Glide Gear TMP 500 Universal Video Camera Tripod Teleprompter 15mm Rails w/ Carry Case

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Brand Glide Gear
Color Black
Compatible Devices Camera
Item Weight 68 Ounces
Weight Limit 6.6 Pounds
Model Name TMP 500

  • Adjustable glass position / fitted camera sock / accessory mounting options — 70/30 Beam Splitting Glass/ Reflective Screen size 10.5 x 8.5 Inches
  • Collapsible with carry bag/ Canvas Camera Sock to prevent glare
  • Designed to shoot with DSLR/ Mirrorless Cameras. With short/prime lens Prompting use with Android and IOS Teleprompter apps / Accommodates any smartphone or tablet up to 10.5 x 9.5 Inches
  • Comes with optional camera riser and 15mm rail extensions


Product Description

Glide Gear makes quality, affordable gear for video & audio pros of all levels. We’re a small US-based company that’s been in the business of filming and equipment setup & handling for years. We design our products to get the job done, to hold up to multiple set-ups & tear-downs, and to be rock solid so you can focus on more important things when you’re on a shoot.

Say What You Mean With Confidence


With the Glide Gear Universal Tripod-Mount Teleprompter you can easily say exactly what you mean while looking directly into the camera. Works with any size DSLR and most video cameras mounted on 15mm rails. Utilizing a reverse text/scripting teleprompter app on your tablet device, you control the scrolling speed and font size to make your speaker comfortable.

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Take It With You To Every Shoot

Slide it into your larger gear bag, or leave it packed in the padded Glide Gear carrying case for maximum utility & preparedness. Offers protection & a perfect fit. Our easy-to mount black fabric hood and lens sock blocks the maximum amount of light possible to give you professional results with a minimum amount of set up time.

glide gear teleprompter

Glide Gear’s Universal Video Camera Teleprompter is the rugged, compact, and easy to-use solution to all your recorded word shoots, whether you’re doing greenscreen/chromakey shoots or on-location reporting. Trust Glide Gear’s entire lineup of equipment made for professionals of all abilities.

Additional information

Weight 4.25 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 6 cm
Product Dimensions

15 x 15 x 6 inches

Item Weight

4.25 pounds



Item model number

TMP 500

Date First Available

June 6, 2016


Glide Gear

10 reviews for Glide Gear TMP 500 Universal Video Camera Tripod Teleprompter 15mm Rails w/ Carry Case

  1. Christine

    Good quality and easy to useI’m really happy with the quality of this teleprompter and it’s easy to set up and use. It’s exactly what I need to start recording videos with my phone but then I will move to DSLR too. This will give me the flexibility to do that. Also, the bag it comes with is great and makes this portable.

  2. LB

    Poor quality construction, limited adjustability. Product not as pictured on Amazon.I bought this teleprompter to build into a DSLR video rig for making YouTube videos. I’m using SmallRig components built around a 15mm rail setup, so I thought that this would be a good fit for my camera system. Unfortunately, this unit was disappointing.First, the quality of the GlideGear components leaves a lot to be desired. The fit and finish is nowhere near the quality of other 15mm rail accessories, like SmallRig, Camvate or Niceyrig. The GlideGear’s tolerances on these rail components is sloppy and difficult to mix and match with different brands of 15mm accessories. With SmallRig, everything slides together like butter, with this GlideGear unit, you’re constantly fighting with the rails to line up with your accessories and mounts.Second, the frame that holds the mirrored glass is flimsy and not even level with the tablet screen. If you’re thinking of using this with a shoulder mounted rig, don’t bother. The glass bounces all over the place if you move the camera at all. Second the metal is so flimsy, the glass frame is not square relative to the tablet screen. These need to be square with each other, or your reflected text is skewed on an irritating angle.Third, there is no ability to adjust the angle of the glass so that the presenter can easily read the text on the teleprompter. This is a huge flaw, since you need to think first about the teleprompter being at a readable angle before you frame your shot for the video. If you make the framing look good, the teleprompter is at the wrong angle, if you make the teleprompter visible, the composition of your video frame is off. Not cool. This tool is supposed to make your video production easier, not harder.Fourth, the lens hood that is pictured in the Amazon listing is not what is delivered in the box. In fact, all of the Amazon photos should be updated since they don’t match the product I received. The lens hood I received was not the nice square fitted unit that is pictured in the photos. It was a sloppy nylon sock that bunched up and would often obscure the corners of the frame if you weren’t super careful. Take a look at the product images on Amazon and compare them closely to the customer images posted in the reviews. The hoods don’t match, in two photos on the Amazon product listing shows that you can adjust the angle of the mirror. Even the gold hardware in the pics is black when you unbox it in person. Not good.Fifth, the camera mount is badly designed. There is a single 1/4″ threaded screw that connects the camera to the platform. It’s difficult to tighten down the camera, and there is no option for a second screw to make sure that the camera doesn’t twist out of alignment and stays in place. I added a quick release plate to the GlideGear camera mount — it needs that second screw mount to keep things aligned. The best option would be to scrap the included camera mount completely and replace it with one from Camvate, but that’s an extra $60 to get one that works properly.Sixth, The included rails are too short to use with professional lenses. I built this camera/teleprompter rig around a full-frame DSLR, and wanted to be able to use it with my 16-35 f/4 and 24-70 f/2.8 zoom lenses. It works fin with smaller lenses like my 50mm or 85mm prime lens out of the box, but the zooms are what I wanted to use for this project. The included rails are not long enough to fit a mid sized zoom lens, camera body and tablet into this teleprompter. You could buy longer rails, but that’s another $30 you’d spend to make it work.Seventh, the bag is junk. It comes with a bag, but it’s basically useless. It’s awkward to load and unload the teleprompter. Everything flops around when folded flat. It doesn’t offer much protection. There are two big pieces of styrofoam floating around inside a cheap zippered bag. It’s poorly constructed.This product does work as a teleprompter, however it needs some serious design revisions to make it a quality product. I’ve returned my teleprompter, and I will be spending more to buy one from a different brand that is designed properly.

