On-Stage Music Accessory (MST1000)

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  • Great for picks, capos, phones, small percussion… just about any small accessory. Clamps to any standard mic stand
  • Mounting bar has a threaded end and positioning washer, which allows you to mount an additional mic…perfect for miking an instrument
  • Note : The mounting bar has a threaded end and positioning washer that clamps the support bar to the microphone stand and it is provided with the item. The clamp is adjustable and can fit all commonly sized microphone stands. Unit meant to hold small objects such as capos, picks, phones, and other small accessories, not laptops or other large objects.
  • Steel construction and easy mounting makes this ideal gig gear
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Based on the elliptical enveloping clamp design first found on the u-mount series, this mic stand accessory tray is a natural adaptation of that versatile system. A single oversized thumbscrew secures the mount in seconds to any round tubing from 1/2-1/4″, like upper shafts of microphone stands. The accessory tray is a perfect catch-all for all of your picks, capos, tuners, slides, your set list, or a drink! We’ve taken the design one step further and added a threaded end to the mounting bar, which allows you to mount an additional mic — perfect for making an acoustic instrument!

From the manufacturer

  • Tray Dimensions: 6” x 9”
  • Mounting Bar Length: 9”; 8” mounted from stand
  • Mount: Accepts round tubing ½” – ¾”
  • Threading: 5/8”-27
  • Construction: Steel
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Color: Black

On-Stage MST1000

U-Mount Microphone Stand Tray

Based on the elliptical enveloping clamp design first found on the u-mount series, this mic stand accessory tray is a natural adaptation of that versatile system. A single oversized thumbscrew secures the mount in seconds to any round tubing from ½ – ¾ inch, like upper shafts of microphone stands. We’ve taken the design one step further and added a threaded end to the mounting bar, which allows you to mount an additional mic… perfect for miking an acoustic instrument!





Clamps to any Standard Microphone Stand

Oversized Thumb Screw for Easy Tool-Free Clamping

Tray can be Removed from the Mounting Bar with a Screwdriver

Great for Picks, Capos, Phones, Small Percussion, etc.

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Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 1 × 6 cm
Item Weight

1.2 pounds

Product Dimensions

10 x 1 x 6 inches

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Date First Available

December 15, 2014

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10 reviews for On-Stage Music Accessory (MST1000)

  1. Brian Jay

    A Nice, Space Saving Addition To My Music RoomDue to the mysterious way my guitars keep multiplying, space in my music room continues to grow scarce, so I was pleased to add this elegant solution into the mix. It attached easily and securely to my favorite mic stand, eliminating the floor-consuming footprint of a full size music stand. Sturdy, with an adjustable tilt, it holds my music reference materials at a convenient height while I practice playing. Very pleased!

  2. Vincent DiBona

    Good for the money- but with some caveatsI just wanted a tray that I could put some guitar picks, a capo or some other guitar accessory on my MUSIC STAND. I don’t sing so I don’t have a mic stand. This tray isn’t bad for the money, but there are some things that may or may not be important for others as they were for me…The size of the tray is pretty good. It is smaller than the photo suggests which is good- 6″ x 9″. It’s got a 1/4″ lip all the way around. There are two pieces to this “kit”; the tray and the arm. The tray has two nuts welded to it and two bolts that go through the arm to attach it to the tray. It also comes with to washers, which I think were utterly too thick making the bolts stick out further than necessary. I substituted thinner washers to allow the bolts to sit closer in. I think On-Stage could have used shorter bolts and thinner nuts- or attach the arm from the other side with screws that could be flush with the bottom of the tray. No big deal.**One important design limitation is that they should have made the U for the clamp area slightly larger to fit common music stands as well as mic stands. It didn’t fit the main shaft of my Manhasset music stand. I ended up taking a dremel tool and enlarging the U clamp area so it would properly fit my Manhasset stand. There is a plastic plug in it so I removed the plug, reshaped the area where it sits, then re-contoured the plastic piece. I think I enlarged the metal about 1/16″ and with the plastic contouring is right. Now I have a tray that can fit both a mic stand and a music stand. I’m not sure why On-Stage didn’t think of making it to also fit the most popular music stand in America, if not in the world?Second the protrusion for the mic… IMO it doesn’t need to stick out so far. I get that On-Stage is trying to extend the reach for a mic mount, but could have made it shorter and put an extension piece with it. Initially, I was afraid of scratching my guitar with it, but I think it’s ok. I may end of covering it with a rubber cap or cutting it off. Not sure yet. But hey, its only $13.You can probably assume it is a bare metal tray. While only 1 pound a good molded plastic would have been lighter and just as strong- and probably cheaper- atleast to make. And oh yes… it requires bolting the arm to the tray with included screws and washers. I felt the washers were too think and make the screws protrude under the “arm” more than needed. I substituted much thinner washers…. And because the unit comes in two parts, the arm and the tray, someone clever could easily substitute the tray for something different; Different shape, different position, lighter, whatever you like. But it’s not bad as it is.I’ve cut a thin piece of tool drawer liner foam to keep things from clanking when picking stuff up or putting stuff down. Simple stuff. Also the tray is steel so you can put magnets on it if you have a need.Overall, again for $13 isn’t bad. I wish it were lighter and wish it didn’t have the mic thing (which I may cut off eventually). But it works.I gave this three stars only because for pennies and a little thought it could be been significantly better with a wider U, a lighter weight tray and a mic extension that doesn’t protrude quite so far.

