Mounting Dream Height Adjustable Speaker Stands Mounts, One Pair Floor Stands, Heavy Duty Base Extendable Tube, 11 LBS Capacity

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1 speaker stands



4 speaker wall mount

Holds speaker up to 11 lbs

Heavy duty cast iron for durability and stability, supports speaker up to 11 lbs/5kg per stand. Heavy gauge steel in black finish.

Floor standing and extendable tube from 35.5” to 48”

Floor standing design features with strong triangle shape base. Extendable tube is adjustable from 35.5” to 48” depending on listening area for surround sound.

Multiple speaker attachment options

4 attachment options are available for different speakers. Adjustable height attachment design for vertical hole and key hole, adapter bar for horizontal holes, and round holder for wooden speaker without hole.

Cable management solution

Built-in cable management hides the speaker wires out of sight for a neat appearance and avoids clutter. Cable ties included in package to help run the cable around the stand tube.

Check and measure your speaker to ensure speaker compatibility

Highly recommend checking speaker holes location before purchase. Please refer to the pictures at left side for attachment options and speaker hole distance requirement.

Additional information

Weight 5.68 kg
Dimensions 28.1 × 28.1 cm

‎Mounting Dream



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Material Type

Alloy Steel

Mounting Type

‎Floor stand speaker stand

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Product Dimensions

‎122.2 x 28.1 x 28.1 cm; 5.68 Kilograms



Date First Available

22 August 2019


‎Mounting Dream

10 reviews for Mounting Dream Height Adjustable Speaker Stands Mounts, One Pair Floor Stands, Heavy Duty Base Extendable Tube, 11 LBS Capacity

  1. S. Bollom

    Easy Assembly and Solid
    These are phenomenal! I purchased another set of stands from a known brand, and while heavyweight they were also a nightmare to assemble and flimsy once together. The slightest tap would cause the pole to collapse into itself.These stands, while not as heavy as the others, are easy to assemble and use actual screws rather than “tension” to adjust the height. Very pleased!

  2. Michaelk

    Good, but not great!
    The stands are well made , assembling was simple, overall happy. My issues with the stand were firstly componentry labels left a residue when removed that required alcohol wipe down to remove and the screws holding the speakers were not coated black – looked out of place when the rest of the speaker and stand were all black.

  3. Colby

    Good quality-not what is advertised.
    I like the quality but I dislike opening the package to find a different product than advertised. See the photo – the base of the stand is different.5 stars for the product but minus a star for poor advertisement.

  4. Fausto d.

    Algo inestables
    Estéticamente se ven bien, cumplen con su función de soportar los monitores, pero la forma de sus patas (3 patas) hace que sea inestable, lo tocas un poco y else pierde el equilibrio, corriendo el riesgo de que tu monitores terminen en el piso. Lo que hice fue fijarlos con silicon al piso.

  5. Arun Gupta

    Nice pair of stands
    Used them to mount surround speakers of Samsung soundbar HW-Q910B and the included hardware fit the keyhole mount perfectly. I had to route the speaker cable through each piece before assembly the two pieces together. Otherwise, the cable just would not go through. The stands are not very tall, so check height before placing behind any furniture. Build quality is good and they would not tip over easily.

  6. Wei J Xian

    Check the height of the stands and your furniture…
    … because we didn’t do it, but were lucky enough so the stands fit perfectly behind the couch. 😀 The assembly is easy, the product offers two different options how to mount the reproductor onto the stand. We used these stands with Samsung soundbar Q850T, for which everything fits perfectly, there was bit of a struggle with getting the wires thru the tube, but we got there eventually.

  7. Rezz Farro

    Perfect stand
    Its a perfect stand , base is a little bit big , but if you have enough room for that, it’s perfect, connected to Samsung Q series perfectly,

  8. HawaiiR

    Minor flaws, but otherwise a great deal for the money.
    For $30, they’re a pretty good deal. They’re well weighted and seem to be quite sturdy. I am a bit worried about the plastic height adjustment knob breaking though after a few years.Aesthetically it’s not the prettiest speaker stand, but for $30, I’ll live with it until I can have some custom stands made. The rear attachment “brace” is a tad unsightly, especially. Another issue I have with it is that the top of one of the rods doesn’t seem to be level (another reviewer mentioned this as well). As a result, the round platform that attaches to it is also not level, and it shows when you place your speaker on top. Have a look at a closeup pic I took of the gap between the bottom of the speaker and the top of the round stand platform. I had to place a small foam “pad” at the back side of the platform so that I could line it up with the other speaker. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if both were the same, but my OCD went haywire seeing one angled differently from the other. … again, for a cheap $30 stand, I didn’t mind making the simple modification.Speaking of modifications, I also placed a felt pad on top of the round platform so that it wouldn’t scratch the bottom of my speaker. You can buy the felt pad at any hardware store; they’re fairly cheap and they come with a self adhesive backing. I used a compass to measure the outer and inner rings of the platform, then drew/cut the felt pads accordingly. See the pic I posted so you can see what I did. If you want to protect the bottom of your speaker, this method could work for you, too. I only mention it because I noticed that I was doing a lot of adjusting in the setup process and I could tell it would scratch up the speakers.Speaker wires – not sure what others have tried, but I had some 12 gauge in wall wire left over from my home renovation which were a tight fit, but they worked. I think most 12 gauge should work, depending on the wire sheathing. Maybe you could go up to 10, but I don’t think anything thicker would work.One last observation – I’m not sure I would use this in a high traffic area. I have these behind my couch, but there’s a walk way behind it, so I’m a little worried about it accidentally being bumped and falling over. Originally I had these on the shag area rug that extends to the side of the couch, but it didn’t seem to sturdy, so I moved it behind the couch on the tile floor where hopefully it doesn’t fall over from a bump (fingers crossed). They’re well weighted though, and I kept the speaker height as low as I could, so that helps with the center of gravity. If you have these in a low traffic area or in front of a wall, I wouldn’t worry much (unless you have pets or kids that like to tip things over – in which case, good luck!).At the end of the day, it worked for my needs as temp solution until I can dish out more for a custom stand. For most people it will work perfectly as a permanent solution.Giving it only four stars due to the production flaw.Hope this review is helpful for some of you.

  9. Don R.

    Made for larger speakers
    Didn’t like the fact that the back support is showing beyond the actual speaker.


    Very strong and balanced stands
    The quality of the stands are second to none and their sturdiness balance are perfect for surround speakers

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