Ubiquiti Networks UVC-G3-FLEX UniFi Camera G3 Flex 1080p Video Indoor/Outdoor Night/Day Wide View IP LEDs:: (Enterprise

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Brand Ubiquiti Networks
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Special Feature HD Resolution
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Outdoor, Indoor
  • Ubiquiti Networks Unifi G3 Video Camera 1080p Indoor/Outdoor IP Camera with Infrared
  • UniFi Video Camera G3 UVC-G3-Flex Full HD 1080p Flex PoE Camera Desktop Network Camera with Night Vision
  • The UniFi UVC-G3-FLEX 1080p Network Camera with Night Vision from Ubiquiti Networks uses a 1/3″ HDR sensor to capture 1920 x 1080 resolution video at 25 fps.
  • Use the UniFi Video mobile app for easy camera management and live streaming from an iOS or Android-based smartphone or tablet.
  • Featuring an EFL 3.6 mm f/1.8 lens for superior vision, the UniFi Video Camera G3 provides 1080p HD resolution at 30 FPS.
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Model: UVC-G3-Flex                                   Unifi G3 Video Camera                                 1080p Indoor/Outdoor IP Camera with Infrared The UniFi UVC-G3-FLEX 1080p Network Camera with Night Vision from Ubiquiti Networks uses a 1/3″ HDR sensor to capture 1920 x 1080 resolution video at 25 fps. IR LEDs provide night vision functionality. The 3.4mm fixed lens delivers an 87.4° horizontal field of view. Audio recording is possible thanks to a built-in microphone. Integrated PoE technology simplifies connectivity by transferring data and power over one cable. The UniFi mobile app enables camera management and live viewing from your iOS or Android device.

Important information


4 kilowatt_hours

Bulb Voltage

240 volts

Additional information

Dimensions 1.89 × 4.23 cm
Part Number


Item Weight

‎6 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎1.89 x 1.89 x 4.23 inches

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required.


‎1 Count (Pack of 1)

Power Source



‎240 Volts


‎4 kilowatt_hours

Item Package Quantity


Mounting Type

‎Ceiling Mount

Special Features

‎HD Resolution



Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery Cell Type

‎Lithium Ion

Warranty Description

‎Two year warranty.



Date First Available

June 6, 2018


‎Ubiquiti Networks, Inc

10 reviews for Ubiquiti Networks UVC-G3-FLEX UniFi Camera G3 Flex 1080p Video Indoor/Outdoor Night/Day Wide View IP LEDs:: (Enterprise

  1. Mouser

    This is a great camera. Unfortunately it’s not G4 yetGreat picture quality, best user experience bar none. Sadly no object recognition yet!

  2. Carl

    Great price, really decent software, not a perfect cameraFirst and foremost let me say that Unifi Protect is excellent compared to Arlo and Ring. It may be slightly more complicated to set up for normies, but it is a really solid system once it’s all up and running. I joined the Unifi family after Unifi Video was deprecated but from what I can tell, Protect is the future, built on a solid platform and it will take time to bring back all the features that really matter.As for the G3 Flex, the price can’t be beat. $70-80 for a PoE camera this small and with this kind of performance is a steal. My #1 complaint with all Unifi cameras however are the viewing angles. While this might matter to you case by case, most Unifi cameras are 80-100° of horizontal viewing angle, and much less if you turn on distortion correction. The Flex is right around 87° with correction off. This would work well where you have 15-20′ to your target area with few obstructions. The sensor quality is good, but it really excels inside of 10′ if you are trying to pull a plate number or something. Therein lies the issue – its a narrow camera with a good, but not excellent sensor, which means it’s really only suited to a long shot coverage role. Thats ok given the price point.Living in an urban area, everything is tightly packed in and I am limited where I can place the cameras. I also want really good coverage since people mess about on my property weekly if not daily. This leads me to use more Unifi cameras than I would with some other brand that has a wider FoV. That’s also fine, but it means I also need more wiring and power to the same area, raising the overall cost of the system. It’s no longer 3 cameras, but 5 and a new switch and beefy PoE injector.All that said, I am still very much a fan of these devices and ecosystem. The iPad app is fantastic for continuous monitoring, but Android app falls completely flat, constantly reconnecting and with horrid performance. I do wish Flex and other cameras came in other colors or has readily available skins like other brands. I ended up using Plastidip to turn my cameras black. In fact, Plastidip works on most outdoor Unifi equipment very well.

  3. Anatolian

    Small, out of the way and it just works…So I love these little cameras, and they are actually replacing my WYZE cameras,… and I have 5 of them. One for each entrance into my house, and two diagonally across from each other in the garage. They have been flawless so far, and for the price, I think they are a good deal because they simply work. The cameras can be mounted just about anywhere, and there are a few additional mounting options that you can buy from Ubiquiti. You can easily adjust the angle of the camera head, it tilts-clicks to the different positions. Also the head does manually rotate as well. This is NOT motorized at all, and it is dampened, so they won’t accidentally rotate or tilt.The resolution of these are 1920x1080p, so they do not push a lot of data on the network. Yes, I would have liked to see a 4k option for these, but considering that these are entry level cameras, I think they are fine. Maybe they might come out with a Motorized Pro Version with 4k resolution.They do get slightly warm, but really it’s not be a big deal. I have a pair that are in a hot garage, and the heat and cold don’t bother them. They are lightweight, mostly high quality plastic and the lens shroud is a deep dark red, almost black in color. It is a transparent piece that allows the infra-red light to come through it and also integrates the lens so the IR is always pointing the same direction as the camera. The area of coverage is decent for the IR, I don’t have any complaints.I do have them connected to the Ubiquiti Unifi Switch POE 8 (150 Watt) for power and the Ubiquiti Unifi Cloud Key Gen 2+ which has the built in NVR. The NVR shipped with a 1TB HDD that was DOA, however, I replaced it with a 1TB SSD and it works well. I also happen to have a the UniFi Lite Access Point connected to the switch. So basically, I went all in with Ubiquiti and I’m so pleased, that I’m also installing the same setups in a few of my friends houses.

