Hercules DJSpeaker 32 Party | 15-Watt RMS monitor speakers with tempo-synced light show

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Brand Hercules DJ
Model Name Hercules DJSpeaker 32 Party: 2 x 15 watts active monitoring speakers with built-in lights
Speaker Type Satellite, Woofer
Mounting Type Vent
Material Wood, Plastic

  • 3-inch woofer
  • Shifted tweeter for clearer rendering and a more noticeable stereo effect in the space
  • Dual bass vent
  • DJ light included
  • 15 watts RMS power per satellite speaker
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Product Description

The days of having to disconnect all your gear, lug it around with you, reconnect it and then set It all up again are over the DJ Speaker 32 party speakers are the perfect mix of sound and lighting, Made simple. Not too big and not too small, the speakers are incredibly easy to take with you wherever you go, and fit in perfectly with any environment: Enjoy great vibes, with no hassles! .

From the Manufacturer

Active monitor speakers: leisure speakers to start Djing with a DJ light included

From the manufacturer

Hercules DJ MONITOR 32 Party Pack

Party Now, Become a DJ!

Each of the DJSpeaker 32 Party speakers features a system of LED lights for a color-filled ambiance. Easily controlled via the included infrared remote, the speakers let you choose between 4 different lighting modes to keep the good vibes at your parties going non-stop:

Mode 1: lighting effect to the beat of the music.

Mode 2: lighting effect to the beat of the music, active even during transitions between two songs.

Mode 3: rapid flash effect to the beat of the music.

Strobe flash function: the flash effect keeps on going, even when there’s no music playing, for amazing non-stop lighting.

No matter what you’re up to

  • The speakers aren’t just perfect for your DJ set…
  • You can even connect them directly to your smartphone

Additional Informatioln




High-Quality Design

The DJSpeaker 32 Party active monitoring speakers were designed with high-end components for optimal precision and audio rendering, with exceptional listening quality.

Clear Stereo Sound

3” / 7.6 cm woofer. Offset tweeter for clearer sound reproduction, and a more spatially-distinct stereo effect. Dual bass ports. Speaker enclosures crafted of 0.24” / 6 mm thick MDF.

Speaker Positioning

For optimal positioning of the speakers, there should be a 60° angle between the two satellites, and between the user and the satellites. It is also important that the speakers be positioned at a height whereby the listener’s ears are level with the midpoint between the speakers’ woofers and tweeters.


Take them with you anywhere!

The days of having to disconnect all your gear, lug it around with you, reconnect it and then set it all up again are over… The DJSpeaker 32 Party speakers are the perfect mix of sound and lighting, made simple.

Not too big and not too small, the speakers are incredibly easy to take with you wherever you go, and fit in perfectly with any environment: enjoy great vibes, with no hassles!

Additional information

Weight 8.1 kg
Dimensions 15.94 × 7.16 × 11.02 cm
Item Weight

8.1 pounds

Product Dimensions

15.94 x 7.16 x 11.02 inches

Country of Origin




Item model number


Date First Available

December 31, 2018

Back Material


Body Material


Color Name


Hardware Interface


Speaker Amplification Type


Top Material


Material Type

Wood, Plastic

Speaker Count


Output Wattage

60 Watt Hours



Proficiency Level


Power Source

Corded Electric


120 Volts


15 watts


Hercules DJ

10 reviews for Hercules DJSpeaker 32 Party | 15-Watt RMS monitor speakers with tempo-synced light show

  1. Carlos W.

    Pretty good speakers, problem with remoteI use these mostly as studio monitors, they are good enough for the price. I’m not an extreme audiophile, but I do think they sound great for their size.Would be 5 stars, except the remote was dead as a few other people have reported. The battery was good but there was no output from the IR LED. I didn’t feel like taking the trouble to return them, so I used them with the lights stuck on for a while. The patterns are neat for DJing live but annoying when trying to focus on producing a track.Fortunately, I was cleaning up my house and found an old unbranded TV/DVD remote and figured I would try it out. It worked! The power button turns the lights on or off, play or stop activates the flash mode, and channel buttons 1-7 change the colors. That’s not necessarily mapped exactly to the original remote buttons but it satisfied me. So if you get one and the remote doesn’t work, don’t despair. Any sort of universal remote will probably work to at least turn the lights on or off.

