Audio Control LCQ1 Black Color 6-Channel Car Audio Line Output Converter with Equalizer

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Brand AudioControl
Mounting Type Car Mount
Number of Channels 6
  • 6-channel line output converter with equalizer add amps to your factory system
  • 6-channel line output converter
  • converter with equalizer


LC6- 6 channel line output converter with equalizer.Audio Control LCQ1 Black Color 6-Channel Car Audio Line Output Converter with Equalizer.

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Weight 2.42 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 cm
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6 x 6 x 4 inches

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2.42 pounds



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Date First Available

November 16, 2011


Audio Control

10 reviews for Audio Control LCQ1 Black Color 6-Channel Car Audio Line Output Converter with Equalizer

  1. Bryan

    Great product, but buy from authorized seller.This is a great product from a great company. It was easy to wire up and the “maximized” feature makes it really easy to tune. The EQ controls allow for subtle to extreme adjustments. And the “auto on” feature paired with the remote out function reduces the wiring needed to trigger powering up your system.My issue came about because I did not order from an authorized dealer. There is an optional remote that I did not choose to order with this unit. If that remote has been hooked to the unit in the past, it leaves the output level of the subwoofer channel locked to wherever it was when the remote was unplugged. I spent HOURS trying to troubleshoot why I was not getting good signal strength to my subwoofer (channel 3), before Audio Control’s customer service recognized what the issue was, and offered me the remote for free, to resolve the issue. This leads me to believe that while the unit was sold as new, it had previously been hooked up and used.With it now fully functional, I can’t say enough good things about its performance. Now that I’ve used the optional remote, I do highly suggest getting that as well. It allows me to adjust the level of the sub channel from the dashboard, and really helps when switching between genres of music where the bass levels are inconsistent.I will recommend Audio Control as a company for the rest of my life now. Their products are great! But what takes it to the next level is their customer service. For such a large company, they made me feel like the only customer they had. They replicated my setup on their test benches and reported back to me daily on their results, and offered suggestions to resolve the issue, even when it meant comping me an accessory. I’ve never had an experience with a company like that before.Bottom line, buy from this manufacturer, but maybe avoid buying from here, as they are not an authorized reseller for the brand.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Kicks ass!Great sound!

  3. Amazon Customer

    LCQ-1 is just what the (audio) doctor orderedI needed a line out converter to connect my OEM headunit to an aftermarket amp system. There is alot of garbage electronics out there, and $40 processors are not going into my system. I have used Audio Control components for over 30 years, and this company is as good as it gets for producing quality components. In fact, the 2X@ pictured here, was pulled out of a box in my garage (after sitting for over 10 years) and installed in my 2018 Superduty. It works perfectly.The LCQ-1 is nice because it gives some equalizing adjustments that a line out converter cannot offer. And with stock head units, some form of equalization is mandatory, unless you just like muddy sounds. It does take some adjustment to get the gains and EQ points dialed in, but that’s the beauty of this unit. There are nearly infinite ways to adjust your overall sound from this unit alone. 5 stars and highly recommended.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Open Box/Amazing Piece of Equipment/Awesome Manufacturer SupportI am giving this 4 stars for two main reasons: it is an incredibly good piece of equipment and Audio Control has fantastic support!Like another reviewer, I was pretty convinced I had an open box unit. I believe this was confirmed when I didn’t get sound out of the subwoofer output channels. I called Audio Control and they let me know that Amazon sellers are unauthorized and that it becomes buyer beware. That said, they told me to check the jumpers because the AutoMode might be set to defeat. The board has changed quite a bit since the manual (even the online one) so I called them back to confirm the jumper number on the board. Sure enough, that was it…it had been changed from the factory mode of On to Defeat. I moved the jumper and all is well. They picked up the phone immediately on both calls, and were happy to help. I will recommend Audio Control for that reason, but the unit is AWESOME!I’m happy…now I just hope nothing goes wrong with it.

  5. BigCountry

    Good unit, bad instructionsWhen I first got this it worked pretty well but I was getting some strange distortion at high volumes. Finally I just started playing with all the settings. There are some settings you have to actually take the thing apart to change. I switched the “auto mode” setting to defeated and that seems to have cleared up the issue. The instructions aren’t very clear / useful, but this is a good little unit. I especially like the separate 5 band equalizer for the sub output.

  6. Javier Reynoso

    Got a defective one……. but still giving it 4 stars. Its currently working in my car and is amazing, kind of lol. So i ran a 9-wire from head unit to under seat. Then ran an epicenter between amp. This thing “maximized” at about 85% lets me send at least 5-7v rms of clean signal to my amp. The amp is at about 20% gain and ita pretty loud, running stock speakers for now with 2- 12″ pioneer subs. Its all i can say right now sounds clean and loud. The 1-less star is because i got a bad unit, i turn the eq knobs and no change… requested return, so we’ll see when i get new one how the eq settings work with my system. Audiocontrol has best equipment have no doubt on quality and usability of these products. Purchase here, this is best price, already checked, youre welcome.

  7. Flying Dutchman

    Audiocontrol First Rate. Product received was open box unitFirst Off any Audiophile worth his ears knows Audiocontrol products and company are first rate. I have used several of the products with great results. I will be installing this unit this weekend in my 2013 Silverado 2500HD. I will report back with a final analysis. The LCQ-1 may receive a 5-star, but the experience was tainted when the unit I received was obviously an “OPEN-BOX” unit. It doesn’t appear to be installed, but the box was all tattered and the paperwork wrinkled with a random piece of tape from the packaging stuck to it and the factory seal was cut open. Hopefully the install goes without a hitch.***UPDATE*** 2/11/14Installation update. I’m going to change the rating to reflect the product(5 Stars and not my experience with MagicSound. Fortunately the unit worked out fine.Audiocontrol absolutely rocks. The LCQ-1 is got to be one of the best products to add amplifiers and make a mediocre OE systems sound amazing. I required a little Tech help from Audiocontrol and guess what..Real People, no waiting and I had my answer in less 5 minutes. Great Company, Great product, easy to install, and MADE IN U.S.A.Look to other AudioControl Products to Improve ANY Stereo System.

  8. Alan

    Excellent but takes a while to get it rightWas fairly pricey, first time got a unit that made loud scratching sounds, the second unit was good, excellent sound. I noticed some of the factory default settings were off on the first one, led me to believe it may have been a return. Either way in the end the sound was what I was looking for, although it took many hours to tweak without the sound machine they recommended.

  9. Brian M

    A good option when keeping factory radioInstalled in a 2016 Honda Accord sport. Pros: makes strong clean signal for external amplifiers. Very easy to install. Accubass is the real deal! Cons: The speaker terminals are tiny and are hard to keep wires tight. I would advise anyone to put an RTA on your factory radio first because I found that the EQ bands on the lcq1 didnt need to be adjusted (could just be the acoustics of my car). Maybe save $100 and get the lc7i instead. Make sure you get the wired remote if you amplifier doesn’t have one. Overall a good product.

  10. DJ Dave

    Buyer be ware if you buy this from amazonSo after getting 2 defective units from Amazon I ordered from Crutchfield. I do really like it now that I have a good one that works. I actually replace an LCi7 as I wanted to add the EQ control. Using RF speakers and RF 5 channel Amp in my 3rd Gen Tacoma with the entune stock deck. The RF speakers tend to run a bit bright on the upper mid rang so this with some minor EQ adjustments really made thing’s sound much more natural. Very happy with it. Just beware if you take a chance buying it from Amazon.

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