Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for Softphone and Mobile Phone – Easy Setup, Portable Speaker for Holding Meetings

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Brand Jabra
Model Name Speak 510
Speaker Type Multimedia
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Special Feature Multi Room Audio

  • CLEARER CONVERSATIONS – The outstanding sound quality in the Jabra Speak 510 wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker ensures everyone is heard during conference calls, making your meeting more efficiently..Power source type:Battery Powered.Speaker size:6.5 inches
  • HOLD MEETINGS ANYWHERE – Take audio conferencing to a whole new level and turn any room into a conference room with this wireless, portable speaker. Use it at home, in the office or when traveling
  • EASY SETUP – No IT required. Setup and use of these Bluetooth speakers is a breeze, just connect and dial-in. Compatible with all leading UC platforms.
  • SLIM, COMPACT DESIGN – With a convenient carrying case for use while on-the-go and a slim, compact design, you can bring this wireless Bluetooth speaker anywhere you are.
  • WORKS WITH MANY DEVICES – Plug into your mobile phone, softphone or whatever device you have. The Speak 510 speakerphone works with many types of devices for conference calls and streaming multimedia.
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Don’t become a conference call horror story. With the outstanding sound quality in the Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker, everyone is heard during conference calls, making your meeting more efficiently. Setup and use of the wireless speaker is a breeze – just connect and dial in. It’s compatible with all leading UC platforms. With no pesky wires in your way and a slim, compact design, you can take audio conferencing to a whole new level and turn any room into a conference room with this wireless, portable speaker. Use it at home, in the office or when traveling. A convenient carrying case is included. Plus, the Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker can plug into your mobile phone, softphone or whatever device you have. It works with many types of devices for conference calls and streaming multimedia.

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Jabra Speak 510

Engineered to be unplugged.

The Speak 510 is a personal, easy to use conference call speakerphone with both – USB and Bluetooth connectivity, for efficient and productive conference calls whenever and wherever.

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The Speak 510 conference call speakerphone with both - USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

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No retail packaging available, just speaker unit with built in USB

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Weight 6.1 kg
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 2 cm
Product Dimensions

6 x 5 x 2 inches

Item Weight

6.1 ounces

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1 CR2 batteries required. (included)

Connectivity technologies


Special Features

Multi Room Audio

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Phone Talk Time

15 Hours

Included Components

Speaker System


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Date First Available

January 1, 2013



10 reviews for Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for Softphone and Mobile Phone – Easy Setup, Portable Speaker for Holding Meetings

  1. Amazon Customer

    Best speakerphone i’ve hadI have had this speaker for about 3 years now and have never had a problem with it. I literally have this turned on 24/7, plugged into my laptop brick via USB.The sound quality is amazing, very clear and the volume is great (adjustable). I use it with Microsoft Teams so i dont know if it is the speaker or MS Teams but it does a good job with noise canceling. I have an under the desk treadmill that I use during meetings, and the people on the receiving end cannot hear my treadmill.

  2. Gustavo Carrillo

    compact but powerfull tool for your office and for the to-go-officeOur conference room have a webcam installed on the wall underneath the big screen and we used the webcam microphone for our audio input for our remote meetings. Those who were close to the webcam sound very clear and loud but those who sit in away from he webcam didn’t sound loud enough. With this portable speaker/mic, we solve that problem. The device sit now in the middle of the conference table and no matter where the attendees are seated, the sound is lound and consistent throughout the room. Very easy to connect and very easy to install.

  3. Danny T

    Battery life feels shortSound is actually really clear, volume fantastic. Bluetooth connection easy to set up, and I never had a dropped bluetooth connection.Only complaint I have is battery life is shorter than the “up to 15” hours that is advertised. At max volume, it feels like it’s 1 hour per 10%. It will last a whole day (8 hours) if that’s what your life is, but it’s shorter than the “up to 15 hours” that is advertised. Having said that, i usually recharge around 30% because I don’t want to risk running it down and having it die in the middle of a call. Maybe at max volume this battery life is reasonable.I contacted their customer service to ask for clarity on what the expected battery life should be, and we corresponded via several emails which got me no where (can you download Jabra Direct? What firmware are you on? How are you connecting to the machine? Did the light turn on when you charge?). Their customer service people didnt seem to have good training, but maybe I’m just too hard on them.I do think it’s a good product worth the money (~$80) but just note the two points I made and make your own decision. Good luck.

