Logitech Mevo Start, Wireless Live Streaming Camera, 1080p HD Video Quality, Intelligent App Control, Stream via LTE or Wi-Fi –

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Brand Logitech for Creators
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
Flash Memory Type Micro SD
Color Black
Special Feature Wireless
Screen Size 3 Inches
Photo Sensor Technology Other
Camcorder type Video Camera
Series Mevo Start
Included Components Mevo Start Camera, Quickstart Guide, USB-C Cable with QuickCharge, Microfiber Cloth
  • STUNNING HD VIDEO QUALITY — Live stream and record in stunning 1080p HD resolution with crisp, detailed imaging, right out of the box.
  • STREAM ANYWHERE — Go where the story takes you. Stream live from anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi, Ethernet or even your smartphone’s LTE network.
  • INTELLIGENT APP CONTROL — Wirelessly control your Mevo and create compelling content with features like Auto-Director, all from your smartphone.
  • MULTICAM MADE EASY — Connect up the three Mevo Start cameras to easily create broadcast-quality streams with multiple angles.
  • ADVANCED ONBOARD AUDIO — Capture clean, clear audio using the built-in microphone or connect external audio sources for advanced setups.
  • STREAM TO YOUR FAVORITE PLVERSATILE STREAMING SETUPS — Mevo Start integrates seamlessly into any setup with Webcam Mode, RTMP and NDI|HX protocols. ATFORMS — Simultaneously stream on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and more with just a few taps.
  • VERSATILE STREAMING SETUPS — Mevo Start integrates seamlessly into any setup with Webcam Mode, RTMP and NDI|HX protocols.








Mevo Start is a wireless live streaming camera that delivers professional-quality video in stunning 1080p HD resolution, right out of the box. Stream live from anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi, Ethernet or even your smartphone’s 4G or 5G network. Wirelessly control your Mevo and create compelling content with features like Auto-Director, all from your smartphone.Connect up the three Mevo Start cameras to create broadcast-level streams from multiple angles with ease. Live stream or record up to six hours using Mevo Start’s built-in battery, or connect a power source for continuous use.Capture clean, clear audio using the built-in microphone or connect external audio sources for advanced setups. Start streaming on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and more with just a few taps. Mevo Start integrates seamlessly into any setup with Webcam Mode, RTMP, and NDI|HX protocols.

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Focus on sustainability

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Additional information

Dimensions 1.34 × 2.97 cm
Wireless Type



‎Logitech for Creators


‎Mevo Start

Item model number


Hardware Platform

‎Smart phone

Item Weight

‎8.2 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎3.43 x 1.34 x 2.97 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎3.43 x 1.34 x 2.97 inches



Rear Webcam Resolution

‎12 MP

Power Source

Battery Powered


1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)



Date First Available

‎April 15, 2020


‎Logitech, Logitech for Creators

10 reviews for Logitech Mevo Start, Wireless Live Streaming Camera, 1080p HD Video Quality, Intelligent App Control, Stream via LTE or Wi-Fi –

  1. Scotty D

    Fantastic streaming device, not ideal for beginnersI started with one, and I didn’t like it as much as my GoPro. Why? Because the GoPro has a touch screen and I can navigate it easier, at first at least. I found the Mevo to be difficult to use, not intuitive and I went back and forth between GoPro and Mevo at my son’s baseball games.Then I saw a baseball team using 3 Mevo cameras at once and the unbleivable elevated levels of video experience that provides.So I got a second camera and the multicam Mevo app. Once I got that app it took me about 2 hours of setting up test games in Game Changer to figure out how to connect the video and then how to manage it during the game. Oh my, pleasantly surprised, ONCE I figured it out. What’s nuts is I found, through trial and error that I had to use the GoPro URL in my Mevo RTMP settings to get the video to work. I used the Mevo stream key as well. Once I figured out that using the GoPro urk worked, things got way easier. Getting the videos connected to Game Changer was super simple and then I got comfortable with the software. Crop and zoom, input quality, manually switching between cameras and using the Director feature. It’s so awesome.Needless to say, I just ordered my 3rd camera and I’m psyched to get it.One camera will slice from the pitcher to 3B, then one camera focused right up the middle and one camera will slice from the pitcher to 1B.There needs to be better instructions on how to use the Mevo multi cameras. There’s a gap for sure. So long as you’re willing to do some tinkering and watch a video or two, you’ll master it and when you do you’ll forget about any other devices you have.Mevo Multicam for the win!

