Rolls RM69 MixMate 3 Mic/Source Mixer , Black

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Brand Rolls
Number of Channels 6
Item Dimensions LxWxH 5 x 5 x 5 inches
Item Weight 4.45 Pounds
Connectivity Technology Xlr

  • Two XLR Microphone Inputs (including a paralleled front panel input)
  • Individually switchable phantom power
  • Four Stereo Source Inputs, Four RCA and one front panel stereo 3.5 mm
  • 1/4″ TRS Mic Insert jack – Stereo RCA and XLR Outputs
  • Headphone output on front panel with volume control


The Rolls RM69 MixMate 3 Mic/Source Mixer is six channel, single rack space, electronic audio mixer with two microphone inputs and four stereo line inputs. The unit is ideal for installs such as small restaurants or night clubs where space is a consideration, without compromising audio quality. A convenient front-panel 3.5mm jack has been included for connection to any standard MP3 player’s headphone output.

From the manufacturer

About Us

Rolls is a company specializing in audio electronics manufacturing. Products include signal processors, amplifiers, mixers, signal sources, and interface accessories.

Rolls began in 1989 when David O. Di Francesco introduced the HR100 amplifier, the HR11c Microphone Processor, the HR6x mixers, and the HR210 eq at the New York AES Convention.

Additional information

Weight 4.45 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm
Item Weight

4.45 pounds

Product Dimensions

5 x 5 x 5 inches

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Item model number


Date First Available

October 20, 2009

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Speaker Amplification Type


Power Source

Corded Electric



10 reviews for Rolls RM69 MixMate 3 Mic/Source Mixer , Black

  1. Cade

    It works well sometimes, but there is a flaw…I’ve had this piece of equipment for about a year. First, let me start by saying that I’m a dj and used this as part of a mobile PA rig with the purpose of allowing me to quickly plug my dj controller into my PA system.The Good:Its only 1 rack unit. 2 XLR inputs (including 1 XLR input in the front). Bass and treble adjustments (they are limited in their functionality, but still work). 4 rca inputs add a nice mix of functionality. Probably overkill for a home karaoke setup, lol.The Bad:There are NO LIGHT METERS that indicate gain or signal strength. If you overload a channel, which is easy to do, then you get the loudest buzzing sound that I have heard in my life come out of your speakers. Without a limiter on your system, this buzzing sound could definitely damage speakers. Even the XLR inputs can have this buzzing sound occur.If your using it as some type of home stereo setup, its probably fine. But be aware that most professional, heck even cheap, audio equipment (dj controllers, various mixers, etc.) will have an output gain that is far too powerful for this unit’s rca inputs to handle. Even the XLR inputs are mic level, not line level, so plugging into those are “tricky” as well.

  2. Trevor

    Simple but does the job I need it to doI had a rough start with this unit. At first the pots were “scratchy” (as if sand or debris was in the switch itself), and the unit output static-like sounds when I touched the pots. After running the unit of a while and working the pots back and forth, this seemed to resolve everything, they are now are smooth with no noise. I use this to route and control audio in my Blackmagic Atem Television Studio HD rack case. I stress tested everything for three days about 10 hours a day but I’ll update if there are any further issues.

  3. H Frazier

    Whereas before it would create a high pitched annoying rattle (using two old logitech cpu subs inline)Superb quality and peformance. My sub actually works now! Whereas before it would create a high pitched annoying rattle (using two old logitech cpu subs inline). This unit was perfect for my 12u media controller rig. The ROLLS logo is clean and classy, the materails are high quality on all ends, even the super comfy rubber nobs that I’ve found nowhere else but my sibling’s high end guitar equipment. But like I said I’m not an audio guy, maybe all equipment these days comes with the special little rubber nobs, but to me it made a huge difference knowing they likely did that because they enjoyed using and developing the product, and they themselves couldn’t stand the cheap hollow plastic nobs you find these days. But hey that’s another $1 in profit margin I suppose …I haven’t tested the mic output, nor do I plan on using them much, but definitely nice to have. In comparison to another 1U unit I purchased, which was an equalizer by Behringer, the ROLLS unit was a joy to handle and play with, and the behringer felt like a DVD player you’d find at a cheap motel that has nothing but a chip, an LED, and cheap housing.The high quality $2 primo nobs on the ROLLS really allow for sensitive tuning, seriously every nob should be this nice. You audio people have been holding out on us!! Maybe at least convince Behringer to step it up. The loose plastic and hollow nobs on the behr feel like they’ll snap off any day now. Not sure how, in the event you did have a pro musical rig with extreme sound, one would secure the behringer’s physical settings without them rattling out of place. But for the price I will say, Behringer nailed it.The RM69 (great model name) is a simple, high quality, classy component that I would recommend for any user looking to ehance their rack with a solid mixer and mic amp – capable of a number of uses, both in audio and pc media setups. I am definitely a ROLLS fan now and will be purchasing all of my audio components from them if possible.

    Rolls RM69 MixMate 3 Mic/Source Mixer

  4. Stu Chisholm

    A Unique ProductNeeded a one-space rack mount mixer for a wedding ceremony rig. My parameters required at least two stereo inputs and two mic inputs; the Rolls provides 4/2 respectively. This allowed me to add a third media player that I had sidelined. I know of no comparable products. One nice feature: a button can switch the entire system to mono! The drawbacks are pretty serious.1. The rotary pots are crap! They don’t bring sound up and down smoothly.2. There is no master sound level. Each source is on its own. No VU at all.If you can live with these, there are no comparable products at this price point.

  5. joel

    Expensive, for lacking qualityUsed in a yoga studio, quality aas very low, volume pots sounds scratchy and lack any depth… the tone (bass, highs) adjustment is poor and doesnt make any effect on inputs or outputs! … this is maybe a $50.00 item definitely NOT 100+ … sad to see the rolls name in gutter

  6. run on

    Rolls Rack Mixer RM 69If you are looking for a mixer to fit your basic needs, this one is a keeper. I use the RM 69 twice every week with no problems. This is an excellent choice for karaoke or DJ rigs. With the 2 XLRs on tap, one in the front and one in the back, the four media ports and mp3 player port, the manufacturer was really tracking. I racked up this mixer along with an audio FX unit patching it into the mic’s using the insert port. I added a BBE sonic maximize and a single rack CD player. With this rig set up, I can do most any type of venue coupled with different mains and monitors. Great Rolls mixer!

  7. Dave Smith

    Great single space mixerBasically the only reason you would buy this instead of something more feature filled (for the same or not much more) is that you only have one rack space available. It sounds good and is low noise and fairly flexible for being one rack space… limited controls obviously with only a global bass treble control but it does the job!

  8. Dr. Von Likheimen

    Mixer – perfect thicknessI’m not sure why thickness was one of the qualities to review but I suppose if I was playing Girth Brooks through this mixer it would make sense.

  9. Mountain Creek Cinema

    So far so goodI use this in my outdoor movie setup. So far, the Rolls RM69 has completely met my expectations. I’ve been pleased with the amount of inputs and outputs. The mini-jack on input 4 makes it super easy to quickly plug in my phone or laptop to play music. The headphone output also allows me to plug in my FM transmitter for when it’s a little too chilly outside and some people want to sit in their cars to watch the movies. That way, I’m pushing sound to both the speakers and the FM transmitter.

  10. kyle

    Solid mixer if it has features you needJust what I needed for the jobBass and treble controls don’t have a lot of effect on signal but do work.

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