MFL. 10w LED Moving Head Light RGBW Stage Light Mini Moving Beams Rotating Moving Head DMX512 Sound Activated Master-slave Auto

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Very important: when the light is at auto Run Mode, there are 2 Moving speeds for option, A001 is the fast one, A002 is the slow one, If you don’t like it moving too fast, please make it A002 at the set menu. featuring a RGBW quad color LED, the mf-b10 mini moving head beam light provides pure lighting excitement with the fast moving beam and colors change. heat sink on both sides to dissipate the heat inside the unit. Premium housing keeps the body cool to touch. create a beam of tight light in a spot light pattern, Ideal to use with mirror ball. Also works great to create a beam shooting through fog. 540 Degree pan and 270 degree, making the beam light even vibrant. Control mode: auto, DMX 512, sound Active, master/slave Specifications: -smart and smart. A featuring a RGBW quad color LED, the mf-b10 mini moving head beam light will give pure lighting excitement with its 2 built-in shows, fast moving beams and color changes. For added excitement, it has a pan and tilt inversion mode that makes one head do the opposite of another when linked together. -other control methods include: sound Active with 4 built-in shows, or use a DMX controller to create your own light shows. -power input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz -LED source: 10W RGBW quad color CREE LED lamp -control mode: auto, DMX, Sound Active, master/slave -DMX Channel: 11/13Ch -dimmer: 0100%; -strobe: 0-20 times/sec -optical: 3 -pan: 540 (8-16 bit) -tilt: 270 (8-16 bit) -dimension: 24*24*18cm -connection: power in and 3 pin DMX In/Out for easy Link -Shipping weight: 4. 4 pounds -Product : 12 months package includes: 2 x Mini beam moving head light 2 x Power cable (us power plug)2 x User Manual 2 x bracket.

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30 May 2015



10 reviews for MFL. 10w LED Moving Head Light RGBW Stage Light Mini Moving Beams Rotating Moving Head DMX512 Sound Activated Master-slave Auto

  1. JString

    My Rewiew of MFL 10w Mini Moving Head Light Stage Spotlight
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     Here is my initial review. (Here is my you tube demo link: […]).I am new to the mobile DJ arena. So when considering lighting, I have been very careful. I didn’t want to get cute lights that looked like they were cheap DJ lights. I really wanted a club feel. And for the price and performance, these do the job.I bought 4 and a A “T bar”. I decided to mount two on the top and two on the bottom and give them a reverse program set. This way there is always light pointing toward the dance floor. I feel confident about converting any space into a club. I need to get one more set of 4 to place opposite of these.On the opposite side of things, I hated the manual. It was not new user friendly. I actually had to get the concept from another manual as to what the letters mean and what buttons to push. And extra page to explain what AU01 and AU02 mean and if they are different in channel 11 or 13… I still don’t have a clue. Maybe this has to do with having a controller. I have no idea. And I can’t find any online help.I am still trying to find out if I can just have a forward show (180 degrees instead of 360 rotation.)All in all, for what I use it for… I am happy.I have been very careful in getting lighting. I didn’t want them to seem like “dj lights”… I wanted them to have an industry/ club feel. These do the job.

  2. Michael

    Not a true single beam spotlight
    For the money, don’t expect to be blown away by the product. I did like the size of the product – it would have been perfect for a backyard halloween party. However, one of the bracket mounting screws in the base would never come unscrewed – it was either screwed in too far to begin with, or the threads were stripped. Since my plan was to mount these to a truss, they were pretty much un-useable from the start.Also, and most importantly, this is not a single color single beam spotlight. I’m not sure what’s going on inside the lens, but it seems like they have some sort of fixed gobo that creates colored squares when there should be a single beam. Even worse, the squares aren’t even solid colors – they are seemingly random combinations that can’t be changed.If this doesn’t bother you, and you have no plans to mount them on a truss, then go for it. They will probably last for several backyard parties if you take care of them.And final pro tip – make sure you use a fog machine with these. There really is no way to see the beam without fog.

  3. David B

    Good Lights for the Price Point. But could be improved. 10/10 For Customer Service!
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     The MFL. 10w LED Moving Head Light RGBW work great for what they are and price wise. See my video demo. One of the main issues however is even though they are listed as RGBW, they can not make any color as one would think. So if you want to get purple, look elsewhere as the LED’s do not combine to product an endless array of colors. It would also be nice if they had a volume control for sound activated sensitivity. When operating and sound mode, they have two speeds fast and slow. Also it seems they run just a straight sequence of patterns and do not run at random. So when it hears a sound (Bass) it just steps to the next movement, and so on and so forth. Not randomly as one may expect. This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you want to use the lights. But seeing the same movements over and over, when they could be doing almost anything, just doesn’t seem right. Again, for the price point they work well. Also a big 10 out of 10 for customer service. They really do want happy customers as I have discovered while interacting with them over email. I just hope they come up with a new product that addresses some of the shortcomings.

