Audio Control Three.2 in-Dash Pre-Amp Equalizer/Subwoofer Crossover with Dual Auxiliary Inputs

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  • In-Dash Pre-Amp Equalizer / Subwoofer crossover with Dual Auxiliary Inputs In-dash Pre-Amp Controller Two input channels and two, four, or six channels of output
  • Stereo and Para-BASS equalization controls
  • On-board pre-amp line driver up to 13 volts peak Master volume control and fader Selectable illumination – Cool Blue or Hot Red LED’s! Compact ½ DIN chassis


In-Dash Pre-Amp Equalizer / Subwoofer crossover with Dual Auxiliary Inputs.Audio Control THREE.2 In-Dash Pre-Amp Equalizer / Subwoofer Crossover with Dual Auxiliary Inputs.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 cm
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6 x 4 x 2 inches

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2 pounds



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September 30, 2010


Audio Control

10 reviews for Audio Control Three.2 in-Dash Pre-Amp Equalizer/Subwoofer Crossover with Dual Auxiliary Inputs

  1. JSMCO

    Makes changing bass and other levels convenient, and boosts signal if head unit is weak.I have been running the stock radio in my 2008 dodge ram for 10 years. It fed high-level inputs to two Rockford Punch amps, which ran Boston Acoustic SPZ60’s in the front doors, and Boston Pro 6’s in the rear with a 10″ Boston 10.5 Pro Sub. It sounded great but then the radio started having issues. The dealer replaced it but I could tell it wasn’t the same. The new deck was weak and wouldn’t drive the amps. I replaced the deck with a Kenwood Excelon Double DIN DPX793BH with the AudioControl Three.2 in line after the deck, and I ran rca’s back to the amps instead of the high levels. I lost my little pocket below the stock deck to accomodate both pieces of equipment, but no biggie.The combo sounds really great. The higher voltages drive the speakers and sub far better than the stock deck ever did. The bass is stronger and tighter, and the mids and highs are very clear. It was loud before, but now it’s louder and it stays clean up to a high level. Very impressive, considering my amps and all speakers are over 10 years old.I do have a few things I wish were easier. The gain controls are on top of the unit, very far recessed and not the easiest to get a tiny screwdriver in to adjust. There are a few switches that are inside the unit, requiring the top to be removed for access. (Illumination blue or red, crossover or pass-through, and balanced or unbalanced inputs). Although I can’t envision how these controls could have fit on the front of the unit, it would be nice to have a way to adjust them on the fly without having to pull the dashboard apart and remove everything.The other thing to realize is that the unit only has one set of inputs, so if your head unit has a lot of features to control the front, rear, and subwoofer settings separately, some of that will be rendered non-effective.But overall I am very happy with the unit. I listen to many different kinds of music and you can’t find a head unit these days that lets you adjust your bass, mids or highs without scrolling through several menus and sub-menus, which is a bad practice while driving. With the AudioControl Three.2, I have many adjustments right at my fingertips plus loud and clean sound.

  2. Elena Velasco

    Great EqualizerI got this installed and it was amazing! Like the overall result of this product. Tuning sounds amazing.

  3. Als

    Line DriverExactly what I was hoping for; this solved my low input problem while using my iPhone to play music. Now I can enjoy crystal clear sounds at low or high volume while using my iPhone to stream music. All of my amp gains are now set at 1 and it plays as loud as it it previously did, with my amp gains set at 7. Perfect!

  4. lalaland

    Quality unit for a sq setupRead the instructions before setting up unit it can and will damage equipment. You also need to know where your head units clip point is to set up properly. This is the third one I have bought. This one will be driving a large system. The 40hz sweep is nice. It allows. You to have the bass that travels or a punchy sound in the vehicle. The sub is crossed over at 90 Hz factory. It is changeable with either resistors or a module that can be purchased from audio control. Does have switchable illumination. The 3.1 was red and green I believe the 3.2 is blue and red don’t quote me on that. The down side as mentioned in a previous review is the knobs don’t click at 12 o’clock it’s minor but still annoying if you’re ocd. The 13 v output is nice. Make sure the amp you are using can take that high of an input. Also this unit does not play well with fosgate amps. I could not get rid of the engine noise on my BD series amps. However on my vehicle’s that run JL amps I have no problem. Why I bought again. This will be driving a JL 1000/1 , 250/1 and a 300/4. Also if you do get engine noise the manual explains a few solutions which in my experience work 90% of the time. Again my experience with fosgate us the 10% it don’t work.