  2. Luis

    Todo bienTodo bien

  3. Amazon Customer

    Great sports streaming cameraVery easy to setup and use. Outstanding quality recordings with a good fixed width perspective. Dealt with heat and dust of a softball field extremely well. Could get 4+hours out of a charge with no issue, and ran well off an external battery as well.

  4. DJ Stick

    One Big Flaw!Aside from the flaw (which I will get to), the camera is pretty awesome. I think the most impressive part of it for me is the battery life. I wish there were a 4K option, but it’s a small sacrifice given the price point. Now, the flaw…You cannot change the aspect ratio of the camera. It is always 16:9 which means that streaming on popular platforms like TikTok and Instagram shouldn’t be a thing since these apps work best using 9:16 ratio. Now, if you’re ok with simply recording versus livestreaming, you can lay the camera over to achieve 9:16. Then, during the editing process, rotate the image. Aside from that issue, the Mevo Start is a flawless budget camera.

  5. David B Dowlen

    Multipurpose BeneficialI am a podcaster, Youtuber, Coach and Event coordinator. I actually bought this on a gut instinct preparing for a conference I was streaming.Pro’sWifi Capable adds versatility with a strong wifi networkCan stream straight from “the right” mobile devices (more in cons)Wifi Webcam Mode1080pOnBoard Recording PossibleMobile control of ISO, Color Temp and other Camera adjustmentsCon’sOlder devices not all compatibleNOT fully compatible with the M1 Chip (wired webcam mode, no)Cannot adjust “Camera Settings” like ISO, White balance and such in Webcam modeNot 4KI stream on multiple platforms and this will certainly NOT replace my normal DSLR style camera. I. have used the wireless webcam mode and I hate that I can’t adjust the white balance without connecting to my phone first, adjusting it, breaking the connection then reconnecting it to my computer. I change my lighting a lot depending on the shoot.However, this was a life saver when I was multi streaming an event. I just needed something with decent quality as a constant feed and it worked spectacularly in wireless webcam mode back to my computer.Understand, this is a decent “webcam” not the best but decent. It is not a replacement if you use DSLR’s but for what it was created for which is event streaming or multi cam “set studio” (not changing often it is a great camera especially in use with a couple other MEVO SMART cams.One note, I would like to see them upgraded to be more computable with other softwares and platforms. If you don’t want to use their native app for streaming with them, you are going to have to get creative because they are not friendly to any other software but theirs. Thus I used wireless webcam mode to bypass this short coming.

  6. Waji

    Excellent Streaming CameraThe Mevo Start is a great camera for live streaming or for recording. It is good for those getting started in streaming. It is reasonably priced and has a lot of great features. You can live stream to most any service. The camera can be connected via Wi-Fi or with Ethernet (requires a separate adapter). Wi-Fi works well if you have good access points and signals. Streaming quality will depend on your upload speeds. Recording are saved directly to the camera but you will need get a micro-SD card as it does not come with one, but those are so affordable. You will need an Android or iOS tablet or phone to work with the camera. There is an app that controls and configures the camera.There is a built in microphone that works well. You can also alternatively connect an external sound source to the Aux 3.5 mm jack. It is configurable for Mic level input or Line level input (like sound board). There are level controls for audio within the app. It fits on most any tripod (standard 1/4 screw). I found battery life to be 4-5 hours which should be good in most cases. There is a USB-C connector on the camera that can be used for external power or ethernet adapter. Indicator LED on the front of the camera tells you the connection status and I believe can also act as a Tally light.One of the nice features is digital zoom. You can view what the camera sees from within the app. The app also lets you zoom the camera view in and out. You can also move a zoomed box around with the full field of the camera, so it almost like having PTZ. The video feed is quite good and there are settings for things like low lighting and outdoor.Camera looks and feels well built. There is no lens cover so you might want to get a case for it.The camera can also be configured as an NDI source and it works great with OBS, zoom and all.Good starter and can still be used in more advanced setups (like OBS). Keep in mind that the app can only be used with one camera at a time (you can move back and forth between cameras). A multi-cam app is being developed and is currently in Beta at this time.

