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Cinematic experience – Watch in vibrant 4K Ultra HD with support for Dolby Vision, HDR, and HDR10+. Home theater audio with Dolby Atmos – Feel scenes come to life with support for immersive Dolby Atmos audio on select titles with compatible home audio systems. Endless entertainment – Stream more than 1 million movies and TV episodes from Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Peacock, and more, plus listen to millions of songs. Subscription fees may apply. Live and free TV – Watch live TV, news, and sports with subscriptions to SLING TV, YouTube TV, and others. Stream for free with Pluto TV, Freevee, YouTube and more. Alexa Voice Remote – Search and launch content with your voice. Get to favorite apps quickly with preset buttons. Control power and volume with one remote. Control your smart home – Ask Alexa to check weather, dim the lights, view live camera feeds, stream music and more. Simple and intuitive – Quickly access your favorite apps, live TV, and things you use most, all from the main menu. Easy to set up, compact enough to stay hidden – Plug in behind your TV, turn on the TV, and connect to the internet to get set up.

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  • Cinematic experience – Watch in vibrant 4K Ultra HD with support for Dolby Vision, HDR, and HDR10+.
  • Home theater audio with Dolby Atmos – Feel scenes come to life with support for immersive Dolby Atmos audio on select titles with compatible home audio systems.
  • Endless entertainment – Stream more than 1 million movies and TV episodes from Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Peacock, and more, plus listen to millions of songs. Subscription fees may apply.
  • Live and free TV – Watch live TV, news, and sports with subscriptions to SLING TV, YouTube TV, and others. Stream for free with Pluto TV, Freevee, YouTube and more.
  • Alexa Voice Remote – Search and launch content with your voice. Get to favorite apps quickly with preset buttons. Control power and volume with one remote.
  • Control your smart home – Ask Alexa to check weather, dim the lights, view live camera feeds, stream music and more.
  • Simple and intuitive – Quickly access your favorite apps, live TV, and things you use most, all from the main menu.
  • Easy to set up, compact enough to stay hidden – Plug in behind your TV, turn on the TV, and connect to the internet to get set up.

60 reviews for Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD | Alexa Voice Remote | Amazon

  1. Cynthia V.

    Es muy buena compra!! Pero….

    Me gusta mucho usar este dispositivo, ya lo compre 5 veces, pero tengo que decir que los controles tienen solo un año de vida, ya 2 de los que tengo dejaron de funcionar, ya intenté cambiar pilas, resetearlo y demás pero no logré que funcionarán de nuevo, no me parece bien que no pueda usar el control !!

  2. JonGTX

    Does exactly as described!

    Ordered for my sons older 2015 non smart TV. Installed setup easily and it allows the volume etc. to be controlled by the remote. Its as fast as our brand new Smart Fire TV! amazing. highly recommend this version for older TV’s. Very happy.

  3. Walah Mahmoud

    love it!!

    The install was very easy. Awesome purchase . Very satisfied . This allows me to Watch movies and shows on free streaming apps. Also love this new model . Trust me u won’t be disappointed with this purchase . Amazzzzzzzzing. Highly recommend

  4. Belinda Traynor

    Love my Firestick

    Setup was very easy. There are lots and lots of free channels and pay channels available to pick and choose from and it works well with Spectrum internet. I haven’t used Alexa much but it does work. I love it!

  5. Kindle Customer

    Great option after dumping expensive cable!

    We had been looking at getting rid of cable for a while and weren’t sure what to do. The First stick was the answer. Easy to install and Easy to use and you get to decide what you want to pay for.

  6. Anne

    Made my TV Awesome!

    This was well worth the money. It transformed my old TV into something I use everyday. I not only watch movies and shows but use it for YouTube and listen to music as I do work, dishes, and cleaning.

  7. Kay Davis

    Great way to stream TV.

    It’s the generation of remotes. All you have to do is talk and it finds the show you want to watch or the channel you need. The sound is as good as the TV you use the Fire Stick with.

  8. Stephen Simmons

    Easy setup and controls

    This 3rd generation Fire Stick is much better than the first gen and second generation. Access controls on the unit has Prime, Netflix, Disney plus and Hulu buttons that take you to their sites with a press of a button.

  9. AmazonShopper


    So glad I upgraded my old / original fire stick while these were on sale. Super easy to set up, especially since I already had one. Everything transferred over which was nice as well. This one is faster and more reliable than my very old one. Great product!

  10. Tangie Cuozzo

    Sometimes it doesn’t wake up

    Sometimes when I change the input it won’t wake up but it might be a tv issue, not sure. Sometimes if i hit a few buttons on the remote before changing the input it seems to work. 50/50 chance.

  11. C

    Great Video Image even on HiDef TVs

    I have a 1080p HiDef TV and I can see the difference from the regular HiDef Fire TV stick and this 4K Fire TV stick. I was surprised to see the better image quality even though I have an old TV. I highly recommend buying the 4K version of this product even if you are on an old HiDef TV. Definitely worth the extra money.

