Stereo Audio Amplifier Receiver, 200W Home Dual Channel Bluetooth 5.0 Sound Speaker AMP, Home Amplifiers FM Radio, USB, SD Card,

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Stereo Audio Amplifier Receiver

Additional information

Weight 581 kg
Dimensions 17.4 × 5.31 cm




Part Number


Tuner Technology


Compatible Devices


Mounting Hardware

‎Remote Controller

Number Of Items


Audio Output Type


Output Wattage

‎200 Watts

Batteries Required


Connector Type

‎Bluetooth, USB

Media Format


Item model number


Product Dimensions

‎20.09 x 17.4 x 5.31 cm; 581 Grams



Date First Available

16 August 2022



10 reviews for Stereo Audio Amplifier Receiver, 200W Home Dual Channel Bluetooth 5.0 Sound Speaker AMP, Home Amplifiers FM Radio, USB, SD Card,

  1. Steven Thyssen

    Works good for the price
    Us at work sounds good

  2. Henry Goldman

    Good Amp for the price
    Pros: For 30 bucks, you can’t beat it. I use it to drive a pair of pretty big speakers and it works well. I especially like the USB input mode,It WILL play tracks inside of a folder on a USB stick. (See Cons below)Bluetooth works well. I tested it from my phone playing music in my house. It was still working at about 50 feet.Once you figure out how to use the controls and remote it isn’t bad. I typed up instructions and pasted them to the top of the amp for others that use it. That also covers the useless garbage printed on the unit.The FM radio works well in my opinion. It has a short wire (about 4 ft) that must be mounted vertically for it to function as an antenna. I don’t know how many FM stations it will store, it got up to 18 when I tried it.Cons: I hate the voice that comes on when you change modes! An earlier model had a way to turn it off.Can’t figure out how it determines which music track plays in what order when you hit next (Vol+).Manual (small, and I do mean small) is next to impossible to figure out. Obviously written in Chinese and translated by someone that did NOT have a good understanding of English. A lot of it is simply word salad.

  3. Derek Damen

    Cheep and good enough
    It’s not the best.. does not have the best bass but it still haves some.. my only complaint is not too well bass but everything else is fine.. great sound and a enough bass to make this a good product

  4. Rosema

    Perfect for me
    It’s easy to work and set upWhen you turn it on it does start on blue tooth but for me I use aux mode for tv to speakers

  5. Peter L

    You get what you pay for
    Ideally, this does what I need it to do for the turntable/sonos amp unit. However, there is a hum, that is only present when this unit is turned on. I guess I will discard the unit and find something more reliable.

  6. Larry V.

    Make it easier to pre set stations on the fm setting
    Same as above

  7. .jpg

    Worth about what I paid for it.
    This is not an expensive item, and it sounds like it.It is compact, and fits in a very small space. From the illustration, you get the impression that it is bigger than it really is. The construction is O.K., but nothing to brag about.I’m using it to send TV audio to some better speakers in a small room where we casually gather to watch the news and an occasional sitcom. So, it works fine for the purpose, but it really doesn’t have much power (certainly not 200 watts) and there isn’t much control over bass and treble.I’m using it wired, and have not tried the Bluetooth connection.

  8. Adriana Vazquez

    Static sound in one of my speakers… disappointed
    I guess the price speaks for itself. There is an annoying sound coming from one of my speakers and is because of this receiver. You get what you paid for. The good thing about it is that is very easy to setup and I like that is compact. Will be returning it.

  9. C.S. James

    Great sound for the price
    The amp actually works pretty well. There’s a quiet buzz when you’re on AUX but don’t play anything, but it quickly subsides when you play music or some other audio. This buzz doesn’t happen on bluetooth, so it’s likely coming from the AUX device.I’ve been able to attach a subwoofer and 4 speakers to this thing, and it powered them all well enough for some sweet sound. Do keep in mind that the sound is only in stereo (2.1), so you won’t be getting that surround sound feeling with it. Nevertheless, it sounds good! Especially for its price.

  10. Back_Roads

    Modernized a home juke box with this
    and some DJ lights Great sound for the money, Blue tooth makes for playing music from my PC easy.

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