Bluetooth Power Amplifier Board Stereo – HiFi 2.1 Channel 2X220W+350W Bluetooth 5.1 Audio Amplifier Board 12-38V Digital Power

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Weight 399 kg
Dimensions 15.29 × 5.21 cm
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‎38 Volts

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‎Surface Mount

Batteries Included


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‎16 x 15.29 x 5.21 cm; 399 Grams



Date First Available

7 June 2022



10 reviews for Bluetooth Power Amplifier Board Stereo – HiFi 2.1 Channel 2X220W+350W Bluetooth 5.1 Audio Amplifier Board 12-38V Digital Power

  1. Michael T Marshall

    Decent amp. Lacks owner manual
    The amp’s circuit board is well assembled. Everything is very clearly labeled. But it needs an owner’s manual that explains the dial wheel functions as well as what the sub frequency knob does. Is it an adjustable low pass filter? 20hz-20khz isn’t much of an explanation. A sub-sonic filter to attenuate frequencies below the subwoofer’s lower frequency capabilities. But over all, a great product for the price.

  2. Anthony Bogle

    Big Sound, no power supply
    I used my laptop adapter to test the output quality but not enough to power to get the true impact, the bass sounds good but at a low volume. The power supply is the culprit in this scenario and if the manufacturers could redeem only themselves with a power supply I will keep it.

  3. jamie

    decent amp for the price
    i just purchased this amp and have it on a skar 12 inch subwoofer at 2 ohms on a 24 volt lithium battery and it sounds pretty good. you’ll need at least a 30 watt bookshelf speakers because it gets loud! the app is pretty cool also you get eq adjustments and built in nature sounds. it connects to Bluetooth and has aux jack if needed. this amp makes nerds like me happy LOL

  4. Lawrence P. Bruce

    Arrived quickly and in perfect condition
    I like the open architectural design. It has that Bad-Ass look. Very well crafted. Great product.

  5. Happy Camper

    Does not come with a power supply
    This is a bare bones product. You have to assemble the kit yourself. Which isn’t difficult. But my main issue is that it is so bare bones that it doesn’t ship with a power supply. I returned the product as I found the task of finding a power supply with the correct requirements overly complicated.

  6. Derrick

    A nice extremely cost effective 2.1 channel amplifier.
    I grabbed this because I’m quite the audio buff, and know I can always use another 2.1 channel system somewhere in the house. So witrh that in mind, let us have a look at this kit.To start with, I was surprised to find that there is no manual at all for this kit. That said, the build process is extremely straight forward and can be completed in but a few minutes. It’s just a few screws, stand offs, circuit board, top and bottom frame, and knobs. Once built, operation is pretty easy as well. The power can be turned on and off using the volume knob. I did not try out the app, as I’m just using the bluetooth on it, which works beautifully.I do warn, this does not come with a power supply, and the amount of output it can deliver is going to be based upon the power supply you use with it. Luckily, I had a box full of laptop power bricks and was able to find an option that will work with this unit that is 150 watts, which is plenty of power for my high efficiency speakers.Sound quality is surprisingly nice for such a cheap device. I don’t have the tools to measure THD or SNR, but I did not hear any issues in my usage of it. The speakers I was using with it are a true 98dB on the first watt and a nominal 8 ohm load, so I didn’t have to push the amp very hard, since 10 watts into those will rattle your eyeballs, and it sounded fine. It does have basic treble and bass knobs, but I can’t confirm what frequencies the EQ is aimed at or what Q the boost is set at.Anyway, I guess the question is, can I suggest this unit? Honestly, yes. It’s a great little unit for small 2.1 setup, like a PC speaker system or a bedroom system. Even a little garage music system. It is small and compact and delivers good sound for the money spent. It is easy to put together regardless of how confident you are in your DIY skills. Just make sure you factor in power supply price, which I do firmly believe the seller should list some suggested options and info for you to order your own. The fact that they don’t give this info is the reason I am taking one star off.Happy to recommend this regardless, and to the seller, consider updating the listing with links to suggested powersupplies.