  3. Kevin

    Sturdy and decent priceThese come in handy in the studio for note pad and other things while in the booth. If the platform was a little bigger for holding items that would be nice. Still a good buy and would purchase again

  4. RMJ

    Worked perfectly!!!I used the product to hold my blx wireless microphone receiver. I also plan to use for clients that need to set their iPhone, ipad, sheet music, etc on it. It’s a great thing to have. I Love it.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for VO boothI’m a vo artist, and this clips on great to my mic stand. I put my iPad on this, and it helps me read while keeping my body free to act. Very sturdy, easy to attach.

  6. Jim Kaznosky

    Clamp weld fell apartI’m a working musician as a second job and need to occasionally bring lyrics or charts to a gig. Because I sing, the idea of this is ideal as opposed to a music stand. Additionally, it is one less thing to bring and take up floor space.That being said, the clamp end of the U-clamp fell had a weak weld and fell apart after my second gig using it. I’ve reached out to customer support from On-Stage and received no response. Since the U-Clamp is part of several of their designs, I would have assumed that it would be easy to just replace the clamp. Alas, another company sucks.

  7. Randy F. Stallion

    Don’t think twice. It’s a great product.Like most things, the simpler the better. This thing latches onto your mic stand (or any small, pipe-shaped surface) in seconds and does not move until you move it. I trust it to hold my $400+ Fishman pedal at every gig. I play between two and six gigs per week, every week, and this little shelf has been a reliable, welcome addition to my rig, often eliminating the need for a side table. Paired with the OnStage drink holder (which mounts the same way and is another simple product that works great) your mic stand becomes an all-in-one workstation. No more bending over to adjust the pedal, engage the tuner, or pick up/put down your drink. I do recommend using it with at least a moderately heavy mic stand because the added offset weight of the shelf and any items on it can pull the lighter ones right over if they are not adequately balanced and/or secured to the stage, especially outside in the wind. The built-in mic mount is a great common-sense addition for mic’ing instruments. I don’t use it, but the extended arm makes a great place to hang my guitar cable during breaks. If you’re thinking this may benefit you, it will. Highly recommended for the gigging musician looking to streamline their rig.

  8. Otto Dada

    Just what I was looking for.I’ve got to give this product high praise. It’s well built, sturdy, and just the thing that I needed for my guitar looper. I use the looper in kind of a “table top” mode with foot pedals to start and stop the loops. Having the looper up on the shelf mounted on the mic stand gives me greater flexibility to adjust it. The shelf is just the right size and it’s just what I was looking for.

  9. Hewster

    Better than some, but not perfectRoom for small accessories, but if you put something like a DI box on it, there’s no room for a drink (which is probably not a good idea to put on this anyhow), and maybe picks and capo. Not to sure how useful the mic attachment will be, it’s at an awkward angle and not adjustable, but still a nice touch. I can add a gooseneck if needed.Attaches to thick or thinner part of my mic stand, which is a plus, looks like it will fit most stands.The tray itself is very sturdy, but I’m not sure how long the clamp will hold up. There’s only about 1/2″ of clamp area that attaches the the stand, wish they’d make the clamp part wider to spread out the pressure more, I have to tighten it a lot to fit securely. If it is to stay fixed on a stand it should be fine, but for travel it’s better to take it off, which takes longer than needed. It seems a quick release spring loaded arrangement would make it a lot quicker to get on and off.The plastic washer on the clamp fell out right off the bat, I had to glue it back in, wasn’t too impressed by that, and it seems like it will break pretty easily if over tightened. The clamp should still work, but it will then scratch your mic stand.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Good quality, measurements are off a bitI had this for only a moment. For my use the size was very important. Length is closer to 12-1/2″ inches (so plus 1/4″) which was fine, width was a shade over 9 inches (minus 1-5/8″). Missing over an inch and a half was a problem for fitting a small mixer so I had to return. The rest of it in terms of construction seemed great for the time it took my to unbox, cry/dry my tears of disappointment, measure, take pictures, and put back in box. Included images are as close as I could show while holding a baby/measuring/taking a picture.Ended up purchasing the Talent MSS Utility Shelf for Microphone Stand which is a flat shelf, very sturdy and large at 15-3/4″ x 10″. Great alternative if you’re willing to go flat. Peace, out fellow Amazonians.

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