amplifier. Before I purchased this EQ, I was only using the NVX bluetooth reciever and amplifer along with my phone. The sound was very flat. The bass wasn’t punchy and the highs not very crisp. So, I did some research and was convinced that I needed an EQ.If you’re building setup like mine, then here’s why you need and EQ like this one. What it does it separates the the lows and the mids/highs and boosts the signal to the amplifier. It also allows you to adjust the balance between the front and rear. Obviously, it also allows you to boost the signal for low, mid-bass, mids, and highs.After I added this EQ to my cobbled together sound system it made my music come ALIVE! The highs were nice and crips, the bass both punchy and boomy too. Mids are crystal clear. I listen to a variety of music from classic rock, metal, rap, 80’s, ska, salsa, mambo, and more. This little thing definitely made it all come alive.So you might be wondering what speakers I’m running. In the front kick-panels, I’m running Pioneer 4″x6″ speakers, in the rear package tray I’m running Kicker 6″x9″s and in the trunk I’m running a Kicker 10″ subwoofer in a truck box since it fits the best.Best bang for your buck right here!!

  8. Christopher Tran

    No Brainer
    So I got this a while back but finally installed it. I have a Bluetooth audio receiver connected to my aux input for my car. My car is a bit older so the native Bluetooth only supports phone calls, not music audio. So I had to add a secondary Bluetooth receiver. While I know for sure that my BMW stereo system has pretty decent sound, the AUX audio input is rather flat. Pushing the bass and trebled only took it so far. My previous phone, a Galaxy S8, had some great sound processing that allowed me to add really good highs and lows and really widen the sound stage. Since switching to a Pixel 2 XL, I’d lost the ability to add this sound processing. I tried some alternative Bluetooth receiver that claimed to added some of this processing, but ended up disappointing with very weak and artificial sound processing. So I decided to go back to basics and try to add an EQ in hardware. Installing this unit was way easier than I had anticipated. It took about 15 min. I just wired a cigarette power plug to the ground and 12V and connected the remote direct to the same 12V, that way the EQ shuts off when the cars off. Aside from that, two RCA to phono 1/8 (headphone plug) cable to connect my Bluetooth receiver and my aux input. In my setup, I’m completely ignoring the sub and rear output. I was afraid that they would apply some crossover to these different inputs, but it turns out the front (and probably the rears as well) are full range. I was able to bump up the lows and highs comfortably and it sounds completely natural and without distortion. It was a weird solution to this problem, but it worked out really well and it all fits in my glove compartment. For less than $30, I can’t believe this worked as well as it does. One additional benefit is that it adds a switchable Aux input to my setup.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Happy with product.
    Works fine for what I need.

  10. Gigi

    Problem installing rca’s
    Works fine BUT- I had same problem as others. One of the RCA plugs broke loose inside when I installed my cables, messing up the master volume.I’ve got the cables zip-tied at the rear which keeps the circuit board from shorting out.The RCA cables I used fit very tightly and were difficult to install. From now on when I install cables (to any unit) I will install them onto another device first, like an old CD player to make sure they are not too tight. You shouldn’t have to use so much force that it breaks the unit you are installing them on.I don’t think it was the fault of the EQ here. Everything about the unit seems to be of very good quality and the EQs performance is great. Clean and clear sound, and the preamp voltage rise really cranks up my amplifier’s output.I really like this EQs variable sub frequency control. It allows you to change the crossover frequency right from the dash instead of resetting the amp. Works awesome-I can optimize hz values for different music on the fly. It makes a huge difference in dialing in the perfect sound, song to song.The rest of of this EQs performance is very good too. Master volume, sub volume and f/r fader-all good. The four band EQ boost/cut +/-18db provides a definitely noticeable difference when you dial the controls.Overall a very good unit. Would purchase again. The variable sub frequency control really gets it done-5 stars.Update Review 2-25-15Purchased another S4EQ for another vehicle. Pre-installed my cables onto the old head unit before using them on the new EQ. No problems.Using the EQ on a sub only signal from my head unit then to an amp. EQ door speakers with a seven band Clarion. Works great. Love controlling volumes AND sub frequency (S4EQ) using three easy to reach dials. No having to read displays while I’m driving.SSL S4EQ-Spot on. Perfect for a great price. Would definitely use again.

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