Monoprice Glass Floor Speaker Stands (pair), Black

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Glass Floor Speaker Stands (pair), Black

Improve the bass response and tighten up the imaging of your floor mounted speakers using these Glass Floor Speaker Stands from Monoprice!

Mid-sized speakers are usually too small to fit on a bookshelf, but placing them on the floor can cause problems with sound quality. For one thing, the drivers are not at the same height as your ears, which means that your ears are not in the center of the cone of sound produced by typical cone drivers (ribbon tweeters are an entirely different matter).

Another problem is that woofer is so close to the ground that almost half of the sound cone is directed into the floor, where it either gets muffled by carpeting or brightened by a non-carpeted surface. This can cause a muddy bass response that lacks the punch and tightness that it should produce.

These stands solve the problem by lifting the base of your speakers to a point about 23.6″ above the floor, thereby lifting the speaker cones to a point much nearer your ears when in a seated listening position. It also gives the woofer a chance to “breath” and expand before it gets reflected and attenuated by the floor. The result is a much tighter bass response coupled with improved clarity across the frequency spectrum.

These stands are constructed on tempered glass with aluminum vertical supports. They support up to 22 lbs. (10 kg) weight and are 23.6″ tall. The lower glass plate is 0.5″ (12mm) thick and measures 11.8″ x 9.8″ (300 x 250 mm), while the lower plate is 0.24″ (6mm) thick and measures 9.8″ x 7.9″ (250 x 200 mm). Each order includes two (2) speaker stands.


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Weight 9.45 kg
Dimensions 36.58 × 13.97 cm
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‎65.79 x 36.58 x 13.97 cm; 9.45 Kilograms



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24 July 2019



10 reviews for Monoprice Glass Floor Speaker Stands (pair), Black

  1. Kurt LIM

    Why I buy these–skip down for Monoprice standIt fit almost perfectly for Wharfedale Diamond 225–262mm*196mm with its 250mm*200 top plate (See attached pic.). I never had other speaker stand cause I’m happy with my epos ES14 which came with matching stands for >28 years. Thought of changing to a new pair as the rubber surround of es14 had been cracked cause of our tropical weather. The Diamond 225 is not some tiny bookshelf, but the epos’s 305mm*230mm open stands top is too big to hold it. I had to improvise to place the 225s on them. Had some tens of hour of listening, was happy with the sound, obviously not as good as the epos, expected cause of the price difference. Also the epos stands are shorter to fit es14’s 500mm height, a taller stand should help 225 to sound better by rasing them to ear level when sitting and from floor reflection.The box is quite heavy, even have some “Heavy” stickers on the box. Assembly is simple enough for anyone, start from the top plate down, long screw for the hollow tube/pole, place the bottom plate than tighten them together with nut. the glass plates feel solid, majority of the weight is from them, the hollow tube isn’t, felt like plastic? some said they are alu. Either way, the whole stand felt soild after assembly. I only listen for a couple of hours, they sound..just OK, actually prefer when the 225 was on epos stand. Maybe because the 225 is still relatively new, I had only clock about twenty odd hours since last month. Or maybe the 4 rubber/plastic cushion on 225 is affecting the sound? On epos the 225 cushions didn’t touch the stand–see 3rd pic. I will remove the cushion later, hope I won’t tear the bottom veneer of 225, will report back if they improve the sound. For the price, I didn’t expect much, so not really dissapointed, the only thing I don’t like is the bottom spikes, are they adjustable? I didn’t see any and had to add washer/spacer to level them, I wonder why nobody had mention this.P.S.These are suppose to be budget stands, US price is less than one hundred SG dollar. But we are paying 50% more, I guess that’s the cost of shipping from US to SG. Consider it only took 8 days–obviously thru air–not too bad. The NinjaVan guy deliver these on the 1st day of Lunar New Year! Chinese should know we don’t usually work on the eve or the day of LNY, except in essential sector. I forgot to give him an AngBao to wish him luck, really sorry about that. I wish him and his family a happy and prosperous Chinese Lunar New Year!

  2. Dee Bee

    Next day delivery. Decent quality stands. Not very heavy, but does its job well.

  3. Mario

    Nice look / Buena apariencia
    Recomiendo para bocinas pequeñas o más ligeras. Mis bocinas Polk T15 (aprox.17x25x20cm), pesan 2.5 kg., pero si las rozas o tocas, se pueden caer hacia adelante. Calculo que podrian funcionar mejor con bocinas de hasta 1.5 kg. Los acabados se ven bien. Mis bocinas quedan inclinadas por su dimensión de altura. Unas bocinas más pequeña quedarán mejor. Los soportes parecen más grandes en las fotos del anunciante; Puse una pluma en la foto para tener mejor idea del tamaño real.

  4. eran

    Great Stands
    Came fast and look great – highly recommended

  5. Christian lund

    Great price and fast delivery
    Great for my home surround sound system and easy to assemble

  6. Trevor M.

    Good stands minus the feet
    The stands were very easy to assemble. The smooth glass looks nice and goes well with my other black furniture in the room. At the moment I am using them with my Sony core bookshelf speakers and it appears there’s a little more room for something bigger. My only issue is the feet. It offers carpet spikes which screw in to the base and also rubber stubs for harder floors like concrete and hardwood. My issue is the carpet spikes must be screwed in and they sit in the rubber feet so it seems a little unstable and you have lift and place each on under it. Wish they just screwed into the base itself like the carpet spikes but other than that they are decent stands for the money and definitely worth it if you want to get you bookshelf speakers off the floor .

  7. Alfonso Aguila

    Excelente adquisición
    Están muy bonitas y d ebúrneo material

  8. Ernest B Rodriguez

    Very good
    I’m using these with huge heavy Klipsch 160M’s and the stands work great on my carpet. they keep the tweeters right we’re you want them at ear level! Excellent buy

  9. MEW

    Nice but
    I think these stands will suit my purpose but what I do not understand is how these clear feet which apparently just fit under the spikes with no real sturdy attachment, are a good solution for protecting your solid floors. Looks like when you move the speakers it is going to have to be a one corner adjustment at a time.Monoprice, just send me 8 machined screws for attaching the covers to the stand after removing the spikes and I would rate these stands higher.

  10. brody

    Pretty Good!
    A little small but they work. If you’re satellite speakers use RCA connectors the full connector head will definitely not fit inside the tube so you’ll have to ziptie the wires to the stand instead of routing it internally. This could be fixed but I don’t think it’s worth the effort. These are stable and a good price for what you get

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