  4. Paulette Johnson

    Great hands & ear free sound qualityI work from home 90% of the time. My employer provided two options, a wired head phone or an ear piece. Neither option worked well for me. This device was recommended by one of our IT team members. It’s perfect for me. I can connect to my mobile and my work computer. The sound quality is amazing. It also dampers all outside noise. I can hear the ring if I’m away from my desk. The ear buds hurt my ears and the over the ear option pressed against my temples and was uncomfortable. The wired head phone is totally unacceptable. This Jabra disk is the answer for me. It’s great to have options.

  5. Cliente Amazon

    Jabra is very goodI wanted to use it for not having to use my headset all day long, so I have been using in the house for long conferences. I can hear everyone pretty well and everyone can hear me. The buttons on it to increase or decrease the volume are great and also the mute button, very useful! Great asset!

  6. A Maryland reader

    It works great now thanks to excellent Jabra SupportI started searching for a wireless bluetooth speakers to use for conference calls/video calls which occupy. most of my day during our current work-from-home status. While my office uses Skype for Business and is migrating to Microsoft Teams, we also have videoconferences on GoToMeeting, Webex, Zoom and others. Based on those needs and not wanting to spend a tremendous amount of money, I decided to buy the Jabra Speak 510 especially after a colleague told me he had been using it with good results.Delivery was swift and I excitedly connected the speaker via Bluetooth to Dell 7290. Unfortunately, my colleagues complained that my voice was hard to hear and somewhat garbled. Thus began my interactions with the Jabra Support team. The details follow below but the bottom line is that I was extremely pleased with both the Jabra telephone support and email responsiveness. After following the steps outlined below, I have now used the device without any issues for the past week and I am very satisfied with the product.First steps suggested by Jabra Support:1. Make sure install the latest firmware through Jabra Direct software before using the device.2. Jabra does NOT recommend using Bluetooth to connect to a computer; they strongly recommended to connect the Jabra device via USB only.3. While speaking to Jabra Support via phone, we also reviewed my audio settings on the Dell laptop including sensitivity of the microphone.**These first three steps suggested by Jabra Support did improve the sound of my voice and colleagues no longer complained. However, I started hearing some periodic crackling and interruption of audio for about 2 seconds very intermittently. It sounded like interference so I moved all of my other devices and cell phone away from the Jabra but the audio problems persisted.So, I called Jabra Support again after an exchange of emails to make sure I was not using a USB hub because they recommend against that, too. During the phone call, we reviewed several options including trying a different USB port and trying a different computer. And, if that didn’t work, Jabra Support agreed that they would replace the device.Next steps:4. I tried a different USB port on the Dell. Same problem.5. My personal computer is a MacBook Pro 2017 (15″) which only has USB-C ports. So, contrary to Jabra’s advice, I used the Jabra with my MacBook (Zoom) using a USB hub not expecting it to work. However, the device worked flawlessly – good sound on my end; no issues with my voice on the other end.6. Therefore, I decided to try the USB-C hub with the Dell (which also has a USB-C connection). And…the microphone and speaker are working very well; I’ve had no complaints from my colleagues and there have been no audio issues.7. I’ve also used the USB option with my iPhone and that works well – no issues. To be clear, you can’t stand 5 feet away from the device and expect people to hear you. However, if it’s on your desk and you are sitting, it works fine.Using this set up for the past 3-4 days, I’ve had multiple calls and videoconferences using Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeetings, Zoom and Webex. The integration with the mute button only seems to work for Skype and Microsoft Teams (i.e., setting mute on the Jabra device turns the appropriate icon on the screen to “mute”). However, it’s pretty easy to know when you’re on mute with the Jabra device (red LEDs around the speaker) so even if the icon on the screen isn’t showing mute, when the Jabra is muted, you should be “safe.”I haven’t tested the battery life fully but it seems to be good. Volume is definitely sufficient. It’s not intended to be used for music but for a quick interlude between meetings, it’s adequate. I have used the smart button the device with Siri on my iPhone 11 Pro and it works well. The device can be connected to your computer via USB and via your phone via Bluetooth at the same time and it seems the range for the Bluetooth connection is surprisingly good.Bottom line – I was very close to returning the Jabra 510. However, the excellent support from Jabra and a little experimentation paid off. The Jabra 510 is now a very welcome and comfortable option to the various Bluetooth headsets and other wired headsets I have tried.