  3. D. Doyle

    Decent quality and easy to use!Generally the stuff that matters is well made – with metal parts that are preassembled and the glass clarity is excellent.I put an Apple Air 3 on the front – had to slide it in place since otherwise it would not fit – but it slides in from the side just fine.the phone camera holder on the back is almost tacky but not quite and will work for most smaller phones well. I tossed it and put on one that screws down on the phone and it is much easier in all respects as well as it handles my iPhone 12 Pro Max without having to pull like hell to get it to fit.The material cover is well made but it is constructed of heavy fairly stiff material – it would be preferable to have a material that drapes better and encloses more easily and better.I was able to set it up and have it working in minutes – and I will definitely keep it – this is a keeper.the upgrade to a better phone holder cost $8 bucksthe cover material seemed to work OK for the testing I did in a fully light room – but I put a thick large microfiber cloth over it to completely darken it. The stiff material it comes with IS really quite comes with a nice case and folds very flat – about 1/2 the thickness of the case.I put two apps on my iPad immediately – one because it scrolls according to your voice automatically – it understands what you have read and moves the script when you need it moved and stops if you decide to pause or take a breath.PromptSmartPretty much zero learning curveI also addedTeleprompter PremiumIt allows for some tweaks for professionals that I might want – have not used it yet – seems like a learning curve.The Phone Holder I added is the:Vastar Universal Smartphone Tripod Adapter Cell Phone Holder Mount Adapter, Fits iPhone, Samsung, and all Phones, Rotates Vertical and Horizontal, Adjustable Clamp only used one part of it – I have purchase 2 of these – they work well and hold bigger thicker phones with protective covers and wallets and batteries well – and they are well built – no more pulling on a spring like hell and then shoving it in place.THE main reason I actually bought this for is being able to look directly into the camera while speaking with zoom people – it works perfectly for this but as the person running the zoom meetings I do need to look at the computer screen occasionally if some activity seems to be happening.I use Duet for this – it allows my Mac to Mirror on my iPad which I put under the reflected screen. This way all the participants show up where the camera is behind the screen – now I am able to look at, and speak too, each person looking directly at them – (at least so close to directly that it appears direct)I am happy with this purchase

