MusicNomad Premium Guitar Tech Truss Rod Wrench Set – 11 pcs. MN235

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Brand MusicNomad
Unit Count 1.0 Count
Item Weight 10.95 Ounces
Number of Items 1

  • 6 Allen key sizes: 5/32″, 9/64″, 1/8″, 3/16″, 4mm, 5mm with laser etched sizes marked in each handle
  • 3 Socket Wrench sizes: 1/4″, 5/16″, 7mm and each includes a PH#1 magnetized screwdriver for truss rod covers
  • Special designed Spoke Wheel tool
  • 3/8″ Flat Head Screwdriver Blade bit for certain truss rods at the heel
  • Compact, organized and strong aluminum case 3″ x 5.5″ x 1.4″


Product Description

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Premium Guitar Tech Truss Rod Wrench Set – 11 pcs.

MusicNomad’s Premium Guitar Tech Truss Rod Wrench Set offers unmatched versatility and organization in one compact, rugged case. Designed to work on most electric, acoustic, and bass guitars this 11-piece set comes with 6 Allen Key sizes, 3 Socket Wrench sizes, a specially designed Spoke Wheel tool and a 3/8” Blade bit. Additional features include: laser etched sizes on each wrench, 3 magnetized screwdrivers for small truss rod cover screws and the Socket Wrenches and Spoke Wheel tool slide into MusicNomad’s Octopus handle (sold separately) for additional leverage and comfort. With lots of guitar brands and models out there make sure you check out MusicNomad’s Truss Rod Wrench size by Brand Finder to see a list of over 50 Guitar Brands/Models this kit will work on including Fender, PRS, Gibson, Taylor, MusicMan, Epiphone, ESP, EVH, Gretsch, Guild, Cordoba, Ibanez, Jackson, Knaggs, Charvel, Bourgeois, Takamine, Yamaha to name a few.


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3 Socket Wrench Sizes

Premium truss rod wrench sockets made with super strong carbon steel construction: 1/4” size used on a brands like Taylor, 5/16” for Gibson, PRS and many others, and the 7mm which is used on a lot of Korean and Japanese factory Guitars from PRS, Charvel, Jackson, Ibanez and Guild to name a few. Each socket wrench comes with a magnetized screwdriver for the tiny truss rod wrench screws.

6 Allen Key Sizes

5/32″, 9/64″, 1/8″, 3/16″, 4mm, 5mm made out of strong carbon steel. We even laser etched each size on the handle so you know what you are working with and the size won’t rub off over time.

Specially Designed Spoke Wheel Tool

A MusicNomad exclusive design that finally gives you a strong steel tool that is made for adjusting the truss rod wheel found on many popular guitars.

3/8” Blade Bit

The 3/8” blade bit that conveniently slides into our 1/4” socket wrench allowing you to make the truss rod adjustment for those guitars you need to adjust at the heal such as Fender Vintage models and many Eddie Van Halen models.

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Octopus Feature:

Our Octopus handle (sold separately) can be used on many of these wrenches to give you additional leverage and comfort. The Octopus can work with the 3/8” blade bit, the socket wrenches and even the spoke wheel tool.

Keep it simple guitar setup

This Tool Set is Part of our KEEP IT SIMPLE, SETUP (KISS) Method using our Precision Gauges & Tool Sets

With MusicNomad’s KEEP IT SIMPLE, SETUP (KISS), you measure with the MusicNomad precision gauge for that specific task and then use the corresponding precision MusicNomad tool set to make the adjustment. Easy to follow step-by-step simplified instructions and videos for each step in the setup process. Not only is it fun, but a properly setup guitar takes your playing & sound to a whole new level.

music nomad

About this manufacturer:

MusicNomad Equipment Care, launched in 2010, is located in Sonoma, CA (USA) has products in over 1000 US Dealers and 40+ countries. Their guitar, drum and cymbal care products are used in the factories of Suhr, Knaggs, Kala, Tom Anderson and Eastman Strings in addition to DW Drum and more. MusicNomad has Surface Care and Repair Tool products for Guitar, Drum and Cymbal, Band and Orchestra and Piano and Keyboard equipment along with an extensive line of Humidification care products. A portion of all equipment care sales contributes money to help musicians through their giving back initiatives such as One For Music, Guitar Tracker and MusicNomad website.

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 3.5 × 1.38 cm
Item Weight

11 ounces

Product Dimensions

5.5 x 3.5 x 1.38 inches

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Date First Available

April 21, 2020

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10 reviews for MusicNomad Premium Guitar Tech Truss Rod Wrench Set – 11 pcs. MN235

  1. Daniell Mathews

    Great setI got this as a gift for my husband, who builds guitars, and who was very happy when he opened it. He has said they are perfect and well made. He has used them several times with no issues. I’m very happy with this set.

  2. Steven E Stewart

    Nice setIt’s very convenient to have all my truss rod tols in one compact package. I could probably assemble my own kit for less money. the extra cost will probably be offset if you have a few set ups to do.

  3. BuddUggly

    A great set of useful tools!Instead of fumbling around with make-shift tools, this set makes life easier! For some silly, no good reason, I thought I could use what I had around the shop to fix my BB300. Big mistake. I stopped before I messed anything up. Got the blessings from the wife to buy the set. Waited a whole day and received my package. 10 minutes later, I am playing away, happy as a clam. Don’t know how happy clams can be, but I hear they are content at least. I am very content and happy with my purchase.

  4. Kenneth

    Music nomad luthier tool setGreat tool set doesn’t fit all trussrods but it’s small and compact

  5. fragino

    Nice tools with a nice case.A nice tool set with a case that feels durable and useful. The tool holder inside the case is hard and feels solid so it won’t end up breaking later and your tools are loose in the case. This would be good for someone who works on multiple guitars frequently. The tool I used had a nice solid grip on the very small screws and the socket was deep, secure and the handle gave good leverage when turning.However, I returned mine because I own only two acoustics and the tool set only worked on one of them. Apparently my Martin requires a hex key with a long reach. I ended up buying truss rod wrench and hex key separately for each acoustic.

  6. Amazon Customer

    DiscouragedThe media could not be loaded.

     I bought this kit because I own a few guitars and been doing minor neck adjustments. I also work on my kids guitars. So far on the first guitar, I had to use a Allen wrench out of my own collection and the 1/4 socket was to tall to fit the guitar. I could grind it down to make it fit but I thought I’d ask and see if you have a shorter socket?

  7. Zevon

    Tools Don’t Fit All Truss RodsAlthough a fair value for the money when the tools fit the guitar truss rods they will fit, the socket tools do NOT fit many guitar makes because the socket themselves are too long, especially on Gibson guitars. The sockets need to be of a shorter length. As far as the Allen wrench tools, they are too short to comfortably fit many guitars, such as Martin guitars. You would be better off to purchase the maker-specific tools from the instrument manufacturer…..

  8. Glenn

    Has what you need.Truss rods for ever what reason come in all sizes. The tools are quality. I also like the fact the case is black. Their other set of screwdriver/wrench combo, is in a blue case. A quick look, and you can grab the right set of tools. Music Nomad has what you need to set up, or repair your guitar.

  9. Kate Cernak

    Very Convenient!Nice to have all the tools in a compact case!

  10. S. Carson

    Works for intended purpose.I like Music Nomad products.

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