ION Audio Block Rocker Plus – Portable Bluetooth Speaker 100W W/Battery, Karaoke Microphone, AM FM Radio, Wheels & Telescopic

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Brand ION Audio
Model Name Block Rocker Plus
Speaker Type Woofer, Tweeter
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, USB
Special Feature Powerful portable bluetooth speaker with rechargeable battery

  • Dynamic, powerful sound 8 inch woofer and wide dispersion tweeter deliver clear, lifelike sound; A 100 watt peak power amplifier pumps up the volume and a Bass Boost button instantly cranks up the low end
  • Ultra-portable centerpiece for your gathering rugged plastic enclosure featuring a telescoping handle, wheels and two conveniently located carrying handles; Plus, a microphone is included for public speaking, karaoke and more
  • Long life battery 50 hour rechargeable battery for nonstop fun, plus a USB port is included for charging smartphones, tablets and more
  • Connectivity covered send your music to block rocker plus from any Bluetooth enabled device and control playback via dedicated Bluetooth track controls (play/pause, next, back).
  • No Bluetooth No problem A 1/8 inch (3.5 millimeter) aux input is also included for non Bluetooth devices as well as an on board AM/FM radio
  • Note: Kindly refer to the user manual provided as a PDF manual in the product description section
  • What’s in the box: Block Rocker Plus Bluetooth Speaker, Microphone with Cable, 1/8” (3.5 millimeter) stereo aux cable, power/charging cable, quickstart guide, safety & warranty manual


Powerful & Ultra-Portable – Superior High-Fidelity Wireless Sound, Anywhere!
Don’t settle for an imitation, ION Audio’s legendary Block Rocker Series is the only choice when it comes to powerful lifelike sound on-the-go! Block Rocker Plus is an ultra-portable sound system including speakers, wheels, a telescoping handle, an amplifier, audio inputs, a microphone, an AM/FM radio and wireless easy-pair Bluetooth technology all packed in a road-ready cabinet that ready to go wherever and whenever you need superior sound reinforcement but lack AC power. The legendary Block Rocker returns – ready for whatever you throw at it!

Bluetooth Built-in
Your portable playback devices never sounded this good! Take total control of your playlist with Block Rocker Plus easy-pair wireless Bluetooth capability – keep your iPad, iPhone, or other Bluetooth music-playing device right by your side as you blast your music over Block Rocker Plus immense 100W peak power amplifier with bass boost. You can even control playback with dedicated Play/Pause, Next/ Previous Track Buttons. With a robust 8-inch woofer and wide-dispersion tweeter, experience deep driving bass and crystal-clear highs that guarantee to get your party moving! No Bluetooth? No Problem? Block Rocker Plus includes an on-board AM/FM radio with 20 pre-sets and even a 1/8-inch aux input, perfect for non-Bluetooth devices including CD players, cassette players and more.

Rechargeable Battery
Don’t let a lack of power ruin your gathering! Block Rocker Plus has a built-in battery with a charge indicator, providing up to 50 hours of pristine cordless sound. Run out of power? Simply connect the included power cord and rock out! This combination of awesome sound and an ultra-long-life battery is the ultimate solution that’s perfect for a party, barbeques, or any other place you want to crank up your music on-the-go.

USB Port & Microphone Included
We really have thought about everything! Block Rocker Plus includes a built-in USB 2.0 port, perfect for charging your iPad, iPhone, or other USB devices. Simply use the Block Rocker Plus built-in battery to charge-up your portable devices. Add to all of this a high-quality included microphone and the ability to amplify your non-Bluetooth audio sources via the conveniently located Aux input, and Block Rocker Plus is the perfect powerful ultra-portable all-in-one sound reinforcement solution.

Most laptops do include some sort of Bluetooth functionality, however, this is often a type of Bluetooth intended solely for mice and keyboards; not for streaming audio. In order to stream audio via Bluetooth, your laptop will need to be compatible with the A2DP Bluetooth profile which is common in most phones and tablets, but not as popular in laptops or other computers.

It’s possible that your laptop could connect to a Bluetooth speaker even without the A2DP profile, but you will very likely experience playback issues (no sound or drop-outs) or you will be unable to use the speaker as an audio output device. If you’re experiencing issues playing back audio from a laptop, try your speaker with a smartphone or tablet before assuming something is wrong with the speaker. Also, be wary of inexpensive USB Bluetooth dongles which promise to add Bluetooth to older computers that don’t already have wireless capabilities.

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Can I connect a wireless microphone?

Of course! We recommend using a UHF wireless microphone – Connect the output from a UHF receiver, to the 1/4″ (6.35mm) TS Microphone input located on the front.

