Furman PL-PLUS DMC Power Conditioner with Voltmeter / AMMeter

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Brand Furman
Item Dimensions LxWxH 19 x 10.5 x 1.75 inches
Item Weight 12.25 Pounds
  • Furman’s exclusive SMP technology provides the highest level of surge & spike protection available.
  • Isolated outlet banks minimize inter-component interference and noise contamination.
  • 15 Amp rating featuring a high inrush magnetic circuit breaker for added protection.
  • Retractable LED rack lights with on/off/dimmer control Isolated outlet banks to minimize inter-component
  • Interference and noise contamination BNC back panel connector for gooseneck lamp with front-panel switch
  • Maintenance-free surge suppression thanks to Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus (SMP+) circuit with extreme voltage
  • Rear-panel outlets and one front-panel outlet LED status indicators warn you when voltage is outside of nominal range or when protection


9 Outlets total outlets with Dual Retractable LED Lights and Voltmeter/Ammeter

Additional information

Weight 12.25 kg
Dimensions 19 × 10.5 × 1.75 cm
Item Weight

12.25 pounds

Product Dimensions

19 x 10.5 x 1.75 inches



Item model number


Date First Available

October 2, 2001

Color Name


Connector Type

Power Plug



10 reviews for Furman PL-PLUS DMC Power Conditioner with Voltmeter / AMMeter

  1. Alex

    Defective display and horrible amazon support.I just got this delivered and the display has a defect where you can’t fully see the status indicator that shows that the protection level is ok. You can kinda see it if you’re on your knees 12 inches away with a camera. There’s no option for an exchange. My only option is to return it and buy it again but the price has gone up about $70. Amazon support is clueless and left me on hold. Zero stars for Amazon this time.Update. Finally spoke with a supervisor and he was knowledgeable and willing to work with me.

  2. Ace of Baseness

    Not Cheap, But Worth Every Penny!I’d been hemming and hawing about a mobile power conditioner. I lead a few acoustic groups, and we do a good deal of outdoor parties at private homes. I try to get power from the laundry room, but it can be iffy, with clients worrying about the cables passing through their flower beds, etc.Anyway, one night I turned on my amp, and smoke poured out of my custom made speaker! Lucky for me, we have a strong PA, hehe. Even more luckily, I’m an endorser, so I got a great deal on a new driver, provided I put the speaker in myself.After going through that agony, I realized I MUST have a power conditioner. A voltage spike probably blew out the voice coil. You know – The little pop when you turn it on? Probably got a power surge and alot more than a pop!This unit will absorb just about any surge you get. Plus – It’s got a Voltmeter AND an Ammeter, so you can check the line voltage, and see how many amps you’re pulling down. It also seems to filter some of the line noise we always get, and eliminates using those silly power strips that always get underfoot. It’s got enough sockets to hold our two PA’s, mixer, 2 amps, wireless receivers, etc.The best thing? I don’t even know when it’s on! No POP at all! I agonized over spending so much, but it’s insurance – When you realize how equipment it’s protecting, it’s silly to get anything less.

  3. AIRecording

    Best Power Conditioner I’ve ever OwnedThe outlet spacing is thoughtful. The front panel outlet is great. The optional Furman GN-LED gooseneck lamp to use in the back of the unit works perfectly. The voltage and current meter is accurate for steady state, however it seems to show an average over a few seconds, so don’t depend on it to show you instantaneous highs or lows. The front panel LED lights are much better than the incandescent lamps my previous power conditioners and power filters used to have. This is a heavy unit that is really a power conditioner, not just a high frequency filter or spike protector. The output waveform is really a sine wave and it gracefully shuts down in over and under power conditions without damage to itself or your gear. I have a variac and I tested the under power shutdown. It did exactly what it was supposed to do. I also had mine open because I replaced the integrated power cord with a 50′ cable. The construction and quality of components on the inside is first class. Take a look at the insides of this and the insides of the inexpensive power bars and you’ll immediately be glad you bought this unit.

  4. Nigel Tufnel

    Don’t pay extra for the voltage meterI really hate leaving less than 5 stars for a Furman product but this time I must, here’s why. Furman has the best surge protection in the industry. That’s not hyperbole, they use series mode surge protection which only a few manufacturers are licensing. Not only does it have 0 response time and no need for a “joule” rating, but by design it filters out incoming and outgoing noise down to around 3 kHz. Outstanding performance. In addition, the products are reasonably priced and offer professional grade build and compared to other brands.Why then am I so peevish? I’m upset because the voltage meter is off by about 2.5 volts (yes, it only shows 1 voltage increments, but this half volt is an estimate based on when it transitions) when it could have been dead accurate for about $0.45 more in parts cost. That’s why I’m upset. The voltage meter relies on a resistive voltage divider feeding a nifty ADC/microcontroler. Furman is using 5% parts here which means the meter can be off by practically this much. Adding a trim pot or using 1% parts would have cost about $0.45 extra to manufacture, and make the meter dead accurate. They didn’t so mine was about 2.5 volts high, which is not an issue if you are in the middle of the acceptable range, but my true voltage is between 125 and 127, causing the meter to read dangerously high readings and turn orange. It kind of upsets me that some bean counter is probably responsible for besmirching the brand for the sake of a few cents.