  12. Ravi

    Amazing for college students

    For such a cheap little device this thing has been a life saver. There are tons of old TV’s all around campus that can absolutely be transformed with a fire stick. Instead of being forced into a cramped room with the one modern tv, I now have the freedom to move around and make any TV capable of streaming really anything I want. Overall if you’re a college student I would say this is a must have and will make your life a lot easier.

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  13. Stick

    So much better than my “Smart TV’s”

    I’ve made the mistake of being loyal to Samsung with my TV purchases only to find out they don’t support their apps at all. The TV in my bedroom doesn’t even have a Disney or ESPN app. The TV in my living room the apps hardly ever work, I have to jump through hoops to get them to start. For example if the youtube app won’t start I have to start plex, a web browser, the prime app to clear youtube out of the memory before it will work. The fire stick just works and works well, It’s easy to install and setup. The only thing I wish they had one with wired network support. I’m not a big fan of wireless.

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  14. J-2Da-B

    As Always…Just FANTASTIC Devices!

    These Firesticks are #5 and 6 in my house, and allowed us to become a cord-cutring family. We save a ton of money each year with the ability to use these to pick and choose the streaming services we enjoy most, without paying for other bloated packages/channels that the cable/satellite companies force on you.Love these things!!!

  15. Ralphie’s PaPa!

    Big value for the cost!

    Bought this to expand my options. I get bored easy. This has NOT disappointed me at all. The choices have amazed me. I can always find something to entertain me. Even when I am in the mood for something bizarre and strange. There is plenty of that… it’s been really solid.

  16. raquel adams


    Our old fire sticks kind of randomly stopped working (both of them). So we were “technically” forced to upgrade since I guess that had become obsolete. I was happy to discover some new features on the newer model which helped to ease my frustration of being forced to buy another fire stick.

  17. None

    Awesome worked well

    The Fire Stick is a great device for streaming all your favorite content. It is user-friendly and easy to set up, so you can be up and running in no time. The Fire Stick has a variety of features, including access to popular streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Amazon Music. It also has games for kids and a variety of other services. The setup process is quick and easy, so you can start enjoying your favorite content right away. Overall, the Fire Stick is a great option for anyone looking to stream their favorite shows and movies.

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  18. AnotherAnimeLover

    Good for if you don’t own a smart tv

    Good for if you don’t own a smart tv, or if you don’t like the interface of your current tv. This product hasn’t had any issues so far and performs really well. I haven’t had any trouble loading all of my accounts onto this, and love the Bluetooth feature.

  19. Amazon Customer

    Nice upgrade from the old Chromecast.

    Bought this when it was on sale to replace an old chromecast that was giving me issues. Works great. Has a simple user interface with integrated applications and is easy enough to cast YouTube and other streaming apps. The remote is a nice touch as well. The only issue I have though is there tends to be an audio delay sometimes and the only way I’ve found to remedy this is by restarting the fire stick.

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  20. renoboyd

    Easy install, ready use

    I’m old school and our cable Co isn’t doing cable anymore. All internet based. They suggested this as a better price than apple or Google. I had to reconfigure my tv and audio, but it’s all very self explanatory. As soon as I powered it up, it auto sensed everything and made the correct settings. I had to download my apps but within about 15 minutes I’m up and running. The voice recognition seems to be spot on too. I don’t know how to beat this for the price. Great job, Amazon.

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  21. Jason nils mielke

    FAN FOR LIFE!!! Best streaming device simply amazing

    I love everything about the fire stick! The voice recognition on the fire stick works perfect, unlike other companies products I’ve tried in the past. The picture quality is brilliant and sound is perfect. I give it 5 stars all the way, I’ve bought a total of 7 of these for my family members over the years and they love um and use them on a daily basis. Fan for life

  22. alternative Travel Press

    Arrived broken, after 3 hours talking to Amazon it’s still not being replaced!!!

