8×16 8×8 HDR 18GBPS HDbaseT 4K Matrix SWITCHER 16×16 with 8 Receivers HDMI 2.0a 2.0 CAT6 CAT5e HDMI HDCP2.2 Routing SPDIF Audio

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Connector Type HDMI
Brand No Hassle Audio Video
Compatible Devices Projector, Television
Cable Type HDMI

  • 8 HDbaseT Receivers and 8 Audio Extraction devices are included
  • 18GBPS HDR 4K 60hz YUV444. Supports all forms of surround sound including Dolby Atmos, Dolby Surround, 5.1 – 7.1 – 11.1 – 5.2 – 7.2 – 11.2, 2 Channel Stereo
  • iOS & Android App!! Includes 8 HDbaseT PoC Receivers (230ft Distance Range) that don’t need any additional power
  • RS232, IP, and IR Remote Control! Guaranteed compatibility with Crestron, Savant, Control, or any other RS232 system. We have a Crestron, Control4, URC, and Simple Control module available for free!
  • 8 HDMI source devices (BluRay, Apple TV) switched to 16 HDbaseT & HDMI output destinations (TVs, Projectors)


Product Description

This is a BRAND NEW 4K HDR 18GBPS 8×16 HDbaseT & Hdmi Matrix Switcher with a built in Infrared Matrix!

This switcher allows you to route 8 input sources (Bluray, Cable Boxes, Directv, etc) to 16 output sources (Televisions, Projectors, etc).

* Please note that the 16 output sources are 8 HDbaseT outputs and 8 mirrored HDMI outputs to a total of 16 displays.

Each pair of HDbaseT and HDMI outputs mirror each other. Each of the HDbaseT receivers also have an extra mirrored HDMI output. So technically, this is an 8×24 matrix!

You can control this matrix with iOS or Android App!!!

It supports full HDR 18GBPS 4K2K@60Hz, YUV444 resolution and HDCP2.2!


The package includes 8 HDbaseT PoC Receivers with a 230ft distance range! It comes with remote control, power cable, rack ears, RS232 serial cable, and IR extenders.

This Matrix WILL perform just as well, or better, than any other matrix in the market. Even those that sell for 10,000 or more! Don’t be fooled by the AV industry! There is no need to overpay for the latest technologies This type of switch is perfect for media in sports bars, casinos, hotels, custom homes, apartments and night clubs.

Homes Theaters Hotels Churches Offices Conference Education Sports Bars Stadiums Night Clubs Casinos

Enterprise grade reliability, fit for ANY audio/video application for your Home and Business needs!

You can rest assured that all of our products are held to a standard of excellence that will exceed your expectations. We’ve rigorously tested our product to ensure 24/7 rock-solid operation in your project. And the internal chipsets of most of our equipment is IDENTICAL to our competitors that are 10x our cost. Our customers are using our products throughout the world in applications such as: Custom Homes, Education, Offices, Conference Rooms, Hotels, Churches, Sports Bars, Casinos, Stadiums, Concert Venues, and Night Clubs.

The Audio/Video industry model is broken…,we’re here to fix it. There is no need for pushy salesmen, unnecessary purchases, overpriced markups, or unreliable equipment. There is no need to go through Dealers, who go through Distributors, who go through Corporations, who go through Manufacturers. We ship direct to you…there are no middle men. Please don’t hesitate to browse our product line or ask us any questions about any of your Audio/Video needs!

Additional information

Weight 25.8 kg
Dimensions 19.5 × 18 × 7 cm
Package Dimensions

19.5 x 18 x 7 inches

Item Weight

25.8 pounds



Date First Available

November 18, 2017


No Hassle AV International

8 reviews for 8×16 8×8 HDR 18GBPS HDbaseT 4K Matrix SWITCHER 16×16 with 8 Receivers HDMI 2.0a 2.0 CAT6 CAT5e HDMI HDCP2.2 Routing SPDIF Audio

