Rokid Air AR Glasses, Myopia Friendly Pocket-Sized Yet Massive Screen with 1080P OLED Dual Display, 43°FoV, 55PPD

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120″ / 305 cm

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Weight 690 kg
Dimensions 13.6 × 12.9 cm




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‎27.6 x 13.6 x 12.9 cm; 690 Grams



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11 January 2023



10 reviews for Rokid Air AR Glasses, Myopia Friendly Pocket-Sized Yet Massive Screen with 1080P OLED Dual Display, 43°FoV, 55PPD

  1. BH

    One of the better choices in AR glasses
    So I have the Meta Quest 2 VR headset and wanted to try the AR experience. At first I tried the TCL NXTWear G Ar Glasses. When I first placed them on my head noticed that were very uncomfortable no matter how I adjusted them or changed the nose piece. The frames dug into the side of my head. They seemed like low level glasses. I was attracted to them by the price and the coupon offer thinking all AR glasses are the same to some degree. I read most of the reviews and saw the comparisons on You Tube. The clarity was great and the extra optical Len was a good idea. Comfort was not there and couldn’t wear them very long. Had to return them. Next I got the Rokid Air Ar glasses and I am very satisfied with this purchase. Clarity and comfort was better than the TCL glasses. I paid more money but it was worth it. I would have liked to try the NREAL glasses as advertised but Iam satisfied and happy with the Rokid Air purchase.For those who are thinking buying AR glasses, you should also try the Meta Quest 2 to understand the difference between the AR and VR world. The Quest 2 glasses are big and bulky but they blow away AR glasses, They are much more immersive for gaming and watching movies , the 3D experience ,etc. They are well worth the money. I love my Rokid Air glasses and use them a lot to also watch tv and movies . I mostly use them as an extended monitor for my iPad and PC. They very light weight and the twin OLED lens are awesome. Unlike the Quest 2 you can see just about everything around you. With a laptop they offer privacy. I would like to see more IOS apps developed for these glasses. With the right adapters you can connect to almost anything with these glasses. When directly connected to my iPad I had trouble watching movies using a few subscription service apps. One was HBO. I found out this is due to DRM regulations. You could view the ads and some previews but when the movie starts, the screen goes blank. There was a work around though. With a powered HDMI to USB c adapter and HDMI coupler(if needed) you can plug the glasses into an Apple TV box, Firestick, or Google Chromecast device . Using the remote you can maneuver through and watch all of the TV/movie apps..With a Bluetooth controller you can even play games as well.Hope this helps.

  2. Loki

    Not great.
    I bought this thing purely out of curiosity. After giving it a good couple months, I can’t recommend this device to just about anyone at this price point.Specific reasons for not recommending include:-Too bulky/ugly/uncomfortable: Not VR-headset levels, but you won’t be wearing this in public.-Sucks to use with multiple devices. If all you want it for is mirroring an iPad or android tablet, great! Works perfect, one cable. If not, get ready for dongle hell. (tested on an iPad mini; ymmv with other devices)-OK quality: the screen is nice and legible, if a little on the small side. Older eyes may struggle, but at least there is no screen door effect. Other reviews seem to be misleadingly positive about the quality. These do not beat just having a 1080p or 1440p monitor in front of your face.-Poor build quality: I found the alignment of the screens to be ever so slightly off in my unit. Not enough to prevent me from viewing the screen, but enough for some eye strain and headaches. YMMV there, but overall the construction is simply mediocre.-Less than perfect privacy: Observing myself in the mirror, you can definitely see the reflection of whatever is being viewed on the glasses. If you are looking for a completely private viewing, this isn’t the product for you.I think it would be best for anyone curious to avoid this type of product for now, wait until the tech gets better. No clue how long that could be; as-is, even just buying it out of curiosity I feel like I wasted my money. If you have a specific use case in mind for it, or you are loaded with cash and curious, go for it. Otherwise I can’t recommend these glasses.

  3. Pwn Tech

    These glasses are great for light use and is the most portable version of a screen to date.
    These glasses are built well. The screen is hd but side areas of the display may appear blurry. I encounter a problem where the glasses will occasionally turn black but will fix itself after about two seconds. It is lightweight and could be worn for hours at a time. I specifically use these with Samsung Dex and I turned down the resolution on Dex to make the display a bit more legible. These glasses are great for full screen entertainment like YouTube or Netflix but is only decent in Dex mode due to some blur. AR mode will overheat my Samsung s21 quickly so the option to do so remains gimmicky at the moment. Samsung dex does not overheat my phone like AR mode does. For those who are unfamiliar with Samsung Dex, it simply is a mode that converts the android version interface to resemble a desktop computer layout so you can use a mouse and keyboard. Overall very good idea, but still has slight problems like the black screen. As of now, I have used this at restaurants, parked in a car, on an electric scooter, around the house, and has proven to be quite useful. I believe future iterations of this product will fix the shortcomings of these glasses. I support the technology and hope this style of glasses will be adopted by the masses.

  4. CL

    This is decent, but I also ordered the rokid max, which will be much better. I’d skip this and buy that one. It is difficult to get a clear image and the very edges aren’t clear. It is very useful if you want to watch a movie from your phone or play steam deck while sitting comfortably. This is what I mainly use it for. There needs to be an adapter that gives the ability to charge the steam deck/phone and use it at the same time. There is an adapter sold with the max, but I don’t think it will work with steam deck. We will see.

