Elgato Stream Deck MK.2 – Studio Controller, 15 macro keys, trigger actions in apps and software like OBS,

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Brand Elgato
Connectivity Technology USB
Supported Internet Services Spotify, YouTube
Item Weight 0.15 Kilograms
Product Dimensions 4.6″L x 3.3″W x 3″H
Compatible Devices Personal Computer
Memory Storage Capacity 12 GB

  • 15 Customizable LCD Keys: instantly control your apps, tools and platforms.
  • One-Touch Operation: trigger single or multiple actions, launch social posts, adjust audio, mute mic, turn on lights, and much more.
  • Visual Feedback: know that your command has been executed.
  • Powerful Plugins: Elgato 4KCU, OBS, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Discord, Spotify, Philips Hue, and many more.
  • Hotkey Actions: streamline your film editing, music production, photography workflow, etc.
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Stream Deck gives you 15 fully customizable LCD keys to control your apps and tools. Trigger actions, launch social posts, adjust audio, play sound clips, activate lights, and much more. Hit the Stream Deck Store for app plugins, icon packs, thousands of royalty free tracks plus effects, and switch out faceplates to make Stream Deck yours.

From the manufacturer


Additional information

Dimensions 4.65 × 0.98 cm


Item model number


Hardware Platform


Item Weight

‎5.1 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎3.31 x 4.65 x 0.98 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎3.31 x 4.65 x 0.98 inches


1 Lithium Ion batteries required.


‎English, English, English, English, English



Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎July 16, 2021



10 reviews for Elgato Stream Deck MK.2 – Studio Controller, 15 macro keys, trigger actions in apps and software like OBS,

  1. Bryan

    Very easy to set up and customizeNon-streamer here, but I use it for various shortcuts and to control things like Discord, Foundry, and my monitor’s back-lights. Each button is a small video screen that changes as you select things, so setting up nested folders and additional pages gives you the ability to drop in as many commands as you could want.The software is exceptionally easy to navigate and set up. If the device or program you are looking to control has a plug in on the official store, then setting up the controls is as easy as dragging and dropping.I set up a few custom multi actions to get to certain deeper settings on my computer, get to particular websites I don’t care to bookmark, and to launch multiple programs at the same time. There are a lot of practical uses for it outside of streaming control.

  2. jen

    Good Product – Frustrating Bug. [Solution Below]So at first, everything seemed to be working great. However, after maybe two hours of using the product. I encountered this problem where the Stream Deck would disconnect from my PC every few minutes. Thinking there couldn’t possibly be something wrong with a new product shipped from Amazon…..I tried a few things: updated drivers, system software, stream deck software, and nothing. So finally, after some digging, it turns out that some odd setting in windows is to blame. There is a feature in power options in the control panel that needs to be disabled.These steps resolved my problem:1. Go here – Control Panel –> Hardware and Sound —> Power Options2. Click “Change Plan Settings.”3. Click “Change Advanced Power Settings.”4. A window should appear; scroll to the “USB Settings” option and click + expand it.5. Expand “USB selective suspend setting” and set this to disabled.After doing this, my stream deck started working correctly, and all my apps returned. Hope this saves someone else a headache.

  3. F. Barrancos

    Zoom Plugin is buggy, and no longer being updatedI love my Stream Deck, and it is a must-have if you use OBS. However, you need to know that if you use it for Zoom or Teams video conferences and are planning to configure keys to mute/unmute or video on/off, there are better and cheaper options out there. The hardware is fine, the problem is with the software.You can easily program Stream Deck to mute or unmute Zoom, but that will not work if you have multiple apps open (i.e. OBS, PowerPoint) and Zoom is not on focus. For this, you will need a more specialized plug-in capable of synchronizing the mute status with Zoom or Teams. While there is a Zoom plug-in, developed by a third party, it crashes continuously on Windows 10. It drove me crazy with system alert sounds during many calls until I found what was the culprit by analyzing the system logs. This plugin also uses more than 50% of the CPU. I was not amused when I found that the 3rd party developer has been well aware of this issue for months, but will not fix it because he sells his own software for this, on a subscription model. I’d buy it, but I refuse to pay every year just for this function.Stream Desk keeps promoting the problematic plug-in, highlighting it in their monthly newsletter. Mute/Unmute is such an important function that it may be one of the reasons teachers or virtual meeting participants own a Stream Deck. I got a much less expensive device with just one button to mute/unmute Zoom and Teams. It complements my stream deck, but it’s using an extra USB port. If Steam Deck provided a function that works out of the box, it would be five stars.

  4. Marietta

    Not badIt’s really useful and it wasn’t had to set up.

  5. Bren Hdez

    Nice and easy accessCute. Perfect size for desk. Easy access to different apps at the push of a button. Perfect for gaming.

  6. Rodrigo Araneda

    Excelente productoExcelente equipo fácil de usar y con un tamaño perfecto

  7. Kindle Customer

    need moreneed more instruction on how to use it

  8. AndrewCCM

    Good tool for the right userIt really depends on your use case. As basically a button pad for macros, it looks cool and works well. Whether or not you’ll get a lot of value really depends on the apps and how often you use hotkeys. Some of the apps from their store don’t work completely. For instance, the YouTube live monitoring on mine doesn’t work. Just has a pretty icon. Running on MacMini M1 btw. Perhaps it’s a OS thing.

  9. JDWAlexander

    UsefulIt’s been a useful addition to my desk. The level of customization is great, wished the Spotify integration was a little more plug and play but it was manageable. I’ve been using it mostly for shortcuts, and control of my smart lights.

  10. Ryan Johns

    A Must Have for Your Computer!These are amazing! Such a useful tool for so many different applications and hardware. If you use a third party application that’s out there you open up the software to an entirely new world of control.The new design on the latest version for the stand is a MUCH better improvement over the first version.

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