  1. Don S

    Nice matrix with excellent performance and featuresAfter using the new No Hassle 8×16 8×8 HDR 18GBPS HDBaseT 4K Matrix Switcher V2 (B07MZ4T21Q) for a while now I am pleased with its performance and features. My matrix is connected to 6 displays ranging from 4K 60 Hz HDR to older 1080p models. I am using Cat5e to distribute the HDBaseT and my cable runs range from 30 feet to just over 100 feet. Each Cat5e cable connects through one wall jack without issue, but a direct Cat5e run from matrix to HDBaseT receiver is preferred. My source components include two Roku Ultras and a dated Blu-ray player. The picture obtained on all displays is excellent, better than the picture achieved previously when distributing 1080p component video via a Russound VM1 using the same Cat5e.The matrix responds quickly via web control. The matrix’s fit and finish is excellent. There is attractive machined detail on the face-plate, stylish venting on the right side of the chassis, and two small fans on the left side. Rack ears, IR cables, and an IR remote are included. The matrix has in-built audio de-embedding capability and can send digital audio via RCA/coax and analog audio via 3.5 mm stereo jacks. I tested the analog audio and the audio was crisp and noise free.The matrix runs cool and quietly. I don’t think fan noise is noticeable compared with similar equipment. The HDBaseT receivers run slightly warm to the touch but their cases are all metal and thus help to sink heat away from the components within.When running the Roku Ultra’s “display” auto detection, it identifies the matrix input as 4K 60 Hz HDR and HDCP 2.2 compliant (see image attached). Out of the box the matrix’s EDID settings all default to “4K2K60_444, Stereo Audio 2.0” so be sure to make the appropriate EDID selections for your setup. My Rokus are connected to matrix inputs 2 and 3 and you can see in the images that I have changed the EDID to include HDR.The web UI is quite nice and this is how I am currently controlling the matrix. ASCII commands can also be sent via RS232 or IP. The Web UI is organized into tabs across the top of the page. The General tab shows which inputs, HDMI, and/or HDBaseT outputs are connected. The matrix can also be rebooted, factory reset or powered on/off from here. When “off” the matrix is in standby mode to reduce power consumption (e.g., fans stop running) but it can still be reached via the web to turn it back on remotely. The Control tab provides IN to OUT routing. The Audio tab allows the one to mute or choose which audio is produced from the in-built audio extractors. Audio can be extracted from the selected source or the return channel from a display connected via HDMI or HDBaseT. I’m currently not using the audio return (ARC) functionality and have not tested it. The Receiver tab allows one to control the scaling for each output. Bypass, Auto, and (Down)Scale are provided. I’m using scaling for a couple of 1080p displays and it is working perfectly. The bypass, auto, and scale selections can also be made by pressing a button on a HDBaseT receiver and then that selection is reflected in the matrix’s web UI. Pretty cool.The EDID tab allows one to set the EDID for each matrix input or one can copy the EDID from any HDMI or HDBaseT connected display to any input. There are many pre-set EDID values available in the pull-down menu. The Network tab allows one to either enable DHCP or to set a static network configuration as I have done. Finally, the Upgrade tab allows a firmware update to be loaded from a file. I’m not aware of any firmware updates currently for this model.In summary, while $3999 is certainly not cheap, this matrix is well worth that amount when compared with other high end brands, many of which do not provide the level of control and features that this matrix offers. If you have any questions about the matrix, please leave them in the comments below and I will try my best to answer them. Or you can reach-out to No Hassle via phone or email directly for assistance. They have been very responsive to my questions and place a high priority on customer satisfaction.

  2. MB

    Stable Piece of EquipmentI waited over a year to write a review on this matrix switch to ensure it had a decent amount of action. I have been very satisfied with this purchase and probably like most of you, poured over many reviews for many products trying to make the right decision regarding this important piece of equipment.I wanted to update my entire home to run from an AV rack in the basement. Control4 is my main home automation system and the driver for this unit was easy to obtain and install.As you can see from one of the attached images, all of the inputs are being utilized along with a decent amount of the outputs including HMDI, HDBaseT, IR and audio extractors. Some of the runs for the install were quite long, so HDBaseT was a must.The main unit has been rock solid along with the HDBaseT receivers and the audio extractors. I have not had a single issue with the hardware to date.A couple comments which may be relevant regarding your decision.The internal fans that came with the unit were quite loud. The fact that my rack is in the basement helps, but I still have a theater room down there where the noise was too much. I replaced the fans with Noctua fans. An incredible difference and one the manufacturer should consider, if they have not made a change already.Your TV’s need to be 1080P or higher if your source is 1080P or higher. I have an old plasma I cannot seem to part with because the color is still amazing, but it can only handle 720P. I tried separate down scalers to overcome this issue between the HDBaseT receiver and the TV, but without success. I ended up having to dedicate an AppleTV to only output its resolution to 720P. The EDID settings are easy to access and change, but it could not help with this particular situation.Everything else has been perfect. I have not had any picture issues, switching issues or audio issues. When first configuring the unit, I contacted the seller a couple of times and they were very much helpful.I would and have recommended this product to others. Good luck with your decision!

