Mounting Dream Speaker Stands Height Adjustable Bookshelf Speaker Stand Pair for Universal Satellite Speakers, Set of 2 for Bose

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Mounting Dream Speaker Standns fits Universal Satellite Speakers, Set of 2 Bookshelf Stands for Bose Polk JBL Sony Yamaha and Others



Cable Management

√ The enlarged hole design of speaker stands makes wire management much easier.

√ Universal Compatibility – A pair of sturdy satellite speaker stands for Bose, Polk, JBL, Sony, Yamaha and other satellite surround loudspeakers.




Additional information

Weight 5.46 kg
Dimensions 27.3 × 12.9 cm
Brand Name

‎Mounting Dream

Color Name

‎For Satellite Speakers

Special Features

‎Height Adjustable, Surround Sound Speaker Stand

Speaker Type


Item model number


Package Dimensions

‎45.29 x 27.3 x 12.9 cm; 5.46 Kilograms



Date First Available

23 March 2019


‎Mounting Dream

10 reviews for Mounting Dream Speaker Stands Height Adjustable Bookshelf Speaker Stand Pair for Universal Satellite Speakers, Set of 2 for Bose

  1. Amazon Customer

    Product seems well constructed, however one of the stand base was missing an adjustable foot.

  2. Anil George

    Excellent quality product. Easy to assemble and fix. Several options for different size and types of speakers

  3. Merp88

    Adjustable height. Base sufficiently heavy to prevent toppling. Material feels tough. Flexible mounting makes it easy to fix various bookshelf speakers. But I got it with Amazon free delivery so price of less than half of current offers.

  4. Willy Rags

    Might as well say made for the Sony HT-A9 (with some modifications)
    I absolutely love these speaker stands for my Sony HT-A9. I bought them for the surround speakers as I was using a pair of night tables as stands. I will list all the pros and cons on this review used with Sony HT-A9 speaker system.Pros:1. Assembly is easy. Instructions are clear and provide step by step with detailed pictures on how to assemble each part. Even the screws are separated based on function and labeled.2. All parts except for the tightening screw and feet are made of metal, making these stands very sturdy. Once you have everything tightened down, your speakers become one with the stand.3. The adjusting tube (speaker base) is 360 rotatable, meaning you can point the speakers towards your main listening position if your speakers require a little toe-in.4. The speaker’s feet (shown in photos) all fit on the speaker base without having to adjust anything.5. The speaker attachment unit and adjusting tube base line up perfectly and centered on the back of the speakers (thanks to the flat design on the back of the speakers).Cons:1. The provided screws unfortunately did not fit the speaker screws on the HT-A9. I had to use the key hole bolt for mounting the speakers to the speaker attachment.2. If using for Sony HT-A9, you may need to disassemble the speaker attachment unit and turn it upside down for better cable management (shown in photos).In conclusion, these stands can be used perfectly with Sony HT-A9. With minor assembly adjustments, it can be made to fit this speaker system partly due to the speaker’s design. I will definitely buy another pair for my fronts in due time.

  5. Excelente producto y muy buena calidad

    Opinión Del Producto
    Estaría mucho mejor que trajera más opciones para la compatibilidad con las bocinas de los teatros pero a pesar de eso están súper las bases y de una muy buena calidad. 100% Recomendables

  6. RugbyDad326

    Perfect and sturdy
    I was looking for a speaker stand to hide the AC power cord and be sturdy. These fit perfect for my Roku wireless speakers. Don’t even need to speaker support “L” bracket. They reset perfectly on the stand platform. Set to 40”. I highly recommend these speaker stands.

  7. Tina

    Better than expected. Better than other, lighter competitors…
    Assembly requires lining up threaded holes in the interior pipe with unthreaded holes in larger outer pipe and using the hex wrench to screw the pipes together. Typical but a bit fiddly for me ‘ol hands. Also black-on-black hard to see. Better would be a slot in the outer pipe and ready-set bolts sticking out from the inner which slide into the slot and are tightened with a strong wingnut. No fiddly tool needed. Same for the upper connection which is slightly but not fatally out of align likely due to the crimping of the inner pipe which inevitable shortens it by a 1/16th inch or so. As the threaded holes were likely set in prior to crimping, this moves them down a tad versus the outer pipe holes which were punched with a certain alignment that is not there after crimping. Net: slight misalignment not fatal but do not expect the holes to be properly centered. Just push real hard on the top pipe to encourage alignment as best you can. Back speaker support bracket adjusts horizontally and vertically. High enough for my Polks and design permits wires from wire posts to pass through unobstructed. This is a very clever, unique, successful design. So we now have 2 very strong and satisfactory speaker posts. Well worth the money. Might spray white Rustoleum on them to blend with the wall and replace speaker fabric with white available right here on AMZN. Then we would have something truly superb. Net: these posts are very good. Buy them, say we.

  8. G. Kreis

    Well built, but i the end, generic mounting.
    They do the best they can, if you don’t know what will be mounted. But they are well built.

  9. Bob K.

    Great Quality for the money
    These stands were designed for “Bookshelf” type speakers. I purchased the Logitech Z906 Surround System. The speakers are quite small and are designed to sit on a desk facing up to you. I did mount two of the speakers on the stands as Rear Surrounds, and having the ability to straighten them up due to the mounting bracket was great. These look tiny on the stands, but they work very well for my purposes. Having the ability to adjust the height without detents is also fantastic as I live in an older home and my floor is a little uneven behind me.The allen key provided is ok to use. You’d be better served using an allen tip with a screwdriver handle.There is a bag of mounting screws that have a notification printed on the plastic that they are to be used with a specific speaker. Interestingly, the other speaker mounting screws did not work. I opened the aforementioned bag and they work perfectly for the 906 speakers! Thank goodness.The front and center speakers are currently on my desk in front of me. When I get a new desk, I’ll purchase 3 more of these (will probably have to get 4 due to packaging) to place behind the desk and at ear level.BK

  10. B. Davis

    For Denon Home 150
    These are decent stands. Easy assembly. But take note, for Denon Home 150 wireless speakers and maybe other similar wireless speakers, the L bracket to attach the speaker can’t be used. The power cord sticking out the back doesn’t fit well in front of this bracket and the bracket is too narrow to have the wire go through it. This seems like it would be an easy redesign for the manufacturer of these stands but, I had to end up using Velcro on the bottom of the speakers to secure them on to the stands. The speakers do fit well on the square mount thankfully. I would have preferred to secure them through the threaded hole in the back but, you’d need much longer bolts in order to compensate for the power cord sticking out at the bottom and it wouldn’t look as clean as having no bracket at all. The power cord fits easily through the tubes. Overall quality is good for the price.

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