StudioLive 16.0.2 USB 16×2 Performance & Recording Digital Mixer

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The StudioLive 16. 0. 2 USB is a great choice for small churches, schools, bands, and clubs, and it’s perfect for a small studio on a budget. It features 16 channel inputs, 4 of them stereo channels, and 12 with XMAX mic preamps; a built-in 18×16 USB 2. 0 interface; extensive signal processing on every channel and bus; 4 aux buses; extensive metering; Scene and setting save/recall; MIDI control; and more. Yet it’s lightweight and rack-mountable, operates much like an analog console, and delivers superb audio quality. It comes with PreSonus’ UC Surface control software, Capture recording software, QMix-UC aux control app, and Studio One Artist DAW.

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Portable, Affordable, and Amazingly Powerful

StudioLive 16.0.2 USB: 16×2 Performance and Recording Digital Mixer

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The ease of analog meets the power of digital.

When you’re mixing a live event or have an artist in the studio, you need to be able to work quickly. The StudioLive 16.0.2 USB’s familiar, easy-to-use interface keeps all critical controls visible and accessible —not buried in menus or layers. Our design philosophy is simple: One fader for every mono or stereo channel; one output for every bus. Add to that easily accessed, color-coded function buttons; rotary trim controls; and clearly labeled, individual knobs for EQ and dynamics processing. Aux sends have their own physical controls. Every channel has a big, bright meter display. But don’t let the analog feel fool you: The StudioLive 16.0.2 USB offers the power of modern digital mixing, multitrack recording, wireless remote control, and more.


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Small size. Bigger possibilities.

In a footprint of less than 2 square feet (0.19 square meters), the compact, 16-channel StudioLive 16.0.2 USB offers 8 mono input channels, 4 stereo channels, and 4 aux buses, each with a high-quality, 60 mm fader. You get generous analog I/O, 12 XMAX Class A solid-state mic preamps, a Talkback input with Class A mic preamp, extensive signal processing with physical controls, MIDI control, accurate metering, and a built-in multichannel recording interface. As with all StudioLive mixers, the 16.0.2 USB comes with a suite of tightly integrated recording, control, and audio analysis software. And it’s so lightweight and compact that you can easily hold it in one hand and tuck it under your arm.

You’ll never run out of signal processors.

StudioLive 16.0.2 USB mixers provide plenty of DSP power, with no limitations, no shared resources, no figuring out what processing is available where. You have all of the processing available at all times, with no compromises or caveats. The unique Fat Channel provides a compressor, limiter, expander, and 3-band semi-parametric EQ on every channel and bus; a highpass filter on each channel; phase reverse for the channel mic preamps; a library of professionally crafted presets; and the ability to save and selectively recall processor settings. A stereo, 31-band graphic EQ sits on the main bus. To top it off, you get two 32-bit delay/reverb effects processors, each with its own dedicated mix bus and a library of useful effects presets.

Superior sound.

Connect a StudioLive 16.0.2 USB mixer and you’ll instantly hear details and clarity you’d expect to find only in a much more expensive console. StudioLive mixers operate at up to 48 kHz for high-definition mixing and recording. High-quality Burr-Brown converters on every input and output provide a best-in-class 118 dB of dynamic range so you’ll catch every high and low with great accuracy and no audible distortion. And our XMAX microphone preamps deliver incredibly high headroom, deep lows, smooth highs, and a rich overall sound.

Integrated, multiplatform software for flexible control and one-click recording.

Like all PreSonus StudioLive mixers, the StudioLive 16.0.2 USB is tightly integrated with an entire suite of state-of-the-art software. Mix wirelessly or over a wired network from anywhere using UC Surface touch-control software for Mac, Windows, Android, and iPad. Control individual monitor mixes onstage with QMix-UC for iPhone/iPod touch and Android™. Automate virtual soundchecks and record shows with Capture™ for Mac and Windows. Edit, sweeten, and digitally release your recordings with Studio One Artist. StudioLive 16.0.2 USB mixers and software work together to form a cohesive ecosystem that helps you achieve your creative vision.