  2. Miss Coko

    Perfect for bedroom DJing and DJing house partiesSound quality is great but the remote doesn’t work to change the light patterns or turn them off. I’ve even changed the battery and still doesn’t work. I’ve contacted Hercules support directly and waiting for resolution but most likely they will send me new speakers because the rep told me they don’t have spare remotes. Besides that for $129 these are some best quality sounding studio speakers you can get and the lights are nice touch to parties or if you just want to jam out alone.

  3. Marisol Lopez

    .My son loves his speakers especially the lights

  4. Mayson Merafuentes

    BrokenHad speakers for two weeks never played loud. the right speaker has no sound and left speakers lights stopped working…

  5. eric

    Weird but wonderful home party speakersThese Hercules party speakers are wild and a lot of fun, while being a little bit weird. The disco light domes are permanently mounted to the top of the speakers and each one is different. One of them has a spinning disc that acts like a gobo and projects a circular pattern on the ceiling and throughout the room. For some reason, this one only has Greed and Blue LEDs so either mine is broken or they just didn’t want to do red on that side. The other light dome has a motorized arm with red, green, and blue LEDs that moves all around and projects light confetti all over the place. When you combine the 2, it really covers your room with light, especially a smaller room with white walls.The remote that’s included is only for the lights and each light has its own infrared sensor that may or may not be detected so I had some issues getting both of the lights to be in sync, because one would turn on and the other would turn off, or only one setting would change, but you learn how to point it so both respond after playing with it for a bit. The markings on the remote make no sense but there is a description on the back of the box that explains what the buttons do. The paperwork inside the speakers is useless, and gives no info on how to use the product. It’s all just legal safety info.Ok, so the lights overall are cool. How about the speakers? Surprisingly, they sound pretty good, with some caveats. These are meant for a small room, not a club or larger room. The bass is pretty weak but decent considering 3 inch woofers are being used. The ports are on the front so putting the speakers near a wall doesn’t help much, but it helps a little. Midrange and high end is fine, but at louder volumes it will clip hard and distort and sound terrible, which is expected. These are best used in a bedroom to do a fun little light show and listen to music at a moderate level, not for a house party where you need the music to really be blasting loud with a lot of bass.Connections: This was one of the more interesting parts of the speakers. Hercules is using a USB cable to connect the 2 speakers, but the connection from PC to speakers is just analog audio and there is no digital to analog audio interface in these speakers. The USB ports are misleading since I’m almost positive they are just using these cables to transmit analog audio from one speaker to the other, using extremely small gauge wire. Still, they sound fine so I’m not complaining about it, but I think some engineer thought they would be clever by using these USB connectors. it’s also possible they make a higher end model with a USB interface and it was cheaper to use the same panel instead of the normal 2 pole speaker wire connector. A 3.5mm to RCA cable is supplied and I am using these with a desktop PC and they work fine. These speakers are more than good enough for normal music listening in a bedroom. They are kind of fun and different and they actually look pretty nice. There is a volume control on the front and what I did was set my PC volume as high as it would go without distorting the audio and I use the speaker volume control to adjust the volume. Note that the remote does absolutely nothing in regards to the sound. It doesn’t turn the speakers on or adjust the volume. It’s just for the lights. Overall, these are a lot of fun to mess around with and a lot more interesting than similarly priced 15 watt computer speakers. If you have even a cheap active subwoofer and an RCA splitter, it will greatly improve the listening experience.

  6. MyPenName

    Party timeThis is a fun set of speakers. I consider them more of a novelty set and didn’t expect a whole lot out of them as far as sound. My intentions were just to fool around and have fun with them with the kids etc. You know, dance party for toddlers and such.I am surprised that they sound as good as the do. I wouldnt use them as my main speakers for everyday use, but they’re definitely better than I expected and even at high volumes they dont distort or sound like a tin can.I do wish they had bluetooth for ease of use, but eh I guess we can use a good old fashioned cord every now and then. Sound quality is typically better via a cord than via any wireless method anyway, so perhaps they chose the wired connection in order to get the best performance in these. I’d agree it’s a better sacrifice than sound quality would have been. So I cant complain about using cords.The remote can be a little bit of a pain depending on the distance to the speakers but overall does what it should and isnt hard to figure out.Overall, I am glad I got them on that impulse decision. We have fun with them and they’re not bad. They’re nice for bday parties and such, too. The 21m old is a dancing queen so she just loves it. I think shes been shaking her booty since birth. These are nice outside now that we have nice weather. At night we can have little parties out back. The lights arent super bright, but they add a little novelty fun.