    DO NOT BUY FIRE TV DEVICES!!! CHOOSE ANOTHER STREAMING PLAYER BRAND!!!Worst customer service experience in my life from Amazon!!!! Amazon sent me a completely broken Fire TV 4k stick! From day one the audio cuts out entirely after a few mins of playing a video, and does not return until stick is physically unplugged from power. Then it cuts out again. Problem occurs in all video apps, and I tried full software restore, plugging into multiple different TVs, as well as different audio connections (direct to TV through HDMI, Through receiver, through bluetooth on multiple devices.) And my other Fire TV 4k of the same model works fine in this same TV, so… THE STICK IS BROKEN! So I contact Amazon through their chat interface and Parmish is a total disaster at helping me. I tell him that I have done a full software restore on it, at which point he responds that I need to do a full software restore. Ya know, the thing I just told him that I did already. Then I tell him I have already tried plugging the fire TV directly into the TV with no sound receiver, and he says “well than what I need you to do is plug the fire TV directly into the TV with no sound receiver.” This happened over and over. It was like a bad joke. But I wasn’t laughing. Finally after about an hour of this nonsense he decides that my Fire TV stick needs to be replaced. Then he says I “Have no card on file”, what ever that means. So after about 10 more unanswered and ignored questions to him about just what he’s talking about I finally figure out he means my Amazon account has no credit card on file. But it does have a card on file. I log in and verify this. The card is up to date and working, and amazon had just charged it that day even. So I tell him this, and he responds that I need a credit card on file in order to send out a replacement, even though it won’t be charged. I tell him again that the card is on file and working, and he says it need to be updated. Even though it does not. So I hit “edit” on my card info on file, and resubmit the same working card. Parmish sees this on his end and says thank you. Then he says I need to update my OTHER CARD on file. I look and there is an old credit card from 6 years ago on the account from a bank I no longer use, and its not even selected as the active/favored card, so It doesn’t even matter that it there, but I delete it anyways just to be sure. Then Parmish says I need to reenter and update that old card (that I no longer bank with) in order to get a replacement sent out. At this point I’m done with Parmish. The whole conversation was absolutely ridiculous! I say “thank you for the help but I need a supervisor. Please transfer me to a supervisor.”So Parmish transfers me to Vikas. I ask Vikas if he is a supervisor and he says “no.” (Are you surprised by this? I wasn’t.) So I explain that I was suppose to be transferred to a supervisor and ask that Vikas transfer me directly to a supervisor. And I’m transferred to Annal.I ask Annal if they are a supervisor, and they answer… get ready for it… are you ready… they answer …”No” !!!!!!!!! They &^^&%&$^^%^ answer “No.”So I close the chat window I just wasted over an hour on and I call Amazon. This is where the real nightmare begins. I start off with a regular customer service rep and I ask her to transfer me to a supervisor right away because this will be my 4th attempt to get a supervisor. She is very polite and gets me a supervisor on the line write away. I explain the entire issue with the Fire Tv 4k Stick and everything I have done to troubleshoot it already YET AGIAN, and the supervisor apologizes for all the insane trouble I’ve been having. She sounds like she really wants to help me, asked some more questions, and then tells me that she can’t replace this particular model because its out of stock. I had just checked the stock, so I knew it wasn’t out. I checked it again, and then told her it appears to have plenty of stock. She verified what model it was again, then said “oh yes, I guess we do have it, let my put you on hold while I try to send you one.” She comes back a while later and says “the system won’t let me send you one. I have to transfer you to a Fire TV Specialist, buy I’ll get you a manager there as well.So then I have to go through the whole thing again with this new Fire TV Specialist person. She keeps putting me on hold to check things over and over again. And she has me do crazy things – For example, she insists I go to my TV, unplug the other working Fire TV I now have in there, and plug this broken one back in, then load it up and read the serial number off of it to her from the info screen. Why? Doesn’t she already have that info? She should. And WHY AM I PLUGGING A $25 DEFECTIVE BROKEN DEVICE BACK INTO MY $2,000 FLATSCREEN??!!! I don’t want to do that. I shouldn’t be asked to do that. What the hell? Then she keeps checking to see if I’m still in warranty. REALL???!!! I JUST got this stick in the mail. I JUST GOT IT. How long is the warranty period that she has to keep checking on.. 5 hours after purchase. Also, this is a brand new model that just came out. HOW COULD ANY OF THEM POSSIBLY BE OUT OF WARRANTY??!!Finally after 3 HOURS of talking to people about this and a final, particularly long hold while the Fire TV Specialist person tries to figure out if I can be sent a replacement – I give up. I tell her I’ll just return it instead – just so I can just get off the phone. But I’m NOT returning it – That too would probably turn into another huge nightmare. It’s not worth my $25 for all this aggravation. So… I’M DONE. This is ridiculous! After speaking with a total of SIX people for over THREE HOURS.. My brand new Fire TV 4K stick in now in my trash can and I’m never buying a Fire TV product again. All Amazon need to do was have me send in my broken one and then send out a replacement. That’s It. They could have sorted out all their serial numbers and insane data requirements after they got my stick back. AS a customer, I simply got something in the mail that arrived broken and I wanted it replaced soon after I got it. How simple of a transition is that? But instead I got this torrent of poor customer service and bizarre data mining. SO.. Officially.. I’m no longer a Fire TV user.I’m currently switching my entire smart TV ecosystem for the entire house over to Google’s Android TV now, I’ve had it with Fire TV, and I suggest you do the same. Android TV systems don’t suffer from the same app limitations that Amazon does (IE with Fire TV you get access got about 12% of the Android apps available to the rest of the Android TV world, Even though Fire TV runs on Android, and you can install what ever apps you want on your Android TV device without having to TRICK IT into installing it), it still works and runs apps (like playing a game or looking at photos) even if your internet connection goes down (Fire TV becomes a useless brick without constant internet), and the whole thing just seems to run better. I don’t have time to deal with Amazon’s nightmare anymore. All I needed was for Amazon to replace the broken Fire TV stick they JUST sent me, and they can’t even do that. So, ummmm… BYEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

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  23. Emmanuel Christian

    This is truly a great and must have device for your TV 📺

    This is truly a wonderful device to operate your TV 📺 👏 with you totally can’t go wrong with a Fire TV stick it has every thing you want and need in for TV likes shows movies documentaries biographies music videos and etc this thing speaks for itself and sells it self 😀 great thing to have nuff said 2👍👍up you won’t be sorry 😀 👍 😊 😄 😉 😁 🖖🖖

  24. Mark R. Wietstock

    Basically “zero” onboard memory/storage space (but see update).

