CammPro I826 1296P HD Police Body Camera,64G Memory,Waterproof Body Worn Camera,Premium Portable Body Camera with Audio

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Brand CammPro
Model Name Body camera
Connectivity Technology Wired
Special Feature Portable, Night Vision, Motion Sensor
  • 64Gb Large Memory: Built In 64Gb Built-In Storage Allows For Hours Of Footage Without Worrying About Running Out Of Space.
  • 1296P Hd, Night Vision: 1296P Hd Recording, This Body Camera Equipped With High-Intensity Infrared Leds, Also Capture Clear Footage Up To 50 Feet Away In Pitch-Black Darkness.
  • Long Battery Life: A Powerful 3500Mah Battery Lets You Record Footage For Up To 10 Hours In A Row, Enough To Get Through Multiple Shifts Without Needing To Worry About Battery Life. 2 Inch Lcd Monitor Allows You To Instantly Watch Back Previous Recordings.
  • Password Or Password-Free Setting To Suit Different Requirements
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Why Choose CammPro I826 64G Police Body Worn Camera ? 1. Certificated body worn camera manufacturer. 2. Excellent R&D team with over 10 years’ experience of camera solution. 3. Professional service ability ensures your purchasing experience.Main Chip: Amarelle A7 ,Videos Resolution: 2304×1296 30p/ 1920×1080 30p/ 1440×1080 30p/ 1280×720 60p/ 1280×720 30p/ 848×480 60p/ 848×480 30p/ 720×480 30p ,Top Pixel: 32M(7600*4275 )(4M/8M/14M/16M/21M/32M) .Perfect for Police or Private Use: With a full suite of professional features, this body camera is perfect for on-duty police officers, private security officers, bouncers, cyclists and bike messengers commuting in heavy traffic.Low temperature protection Video Encoding: H. 264 Water Mark: User ID, Time and Date Stamp, GPS coordinates embedded into video Audible, Visual, and Vibration to indicate recording Start and Stop Car DVR Mode Ignition Auto Start Recording DVR: Yes Display size: 2inch LCD Screen Resolution: 960*240 Battery Capacity: Built-in 3500mAH Li-polymer Battery usage time: More than 11 hours continuous video recording ( battery full charged, IR closed, 848x480P 30fps) Lens High Quality 5 Layer Glasses Lens Viewing Angle: 140 Degrees Digital Zoom: x128 Night Vision Built-in 2pcs High Intensity Infrared (IR) LEDs Up To 10 Meters with Visible Face Image. Languages : English, Polish, Spain, French, Czech, Russia, Ukrainian What You Get: 1*Body Camera 1*Universal Metal Clip 1*Charging Dock 1*USB Wall Charger 1*USB Cable 1*User Manual 1*CD disk

From the manufacturer

body camera
police body camera

CammPro I826 64G Police Body Camera

What is CammPro I826 Body Camera

Police body camera often utilized by law enforcement to record their interactions with the public or gather video evidence at crime scenes.

Nowadays it’s also widely used in military, public service and citizen surveillance.

I826 Body Worn Camera is the most classical and popular product developed by CammPro, it is a full-featured police camera for simple recording.

Benifits of CammPro I826 Body Camera

In a study conducted by PERF with support from the Department of Justice’s Office of Community-Oriented Policing Services (COPS), benefits which affected both police and the public included the following:

  • Providing evidence in domestic violence cases.
  • Improving evidence collection at accident scenes.
  • Assisting in exiting consent decrees.
  • Helping command staff recognize patterns of officer behavior.
  • Decreasing complaints filed against officers.

WHY CammPro I826 64G Body Camera

  • Chipset: Ambarella A7LA50
  • Long battery life for 11 Hours Continuous Video Recording
  • Embed Time, Police ID, Camera ID, GPS Longitude & Latitude Watermark
  • Low Temperature Protection, Withstand the hardest weather
  • 1296P True HD Video
  • Waterproof, Shockproof
  • 140° Field of View, Capture All Situations
  • Infrared 10 Meter Night Vision with Visible Face Image

body camera for law enforcemance

night vision


64G Large Memory

Built in 64G Large Memory,there will be plenty of space to store all video captured throughout your upcoming working days.

1296P HD Night Vision

1296P HD recording, this body camera equipped with high-intensity infrared LEDs, also capture clear footage up to 50 feet away in pitch-black darkness.

Built For Work Environments

Camera is extremely rugged and durable, capable of withstanding the harshest weather and working conditions.

Note: Driver or software is not needed for simple data management.

Troubleshooting for the camera with password on:

1. The image is freezing, button doesn’t work.

–Press reset button (inside HDMI port) to have camera resetting when camera works abnormally. Please note: DO NOT PRESS this button except maloperation.

2. Auxiliary camera port doesn’t fit camera cable.

–If you buy other brand’s auxiliary camera and try to attach it to our CammPro body camera, there is chance that the cable of the auxiliary camera does not fit our port.

3. How to organize and delete video?

–1)Connect camera with PC by original USB cable.

2)Once the password input interface showed up on screen, press six times “OK” button (which stands for the password 000000) to enter the camera’s storage.