Are there any recommendations for battery maintenance?

Block Rocker Plus utilises a Lead Acid Battery – For best practice, ensure Block Rocker Plus is fully charged before stored away for any long periods.

How can I achieve the best sound?

Make sure the output from your audio source is below 90% – If you’re using a smart phone, use the equaliser from your favourite music app to enhance certain frequencies.

Additional information

Weight 20.7 kg
Dimensions 9.85 × 17.33 × 14.57 cm
Product Dimensions

9.85 x 17.33 x 14.57 inches

Item Weight

20.7 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number

Block Rocker Plus


1 Product Specific batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

September 1, 2018


Ion Audio – MI

10 reviews for ION Audio Block Rocker Plus – Portable Bluetooth Speaker 100W W/Battery, Karaoke Microphone, AM FM Radio, Wheels & Telescopic

  1. Drew F. Weber

    A small form PA that seams rugged, solid, and sounds good!This review is from a blindness prospective. I can not speak on the units look, but I can speak on usage, sound quality, and accessibility for a totally blind person.Introduction: I am happy with this unit. The sound is mostly clean and it does have a nice bit of volume, please keep that in mind when reading technical thoughts below.use case Scenarios? Who may want to seriously think about purchasing?College students in Dorm rooms. Those working outdoors or in a large warehouse style building. Campers/outdoors men. Guitarists looking for a very clean sounding battery powered amp for acoustic guitars. DJ’s looking for a small rig that won’t brake the bank. Small groups/ small churches, toastmasters etc.Exterior features:Units outer casing is plastic which seams strong.I love that this unit has wheals and a telescoping suitcase like handle that pops up from the back. The unit is very easy to roll and control.The speaker grill is metal, much like on a PA standalone speaker.I feel a nice edition to a future version of this unit would be to ad a standard speaker stand tripod mount on the bottom so that it could be lifted up off the ground.As someone who can not see, I am unable to tell the battery status of the unit, as unlike some BT devices it’s charge does not show up on a smartphone.Volume controls are easy to turn and have more play than I would like.I do appreciate the tactile mark on each volume to understand how loud the unit is without looking at it.Audio quality/sound:The Microphone included with the unit is a joke. If you want something intelligible, may I suggest the Shure SM-58.Audio output from this single speaker unit is obviously mono which is fine for events. The audio from the source is mixed from both channels into Mono so you aren’t going to lose any single channel.The cab is totally sealed, no ports for bass kick which is a good thing for something that will be outside to not get dirt in the cab.Preamps are quieter than I expected.Inputs, jacks and Bluetooth seam to be quite hot, this is before audio hits the amp/volume nobs so nothing you can do about it.Using an iOS device, you need to have your device volume three clicks down from the top to eliminate audible clipping/distortion.Their is a ground loop/static when charging a tablet/device from the USB jack, and also running this same device into either the Line/aux or Mic jackVolume of the unit:The unit does get quite loud and is clear. The volume does cover a block depending on buildings in it’s way.Remember that this is only one speaker, such as, one side of a PA system and runs off of battery, so it is quite awesome what you get.When you start turning the master up, you get a lot of volume right away.When you get past half with the tactile mark past 12 o’clock the amp is being pushed close to it’s max for clean audio, towards clipping/distortion. Their is more play in the volume, meaning that you can turn the nob and not a lot of actual volume increase, but audio starts to distort.’Overall tone of the unit:sub bass/lows: Don’t exist: 0-45HZ. though You will still hear mid range bass which accounts for sub bass in headphones or systems with no subs because of how a lot of today’s music is produced. The G Sharp 50 HZ in a number of today’s hip-hop songs though is present.mid range Lows: their is a boost between 80-150 HZ (especially when the bass boost is on) which is heard more in close proximity which seams to color the sound.At times, kick drums (acoustic/synth) are not always tight, quarter second delay and you hear a bit of an extra thump.Mids: Seam to nicely fit in the mix.Highs: It seams between 10-16KHZ drop off a bit which makes this unit seam a bit more mid range and bass heavy.Bass boost button, helps to tighten up the sound, is a must.No onboard EQ to customize things. If your using Spotify as your main music source, may I suggest the following EQ settings for cleaner less muddy audio.60H/z=5150HZ=-10400HZ=-11KHZ=-12.4KHZ=-115KHZ=2Guitarists: Sounds great with an acoustic with an active pickup running into the Quarter Inch mic jack. Honestly much cleaner than I would have expected. Depending on your pickup system, you may have to have your guitars volume at less than 100%/all the way up to keep from clipping. The boost in the mid range bass actually brings out nice tone in an acoustic guitar. This alone with it’s battery power, at it’s price point is a steal for an acoustic amp!Button/nob/socket layout.Face/front of unit top left side of panel: quarter inch Microphone input, to the right eighth inch line/aux input. Top Right side of panel: USB charging port.lower left side of panel: Microphone input volume nob, Same spot on the right side of panel Master output nob.Buttons: To the right of the microphone nob: top to bottom: On/Off, Bluetooth, FM, AMBottom row of buttons are radio presets.On the right side very bottom button on row of presets is bass boost toggle.Back of unit: Power socket.Thanks for reading. I do hope this was useful for some. If I am able I am also going to upload videos with stereo audio examples of the units sound recorded through a pair of in-ear Binaural Microphones. (Hoping Amazon videos are stereo not mixed to mono) The audio is very lifelike. Please listen with headphones.

