Theater Solutions TS4 Four Zone Speaker Selector Box with Ohm Protection 4 Pair Speaker Switcher

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Theater Solutions 4 channel speaker selector box is used in conjunction with your current home theater amp/receiver This selector box allows you to add up to 4 pairs of speakers, while providing protection to your amp/receiver. The easy push button design lets you activate each pair individually to customize the listening experience in your home. Installation could not be easier!! Simply connect the left and right outputs from your amp/receiver to the left and right inputs on the selector box, connect up to 4 pairs/8 speakers and you are ready to enjoy. This selector box also features a single pair impedance protection, soft rubber feet and Black steel housing. Great sound when used in conjunction with Theater Solutions in wall and in ceiling speakers.

Additional information

Weight 1.11 kg
Dimensions 12.4 × 5.56 cm
Product Dimensions

‎ 21.59 x 12.4 x 5.56 cm; 1.11 Kilograms

Date First Available

‎ 23 September 2014


‎ B002C7RYJO

Item model number

‎ TS4


‎Goldwood Sound, Inc., Theater Solutions

10 reviews for Theater Solutions TS4 Four Zone Speaker Selector Box with Ohm Protection 4 Pair Speaker Switcher

  1. Miguel Campos

    Selector de bocinas es lo más práctico y fácil de conectar.
    Es un producto para conectar y alternar las bocinas, es muy bueno lo recomiendo .

  2. Jeff

    Fills a specific need in a way no other device does
    This is the only device I found for a reasonable price that does what I need – allow the connection of two *amps* into one of speakers. (It supports up to four sets of speakers, but I only needed one… with two amps.) Most other switch boxes support just one amp/receiver, and the few others that do what I wanted are generally a lot more expensive. This seems to be a pretty simple mechanically switched pass-through, and that’s fine by me. It works just fine and I don’t have to think about it. That’s the best thing you could say about a device like this.I’m sure there are people out there like me who have two amps, but in case you’re wondering why, I have a newer hybrid tube amp both because it supports Bluetooth and it looks cool, and I use that for music/video from my tablet and phone. This amp only has one input, and it’s a line-level input. I also have a vintage Sony integrated amplifier from the 1960’s that I use for its low-level phono input as well as for cassette. So I get the best of both the vintage and modern world, but only with this switchbox.

  3. Davo68

    An inexpensive solution
    We needed a way to hook up my a/v receiver and a vintage stereo receiver to the same set of speakers without damaging either one.The Theater Solutions TS4D worked perfectly. Just don’t use too heavy a gauge speaker wire as the terminals won’t accommodate it. I found it easier to hook up the speaker wires to the Theater Solutions selector then run them to the amplifiers.An inexpensive solution to my dilemma.Oh I did use two of these for 2 sets of speakers in the same room.

  4. Bob Gurecki

    Good piece of equipment. Works well
    Works well but could use better wire connectors. The spring loaded clips are a little fragile but do work.

  5. SWP

    Great product; poor packaging
    The product feels and works great. We can power 8 speakers with no problem all at once.But the packaging and instructions were very unprofessional. It felt like a 5 star product in 1 star packaging. At least they could have included some stickers to label the zones.

  6. Richard D. Anderson

    Speaker Selector Works Great and Excellent Value!
    I ordered this control box to enable me to control my outdoor deck and patio speakers, indoor speakers upstairs, downstairs and in my jacuzzi room. They were easy to install and work flawlessly. As a matter of fact it has a lot of additional capacity if I wish to add additional speakers.The beauty of this system is you can have all the speakers on off and even control the volume of individual speaker pairs.Excellent system and great value!

  7. PAG

    Nice setup
    Had other brand and it did not have individual volume control. Have four speaker sets through out house and it works very well. Need good amplifier to push the sound with volume in the house. Yes I also have some long runs of cable. Thought for you, make sure you cables are the best you can install. Quality is effected by cable noise. This unit did not seem to produce any noise in speakers.

  8. P. Christ

    Perfect For Controlling Audio In 4 Zones
    Bought this because of it’s ability to control the 4 zones volume separately (and split one source to 4 zones) and it’s exactly what I was looking for. Very easy to wire up. The 4 volume knobs ‘click’ into each volume level. I ended up using the zone labels that it came with, they provide you with a sticker sheet with tons of zone names. Things like ‘deck’, ‘living room’, etc. Well worth it.

  9. Leo G.

    Four Stars
    Work just like it should

  10. The Hoosier Poet

    Theater Solutions TS4D Home Audio Speaker
    This unit did what I wanted which was to combine outputs from two receivers into one speaker system. This will also allow you to output into more than one speaker system and with the protection circuit keep the speaker impedance from tripping the receivers protection circuit by keeping the impedance in a safe range.

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