    This is my first experience using one of these Firesticks … we got it specifically to allow us to download/use game apps like Jackbox on our spiffy new “ultra everything” QLED TV, without having to connect or “broadcast” from a laptop or other external portable device. So far, it’s working great for that, and I’m beginning to appreciate all the apps and access/content it adds to an already impressive lineup of stuff that came with our TV. A lot of the apps are duplicative, but a few aren’t, and those ones are nice add-ons. My only criticism is the ridiculously limited amount of onboard memory storage it comes with. 6GB? Are you freaking kidding me? The OS and native apps literally consume half of that; we downloaded ONE Jackbox “party pack,” and there went the remaining storage space in the Stick. Fortunately, I quickly figured out that you can add an external drive through use of a specialized splitter cable and external USB drive (sold separately), and then use the settings tools in the Stick to format/incorporate the drive into the Stick’s “internal” memory. As tiny and cheap as memory has become for manufacturers to add to such devices, I’m baffled as to how/why Amazon wouldn’t just put a LOT more memory in these things from the get-go, and not make its customers resort to third-party cables/memory resources to make the gizmo function in ways most of its users want/expect it to. Last thing I would say is, make sure you take the time to download and install all available updates when you first power up/install the Stick, and keep checking for new updates at least once a month. Mine’s a brand new 4K Stick, yet I had to go through 6 or 7 update cycles before finally getting to the screen that says, e.g., “your software is up to date.”11/24 update: In my initial review, I indicated there were tools present in the OS for the Stick that allows the user to add external memory. That was based on a YouTube tutorial on the process I saw before I actually got the cable/memory required to do it. Once I got those and tried it, I discovered that these essential tools have been REMOVED from the OS on the 4K Smart Stick! After TWO HOURS on a chat with Amazon tech support, I was finally told, e.g., external memory/drives “can’t be used” with the 4K Stick, which begged the obvious question: Why the h*** is Amazon selling these things (AND many FireStick-compatible games) without giving customers either: 1) FAR more onboard memory for app storage, or 2) tools that allow SIMPLE formatting/use of external/third party memory/drives? The chat tech was at such a loss for an answer to this question that she offered to refund me on EVERYTHING: the Stick; the OTG cable adapter; the USB thumbdrive, AND the 2 “Jackbox Party” games I had already bought. I took the refunds on everything but the Stick, and fumed for another day, convinced there HAD to be a way to add the USB memory. Well, I’m here to tell you, I KEPT searching, and found that there IS another way, but far more complicated than the method I THOUGHT I’d be using when I ordered the expansion memory and required adapter. I found another, excellent video on YouTube created by an English lady that shows how to do it, step-by-step, by downloading a DOS-based “shell” app that allows you to use the FireStick remote to communicate with the FireStick OS through a series of DOS commands, telling the OS to incorporate your external drive/memory into “system memory” for the Stick. You can’t “see” the new memory/drive in the OS settings/storage menu, but I’ve now confirmed that it IS there for storage of any new apps/games you download, all the way up to the maximum available memory on the new drive, in my case, 256GB … far more than enough for my needs, and ensuring I’ll never have this problem again for the service life of the Stick. I’m now entirely happy with the performance of this device, but still fuming that Amazon, either by intent or sheer stupidity/neglect, put one of its long-time, loyal Prime customers in the position of essentially becoming a developer/programmer in order to make one of Amazon’s flagship products work as it should. One more star off for this, with the remaining three representing, e.g., otherwise good product; good “try” by tech support to answer my questions about what was going on, and (so far) great performance of all the apps/functions we’re currently using on this FireStick.

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  25. HowieG

    Will not control my 2010 Insignia TV

    Had this working with a 2010 Sony TV, but had to move it. After removing the Sony, going to Manage devices it will not sync with my 2010 Insignia. While the home button will turn on, there is no OFF. Also no way to control the sound.Edited: I did contact Amazon for support. It was a mixed bag. They tried hard, spent a long time on the phone, but only succeeded in disabling the remote. I was able to get it back later by moving back to the Sony, and while the Sony TV was unplugged and replugged the remote came back. Later able to move the firestick to the Insignia and had it work downloading the Insignia support.

