Windscreen Pop Filter Compatible with AT2020,Mic Foam Cover+Furry Windscreen Muff Wind Compatible with Audio Technica at2020

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ChromLives 1+1 Microphone Furry Windscreen and Microphone Foam Windscreen Compatible with Audio Technica at2020 at2035 at2500 at2050 at4040 Condenser Microphone,Combo 2Pack

Attention!!! The windscreen foam covers are squeezed in a separated plastic bag. Please take them out for a little time then it will return to its original shape.

Perfect Combo Pack for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use
Combo Pack Microphone Cover and Wind Muff- The windscreen covers are specially designed to be compatible with at2020 at2035 at2500 at2050 at4040, Foam cover and wind muff are ideal for filtering the noise to get clearer record in even adverse environment. They can be fitted perfectly, and dont need to worry if it will rip or come off.

Furry Windscreen
The windscreen muff helps well prevent the wind, noise from interference during your recording or broadcasting, which ensure your microphone cover a clear and high quality record.
This mic cover is a good filter for noise reduction when recording in outdoor or adverse environmental.
This muff wind cover is with adequate soft furry that help reduce wind noise and other noise interference when recording outdoor, ensuring a clear and high quality record. 
Updated with smooth elastic loop strap to ensure air-tight inner environment for BETTER recording!!

Foam Cover
With dense foam design, the mic cover keep your microphone from debri, paint, sweat and other, improving the recording quality by reducing unwanted noises and wind interference. It is ideal for the indoor use.

Note–These combo pack microphone covers are Only compatible with audio technica mic at2020 at2035 at2500 at2050 at4040 and other condenser microphone with same size.
Package includes 1pcs mic furry windscreen cover + 1pcs foam wind cover.

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 3.3 cm
Item Weight

‎50 g

Package Dimensions

‎13 x 9.5 x 3.3 cm; 50 Grams


‎AT2020 Windscreen



Date First Available

13 January 2021



10 reviews for Windscreen Pop Filter Compatible with AT2020,Mic Foam Cover+Furry Windscreen Muff Wind Compatible with Audio Technica at2020

  1. Chris

    Not bad for the price,really. You should get it.I also like the smell

  2. Nitsan Simantov

    Helps to reduce sibilance.
    These certainly help to reduce sibilance and that’s why I bought them. This means they aren’t perfectly acoustically neutral – which I think is to be expected because they aren’t made of air.However I cannot comment on exactly how they compare to every other type of foam or windscreen. However I’ve not noticed any issues compared to my other ones.Of course they can also reduces plosives (depending on how good your microphone already is before adding this – if it’s already good then I don’t know how much these would help because I have not compared these to every microphone and every windscreen).And of course you still can’t talk directly into them up close and expect perfect results. They aren’t magic. These help a bit, and that’s all you can expect from foam as far as I know.Faux fur windscreens are more effective in my experience. But they don’t necessarily look good on screen if you want a specific look.For best results use good microphone technique like having the mic to the side of your mouth and not directly in front of it.Pro tip – if you are using a directional microphone (cardioid, etc.) you can also control sibilance further by aiming your microphone slightly more towards your cheek rather than your mouth. Essentially aiming the microphone slightly off-axis.This however may also have unintended “coloring” of the overall tone save sound of the mic. This will vary a lot between different microphones. However if done sparingly I think it can be very effective and I’m getting great results with it on my Behringer BA 85A mics (really recommended mics by the way).You can also aim your mic up and down towards your neck or nose and you can also move the whole mic up and down. These methods can be used to adjust things like how’s nasally or bassy the sound is.I would maybe recommend taking them all out of the packets when you get it because over a long time most foam will deform permanently.Also give them a few minutes to gain their shape.

  3. Francesco

    Filtri POP
    Premetto ho usato una volta solamente il filtro pop per l’esterno ma non è una cosa che mi piace molto dunque non la sponsorizzero neanche, più di tanto. Mentre l’altro filtro è un qualcosa che su base quotidiana sto utilizzando soprattutto per la riduzione ancor adel più del pop. Attenti, l’hyperx quadcast ha già integrato u nfiltro pop, quindi potreste in alcune cose non veder veramente dei reali benefici di quello che state guardando proprio per il fatto che già esiste un filtro pop al suo interno. Se invece lo utilizzate come surplus per aggiungere altro filtro va benissimo. Ci sta benissimo lo copre integralmente in ogni sua forma e il tasto mute è sempre premibile per silenziarsi.

  4. Ace Renshaw

    Came a bit flattened but no other faults
    Fits nice and snug on my blue yeti mic, both came flattened but if you stretch it out the opposite way etc that fixes it.

  5. Gracefulofficer

    Der Mikrofon Windschutz, ist super.
    Er fühlt sich gut an man kann ihn gut auswaschen nach dem Gebrauch und und er ist dehnbar und passt deswegen gut auf jedes Karaoke Mikrofon darauf! Wirklich Empfehlenswert!

  6. Marco c.

    Da prendere ed avere assolutamente se si registra audio in interno/esterno

  7. IAM

    Saved the audio for my outdoor wedding
    It was a windy day and I had bought this just in case. Glad I did. Picked up really good audio.It won’t block ALL the wind, especially if you have huge gusts on a nice spring day, but it’s better than no cover on the mics for sure.

  8. Alan Fitzgerald

    Looks good does the trick
    Would recommend

  9. EMMz08

    Will order again
    Fit well on our mics, love that they were packaged separately

  10. Ivonne

    Muy produxto
    Algo grandes si quieres ocultar los lavalier

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