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Recording is in StudioLive 16.0.2 USB’s DNA.

The StudioLive 16.0.2 USB’s built-in 18×16 multitrack recording interface is tightly integrated with the rest of the mixer—not an afterthought we tacked on. All 16 channels and the main mix continuously stream to your USB-connected Mac or Windows PC. Each channel can independently access its analog input or its dedicated digital return from your computer. And with StudioLive mixers, recording is simple and easy: Just launch the included, preconfigured Capture software for one-click recording of all channel inputs and your main mix. Or record with the included Studio One Artist DAW—or any recording software that supports ASIO or Core Audio. Now you can record in the studio or at the gig with equal ease.

More Awesome Features

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Dedicated analog connections for predictable signal flow.

Take a look at back panel of a StudioLive 16.0.2 USB mixer, and you’ll find the robust connections you’d expect from an analog mixer: balanced mic inputs on each of the 8 mono channels; 8 balanced ¼-inch line inputs; 4 unbalanced RCA line inputs; and dedicated balanced outputs for each of the 4 aux buses and the main stereo bus. Every input channel and bus send has its own dedicated jack—no sharing, no compromises—so you always know what’s flowing from each output.

Add excitement to performances with MIDI control.

Being able to control the StudioLive 16.0.2 USB from an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Android device is cool—unless your hands are busy playing your instrument. That’s why the StudioLive 16.0.2 USB offers MIDI In and Out. Use a MIDI footpedal or DAW to recall scenes using MIDI Program Changes, control the main output volume and effects level, mute effects between songs, switch from lots of reverb to a little bit of delay, and change the mix for a solo. You can even automate these features with a DAW! It’s a great way to make your performances more exciting and varied, even if you don’t have a separate soundperson.

Better mixing with StudioLive family values.

It’s easy to love this portable powerhouse.You’ll see what we mean about intuitive ease-of-use. You’ll hear what we mean about Class A preamps, rich DSP effects, and overall sound quality. And you’ll come to believe in StudioLive family values.

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‎SL-1602 USB



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‎StudioLive 16.0.2 USB



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7 August 2017



10 reviews for StudioLive 16.0.2 USB 16×2 Performance & Recording Digital Mixer

  1. Visioneimmagine

    ottimo mixer multiuso
    Dalla mia esperienza di abituale utilizzatore di sistemi mixer a tutti i livelli, posso affermare che può tranquillamente competere con macchine nate per fare radiofonia ma che costano almeno 3 volte tanto. La possibilità di creare scene /configurazioni sia globali che sui singoli canali , i 4 aux indirizzabili dai canali, la disponibilità di avere su ogni ingresso il classico -FAT channel – e così anche nel master lo rendono sicuramente adatto ad una emittente medio piccola. Va benissimo anche per i Podcast perchè con una piccola differenza di prezzo il vi portate a casa molto di più di quanto avreste con i mixer da podcast ..tanto cmq il PC portatile lo dovreste sempre collegare e se avete bisogno di inserire al volo jingle etc ci sono software anche gratis che fanno benissimo il lavoro dei PAD generalmente presenti sui mixer da podcast.

  2. Cliente Amazon

    Purtroppo manca manuale d’uso in italiano
    Ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo. Unico neo: non esiste manuale uso in italiano.

  3. Alejandro Guerrero

    La MEJOR mesa de audio para directo, radio y músicos DAWLESS como yo
    La mesa StudioLive 16.0.2 USB es la MEJOR mesa que hay en el mercado. Es COMPLETISIMA:Hace de interface de audio ASIO de alta calidad con 18 entradas y 16 salidasLa calidad de los botones, faders, etc… es TOP. Durará toda la vida. Llevo 2 años con ella.Es fácil de usar y luego puedes complicarte más como usarla desde el PC, utilizar los efectos o compresores.Lo mejor de todo: TIENES VUMETROS de luces LED de verdad, donde vas a poder ver el nuvel de entrada de las señales, algo que ninguna otra mesa tiene en el mercado en estos momentos.A pesar de que Presonus ha sacado mesas nuevas más potentes, esta la siguen fabricando y vendiendo porque las nuevas no tienen los vumetros LED grandes, imprescindibles si trabajas como profesional el audio broadcast, radios, TV o haces música en directo y necesitas comprobar los niveles en todo momento.Compra 10 de 10 y a un precio bestial.NO HAY OTRA MESA IGUAL amigos y llevo 25 años en esto.