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  26. Ben Franklin

    Super image quality – I just bought two more as Xmas gifts

    I purchased one in summer for me, and now buying two more as gifts for christmas. The image quality is great and we rarely have streaming issues unless the wifi in the house is slow. We travel all over using our Firestick as our streaming device. It’s very easy to plug into most hotel TVs through the available HDMI outlet (doesn’t work in some Residence Inn for example). There are two 4K versions, one with WiFi 5 and another with the latest WiFi 6 – check which router you have (or just get the WIFI 6 version to future-proof yourself). The stick comes with a USB charging cord which will connect to the USB outlet in most newer TVs so you can power it directly through the TV. The remote control is easy to use and includes voice search, making finding shows very easy. It’s also Alexa enabled, though we don’t really use that feature.

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  27. John M

    Not gonna lie, FireTV 4K stick is amazing

    I didn’t like it at first, but with all the new updates and help from tech support and google, I was able to overcome certain issues with my network and streaming devices. I tried other brands of streaming devices, and the experience was horrible. For now, FireTV sticks are the best of the best. Unless, you have a Smart TV. Actually, I have a smart tv and come to think of it, the navigation and performance of my FireTV is way better now compared to the UI on my smart tv. It’s so much more user-friendly and easier to use, it’s just crazy 😂

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  28. dilo

    Easily recognizes my accent, tons of programs for free, fast access to favorite channels

    I liked the first one so much that I bought one more for another TV. Now I do not use TV or cable STB at all, all controls are done via this firestick instead. I even returned rented STB back to Comcast, which already paid for these firesticks and continuously saves me money. Voice recognition is amazing! It not only recognizes my foreign accent, but also was able to find movies which names I did not know in English.It remembers and automatically logs into all my subscribed streams.Pros: Great voice recognition, perfect picture and voice quality, very good interface.Cons: This one needs further investigation. For one of the firesticks, in order to see the latest addition to youtube I have to log out of it and log in back. Another does this automatically.

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  29. C. Powell

    Fast Speed & Better Image on Not 4K TV

    My original fire stick (2nd Generation) started to run very slow, one click and wait that seems forever to response so I got this one from Best Buy to replace the original stick. Got it plugged to my TV and it start working and very fast and response well. I ppressed on the button and it took me right to where I want, no more waiting and lagging. And the voice control does everything for you when it comes to watching TV. It’s like having your own Genie, lol. I don’t have 4K TV, but the image quality looks so much better than the old fire stick. Overall, this exceed my expectations.

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  30. Detwanna Sherwood-Saul

    Love the Fire Stick

    A fire stick is a fire stick. This is my 4th one I’ve purchased and I can tell the new features. First it’s the remote that has a few extra buttons that you can choose from including the Hulu and Disney Plus buttons. I also noticed that my tv seems to be more clear when I got this more up to date fire stick. I have no complaints. The fire stick does its job!

  31. Jack Michael Crossman

    Wonderful! Saving money every day

    When my Dish subscription went to over $90 and the internet almost there, we decided to cut the cord. We have many, many more options now, can watch local news, movies, tv, vintage shows, and sports, for FREE!. Seamless to set up, easy to use, and very nice to watch. We love it! Thanks, Amazon!

  32. F. Provenza

    Money Saver

    Bought this item to get rid of the cable box in our bedroom. The item works great and eliminates the cost of renting that cable box monthly. I do wish the remote had a 10 key for typing in the channel you want rather than having to scroll through them all to get to the channel you want, but at least now, you can continue to watch the channel you’re on while scrolling.

  33. Dolmanet

    Love it for my TV

    It’s an upgrade from my normal fire stick remote- I am able to go to a bunch of my streaming services in half the time. It improved the picture and sound quality and I love that I can just use one remote for the streaming and the volume instead of having to scramble to find the other remote when something gets too loud or the big action scene is muted

  34. CDud

    Reliable operation

    Having not used the voice recognition – no comment.This works best with a “Smart TV”. Once set up, the Fire remote will turn on the TV, Fire Stick, including selecting the TV input avoiding addition steps to accomplish the operating configuration. Sound and video quality are excellent. Very pleased with this device. A second unit purchased for an older, less than “Smart TV”, the TV input must be selected first.

  35. Rocky

    Worked out well

    I had an earlier version of the Fire TV Stick and it had developed two problems with the sound. The sound would be out of sync with the picture or the sound played in slow motion. Loaded updates and rebooted numerous times, to no avail. Finally bought a new Fire stick and all my problems disappeared.

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  36. Kristina Carter #1

    Make any tv a smart tv!!

    I have zero complaints with this product! The set up is easy, the product is simple to use, and the video quality is divine! My only inconvenience was switching inputs on my tv because there is not an input button on the fire stick remote but thanks to a little research on google I found a easy fix to this problem. Simply hold down the Alexa button and say “switch to HDMI 1” and the fire stick will instantly change to the desired input. Such a great product. Even my 6 year old can navigate it. Easily 5 stars.