  5. Chintan Vaghela

    Good product for personal home theatre, but there are some issues!
    Rokid Air AR Glasses make great home theaters. After three hours, they become uncomfortable. They give a 120-inch screen-like view. Text isn’t as sharp, but images are vibrant. The text isn’t as good. Although, still very usable.It has 2 downsides though:1. The aspect ratio of your video depends on the device you’re connected to. The aspects ratios were different for each android device as well as between iPad mini and iPad Pro. iPad mini works best in my experience.2. Few apps don’t work with these. Prime video, disney plus  crunchyroll and hulu in particular do not work (could be more but these for sure don’t on iPads). Still a good buy as long as you use the apps that it works with.

  6. ztyagreatman

    A very good and cost-effective AR glasses
    This AR glasses is very handy and easy to use. Actually, as a optical engineer whose research is exactly the Augmented Reality Glasses, I would say the experience is beyond my expectation. This Rokid AR glass doesn’t use some diffraction-based technology which introduces chromatic aberrations , it just uses simple beam splitter which works pretty well. And I guess that’s probably one of the reason why it is kinda cheap compared with other version, but all the viewing experience is good. I don’t feel too much eye fatigue for wearing it with a 2.5 hours movie. And it has built-in function to adjust screen brightness which surprises me, but I do have a minor suggestion, it would be better to be able to adjust sound volume. Well, last thing, actually which is most important one, it has the function to adjust diopter! Well, that’s a super useful one for the people like me wear glasses. All in all, highly recommend!

  7. Stacy Rect

    awesome toy
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     I recently bought a pair of Rokid Air AR Glasses Augmented Reality Wearable Tech Headsets Smart Glasses for Movie Video Display, Myopia Friendly Portable Massive Screen with 1080P OLED Dual Display, 43°FoV, and I am absolutely thrilled with them! They are an incredible piece of technology that has truly revolutionized the way I watch movies and videos.The design of the glasses is incredibly sleek and modern, which makes wearing them an absolute pleasure. They are lightweight and comfortable, which make them perfect for long periods of use. I love the fact that they are myopia friendly and have adjustable lenses, allowing me to enjoy the full experience without having to wear my glasses.The quality of the video displayed on the glasses is absolutely stunning. The dual display allows for a massive field of view of up to 43°, and the 1080P OLED display ensures that I can see every detail in the movies and videos I’m watching. The colors are vivid and the images are sharp and clear.The sound quality is also impressive. The glasses come with built-in speakers, allowing me to enjoy the full audio experience without having to wear headphones. The sound is crisp and clear, and the overall volume is more than adequate

  8. Reader of book

    A long way from a consumer-ready product
    Being a gadget geek, checking these out was a no-brainer. Unfortunately, they do almost nothing that’s advertised. The software crashes constantly on the Z Fold 4. The app library is practically non-existent. Screen quality leaves much to be desired. It’s very small, difficult to focus, and having to use the phone as a trackpad to navigate the screen is a pain in the butt.Using Samsung Dex provides a marginally better experience, but only useful for watching videos. Unfortunately, that means mirroring what’s on your screen and the screen has to stay on. That kind of defeats the purpose of private viewing. Having to keep it tethered via cable is an added annoyance. Sure, you can spring for the adapter but after the initial experience I don’t feel it would be money well-spent.The concept is great. The execution, not so much. At this stage the tech just isn’t there to provide a solid pair of wireless AR glasses. Give it a few years. Until then, just keep watching but don’t waste the money.

  9. DivideByZero

    Giant portable screen
    This is my first AR glasses and it’s pretty awesome so far. I was able to power it with just a single USB C cable on my Samsung S21. Just double check the spec on their website since you’ll need USBC 3.1 to use the usb cable option. Otherwise you’ll want to get the wireless option. I also tried connected it to my MacBook Pro and iPad. They’re both able to mirror the screen on the glasses. The screen looks bigger than my HDTV and I can be outdoor with it.The glasses came with a transparent outer visor and the inner one is where the projection is. You’ll see the surround since the glasses is a bit transparent. They have a shaded visor you can get separately which I’ll probably pick one up.The AR works pretty well with some games. They have their own store to download the games. You can look around to find stuff and it tracks your head pretty well. You’ll need a compatible phone for AR for sure. Usb3.1. Pretty cool experience.The glasses is pretty light weight. It looks similar to a regular glasses and it’s pretty comfortable to wear. The glasses have a spring like connector so it can expand a bit to fit different size heads. My daughter was able to wear it too and my head was much larger. Overall a pretty cool experience and I’ve watched a few movies with it already. Just make sure your phone is compatible. Hope this helps.

  10. Jason Hubbard

    No matter what I did with the settings, it was always too blurry to use for reading text, like when doing work on your laptop. It was pretty decent with the steam deck, since the center of the screen is in focus, and video games are generally crafted where you can move the camera around so that what you’re focusing on is always in the center anyways, and it was decent for movies, but for web browsing, research, documents, and other work, extremely disappointing. I hope the next version of the product (rokid max) is much better.

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