PoP voice Lapel Microphone Lavalier Mic – Noise Cancelling 16 Feet Lav Mic for iPhone Android & Windows Smartphones, Youtube,

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Product Description
Do you have any troubles about the sound quality when you are making audio or videos recording? Now let this little lavalier Voice Recording Microphone solve your trouble!

It is designed for audio or video use on apple iphone, on ipad, on macbook, Android/ Windows Smartphone and PC, etc.

This omnidirectional mini microphone is naturally boosting performance for clear and accurate voice reproduction, improving the recording experience to the user.

Fantastic Excellent Performance
Designed to offer crystal clear sound as it is made from the highest quality materials to ensure a better recording experience.
Omnidirectional, Pick up sounds from your environment easily. The 3.5mm trrs Mic, simply plug into your headphone jack, plug and play.
Professional Grade Microphone, performs significantly better than majority of the built in microphones, making it ideal for all sorts of recording; indoors and outdoors.

Additional information

Weight 59 kg
Dimensions 7.49 × 2.9 cm

‎PoP voice



Part Number


Hardware Platform

Laptop, PC, Tablet, Camera, Smartphone

Compatible Devices

‎Personal Computer, Headphone, Smartphone

Special Features

‎3.5mm jack, Lightweight

Mounting Hardware


Microphone format

‎Lavalier, Mini

Power source type

‎Battery Powered

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Signal-to-noise ratio (dB)

‎74 dB

Connector Type


Includes AC Adapter


Item model number


Package Dimensions

‎11.1 x 7.49 x 2.9 cm; 59 Grams



Date First Available

20 July 2018


PoP voice

10 reviews for PoP voice Lapel Microphone Lavalier Mic – Noise Cancelling 16 Feet Lav Mic for iPhone Android & Windows Smartphones, Youtube,

  1. Tahir Ali Bey

    The cord is so long that it’s almost like a Bluetooth mic.

  2. Terry P

    Best bang for buck
    The audio quality on this thing is Absurd, you can hear a fly rubbing it’s hands with this thing

  3. Clint helm

    Not great for a podcast
    Don’t get me wrong, this mic works pretty well. When recording on my phone with the mic, it sounds like I’m talking on the phone. On the computer, it sounds alright. Also, the adapter thing wasn’t needed. It wouldn’t work with it but works fine without. If you are a tiktok person, it would probably be just fine.

  4. Cliente de Amazon

    Me encantó
    Buen sonido y buen precio, fácil de usar

  5. Barbara Izquierdo

    Lo tengo en mi cartera, muy útili
    Muy útil para hacer contenido en cualquier lugar, le he sacado mucho provecho. Excelente inversión

  6. Juan Carlos Castillo

    Great product
    Great product

  7. Gavin

    It Gets The Job Done
    The cord length at 16 feet is more than enough for my use case and plenty in most situations where you would want to use a wired mic. The coloured foam covers are a good ad to be less distracting on speakers. The sound quality is quite good and much better than onboard sound. On pair with a budget shotgun mic. And yes, in this post headphone jack world it does work with dongles. The convenience of being able to use it with your phone is that you can use very in depth recording apps with it. I recommend doing tests with the volume you set it too, I found from time to time it was being a bit too good and collecting unwanted background noise. Easy to tune out in the right app. I would recommend a bunch of these to have on hand for the cheap. Would and will buy again.

  8. Acid J.

    Amazing Mic Quality, Picks up EVERYTHING though.
    there is little to NO sound cancelling from this mic. it will pick up a fly farting across the room. but boy will it sound crisp, the mic sounds REALLY good it’s just a bummer how much effort you have to go through to not have every noise in the room picked up by this mic.

  9. Saturn Cinema

    Phenomenal Bang for The Buck Lav Mic for The Budget Filmmaker!
    I’ve been giving this microphone a go through the perspective of a content creator and indie filmmaker. I’ve been looking at affordable solutions that could help with one of the most important aspect of content creation, and that’s the importance of getting useable audio, especially at the budget end. This mic is a great option for those who are wanting to get into content creation, and need something to add to the quality of their audio.One of the best solutions for capturing quality audio is to record your media using your camera of choice, as well as have an often a dedicated external source capture the very same take just out of camera shot, then synch them in post. This is still one of my favorite methods, however this setup can cost extra money that isn’t in a first time filmmaker’s budget, and that’s where this mic does a great job at coming inbetween.The Pop-Voice lav microphone comes in at 16ft long, and includes an extra clip, a TRS adapter plug (for use with devices that aren’t typically your phone, you’ll have this attached often),and 4 different colored windscreen caps, in case you are using more than one. The adapter is especially considerate, as I have a couple didn’t lav products in my collection, several of which have a TRRS connection like this one, but no adapter to adapt to your other audio devices, which is silly.The build of the lav is surprising sturdy and standardized, much like many of the lavs you may order that can cost double the price of this kit. The included clip is very sturdy, and doesn’t feel like it’ll fall apart with extended use, or harm you or your talent from rough edges.This mic is a great way to get much closer audio from your camera while the 16ft length gives you plenty to work with in distance to make sure both your shot and audio are ideal. I will be ordering groups of these from now on, and even if I was totally wrong and half of them blow up within 6 months, I still made my investment in them back several times over.

  10. Yuk

    Works properly
    Item works great. The cord is sufficient.

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