  5. Pa May

    Saved my barefoot monitors!It did its job. Saved my barefoot footprints which I leave on 24/7, lesson learned, I will power them off every night, but the PL Plus DMC saved them from an outage. However the device now shows a voltage range from 108-136 and it will shut off randomly now. I dont know if the unit is now damaged from the outage or the wiring in my house may have been fried somewhere…. or the utility energy company needs to fix something on their part. Regardless…. the furman worked and did what it was supposed to, protect my expensive gear from permanent damage. I wished this had AVR built in though. The P1800AR is way too expensive but I understand why it is so. I’ll give it 5 stars for safely shutting down my monitors like 3x now since the outage.

  6. William W.

    Well-known name, known quality, beautiful unit!Furman is a brand-name I’ve researched on the internet and found they are very popular among musicians to protect their high-end equipment. I bought a smaller Furman unit to protect my water ionizer unit from Power spikes and voltage drops and it’s been working very well. I purchased this unit to protect a small but extensive computer setup with multi monitors and sensitive processing equipment. This will not be used in a conventional sense but will basically be protecting the rig I built for coding and programming. The unit is unique in that it has dual LED lights which can be turned on or off, dimmed, and pulled out and repositioned. This is not a feature I will actually be using but it is a nice one to have for things I may come up with in the future. You can’t go wrong buying this name brand as these units are meant to last a long time.

  7. P.A. Williams

    Best of the best.I have used several Furman Products over the years as has anyone working in professional sound reinforcement and I have to say this is the nicest example I have used. It is built like a tank, has all the right features in exactly the right place, and provides clean safe power to my digital board. The other thing quickly noted was that the bright LED pull out lights can easily be adjusted throughout the night without the finger pain historically experienced with the old incandescent units. The meter works great and though overkill for many it is nice to know precisely what an unfamiliar room or generator is providing. Finally, it is so nice to have the back side BNC light connector. I use this in a 6 space rack case so large scale illumination solutions aren’t practical and having one hand (or mouth) with a flash light is just tedious, I added a LED gooseneck and it works great for patch changes in dark place which most seem to be. It took me a wile to decide to go for the PL-Plus DMC but, I’m glad I did and I would do it again.

  8. Paul M. Gaerisch

    Small price for great protection of my equipment.I have never considered a power conditioner before. But with my audio gear getting kind of old, I felt I should protect my equipment after all the money and time I put into it. I’ve seen Furman units in professional setups before, didn’t realize what they were but loved the built in lights on them. Now I know there a lot more then just lights. I have had no issues so far with this unit. My only complaint would be that the voltage display does not dim enough. I put a dark filter over it to dim it down a bit more, which thanks to the way the face of the unit is shaped makes it easy. This unit has LED lights on the front which are dimmable from the little knob on the left which is also the power button for the lights. All in all a great unit.

  9. William Estell

    Think of it as an investment.This is one of those items that gets overlooked by a lot of people because it doesn’t really seem to do anything special. It doesn’t produce sound of any kind and it doesn’t generate any fancy light shows either. If you have equipment that you’ve invested any type of money into, then you should consider adding one of these devices to your rig. It enables your audio gear to perform better by keeping noise out of the signal path and basically helps anything that uses electricity to run more efficiently. If you’re willing to invest money into an expensive case to protect your expensive gear, then this is the same thing except it also provides real protection for your gear while having the ability to protect itself in case of a surge or spike, which a lot of other “surge protectors” don’t do. There’s tons of reviews and information on the web about it but definitely look into picking one of these up in the near future.

  10. Jay M.

    Often Overlooked But Essential Piece of Equipment!Update (6/1/16):Recently, summer’s heat and humidity arrived. Heard and read power companies cut back during peak usage. Sure enough, digital display on Furman confirmed this. (readings as low as 116; S/B 120)INVALUABLE!—Though not a DJ, needed a quality power conditioner for a home stereo system. Furman’s reputation can’t be beat; browsed through Amazon’s offerings. This rackmount model “caught my eye.”Also not a techie, and SO many features in unit, but most importantly, there is a large, clear, front panel (Voltage Range) numeric display. (with Protection OK alphanumeric readout) Also, extra, easily accessible (9th) outlet in front, and BNC back panel connector for gooseneck lamp.Quality, feel and weight of model cannot be underestimated.Feel confident knowing hi-fi is now well protected against a variety of electrical, weather and unforeseen circumstances.

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