  7. Curt S

    Mevo Start for Church Live StreamingI purchased a Mevo start in July of this past year, 2020 and started using it to livestream our church services a few weeks later. Our budget was small and our volunteer work force, because of Covid, was smaller. I did a lot of research on which direction to pursue. My son-in-law had suggested one of these a few months earlier when we were in full lock down and recording our services to be uploaded to FB and YT. I purchased one after a lot of reading and comparing to other possible streaming directions. It has taken awhile but the camera is mounted from our ceiling, about 12′ high on an adjustable pole bringing it down to about 8′. I then network hardwired to the router with the power being supplied by a smart plug which I control by an app on my phone. I control it with a mini iPad 4. I purchased a Yamaha 6 channel mixer which I use to add reverb to the musical portion of our service, the worship. The audio is wired from the church’s soundboard to the Mevo 3.5mm input above the usb-c port. I am in the process of ethernet hardwiring my mini iPad 4 also. I do have that adapter, cables, and network switch. I just need to find the time to implement it. I must say that if used within its limitations, just like everything else, it just plain works, and works very well. Hardwiring the ethernet is very important, does not amount to much more expense and gives a pretty much fail-safe internet connection barring any very unforeseen circumstances. The audio was my biggest challenge since I was trying to find something fairly inexpensive to mix with, adding an adjustable reverb effect, just the right size for my application and something that when added to my components, could be all controlled by one person. Your streaming video can be good, bad, or hopefully, not so ugly, but if you do not have quality audio, you may as well go home because you will not keep your audience’s attention for very long.I am glad I purchased the Mevo Start and may buy another since before permanently mounting, it had proved useful elsewhere, such as our men’s retreat at a remote location with wi-fi.If used correctly and researching for your application beforehand, you can make a responsible intelligent decision.

  8. Anna Mangeni

    An Improvement Over the OriginalUpdate: the video quality is so much better than the original Mevo. Some helpful hints if you have a large auditorium and you want to zoom in this is not the camera for you. We stream to FB and YouTube live. We only have 22 YouTube subscribers for our channel. So in order to go live on multiple platforms you need another software to do that. We use Vimeo. To go live on YouTube you must use the RTMP button on Mevo. Set up your stream on YouTube Studio and get your URL and streaming key to paste into Mevo. Great thing is the Mevo will save it and YouTube doesn’t change it for a new stream when you reuse your settings. Once everything is programmed into the Mevo it gets much easier to go live. Again the video quality with the Mevo Start is so much better than the Mevo Plus. We spent about $800 for the original and this was only $399. You get your monies worth if you can leverage all its features. Also if you are being asked for constant firmware updates which Mevo are you using and is your app updated.Our church has been using the first generation Mevo for over three years. We didn’t realize how outdated our Mevo camera was. The video streaming began to get worse and we kept losing signal and the audio was terrible. I went looking for another camera but Mevo still came up in the top. I looked at the specs of the Mevo Start and realized how outdated our original Mevo was. Today we streamed our service for the first time using Mevo Start and people complemented our video on how clear it was. We had no audio issues or dropped internet. We also didn’t have to plug it in since we stream for about 2 hours. We always liked Mevo and they have made streaming affordable for our church. This Mevo Start addressed most of our issues with the first Mevo we had. Also the price has gone down from what we paid for the original Mevo. It is worth the price. It does so much more than just record video. I love the app also.

  9. Frank Mayorga

    Good for the priceIf you don’t have good wifi don’t get this camera. If you have fast upload speed than you’ll be ok but this isn’t a long term camera system we will be changing soon

  10. R. Hoffman

    Good camera, great experience, but company seems to have issuesThe camera has good quality and the process of getting it up and running is smooth and simple if you are comfortable with technology. I would definitely buy the camera again.If you buy this camera, joining the Facebook Mevo user group is essential. I feel like the group exists to try to offload some of Mevo’s customer support to a community of users. To me, it feels like a cheap move, but it works out okay for the customers. However, especially because of the pandemic, the group is EXTREMELY active, probably making up 1/4 of my news feed. And users often ask the same questions repeatedly.The biggest issue is that they need to quadruple their QA group. Right after I got my camera, an update killed the ability for Android users to use YouTube. And while it’s never happened to me, users have mentioned that after running an update on the camera’s firmware, they experience issues. So I would highly recommend never running a firmware update unless you have a few days before you are using the camera.Their site also lacks some vital information. They list USB-C adapters that “are supported” by the camera, but they don’t really define what that means. I found out from the Facebook page that it means “they’ve been tested and will charge/do everything it’s supposed to when using their quick charger,” which is a small separate purchase. And that is a BIG issue. You can’t use a standard 5w charger when using a USB-C adapter for power and ethernet. You have to get their 18w charger or something as or more powerful. This is all information their site should include, but it doesn’t. It wasn’t until looking at the adapter on Amazon and seeing that it said the adapter could need up to 12w to power the adapter that I figured out what was happening.

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