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  37. D3

    This is way better than paying for a cable bill

    At first I wasn’t really sure about the firestick I didn’t really understand it’s purpose after 1 month of exploring all the apps I was hooked lol. Easy to use and no monthly bill from cable companies. I was paying over $100.00 a month for my cable subscription. I would recommend buying the firestick to everyone. So far I have no issues with the firestick.Wait my only issue with the firestick is the remote it’s small and it gets misplaced a lot. Other than that A++++. I have tried roku and google wasn’t the same experience I had with the firestick. That’s just me I’m not speaking for anyone else.Thanks for taking the time to read my review hope it helps out!

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  38. Dee

    Amazon Firestick 4K

    I bought the Amazon Firestick 4K as a Christmas gift for my niece. I have a Firestick on all myTV’s. I think that she will be delighted with the ease of use while navigating the Apps. My only frustration is backing out of recorded shows. It is a challenge get back to the home page, or going to live TV.

  39. Michael J. Hardee

    It Just Works!

    Over the years I have tried other systems and they never seemed to last. I started out with one Fire Stick years ago and now have 3. I find them very reliable and easy to work with. I use voice controls once in awhile without issue. I use Alexa for many things but not controlling my tv. I would not hesitate to buy another fire stick should I need one.

  40. Michelle K

    Love this

    My tv isn’t a smart tv so I purchased a fire stick and love it better then my daughter’s Roku tv. I would recommend getting one if your on the fence and don’t want to spend a fortune on a smart tv. This does the trick,just make sure you order the voice controlled one You will be glad you did.😄

  41. Oriana Vanessa Botia

    Es una excelente opción para seguir usando TV que no son smart

    Sencillo de usar y muy práctico. Lastimosamente hay aplicaciones de TV cable que no he podido instalar porque no están disponibles en fire tv. De resto todo bien, me gusta la fluidez y el mando por voz.

  42. Tony C.

    Bought this to replace my old Fire TV Stick that was damaged by leaking batteries

    This item is easier to use than the Fire TV Stick I previously owned.One nice feature is that I can also control the volume.I’ve had this item since October 2022 and so far, so good…

  43. Jucies2

    Simplistic Remote

    Simple remote control, not cluttered with keys. The stick work good. I am using it on a Fire Tv with almost similar remote and I was hoping I could only use one remote to control both units, but cannot configure to use only one.

  44. Peter Swartz Jr.

    Great value & work great

    I originally bought these for a rental property but ended up not needing it so I took them home & put them to use on the TV’s in the bedrooms. Work great & a great value.

  45. G. Popat

    Works great

    I use it on my old smart tv and it works great. I like that it has buttons for Netflix, prime, and Hulu. It makes it easier to go to those places to watch my shows.

  46. Stefany Lluberes

    ¡Muy dura! Esta nitido para la tv

    Es muyyyy funcional, permite a cualquier aparato volverse un smartv y eso me encanta, además que simplemente con el comando de Alexa puedes poner cualquiercosa o buscar, lo recomiendo mucho, vale 100% la pena

  47. David Cunningham

    Should have cut the cord sooner!

    I’m older and wasn’t quite sure how streaming worked but now that i know, Fire stick is the way to go. The access to great content is amazing and easy to navigate. Love it!

  48. M. Nelson

    No idea how much programming costs, but…

    I was having an issue with cable, this found and connected to correct network on its own, and, like my roku, plays everything I want to see. It even has a silk browser installed

  49. smithcr01

    Holy Cow this stick is FAST

    Replaced an older firestick with this new one – same tv, same network, same streaming services… and was very surprised at how much faster this stick was!!! Click app loads, no spinning, no pausing etc.HIGHLY recommend this upgrade!

  50. Toni Palmer

    Fire stick 🔥

    Fire stick, easy to use, you can personalize you screensaver and organize your apps to your liking! You can talk to Alexa and you can download a variety of streaming apps! Definitely recommend!

  51. Just Me

    A perfect device for my needs! Great quality!