  4. UnRuh3

    I would have loved to love these lights, and kinda do. They just have too many drawbacks. First and foremost, one of them doesn’t reset right at all. The first time I took that one out of the box it seemed kind of messed up. Like it had been the weakest link, in a link full of weak links. The good one, as we’ll call it, resets like it should. Turns in a 180 degree turn, then drops. This other one seems to do that, about 165 degrees then drops and grinds the gears. They just don’t match up in a master/slave setup. This one also seems to make more noise in the grinding of gears when in fast mode than the other one too. Making it seem like that one will be dying before the warranty is up. Sad to be said. As these lights are a pretty cool addition to my already great setup. I was thinking about another two of these to go with them. Although with this fallback, I don’t know if I’m willing to invest in another $200+ to get the setup I was hoping for.That being said, colors are bright and look great with fog. Lights are quite responsive to sound when on sound active mode. Fans get a little loud, but what is music for? They can get as loud as they want and when on sound active mode they behave like a champ. Just wish I had a matching, working, in sync pair. They are off by so much it made me laugh so hard I almost fell off of the couch. I realize that they are supposed to be the cheap alternative, but to what extreme, I ask you? Everything that I have used in the past has synced up better than this. I use these mirrored, with a master/slave pan/tilt inversion, makes a great show with the right lights. Maybe these just aren’t the right ones? Awwwww…….q&A…….

  5. GeekGirl

    Master/Slave mode did the trick!
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     I’ve always wanted a moving head light pair to add to my dance club light collection. I’m not an expert, I do not use the DMX programming and all my lights run in the Sound Active mode. The moving heads from reputable/known companies were way more expensive (around $1000) that I decided to purchase this pair.When I first turned them on, it was an underwhelming experience as the heads would spin in any which direction they wanted and didn’t have the cohesive feel that I was after. Upon doing additional research (thanks to the reviews of others), I learned that running this pair in master slave mode would do the trick. So I purchased the DMX cable to sync them (the one I used is this one 10 ft 3 pin cable – and boy, does it make a difference!It does cast enough light to brighten the room so be mindful of it. The instructions are hard to understand and sometimes despite being in master/slave mode, the lights wouldn’t budge and pressing through different modes, resetting them did the trick. Check out the video to see the lights in action.

  6. johnd3101

    Super fast, incredible responsive, and sturdy build.
    First off, the build on these is incredible. They are super sturdy, incredibly responsive and are probably the fastest rotating heads I’ve used so far. The light is bright, they automatically worked perfect when synced up and I had zero issues getting scenes going with my DMX controller. Music mode they worked perfect also.So…why did I take off one star…Well I honestly just don’t like the design of the actual light. This projects 4 squares of light to make a boxy (windows like) symbol. When you shut a color off you end up with 2 squares of light. I use them as backlighting to my table now instead of on the floor and got some wash lights and gobos. They work great that way.

  7. Bob

    Quickest moving heads I’ve ever seen.
    Very nice lights for the price. Easy to use, and the DMX controls aren’t that bad. Only complaint with them is that they are *too* fast in their sound active mode, and there is no sensitivity that I have found to turn it down so they don’t fire so quickly.These things whip around crazily fast, smooth as silk and without issue, but still super fast. I feel a slower auto and sound mode would allow more presence of the beams in a nicely fogged room than it does currently.Beam is nice and tight, and very bright. In a ballroom with lights fully up, you could still see the RGBW square 100ft away on the wall.I’ll be buying another 4, and putting together some DMX chases for them to get around the speed issue.

  8. Amazon Customer

    I recommend linking them with a DMX cable (master/slave) so they’ll …
    They worked! I always wanted an affordable moving head light (or 2) for our rock band at small venues where we have to provide the lighting. They don’t throw tons of light but in a small, smokey environment you can make out the beams. It adds a little bit of a different element to a small light show. They worked for one show thus far, we’ll see how the durability factors in the long term. I recommend linking them with a DMX cable (master/slave) so they’ll both act in unison (or mirror) with each other.

  9. Daniel Saldivar

    About 2 and only got one and it does not programmed the same as the other two I bought Earlier
    I love the way these look on the stage I thought I bought another pair but only one came and it the same … The same side the same name to theme everything but it does not programmed to be the same as the other two.. are they different then the other ones I order or I thought i did but i got only one………

  10. Amazon Customer

    Great little light
    I’ve wanted to get my hands on a moving head light since I first saw one and although I was hesitant with the low price of these units, I decided to jump right in and buy two pairs of these. After having the four units for about a month now, I must say that I’m quite impressed. Having never programmed with DMX before it took a little bit of trial and error to get them to work the way I wanted, but that is to be expected.Pros:Great, durable build. Feels solidSmall footprint doesn’t take up a lot of spaceLights are actually pretty bright, given their size and priceCons:The fans are relatively loud, although when used in most applications (with music playing, probably loudly) this won’t be an issue

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