3.5 mm Audio Switcher, 2 Ports Audio Splitter Box (2 in 1 Out / 1 in 2 Out) Mini Headphone Manual Selector Converter with Bonus

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Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Black
Size: 2½ x 2 inches

Plugs and play, no power needed.
Stable Aluminum alloy outer covering keeps device safe, the silver plating process prevents sound equiment from noise.

Package Included: 3.5mm Audio Switcher x 1, Connect Cable x 1.

Additional information

Weight 91 kg
Dimensions 5.08 × 2.54 cm


Compatible Devices


Number Of Items


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Number of Ports


Product Dimensions

‎5.08 x 5.08 x 2.54 cm; 91 Grams



Date First Available

13 January 2022



10 reviews for 3.5 mm Audio Switcher, 2 Ports Audio Splitter Box (2 in 1 Out / 1 in 2 Out) Mini Headphone Manual Selector Converter with Bonus

  1. kyle feldt

    Perfect for Speaker / Headphone switch
    Was tired of having to swap between my PC’s headphones and speaker using software/sound setting. This switch is perfect for what I want it to accomplish; a quick toggle between 2 audio outputs without having to fumble with settings. There’s no buzz, or hum, and no popping sound when switching, its a completely seamless transition between the outputs.If you’re looking for the ability to instantly switch between speakers for watching videos/gaming, and using headphones for zoom or discord gaming without extra steps, this is it.

  2. Michael G. D.

    metal case, works well.
    metal case gives a bit more heft, this is needed for a switch box like this. I like it.

  3. J

    Hum in the inactive or neutral side is actually a problem
    I disregarded the hum complaints as, coming from turntable audio, it’s easy for power imbalances between two different devices to travel over metallic audio signals causing an audible hum and it’s tricky to diagnose and solve.However my use case involved a closed loop PC audio system fed by optical input fed by a single grounded USB power supply that has zero hum and a personal media player running on lithium batteries, no potential for low earth hum here.Unfortunately, to get this device to hum all you need to do is switch to either the neutral or unplugged side and it will hum quite a bit, may try taking it apart and seeing what the flaw is.

  4. Steven Vee

    A Solid Audio Switch With An Off Position
    The ReignSword Multi-Audio Switcher is a two inputs by one output (or one input by two outputs, if you prefer) passive audio switcher. It is intended to switch relatively low current audio signals such as for headphones and line level audio devices. Three 3.5 mm TRS female jacks (input A, input B and Out) and a three-position toggle switch are mounted to the fully enclosed metal enclosure. Internally, a circuit board handles all internal connections. Build quality is good.Curiously, the toggle switch has a center off position, which might be useful in certain applications. Having three poles, the switch also switches the common (ground) side of signals. This means that connections made to the two inputs are always fully isolated from one another. In my sample the metal enclosure floats electrically and is not connected to audio common (ground). I haven’t attempted to switch microphone level signals, such as for mic/headsets with separate TRS microphone connectors, but it may work satisfactorily in this capacity due to the metal shielding provided by the metal enclosure.Not fancy, but small, simple and well-built. Recommended.

  5. Tom B.

    Does exactly what it’s supposed to
    Sure, I could have built something just like this, but mine would not have been as nice since I don’t have a machine shop in my garage. I’m using this as an AB switch taking one audio source in and choosing which output I want to use, headphones or speakers, and it does this perfectly!

  6. Droidiphile

    Silent Audio Switching
    This tiny box allows perfectly silent switching between two line-out 3.5mm audio sources. I tested it with critical listening through my home studio monitors. It is completely silent and does not degrade sonic content at all as far as my ears can hear.

  7. bashfoal

    Hum, No B Input
    I ordered this to stop having to get up to switch my audio devices every time I stream, and it looked cool. While it definitely does look great in person, the B Input does not function and the hum while the switch is in neutral (off) or A is significant. If I’m going to have to get up to turn the knob down on my speaker when I switch to headphones, that completely defeats my use for this device.

  8. Antony M.

    Got hum with the set up I wanted to use this for but it works fine with my headphones. It’s a cheap little thing, I guess one should not expect too much from it.

  9. Nice

    Works well. 3.5 mm Audio Switcher, 2 Ports Audio Splitter Box (2 in 1 Out / 1 in 2 Out)
    3.5 mm Audio Switcher, 2 Ports Audio Splitter Box (2 in 1 Out / 1 in 2 Out)Small and simple and does what I need it to do, which is 2 audio in and 1 audio out.It does what it needs to do. That’s all I needed. I like the simplicity.

  10. Andrew A.

    Works perfectly
    I got this audio switcher after reading reviews on other switchers about buzzing being introduced. This switch does not cause any buzzing or audio degradation. It has a small footprint and little rubber feet that help it stay in place on my desk. Very pleased.

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