    I had a 1st Gen Fire TV stick years ago. This new Fire TV stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote is a marvel by comparison!(Skip to the next paragraph if you want to get right to the product itself…lol)I was having issues with my bedroom TV. It’s a Vizio “Smart” 4K tv and recently it has been freezing up when using certain apps. The Netflix app was the biggest offender. It would freeze up, no remote function worked and I’d have to get up, physically unplug the tv and plug it back in just to reboot it. Apparently, this is a common issue with app incompatability with the Vizio and certain apps. Even with all of the apps and the TV’s software and firmware up-to-date, the problem persisted. I decided the best work-around was to take the TV’s software out of the picture and let the Fire TV Stick be the “Smart” part of my “Smart TV” setup. And it’s awesome!The first thing I noticed was how easy the setup was. It paired effortlessly with my tv, Echo Dot Speaker w/Alexa and even my Blink cameras. Sure, you have to go through all of the usual stuff like download the streaming apps that you use that aren’t pre-loaded and sign in to them all, but that’s an expected pain in the butt and I only had 2 that weren’t already there.The voice commands are also very intuitive. Whether I’m using the remote, my Echo Dot or the app on my phone, I get what I’m looking for.What I wasn’t expecting was the much better picture quality! I have a Vizio 4K Ultra TV and I’ve noticed some of what I watch the quality is definitely not 4K but that’s more to do with the quality of the content not being 4k (like my live TV streams using YouTube TV for instance….I don’t pay for the 4K option). As soon as I got the Fire TV stick up and running, I noticed a much sharper picture (even the YouTube TV). I’m not a techie or videophile by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m guessing there are a few factors at play that contribute to the better image quality: Fewer resources being used by the TV itself having to run the apps whereas the Fire Stick has ample memory and fast processor to handle the bandwidth better, and there might even be some “upscaling” being done by the Fire to emulate 4K. Not true 4K but sharpened to nearly mimic the end result. Whatever it is, I was actually expecting a drop in quality so an increase isn’t an optical illusion on my part. lolAfter a few days, I decided that I needed one thing that this was lacking….a remote with back-lit buttons. I’ve become spoiled by my universal remote with buttons I can see at night in my bedroom (and the remote is now defunct because it’s infrared and doesn’t work with the Fire Stick).So I threw down $34.99 for the Alexa Voice Remote Pro. Yes, I paid more for a new remote than I did for the Fire TV Stick and remote just to have lighted buttons. LOL BUT the remote has a bunch of other features that make it a little more useful and some features are just cool (you can use both remotes so I have a backup now). It has a “Find my remote” feature, additional, programmable buttons that are super easy, etc. so I’m in Fire TV Stick heaven with this remote plus the Fire TV Stick 4k.I highly recommend this Fire TV Stick. I considered getting the 4K MAX even though I don’t have the latest wifi system that it takes advantage of, but I don’t think I’ll miss it even if my ISP upgrades it’s service

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  52. gakmail

    Great once I got it to work…. Older reciever didn’t with stick initially. 2k output default

    Trying to set this up to work in place of an existing 2nd gen fire stick (same hdmi port). Plugged all of the new equipment in and nothing…. the receiver doesn’t even display black screen (like nothing plugged in) it actively shut down the output to the TV. Finally after much searching I was able to find a way to change the default output quality of the fire stick (I believe it’s 2K even for bootup/menu screen). Checked the specs on my receiver and apparently it only supports up to 1080p. Finally after some searching I was able to find out that pressing and holding the rewind and UP buttons (for about 20 sec) brings you to a menu that scrolls through options for default output quality. After a few moments a message saying “if you can see this…… select button” appears. Once the picture appeared I selected it and then everything worked wonderfully. Assumed i had a bad stick and even initially started the return process.Searched all over the internet and nobody mentioning the default output or that it might not work with “all HDMI” ports as it says in the product description.Anyway, glad I figured it out and once it started it works great so far like all of the other fire sticks i have owned.

    37 people found this helpful

  53. Julian E.


    Este modelo es perfecto para cualquier tipo de TV, ya sea HD o 4K. Básicamente el dispositivo convierte tu TV en un SMART TV, solo necesitas conexión a HDMI y WIFI.Se está utilizando en Colombia y va perfecto. Puedes disfrutar de una gran variedad de aplicaciones como Netflix, Youtube, HBO, Directv GO, Prime Video, Disney Plus, STAR+ y más.A diferencia de otros convertidores a SMART TV como ROKU, este de marca AMAZON es más completo ya que te ofrece un navegador, más aplicaciones y puedes descargar APKS para pasar a tu dispositivo.Este modelo SI INCLUYE mando por voz ni controles de TV. Además esta versión incluye DOBLY VISIÓN y DOBLY ATMOS, lo cual te permite tener una mejora calidad de sonido y de video. (Dependiendo a la compatibilidad con tus dispositivos)Si tienes alguna duda escríbeme que con gusto te respondo.

    6 people found this helpful

  54. Ivy Reisner

    Minor issues, but for the price, extraordinary

    I’ve had a few Fire TV sticks over the years, and generally I love them. For this model, the first one I got was a dud. It died in 2 days. Amazon took me through some reasonable troubleshooting steps, then replaced it quickly and easily. The second one is a lot better.In general, I find the remote has a weird tendency to, I guess “rot” is the word. The case starts to feel like it’s covered in a sticky mess. I don’t know why. I guess that’s why the remote covers are so popular. Not a stopping point – they still work – just a point of note. The optional game controllers do not have this issue.There are ample streaming options. I’ve yet to look for something, even less common things like Wonderium and Funimation, and not find it. The UI is easy to navigate. The device is responsive. I put it through a 7.1 sound system and it can handle that no problem.A few things to note, not exactly faults of the product, but faults you will encounter while using the product.For the Disney+ login, the trick of using the phone just errors out and asks to re-authenticate over and over. If you use a strong password, that can be a pain. Once it works, it’s fine, just a pain to set up.For the Ubisoft+ integration, for many of the games it starts to load then fails. I don’t see the same issue on the same games on PC, so it’s probably related to the app. This was the primary purpose for which I bought the device, so it is a bit of a disappointment. Also note, you need the Luna service for this, which is totally worth it on its own, by the way. Also, at least for me, while the video streaming was fine over WiFi, the gaming required the Ethernet adapter.It’s not perfect, but it’s outstanding for such a low price. I often use it rather than power up my PS5 to watch Netflix because it is so much more convenient, and of identical quality.