  4. Radu Adrian

    Muy buena calidad. Un diez

  5. A.Z.

    Best 16 channel digital mixer!
    Pros: Fast – amazingly completeCons: Bad user Guide – hard tho learn!

  6. AngeloNoble

    How to set up the mixer presunos
    All features this product

  7. Amazon Customer

    Reçu mes pas neuve !
    BonjourArticle reçu mais il n’était pas neuf. C’est purement scandaleux. Je suis client d’Amazon depuis des années. Je suis très déçu. La console est sale pleine de poussière. Il y a même encore des autocollants collés sur les numéros des pistes. C’est honteux… Bref je ne suis pas prêt de recommander des articles à ce prix sur Amazon.

  8. Peter K.

    Sehr schönes Gerät mit kleinem Anlauf-Problem
    Der Mixer ist ein einmaliges Gerät und für diesen Preis unschlagbar. Das nächste Gerät mit ähnlichen Daten kostet gleich was 4-stelliges. Leider musste ich das erste Gerät zurück schicken, weil nach ein paar Minuten lautes Knistern in zwei Kanälen auftrat. Das Knistern verschwandt nach ein paar weiteren Minuten aber weil das Problem im Presonus-Forum auch von anderen Benutzen beschrieben wurde, bin ich auf Nummer Sicher gegangen. Amazon hat noch am selben Tag, mit einer sehr nett geschriebenen Mail, ein Ersatzgerät geschickt, welches bislang einwandfrei funktioniert.Bei der Installation der Treiber muss man sich strikt daran halten, dass vor dem ersten USB-Einstecken die Software von Presonus (Download) installiert ist. Ansonsten schieben sich Windows-Treiber vor und das Gerät wird im Geräte-Manager nicht richtig erkannt.Die deutsche Anleitung ist übrigens auch sehr gut.

  9. NEO

    Excellent gear!
    I have nothing but good things to say about this board and the Studio One software that comes with it.It was super easy to set up there are a ton of YouTube videos that explain how to set up your individual channels for inputs like voice mics, drums, guitar, keyboards etc.And the recording software (DAW) is really easy to use and powerful. I did the upgrade to the full professional version of the software because they ran a special the 50% off and it allows me to install it on up to five devices. The quality of playback of the original live music coming into the board through the software is 100% accurate. Once you have your levels set for the inputs on the devices the recording from playback sounds just like it’s being played live. It’s also easy to mix down and export songs from Studio One, if you’re not familiar with using a DAW, this is an easy one to learn. I’ve talked to so many other musicians that are using the same set up and love that I can share songs easily.

  10. John P. Giamundo

    I bought this board after reading the recommendations, and thought it was a good first for me in entering the realm of digital mixing. However, I found the board to be extremely difficult to operate and configure. The manual sucks, and I ended up having to talk to customer support, after a long wait, just to get any sound out of it at all. After working with tech support for a half hour, I managed to get clean, dry sound out of channel one. I next tried to get the channel to have the EQ settings I wanted, and some reverb on the channel. Unfortunately, this turned out to be another impossible task. I’ve become so frustrated with this board, I wish I could return it for a refund. I need to make music, not become a digital scientist. I’ve since bought a Soundcraft analogue board which sounds excellent and is easy to operate. I’m stuck with this Presonus lemon. Maybe I can use it as a door stopper. I understand the world of digital sound is very different from analogue, but you shouldn’t need a PhD degree in science to perform simple tasks. A big thumbs down for this expensive white elephant.

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