Introduction & History

Founded by the late Steve Jobs, Apple is one of the leading companies in consumer electronics, computer software and online services. Apple’s IOS operating system has evolved significantly to include many services and functions that have revolutionized the norms of communication and interaction. Similar to Facebook, Apple has been aggressively obtaining reputable companies in the field of AR and VR.

List of Acquisitions:

  1. PrimeSense (2013)
  • PrimeSense is the creator of the original Xbox Kinect
  1. Faceshift (2015)
  • Faceshift is the company responsible for graphic design and created the motion-capture technology that was used in the star-wars films
  1. SensoMotoric (2017)
  • SensoMotoric is a German company which specializes in eye-tracking technology.
  • SensoMotoric have previously worked with HTC to integrate its eye-tracking technology with their VR headset the HTC Hive.
  1. Vrvana
  • Vrvana is a start-up company that produces its own AR and VR headsets (Totem)

With all these additional expertise under one roof, Apple has been quietly working on their version of AR and VR headsets which are planned to be launched in early 2020.