    53 people found this helpful

  55. jameswebb

    Great channels at a good free price.

    I had my son have one of these firesticks a few yrs and have been wanting me one so decided to get on Amazon to check out what they had at a really reasonable price range. Fount this one and decided to give it a try. Surprised that it has voice control with Alexia and there’s a good amount of channels to download just like I did in my 4k smart tv. It has a very good picture, fast loading and smother run on the shows and movies I watch better than the ones I watch on the smart tv or through my vod with the Roku tv . Great price and a great product.

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  56. Holly, Snoop & Fuzzy

    A Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

    I used to be big on Review Writing then fet overwhelmed with the demands for rating things like the 1 cup of yogurt I’d purchased 100s of times.However, I am so impressed with this Device I knew it was my duty to speak up.I purchased my 1st , large, Smart (a matter of opinion) HDTV 4K on Amazon Day #1. It’s fine. Without the Polk Soundbar it would have been a disappointment. Nothing wrong with it but the proprietary nature of owning a Google TV was becoming obnoxious and boring. Out of need, not necessity, I sprung for another, upgraded, FireStick4K. Skipped the Max factor, basing decision from mediocre Reviews.It’s now all set uand folks, it’s amazing.. The picture Quality alone changed my TV frm meh to HOLY WOW.The Fire Remote makes it so much more straight forward User Friendly. I love that Google no longer dominates how or what, when and where I use the TV. I also believe that I have better , or more, streaming options than Id had without the FireStick 4K.I am very pleased with the ease and speed of setup (perhaps bc I’m very familiar with Firestick), as well.But the picture quality, the difference between the Before and After install, is remarkable. This little device has turned my TV into a higher end product.Yes, I obviously recommend this 4K Firestick.It’s still brand new to me, only time will tell if my review will StayThe Course or ends up being one, long, hyperbole.For now, I couldn’t be more pleased. If your Fancy, new TV has become a disappointment, if you can purchase this 4K FireStick for a mere $24, grab it. 👍 from Boston.

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  57. Vanessa

    Es el mejor

    Es el mejor dispositivo que he probado, me gusta el mando por voz, simplifica las búsquedas, la interfaz es muy buena y rápida.Soy de ecuador y algunas aplicaciones no me dejaba instalar pero solo hay que cambiar la ubicación en la cuenta de amazon kindle y el problema se soluciona. Si desean evitar hacer eso, pueden crear una nueva cuenta cuando instalen el fire tv al televisor.Al actualizarlo noté una mejor fluidez en la interfaz, actualícenlo.

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  58. La Croix

    Love these Firesticks

    My 4K Firestick Gen2 bit the dust after about 1-1/2 years. I purchased the newer Gen3, 4K Firestick even though I do not have a 4K TV. I like the features this has over the lower model. There’s just not much to dislike about it, it’s easy to set up, versatile and very small, not taking up space. Though, I do wish that it had a larger storage capacity than only 8GB. One difference that I do not like about this newer Gen3 model, is that I cannot find a way to set it up so that it uses my hard-wired ethernet cable instead of wifi. There is no setting for it in the menu controls. That was a disappointment since I purchased the $15 Firestick Ethernet adaptor for this purpose. If you have an older or slower wifi router, you may an issue with buffering. Or, if multiple devices are using the wifi feature of your router. I knocked off one star for the lack of a setting for ethernet connections.

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  59. Laura Barnham

    Loads faster than Roku with more options

    If I could get closed caption with replay on my apps like I can with my Roku- this would be 5 stars. Since I cannot- I have to still use my Roku. I can have closed caption on replay selected for Hulu- but if I use Firestick to watch- it is not available for Hulu or any other app. While that is very disappointing- I have found better, more awesome apps for Firestick than the Roku and have even dumped one (and maybe two more) paid subscription plans. I am very happy with the more vast options and adaptability of the Firestick from my Roku. I am very happy we bought this for streaming 🙂

  60. 094nm

    I have great channel access!

    For someone not necessarily technically savvy, this stick is great. I can access YouTube TV. We are streaming now instead of cable. It was easy to use plug into my TV. We needed the stick because it’s an older Samsung model TV and we needed a way to access YouTube TV for which we are streaming. Not only do we have access to YouTube TV, but also other apps now to make “cutting the cable” a little bit easier.

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