3)Find the removable disk in your computer, then you can copy or delete the videos.

4. The software that operates the memory and function of the camera will not run on my computer

–1) The management software supports Windows computer only.

2)The software is only for changing ID and password, normally this function in not needed for personal use. So even without software, it doesn’t affect the use.

3)If you still need to install the software, please ensure the driver installed successfully. And, when using the software, please don’t enter password on camera.

5.Successfully changed the password and now neither password works. locked out of camera and software.

–If you change the original password and happen to forget the new password you set. Then please contact our technical team for help.(Contact info is on user manual)

6. The camera says “Card fragment fail”.

–Please enter to camera’s memory and format (delete everything).

Any problems, please reach out to us for help.

Additional information

Dimensions 1.22 × 3.78 cm
Part Number

‎Bodycamera 64

Item Weight

‎2.26 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎2.44 x 1.22 x 3.78 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)


‎1 Count (Pack of 1)







Power Source

‎Air Powered

Item Package Quantity


Mounting Type

‎Stick Up

Special Features

‎Portable, Night Vision, Motion Sensor

Included Components

‎Camera Body & Accessories

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery Cell Type

‎Lithium Polymer

Warranty Description

‎1 year warranty



Date First Available

May 8, 2019



10 reviews for CammPro I826 1296P HD Police Body Camera,64G Memory,Waterproof Body Worn Camera,Premium Portable Body Camera with Audio

  1. Mark

    Decent Camera But Bigger and Heavier Than Similar ModelsI don’t write a lot of reviews but since I tested out three similar body cameras, I thought it might be helpful to people to go over the pros and cons of each one. I’m not LEO and my primary use is for when I’m hiking with my dog. I’m not looking for 4K, action cam type video, just something to record my interactions when I come across hikers with other dogs (CYA).The three models I tried are:CammPro 1296P 64GB (weighs 6.2oz)Rexing P1 64GB (weighs 3.9oz)Patrol Master 1296 P 64GB (weighs 5.9oz)First, some common notes about the cameras:As of this writing, all three cameras are priced similarly (~$125-$140). The video quality on all three is okay, not terrible but not earth shattering either. I did a side-by-side comparison of the Rexing and the Patrol Master and the Patrol Master seems to be the best of the three. All of them exhibit pixelation in lower light and/or fast motion. Still-image quality on all three cameras is sub-par, especially compared even lower-level smart phones these days. That isn’t a big deal to me because I don’t plan on using it for still pictures. Another thing to note is that on both the CammPro and the Rexing, the USB connector on the camera was spotty, and if I barely touched the cable while plugged in, they would disconnect and then re-connect. This does not appear to be an issue on the Patrol Master, and the USB cable is firm and it doesn’t disconnect if I pickup the camera while it’s plugged in.Here are some notes about each camera individually.CammProThis was the first one I tried and it’s the biggest, heaviest, and most feature-rich of the three. It is the only one of the three that has GPS, which is nice to have but not a requirement for me. The CammPro also has the biggest clip (necessary due to it’s size), but it covers the entire rear screen while attached. It also comes with a separate charging base while the others only have a wall charger/USB Cable. This camera does seem the most rugged of the three. When I purchased this camera, there was a section of the description that said it had a 170 degree field of view, and another section that said 140, but it looks like that’s been corrected now. One complaint I have about this camera is that it plays a LOUD sound when it’s turned on and I see no way to disable that.RexingI REALLY wanted to like this camera because it was the smallest and lightest of the bunch, but I really cannot recommend it for several reasons. First off, when I plugged it in to my PC, it tried to install a virus. Luckily my virus software detected it and removed it, but that is not something that should happen. Also, the description is not accurate. It claims the video format is H264 MPEG, but it’s actually uncompressed MPEG in an AVI format, and the recorded video files are about 2.5x bigger than the CammPro and about 2x bigger than the Patrol Master. This effectively reduces the storage capacity compared to other cameras with the same amount of storage. It also takes much longer to copy the videos from the camera to your PC. Furthermore, the description claims the camera has GPS but it does not. The description also says the battery can last up to 10 hours, and while I didn’t test it, I would be surprised if that was accurate. The manual menu descriptions do not match up very well with the actual menu options on the camera. On the plus side, this camera has a 21x zoom. It says optical zoom but I have a feeling it’s actually a digital zoom, but I’m not 100% certain.Patrol MasterAfter not being too thrilled with the CammPro and the Rexing, I decided to order and try out the Patrol Master. This is the camera I have decided to keep. It is not as small or as light as the Rexing, but it is smaller and lighter than the CammPro, and it has pretty much all of the same features (minus the GPS), and I felt it was the best combination of size and features for my needs. It also has a sound that plays during boot-up but that can be turned off in the settings. The buttons have a nice feel and the camera came with two clips. The files are H264 video in a MOV file type. The menu options and manual of the Patrol Master are the most clear of the three (though still not perfect). Battery life seems good so far but I really haven’t tried to see if I can get 10 hours of record time.In summary, all three of these cameras are capable of performing their intended function. I would have likely kept the Rexing if it had not tried to infect my PC with a virus, and if the description was accurate. The CammPro was nice but really bigger and heavier than I prefer. The Patrol Master is a good balance of features/quality for the price.