  3. T. Grider

    Not as nice as I hoped but okayFor the price I expected a better crafted piece of equipment. The remote is kind of flaky and cheaply made and the fan noise is a little loud. This unit is very similar to the Brightlink 8×8/8×16 HDBaseT/HDMI Matrix Switcher, which I recently returned to another seller due to issues with no picture when the TV was turned on until I changed inputs. Gladly, this unit does not exhibit this problem, though it did become non-responsive after going to sleep and would only wake up on a power cycle. A factory reset resolved this issue. I must say that No Hassle AV International has been extremely prompt to respond to any inquiries. The manual is poorly written and assumes a lot of the user. Someone who is not technically minded and unfamiliar with HDMI protocols may feel overwhelmed. Now the good stuff, the picture is quite good. I would say noticeably better than the old Octava HDMX48CAT 4×8 HDMI CAT6 Matrix Switch which it replaced and I liked very much until outputs began to fail. Having the mirrored HDMI outputs is great and using a single CAT6 cable is better than using two as the Octava did. I can use the extra cable for LAN connections to the smart TVs. I find LAN beats WAN for streaming.

  4. Basshook

    Great Product Excellent SupportActually bought the 8×16 8×8 HDR 18GBPS HDbaseT 4K Matrix. The product works as advertised. Picture and sound quality are excellent. I replaced two ATON 44 HDR matrix switches with this one unit and the picture quality of the No Hassle unit is far superior. I have used No Hassle support a few times and they are responsive and very knowledgeable.

  5. ADrake

    Great product!Does what it is supposed to do. No issues.

  6. RayK

    This matrix is AWESOME!!!I originally purchased the No Hassle AV – 8×8 HDMI 2.0 HDR 4K 18GBPS 60HZ Matrix Switcher YUV 444 HDCP2.2 (version 2) model and I was very satisfied with its performance. I have now upgraded to the 8×16 8×8 HDR 18GBPS HDbaseT 4K Matrix Switcher with 8 Receivers and couldn’t be happier!To restate from my previous review, my 4K sources are two TiVo Bolt+ DVRs, two Roku Ultras and two Apple TVs. I have multiple 4K Samsung, LG and Vizio television and they all work flawlessly with this matrix. It’s all integrated into my Control4 home automation system with the RS-232 serial driver the company provides for free.I have tested multiple TV’s viewing the same content as well as content from different sources simultaneously without a problem. As for picture quality, the clarity and color are awesome. I am using my existing CAT6 cables to connect the matrix to the provided HDbaseT receivers. It is recommended that you use 18Gps HDMI cables and CAT5e/CAT6 or above and I would concur. Because I’ve tweaked my setup to turn off all power saving features on my content streaming devices, I don’t experience any lag in the HDCP handshake or EDID processes. This is the case when initially turning on my televisions or moving from source to source.My reason for upgrading was to gain access to the mirrored ports. Before I upgraded, I spoke with their technical support and they assured me that the new matrix would address my technical needs without a problem and because my previous experiences with their technical support were nothing less than stellar, I knew I was making the correct choice.This company’s HDMI matrices prove that the technology can be offered in a reliable, stable and tech-friendly solution to the average consumer at a reasonable price. I highly recommend this HDMI matrix because it is a very flexible and capable piece of A/V equipment!

  7. M Rivera

    Great quality MatrixWe installed this matrix switcher at a client installation that had a failing Crestron DM-MD6X6. The response in the switching between sources is absolutely phenomenal. We were able to reduce the physical delays we had placed on the program to compensate with the Crestron DM shortcomings and give the client a much better user experience. It did require a lot of changes from the original program logic to make it an even match, but seeing a happy customer was well worth it.

  8. tdogdfw

    Wow – this thing has been plug and play perfect. I’ve struggled in the past with my TVs …Wow – this thing has been plug and play perfect. I’ve struggled in the past with my TVs working consistently with my old HDMI Matrix switch which didn’t support HDR and cost more than twice as much. With this matrix switch everything just works as expected with no problems. I couldn’t be happier – especially with the Control4 driver that works great with it. Where were you guys a couple years ago? lol

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