  7. Samuel Wilwerding

    Critically Better than Emeet LunaI bought this to replace an Emeet Luna that did not live up to my expectations, and this Jabra is exactly what I was looking for. I needed one of these devices–Emeet Luna or Jabra Speak 710–to do three things: (1) connect to my computer for use with Webex, (2) connect to my mobile phone for higher quality phone conversations, and (3) transition between these uses seamlessly. Though Emeet Luna is one-third the cost of Jabra Speak 710, the lower price of the Emeet is irrelevant to me because it did not accomplish the three things I was looking for. Jabra Speak 710 did.The biggest short fall on the Emeet was with number 3. Even when I had it connected to computer through the USB, connecting it to my phone would disconnect it from the computer, and vice versa. So I had to keep the Emeet connected to my computer, and if I wanted to use it for a phone call, I had to go into my phone settings and connect it to the phone manually. Besides being a pain to do this every time I needed to make a call, I simply couldn’t get it connected to the phone fast enough before answering when people called me. Additionally, the Emeet would shut off when I put my computer to sleep and would not turn back on automatically when I woke the computer up. So every day, I had to turn the speaker on by holding down the button on the speaker. That’s all to say that the Emeet did not give me the experience I expected and simply didn’t work for what I needed it.I also had an issue with number 1, because the Emeet would cut out and have static and interference during video calls (something I’ve never had an issue with using other speakers, including the now the 710).Jabra Speak 710, on the other hand, stays connected to my computer (through the USB) and my phone (through Bluetooth) at the same time. When I turn off my computer (or put it to sleep), Jabra Speak 710 automatically shuts off and disconnects from my phone. This is perfect because when I shut off my computer, I’m done working and don’t need the speaker phone anymore. The next day when I turn on my computer, Jabra Speak 710 automatically turns on, connects to the computer, AND connects to my phone. So I can use it for a video conference, and as soon as I get off the video conference, if someone calls me, I can hit the answer-phone button on the Jabra Speak 710, and boom, it’s like I’m talking on my speaker phone back in the office.A few other small distinguishing characteristics that also help explain the difference in price. Jabra Speak 710 is much higher quality. It looks better and feels better to use. The Speak 710 has a nice stand so that the speaker can face you. The speaker on the 710 also seems ten times better than the Luna; I actually enjoy listening to music on it, whereas the Luna did not sound good for music.In short, make sure you’re getting something that will actually meet your needs.Another caution about the Luna: I got a card with it offering a $10 gift card for writing a review. Whatever the intent of these types of things are, people tend to write five-star reviews when trying to get the gift cards, sometimes even when the product doesn’t deserve it. So I bet the Luna is overrated, and it certainly seemed that way to me.