  4. peek

    Great little cameraGreat little camera. Hopefully UBNT comes out with a G4 flex in the same form factor. The only detractor is the lack of intelligent recognition. Motion zones are okay, but knowing the difference between a person and a shrub is better.

  5. J. T. Hoffoss

    Great, affordable camera on a decent (and improving) platformThe media could not be loaded.

     I have been using Ubiquiti equipment for my home network for about a year now, and with the recent release of their Unifi CloudKey Gen2 Plus, I’ve added one G3 Flex (so far). I’m satisfied with it thus far.* image and sound quality are great* time-line view browsing recorded-footage is easy and fast* night vision is sufficient (indoors)* you have basic functions like privacy zones and motion detection zonesThere is room for improvement though:* setup took some time — there were no instructions on how to connect/configure the UCK2+ to support video cameras (once I got this set, everything was smooth and explained well)* zone definition is a little clunky* IR probably isn’t powerful enough for viewing the extents of a back yard, but plenty for covering a doorway* not a negative, but note the camera isn’t motorized, so direction/view is set when you place itAttached you can see two screenshots from the Unifi Protect iOS app – one of a mailman’s head in a detected-motion video, then my puppers crossing the room to bark at him. Third is a short video saved from the web app of my doggo crossing the room. (Pardon the mess, we have a baby at home.) Note this camera is just set up in my living room still for test purposes. I plan to buy a few more and run some Ethernet out to my garage in the spring to hook a few up focused on the garage door and alley.

  6. TravisT

    Really impressive camera + softwareI’ve only been testing this camera for about a week now, but I’m pretty impressed at the image quality and build quality so far. I have also only been testing it indoors in a relatively low light area, but it has performed well. So far I’ve noticed the following:Pros:- Build quality seems top notch- Video quality appears very good in the limited testing I’ve done- Camera “looks” professional- PoE capable, so no need for a seperate power supply at the camera- Ubiquiti NVR sofware is free to run on your own server and very capableCons- No PoE injector included. Why Ubiquiti includes a PoE injector in their access points but doesn’t with this camera baffles me. While I plan to get a PoE switch in the near future, I had to take down one of my access points to “borrow” the PoE to power my camera- IR lights emit a visually red light. It would draw less attention in dark areas if this was not the case. This may be normal, as it’s the first security camera that I’ve owned.So far, I’m really liking the performance of the camera and the quality of the video. I’m excited to put this into more of a “production” environment to see how it performs. Maybe Ubiquiti will get with it and include the PoE injector in the future, but otherwise a solid product!

  7. G. Abbott

    Great little cameraMuch smaller than the pictures would suggest and a great camera. Had it up and running within 5 minutes of receiving it. Integrated seamlessly into the UDM Pro. Recommended!

  8. Ed W.

    excellent quality and reliabilityThis under $100 camera is definitely not IP anything weather rated but I have it mounted on a redwood 2/4 and on the outdoors on the ground mount straight up. No issues yet after 5 months of operation. The night vision LEDs is good up to about 35 feet. I have notices that night vision with LEDs (IR) off is better for over 35 feet viewing. The resolution is good enough to read California standard License plates up to 30 feet in day light in motion of not (not readable in darkness). The audio is clear and sensitive up to 80 feet of normal speech level. Highly recommended but don’t mount it on the ground like I do because it might void the warranty. The company support which is just okay (better than nothing but could be improved) is online chat and or email. In my use case, all the setting are default and at highest bit rate and resolution, but with HDR disabled. HDR does not improve overall quality enough and in low light pulsates the video.

  9. David Raucci

    Almost PerfectI went with this brand because it’s used at my work and I’ve had consistent quality with the recordings.I’m using an older laptop, which is no longer being used on the regular, that I’ve installed Debian on just run the free NVR software without a bunch of system bloat (it’s also the OS that is used on their products). I will say that this was a challenge to setup but if you want it easy, then stick with Windows.I have it set up as: UniFi Video G3 Flex camera > UniFi PoE injector > Netgear AC750 Extender (Bridge Mode) > WiFi on laptop: and I’ve had no issues with recording quality.The vertical adjustment is not as smooth as their other models – it clicks into different angles when you press firmly on the black areas above and below the lens – however it’s perfect for keeping and eye on my porch.Overall, not a bad camera that suits my needs.

  10. Ivan Windon

    Easy to setup and use security camera.This is a great camera that is easy to use. You can just set it down on a table, plug in a network cable into a PoE switch (you’ll need that for power) and you are ready to go. You’ll need to use their NVR to have it work, they cost about 200 dollars. However you can do it free by setting up your own Ubuntu server and installing their NVR software. Takes a little more work, but it’s free. You can view the video via a web browser, or a phone app. Night vision looks good, and you can see clearly. You can set the camera to record on motion, all the time, or never. The recording is HD quality, however you can lower the quality if you wish based on the amount of storage space you have. I’ve included a screen shot of what the image quality is like for this camera, as well as a portion of the dashboard in the NVR server.

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