  7. Allen C. Huffman

    More than expected. Clean sound even at 100%. Remote can be problematic.I am actually surprised by how good these small speakers are. I was planning on using them in my home recording studio instead of some computer speakers I have. I liked that they had the lights on the top because then I could use them for other fun purposes if I wanted to.I set these up and tested them with the included cable hooked to my phone. I played a variety of music through it with the phone turned up to 100% and even turned these speakers up all the way. I was very surprised that I did not notice any distortion. I am used to low-cost amplifiers that seem to distort over about 75%. I was not expecting the speakers to perform this well.The speakers hooked together with a cable that has two of the large square USB device connectors on it (like the ones that go into a USB printer or the older Arduino). This could be a problem, since I don’t know how common these cables are if this one breaks or is lost. (Though, for all I know, Amazon sells them.)The included remote is a bit of a challenge. If you set the speakers up and spread them out as far as they can go with the cable, you have to point the remote at each speaker to get it to receive. If you were trying to toggle through the light modes, you have to stand back far enough for the remote to reach both speakers at the same time otherwise your speaker lights get out of sync because one might receive the remote command and the other doesn’t. This tells me that each speaker must be independent, and have a separate receiver, rather than having the main speaker with the power plug taken care of everything.The included lights on the top or a bit cheesy but they are fine. They pulse between red, green, and blue and various combinations of that. The lens on the top producers dots of light that will dance around the ceiling. It’s nice, but is nothing more than the cheesy party lights you might find at places like Spencer’s gifts.My unit did not come with instructions, so I just pressed buttons and looked at the different things it did. It is supposed to have a mode where the lights will respond to the music, but I didn’t really notice anything extreme. It has several different pattern as it can do, and they’re all about the same. Some flash, some don’t.The speakers are reasonably well built. Again, I was expecting much cheaper quality.Overall, these are going to make a nice addition to my home studio. I do not do any type of professional recording. I mostly do the occasional video or radio commercial or original music for myself. The speakers are definitely better that overall, these are going to make a nice addition to my home studio. I do not do any type of professional recording. I mostly do the occasional video or radio commercial or original music for myself. The speakers are definitely better than the computer speakers I’ve been using.And, I look forward to using them around Halloween 🙂

  8. Courtland J. Carpenter

    Reviewed a 15″ driver pair a while back and these might sound better.Small compact speakers have decent sound. I reviewed a set of large party type speakers in the past with 15″ woofers and they had poor sound. These don’t have quite the volume of those, but they have the special lighting modes and have decent, (not great) sound, passible for most, save the discerning audiophile. They meet or beat most of the computer speakers I have, and some of the bookshelf type. They can’t replicate the 28 cycle note from my pipe organ type, and the separation test using a tri-vocal fails as well, but I still like the sound. They are multi-ported to try and produce some bass. They are a nice portable set, and bring the party with them with the dancing colorful lights. Lights dance along with the music and give a cool effect, great for small parties and a lot of fun to play with. Recommended.

  9. Peter Weyland

    Amazing Quality and Great VisualsEven though I have a variety of music equipment for different purposes, we got this specifically for late night get-togethers. Especially when my Wife has her girlfriends over for mixed drinks, talking and hanging out. The quality of these speakers are great. Really crisp highs, warm lows. The bass response is just surprising, considering the speakers aren’t big and bulky.The lighting effects are pretty cool. Sometimes we just turn them off, though it did take a minute to figure out just how to do that. The only peculiar thing that I have noticed about these, is that for a while we’d get a random flash of light from the little domes up top. Eventually i figured out how to disable that. But my Wife, as well as a couple of her girlfriends, were convinced we had some sort of ghost in the house lol. Because every once in a while, they’d notice a random flash of light coming from the living room. Eventually we figured it out. We Also have a similar set, but without the lights. That was specifically in my Wife’s vlogging room, where she records videos for YT. And also edits her videos and audio, they make good monitors in that respect. Great quality, has really held up over time, so we would recommend them to others.

  10. Kat Hooper

    Sound quality is only okay, the lights are a great touch though. Price is steep for the quality.The sound quality is decent until you turn them up a lot, which sort of defeats the purpose of them being “party” speakers (I guess? except for the lights). I really wish the cables were about 6 inches longer though. I believe I have a pretty average size desk, maybe a little larger than the average, and had a bit of trouble getting all my cables fit perfectly. I really only need a couple more inches but they should add the cable length just in case, for other people. Apart from that, the design on the speakers look very nice, the lights are a little obtrusive but that’s only to be expected with these, and I can’t complain.

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