  8. Jon Strong

    Best in class portable, bluetooth, wireless, mobile speakerphoneI have a reputation among friends, associates, family for doing a deep dive and researching the field when choosing new products. I like to understand the differences between products, state of the art, etc., and generally be an informed buyer. I’ve also been in “tech” for more than 35 years, with roles from hands on through CIO and CTO, so I’ve got a lot of experience researching and choosing products, whether for one person or thousands. In short: I tend to be a picky shopper. I researched the field here, and think I’ve found a winner.At this point in my career, I’m traveling weekly, and I’m meeting — either in person or remote — with numerous people each week. Conference calls are the norm, and may involve dozens of people, conference rooms with poor equipment, offices with dreadful 15 year old “speakerphones”, hotel rooms, working from my home office, etc. One of the most frustrating experiences is trying to participate in a mission critical conference call when 1) I can barely hear or understand the folks at the other end, and 2) they can’t hear and understand me unless I lean over a mic and raise my voice. Cell phone “speakerphones” may be acceptable in an emergency, but haven’t proven adequate for routine use.I had recently research Bluetooth speakers for use primarily as audio / music listening speakers (for use, e.g., with Google Play Music from my phone). I researched and auditioned many: Bose, Cambridge, JBL, Shark, Amazon, Phillips, Anker, Jambox, etc. I narrowed it down to those with speakerphone capability, thinking I’d satisfy that need along with the media speaker requirement. After a LOT of research and live auditions, I settled on Nyne Bass, and couldn’t be happier with it — as a media speaker – truly amazing in all respects: sound is stunningly good – even outdoors, and both battery life and bluetooth handling are excellent. Unfortunately, it’s only mediocre when turning a phone into a speakerphone, and often quite disappointing — and I’ve tried out colleague’s products like Jambox for the same purpose, and also found them disappointing. So — I went on the hunt for a “real” business quality Bluetooth speakerphone.After much research, I homed in on Jabra, and the 510+ looked most promising after reading a LOT of reviews. Buying via Amazon Prime, I knew I had no risk, so I place the order — and had the package on my desk about 36 hours later. Once again — kudos to Amazon Prime and the vendors that work with Amazon in this program.The product is perfectly packaged, and beautifully made. It appears to be about 4.5″ in diameter, and about 1.25″ high when sitting flat on a desk or table. It is a gorgeous, professional grade piece of tech with excellent fit and finish and features. It comes with a neoprene zipper case, the USB cord wraps around the body and tucks into a groove that also holds the cable end in place. Incredibly well thought out and executed.This model can be connected to a phone or laptop via bluetooth, and to a laptop via USB cable. It doesn’t come with its own charging brick, but the USB cable can charge from any standard 1A or higher brick. It takes a while for a full charge, but once charged, I can use it all day and into the night, and the charge is only partially depleted.Sound quality is absolutely spectacular for the purpose. I can place this on a table or desk in a room with a dozen people at distances from 3 ft to 15 ft or more, and they are all picked up and easily understand by people at the other end of the call. What comes out of the speaker is superb as well: I’m often on the receiving end of a conference call with two dozen people, all different sound environments and volume levels, and half a dozen international accents — and this speaker yields clear audio rivaling $400 or $500 Polycom and Cisco equipment (no exaggeration). This is so good, in fact, that I’ve taken to turning it on when sitting in my office at my current client’s site, and using it in favor of the brand new Cisco equipment installed there. It’s a better experience.The controls around the perimeter are all touch controls — no physical buttons to degrade, and they work perfectly. Power, answer / hang up, volume up/down, bluetooth (on/off/pair), mute, battery (to check battery charge level). There are a serious of LEDs around the perimeter of the speaker that are almost invisible when off, but light up as needed to indicate function, e.g., Bluetooth connected, power on, volume level and battery life (number of lights on out of ten around the perimeter), etc. Audio prompts walk you through pairing, connection status, etc — and these can be turned on and off via preferences.The firmware is easily upgradeable via the USB cable and downloadable PC application. I haven’t had need to use the app yet, but it provides deeper control over options and connection to services like Lync. This also provides support for soft phones: this “510+ MS edition” is optimized for Microsoft products like Lync — the other 510+ is, I believe, aimed more at other soft phone products like Cisco.All in all: a beautifully designed, engineered and implemented product. Every now and then you trip across a gem that defines state of the art in its category – and I believe this qualifies. As you might guess, I’m delighted with this product.

  9. Heather

    It’s quite good, audio is amazingSounds like someone’s right there in the room with you. So glad to never have to wear headphone for meetings working from home again. It’s speedy, but worth it!

  10. Providence-Charlie Lucero

    Easy setup / Great soundSetup took about 5 mins and sounds great

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