  2. Matt al

    Great little camIt’s a great cam but I wish the battery life was better on standby only last for the day if I use it regularly throughout the day I have to keep it on the dock and pull it when I need to use it not very good if I can’t make it back to the dock to keep it charged. I ended up having to mount the dock in the car so every time I got in the car I can set it back on the dock other than that it has good quality’s mic picks up small sounds and pictures and video is good to.

  3. Powder River Protective Services

    Awesome buy! Great body camera.Love the camera. Night vision and picture quality is great! Definately get the magnetic holder for clothing it helps to keep it secure and stable. But quality is great! And battery is strong. A 8 hour shift and it has lots of power still. Awesome product.

  4. Alex Miracle

    Awesome for the $1 complaint, the charging dock with the said program did not work correctly. Luckily you can plug straight to the camera. Other then that the camera is amazing! Could ask for better for the price you pay.

  5. Tommy Baker

    ThanksIt works good,

  6. Jimmy papadopoulos

    bodycamneed to delete videos on cm not connected onlaptop

  7. kareemjones

    goodit is very good

  8. ForTheTwo

    Battery Died at 50%, I got full Refund, use VM to access files with LinuxUpdate For Linux Users… Using Windows 10 ISO and Virt-Manager you can access the file system of the device and know of no other way using Linux at this time to do so.Also I feel asleep wherein body camera and the clip broke my screen… better to buy an alternative clip as the alignment for the included one is prone to break screen (see image)at least i am good with electronics and the screen and battery both can be purchased independently and replaced… gonna cost me about $30 for the replacement screen … I am weighing on doing this vs buy new camera that is built to be Linux and Android compatible of which this one is neither… it would be nice to just hook to phone somehow and well I have done it but only because I am good with Linux most people would never understand how to read the body camera files from their phone as it is not trivial to do…original review below:Well firstly the device powers off at 50% battery power. I called and asked for a replacement and ended up with a refund. I have not decided if I am gonna buy another one just yet or not… Thing is I mostly only need it for recording me on my property going from my front door to my car, which is a short enough time period that the 50% power issue isn’t really a problem. Except I kinda wonder when is gonna be the day it does not turn back on or worst the battery explodes (I mean i already know somethings wrong with it) so I am tempted to buy a new one with the refund money but money is tight, if money was more abundant in my life i would not think twice about buy a new one with the refund money (I understand sometimes batteries are just bad)A bigger issue in why I have not chosen to rebuy this item is I use Linux and not Windows or Mac. And well this device is plug and play for Mac and Windows, it just does not work with Linux. So i am thinking I might want to do more research on other items to find something compatible with Linux.As far as the options the device provides, I feel like they cover a lot of situations one might use a body camera for. Picture quality is great, and having manual or automatic control over night-vision mode is nice.I was interested in the “External Camera” accessory but found out that this device would not do dual camera recording and would only record external camera if it was plugged into the device.The accessory kit with the car mount is nice because it allows you to use the body camera as a “dash cam”so if you have Linux I say find another option. If your on Windows or Mac like most of the world I think this could be a great camera provided the battery functioned correctly.

  9. Ryan Cawdor

    Amazing Body Camera! Look No Further!OK, to be completely fair and honest I am on my second camera. The first camera worked well except it would not connect to my PC at all. Since it would not connect and turn on I could not retrieve any files on it. I tried two USB cables and three different USB ports.Replacement camera arrived yesterday and the first thing I tried was connecting to my PC. It worked! But, there is something interesting to share with others: It will NOT connect to USB 3.0 ports! It never boots up and the PC cannot find it. So I plugged it into a USB 2.0 port and Voila! It works. I don’t know if others are having this issue but I do.Once you get this camera do not assume it is setup to work the way you want it. Loop recording is off as is the GPS. The menu is extremely easy to turn on and maneuvering through it is fairly seamless and easy to change the settings.There are a lot of features in this little camera so make sure you go through all the settings before using it.So far no real complaints except the USB 3.0 issue but one thing that bugs me is it only comes with one USB cable yet you really need two. You need one for the charging adapter and another to plug into the PC. Now if you don’t mind unplugging and plugging in the one cable it comes with then no worries. However, doing so will definitely wear the cable and charger system ports quickly. The USB cable plug is an extended type plug so it will reach into the camera port firmly. Most USB cables are NOT like this so don’t try to jam any ole cable into that camera port.What I did was use another standard USB 2.0 cable for the charger and use the USB cable that came with the camera to connect to the PC.After using this camera a few weeks I will come back and adjust this review as needed. But for now, from what I can see using the camera I highly recommend it. Just make sure it works completely before the 30 day return window closes and make sure you don’t record anything on it you don’t want others to see because you cannot delete the files if it won’t connect to your PC. LOL.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Great Body Cam For The Price!I fly drones for work, and I wear this every time I have a flight. It keeps a record of my activities and an audio and visual record for any Karen out there that thinks drones are looking through their bathroom window from 400 feet. Great self-protection.

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