  4. RichardL

    Excellent teleprompter solution for use with large smartphone or small tablet.The Glide Gear TMP50 is a good solution for a teleprompter for solo video recordings. TMP50 is only for smartphones and small tablets as the teleprompter source display. I have found the size of the teleprompter text with a large smartphone to be quite satisfactory for my setup with my Sony ZV-1 camera. You will want to test out ahead of time with your video camera and your setup. (i.e. Can you easily read teleprompter text on your smartphone or small tablet at the distance of your camera and with your desired framing?)The TMP50 works perfectly using a Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone with its 6.0-inch (152 mm) screen as the prompter text source. It also works with a Google Pixel 4a smartphone with its 5.8-inch (148 mm) screen as the prompter text source. The TMP50 allows easy mounting and access to the smartphone including cable access and buttons on the phone sides and back. It’s also easy to remove and replace the smartphone to setup more complex operations like navigating app menus.The TMP50 does not work with an 9.7-inch (250 mm) iPad. The iPad fits on the Glide Gear TMP50’s support bracket, but the reflecting surface is not big enough to reflect the width of the iPad screen– see photo. You will need a larger teleprompter such as the TMP100 for use with an 9.7″ iPad.I am using the TMP50 with a Sony ZV-1 camera. I’ve found it necessary to use a bracket to mount the camera centered behind the teleprompter using the TMP50’s front-back mounting slot. I’m using the excellent UURig Base Mount Bracket ( which provides optical-axis-aligned 1/4-20 mounting holes. (Smallrig makes a similar product that should work.) Centering the camera is critical for operation of the camera at full wide angle without vignetting or obstruction by the teleprompter and its cloth shroud.The ZV-1 can’t be centered in the TMP50 using the ZV-1’s built-in off-axis 1/4-20 hole. When the camera is mounted off-center it is has to be mounted skewed about 15-degrees to the teleprompter’s center axis to avoid vignetting or obstruction by the teleprompter and its cloth shroud at full wide angle. I don’t know how well this will work with the teleprompter effect.In addition to the front-back mounting slot, the TMP50 has a left-right mounting slot to correct the centering of smartphone cameras. But the slot is too close to the half-mirror glass for use with the ZV-1 (and probably most other cameras). (The ZV-1 lens will collide with the teleprompter glass if mounted to the left-right slot.)The ZV-1 view screen can’t be flipped to monitor the frame while mounted behind the teleprompter. If you try to view it through the teleprompter you will obscure the teleprompter half-mirror effect making your source text unreadable. But Sony offers smartphone and computer “Imaging Edge” control apps. These allow you to monitor your ZV-1 frame on a computer or smartphone or tablet. (Obviously, you can’t use the same smartphone you are using as the teleprompter source text.)This teleprompter doesn’t come with a teleprompter text app. I am using the PromptSmart app. It works quite well and will track your voice to follow your script, or you can control scrolling with a PromptSmart remote control app on a second smartphone running the same OS as the PromptSmart app.

  5. Robert Salmon

    Fiddly but does the jobThis is a bit too big for a YouTuber or for doing a Zoom meeting at your breakfast table, but perfect for the kind of small/location studio broadcasting I do with a host from 6-8 feet away. Because the printed instructions aren’t written or illustrated very well, it’s very fiddly to set up the first time but becomes easier after you’ve done it once or twice. I paired it with a Lilliput A12 field monitor, which is about the same weight and size as an iPad Pro 12.9 (actually with slightly smaller viewable area after correcting for crop), but with the benefit of adjusting to the necessary mirror reversal.Don’t rush through the setup even once you know how to do it, because the large glass is cumbersome and fragile. It’s advisable to have a quality, sturdy tripod to mount the teleprompter on. I’m not a fan of some other minor things such as the zippers closing the sides of the shade, but overall the device is very good for making adjustments of fit to your monitor and camera.People aren’t kidding about the case. The case itself is solid and not trash, but its inexplicably weak clasps don’t snap and lock tight enough for anything but putting on a shelf and taking it down. I certainly wouldn’t send it through baggage check without strapping or taping it more securely (but even so, who knows how TSA or customs would leave it if they decided to open it up out of your sight?). So get a better case for it if you need to travel hard.PROS:– Good build quality for the teleprompter itself.– Easily adjustable.– Extra rails and clamps for accessories.CONS:– Poor instructions make first-time setup tricky.– Weakly-clasped case has limited usefulness.– Zippers on sides of shade are fiddly.