  7. Clay Birdyshaw

    Excellent amp, terrible app
    This is a great little amp. It has tons of power and is a quick and dead simple to put together. It seems to be well made and sounds great. Bluetooth connection is nice and strong and doesn’t make any noticeable sound quality deference compared to aux.This amp is perfect if you have some old speakers laying around and are trying to put together a system for super cheap. I had 16 year old JL Audio 12w1v2 in a small sealed box and some old bookshelf speakers from a Samsung surround sound in a box that now has a bad receiver. This little amp powers it perfectly. I am afraid it has too much power for the bookshelfs, but I am not too concerned if I blow them. It puts out plenty of power for the subwoofer. I can get some nice, chest punching bass.This unit does not include a power supply. I didn’t think it did, but it would have been nice if they said it directly. The large variance in voltage it accepts made me think it wouldn’t include one. I am currently running it just on just a 24V 3A power supply and it is begging for more. When the bass drops it cuts off and I have to reboot it to get bluetooth to connect again. I do not believe that is any fault of the amp at all. It is just a safety feature so you don’t burn up your power supply. Ideally you would use a 36v 10a power supply, but to buy one of those separately is quite expensive. I think I may end up buying a 30v 10a variable power supply to run mine off of. Those are quite expensive too, but have many other uses.Now to the bad….the app is absolutely terrible and the most sketchy looking piece of software I have ever ran on my phone. You can not get it from the Play Store. It has too be downloaded directly and sideloaded. It then requires that you give it permissions for location, contacts, phone, and files. I tried to connect it without giving those permissions and it won’t allow it. I then tried giving it permission to access my files and it allowed me to continue, but I was still unable to get it to connect. I ended up just giving up and uninstalling it because I didn’t feel comfortable with it. Luckily the amp works just fine without the app and most of the features you get with it aren’t very useful anyway.Overall I am extremely impressed with the hardware. Just have some good power to feed it and some speakers. 5/5 for hardware, 1/5 for software. I am still giving it 4 overall stars though because the software is completely optional.

  8. GM

    Sound is pretty good, but need to have your own power supply
    So this is a DIY, barebones kit. You have to put this together (there are no instructions, but it is pretty self-explanatory or look on the Amazon product pages). You also need to provide your own power supply. I had an old one from a Topping Amp that didn’t last – it is rated 32V@5.5a and power this just fine. You can go up to a 38v and 10+ amps (according to the product page) for more power.With the topping power supply, it sounded fine. You do have some tone controls and there is a powered subwoofer out (although I only have active subwoofers, so yet to test this). The speaker connectors are screw terminals so I bought some straight wire to banana connectors so I can screw in the straight wire end and use banana plugs for my speakers.As for the overall build, it is very basic and what you see is what you get. I wish the knobs were higher quality – not bad but it is something you can replace. If you add some other connectors to the screw terminals, it will make your life easier. In my mind, it is not a show piece but something that you tuck away somewhere and enjoy the sound.

  9. The Matter

    this is not 12-38 volts. it is in fact 16-38 volt
    I wish it was 12 volt!! cause I tried to buy it twice and its 16volts both times.

  10. MB

    Great sounding
    I’m really impressed by the sound quality you get with this little amp. It’s got a great sound, and has no trouble running a pair of bookshelf speakers at volume.Assembly is done manually. It comes as a pile of parts. Curiously, the circuit board comes packed in regular bubble wrap while the aluminum, laser etched top and bottom panels came in a sealed static bag. I’d have expected it the other way around, but it survived transport without too much trouble. Once you get everything out, there’s no instructions, but it’s pretty clear how it needs to be put together.You’ll have to supply your own power source, which at a full 10 amp draw, should be a fairly large one. If you’re running at a low volume and aren’t pushing very large speakers, you should be good with a more pedestrian power adapter.Connecting to the amp through Bluetooth is simple. If you have something plugged into the AUX jack though, when you turn it on, it’ll default to the AUX input and you can’t connect to Bluetooth. It’s just an amp, not a switch.Speaking of switches, there’s a little one on the front of the box next to the volume knob. There’s a couple of icons there, but it’s hard to tell what it’s for. The switch rocks to the left and right, which, when in Bluetooth mode, switches to the previous/next song. A push in of the button triggers play/pause. While not needed, the inclusion of this switch is a nice touch.Overall I’m very pleased. It’s better than I expected to be honest. I do note that the fan on the heatsink for the amp seems not to be tied into any fan control or thermostat. It looks to be tied directly to the volume. So when you are at low volume, the fan stops, and when you crank it, the fan whizzes away.

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