  2. Matt losack

    Great speaker!I work in a loud warehouse with heavy machine saws cutting every 5 minutes and I wanted a speaker that I could hear with ear plugs in over the saws. It’s way louder than I thought I love it. Everyone in the warehouse can hear it! Has great bass and great sound quality. On almost full volume I’d say probably 80% volume with my phone volume all the way up the speaker lasts roughly 5 hours but it’s great because I kept it at same that volume playing and plugged it up and it was fully charged again before my shift was up in 4 hours. Great buy, everyone at my job wants one!

  3. Clayton Donald Rickard III

    You get what you spendI bought this speaker because I work on a factory floor with loud machines.Sound Quality: Tends to suffer a decent bit at max volume, which is what I use it at, but I’m also around machinery. So it sounds the same to me, but is noticeable. Just loud enough at 1/2 to max volume around the machinery… Can’t really use it indoors unless you live far from people or have the device’s volume that’s connected on one bar of volume. Even half of one white bar is pretty damn loud.Bass boost is great for a bass heavy, lower-pitched, less vocal type of song… it distorts the audio when its a higher-pitched song that’s more dependent on vocalsPortability: Better than some, worse than others. Mid-tier. Tends to get the “death wobbles” while pulling around by the handle where it will rock back and forth and the intensity will increase until it flips over potentially causing you to drop it unless you stop or slow down to correct itBluetooth connectivity: only one person had some difficulty getting connected, it was an older phone, and they still got connected eventually

  4. Lauren Rachel

    Excellent! Mic could be better…We bought this item because we needed it same-day for a party; so glad we did! The sound is amazing for the price. I’m no sound engineer, but I think for u set $200 it was above and beyond. I do think the mic is trash, though — I’ll have to give it another shot and mess with the settings. Because I thought this would be the case, I ordered two add’l Bluetooth microphones since we had tons of people wanting to get in on the action. A-for the mic but overall pleased. Didn’t have to plug it in once all night. Bravo!

  5. Savanah

    Loud!Amazing speaker!! Hold charge very well, super super loud I have never reached full blast yet! Very good and went camping for 2 nights, started with full battery and had it on at least 8 hours a day only had to charge once because I had two phones plugged into it as well

  6. Dale Vincent Holness II

    GreatIt comes with a mic.. I use it when I’m throwing parties it’s great and loud.. no distortion no muffles.. very awesome connects via Bluetooth and it is just an awesome speaker.. if on moderate will play for 8 hrs but if it’s higher best to keep it plugged in..

  7. JoAnn Binford

    Ion PickupThe microphone it comes with is low quality. I used an old microphone from a previous Kareoke machine I purchased for my kids 20 years ago. That one was on its last leg but still had great sound quality. It lasted 6 months. The new microphone is flimsy and doesn’t work well. I’m looking to find wireless mics that I can use with this model. Having a good microphone makes a huge difference on the fun we have with friends.

  8. Josh Ackerman

    Great and powerful little systemWe picked this up for a small event for our back yard. I needed something that could get sound all around the area of you yard, and this did not disappoint. The volume can be touchy, but in a good way as long as you know to always turn the volume to the lowest setting when turning on. It can really get up in volume quick. But this thing can do a range of audio volume wise and connection wise, as we had it bluetoothed for some of the night and some of the night connected to a computer as well, all while on its battery. We are very happy with it and have recommended it a couple times in the couple months we have had it

  9. Jake Cunniff

    Great battery lifeWe bought this speaker for a birthday party. It came fully charged but I threw it on the charger over night. We had it playing for around 4 hrs of music and then connected it to our projector via Bluetooth so the kiddos could watch the polar express. Super impressed with the sound felt and sounded like the train was in the room. Battery didn’t drop a single bar. So far we are very happy with the product. Will update if that changes.

  10. Ovsep

    Nice speakerUse it at work everyday, easy to connect with bluetooth, sound is nice and loud. Great product for price

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