  6. Erik

    SOLID construction — way better than plastic alternativeBefore buying the Glide Gear TMP 75 I bought (and will now return) another small teleprompter that was all plastic and a little bit less expensive. I knew I’d break that thing in no time just switching lenses at my desk. This Glide Gear unit though… it’s awesome!The only challenge I ran into is related to how far the rails extend, making me do some strange angling of two ball mounts to get it far enough away from the wall. You need about 8.5″ from the wall and the center of your mounting position to fit this.It seems like the Glide Gear TMP 75 is marketed more as a webcam teleprompter to place on top of your computer. I’ve set it up with a Sony A6400 and a big and heavy Sigma 24mm Art lens with an old iPhone X I had laying around used as a dedicated display. This setup is awesome! I’m adding a quick release mount to make it easy to remove the camera and this thing will be good to go.Oh, consider removing the inner velcro curtain, the one with the hole in it. I considered cutting it to fit my 77mm lens, but found it was completely unnecessary if you use the hood. Maybe that’s in the instructions, but I don’t read those.Finding a teleprompter app that has all the features I want is a story for another day…

  7. TrishaM

    Workable, even with design/manufacturing flawsFirst, the good:- It works.- Great carrying case, will keep it well protected if you’re transporting between locations.- Reasonably easy to unfold, setup and use.- High quality metal so it’s not a flimsy unit that will break easily or soon.- has two screw holes on the bottom to accommodate two standard tripod sizes.Now, the bad:- The whole unit is skewed slightly off square in how it was assembled and screwed together where it’s immovable, and the screws are torqued so tightly that even my husband couldn’t get it unscrewed to see if we could adjust it. The unit still works, we just had to adjust it on the tripod in such a way that I could still see the prompter text even if the whole unit looked twisted – it may just be that we got one that somehow bypassed Quality Control (you can see one example of this in the closeup photo with the red arrows – the glass is angled just a bit that we have to mount the camera slightly twisted and then twist the whole unit so that the *glass* faces straight on so I can read it – workable, but c’mon, it should never have left the factory this way);- The hood that covers the back and camera (to keep out the light so you can actually read the text on the mirror glass) is too small. It does velcro nicely to the unit, but needs to be a lot longer – even with our camera mounted up close, rather than further back on the sled (if you wanted a wider field of view), the hood doesn’t come all the way down to block out the light, meaning the text can’t be read. We just made our own hood.- There is NO way this unit will hold an iPad Pro 11″, regardless of the suggested ‘modification’ of removing the back bracket – it *barely* fits my iPad 2 (smaller than the Pro) without the back bracket and without that back bracket the iPad is less stable – works okay if you’re not touching it a lot to adjust anything, or pressing buttons on the iPad, etc…. ALSO the screw(s) that hold the smartphone/tablet brackets cannot be removed, so when you remove the bracket the screw is still there, which will scratch the back of your iPad/tablet – that may not be a big deal to you but I’ve always kept my devices in pristine condition for resale, so I had to add a little bumper to guard the back from getting scratched. Design flaw.Honestly the problems are all fairly minor and we found workarounds so my opinion is that *for the price* (under $100) this is a reasonably good unit and if you order it then possibly you’ll get one without the skewed assembly.For those new to shooting video, you should know that you’ll STILL need a ‘prompting’ app for your table or smartphone, Parrot Teleprompter App is free and works very well, and you can buy a remote for it on Parrot’s website for $20 (to start/stop scrolling, backup, etc.). If you’re using a (second) smartphone/table for shooting the video (instead of a standard video-capable DSLR camera) then there are tons of bluetooth shutter remotes you can pick up very cheaply to start/stop the recording.

  8. Chris Wasman

    Great solution!This allows me to use my iPhone 14 pro plus as camera and ipad with teleprompter app to drive teleprompter. Have a microphone plugged into my iPhone and the quality is top notch for how simple and economical this setup is. This item is awesome!

  9. JW

    Great Teleprompter for recording with your ComputerDevice appears to be solid in construction and designed to last for some time. It arrives assembled and that’s a great thing! Nice carry case and fits nicely over the screen. They could improve the “hooks” that slide over the screen to hold the device tight, They should be coated with something. They are metal and can scratch your finish. Keep in mind, this doesn’t not come with an app to use so you will have to purchase one.

  10. Sipherkid

    Fits my Lenovo Yoga 14 inch laptopI purchased a Glide Gear overhead frame and was very pleased with product, so when I was going to purchase a teleprompter, the Glide Gear brand was important to my decision. It was well protect with cardboard and foam surrounding a substantial plastic case. It took about an hour to deal with directions and another hour to put together. It is very sturdy and the TMP 1000 has a large tray (13 7/8 inches by 12 3/4 inches and almost 19 inches on the diagonal), that accommodates my Lenovo Yoga 14 with just enough adjustment to get a great reflection. My biggest concern was the weight of a laptop on a unit advertised for use with a tablet. No problem.

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