  5. Sarah Parrett

    Its an older unitThey have a newer version of this product, has a new circuit board and a few more features.

  6. Anthony Soprano

    Never go wrong with audio control!!I had this unit before and loved it in a Saturn with 2 kicker square 15’s. I now have a mini Cooper with a morel 3 way front stage and infinity amp 10 sub combo it sounds really good. 0 awg wire is a must for Max performance from the battery to your block with a high end system. I don’t have lots of room anymore. My current preamp is the hifonics and have been eyeing the audio control again. Its way cheaper now also. The hifonics is dirty and has a lot of noise. I think after all the money I spent on a system the audio control made the most diff out of the system by far. You don’t need a lot of control and too much is just over kill. This unit is outstanding and very critical with frequencies. The line driver makes all the diff in the world and your system will be way louder, more clear with superior SQ. I get mine tomorrow and looking forward to putting it in. I’m going to get the epicenter next and mount right below the audio control.

  7. Leonard

    I am so glad and impressed with this Audio Control productCRAAAAZZZY!!! I am so glad and impressed with this Audio Control product… I was paying the minimum $75.00 for a good in dash eq. and the max $150.00 and non of them did what this monster is doing.. I replace several in dash equalizers that claim to be SPL, bass restoration, line drivers etc, that were lacking in their claims in certain if not all areas, however, this beast is not even the epicenter, but truly creates all restorations of the bass that I was missing since putting this system in years ago. I have 2 ma audio hk5000 watt 15″ subs pushed by a monster 10000 watt ma audio amp. I thought my bass was awesome with that and the eq’s I was buying, but now it does not even compare. I can barely turn the system up to 1/4 of max volume without people on every corner turning and eyeing and looking awestruck… I would recommend before being cheated out of your money looking and searching, it sometimes pay off in the long run to get the best up front. KUDOS, BRAVO, ENCORE!! TO AUDIO CONTROL!!!

  8. Royden Daikawa

    Fixed my distortion issue.I installed an Audio Control Preamp in front of my 3 amplifier setup. Setup included 2 P600x4 Rockford Amplifiers and a T1500 for my sub. When I would turn up the volume it would get distorted and sound terrible. After the installation and setup it was twice as loud and CLEAR plus I could really get the vocals working well. This was the best money I have spent in a while.

  9. JediShopper

    SQ for a Factory Head Unit2015 Honda Accord Sedan Sport. This piece of equipment is a must for anyone interested in SQ and SPL through a factory head unit. It cleans up the sound and the 13.5v line driver is a must for any halfway decent amp. I was going for stealth. I drive 1.5 hours to campus every day to teach so music and sound quality is a critical part of my day but I am not trying to advertise my gear either. I have this driving a Fosgate Punch P600x4 which powers the Alpine Type-R separates SPR-60c and a JL Audio HO110rg-W3v3 Sub. There is no better way to manipulate and compensate for the acoustics of a car than with this pre-amp. Additionally, its priceless to have fingertip gain control for your sub whether its through a bass knob or a pre-amp like this. I am absolutely thrilled with this product. Highly recommend!

  10. richard d. arganbright

    Very Nice. SturdyVery Nice. Sturdy, well built. This is the best sounding EQ I have found since my Kicker KQ-9 took a crap. Now you can’t find one of those anymore. I have gone through 4 other EQ’s in search of the awesome sound that my system used to have with the KQ-9 and they all let me down. This is the closest I have come to finding that sound again. One more band of equalization would have been great. I have 3 way components in my front doors and I can’t seem to tone down my 4″ mid’s enough with just the 3 bands of EQ. Other than that, no complaints.

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