Monoprice 15A Power Conditioner and Sequencer with 8 Outlets and 3 Zones

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  • Product Type :Consumer Electronics
  • Package Dimensions :8.0″ L X29.21″ W X55.88″ H
  • Country Of Origin :China
  • Package Weight :7.69Lbs


Most sound reinforcement professionals realize the majority of equipment damage occurs while devices are either powered up or powered down. Power sequencing allows A/V equipment to be powered up in stages, which gives equipment time to idle before the next stage of equipment is engaged. When powering down, the sequence order is reversed, which results in a soft landing for your expensive AV equipment. Power sequencing can also prevent breaker trips caused by power surges during power-on. This device provides two groups of three AC power outlets for low-powered devices and one group of two AC power outlets for high-powered devices. Each of these groups constitute a “zone”, which is sequentially powered on when power is applied. The sequence is reversed when the sequencer is switched off. Zones are activated with 5 seconds of delay between each to prevent excessive surges to sensitive equipment and circuit breaker failure. It also minimized the annoying “pops” that can be audible through speaker systems. In addition to the EMI and RFI filtering on all three zones, the conditioner checks for wiring faults and illuminates an LED indicator when the connected AC circuit is improperly wired. It is rated for 15 amps and has a front panel circuit breaker, two front panel unswitched and unfiltered AC power outlets, and LED fault indicators. Features: Two groups of three switched low-power AC outlets and one group of two switched high-power AC outlets Two unswitched and unfiltered front panel AC outlets Each group constitutes a Zone, which is powered on sequentially, from Zone 1 to Zone 3 Zones are powered off in reverse sequence, from Zone 3 to Zone 1 EMI and RFI filtering for all switched outlets Front panel 15 amp circuit breaker Removable rack mount ears and 1U rack height

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Weight 7.69 kg
Dimensions 22 × 11.5 × 3.6 cm
Item Weight

7.69 pounds

Product Dimensions

22 x 11.5 x 3.6 inches

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November 19, 2016

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10 reviews for Monoprice 15A Power Conditioner and Sequencer with 8 Outlets and 3 Zones

  1. Franklyn Miller

    Almost perfect; if they only had more outlets per zone it would be amazingIt’s a bit bigger than the standard rack mount units; it has one great sturdy power-on button, this unit has logically placed Led lights on the front panel that illuminates green. The power cord is of good quality. The unit does separate the three zones adequately. The only drawback is there are only two outlets connected to zone 3; this is the zone that powers on last. Since I have three amplifiers one of them has to be plugged into zone two for lack of outlets. so I am still getting a pop sound generated by my Behringer equalizer from one of my amps; when it is turned on. Sure I can install a heavy-duty three-prung plug in the adapter. However, for the money, you spend nowadays. it is just not a good feeling.

  2. Mark R. Wietstock

    It’d be a lot better if it had a built-in port for remote on/off switch …This is basically a stripped down, Chinese knockoff of the Furman M-8S, but with fewer control features/options. It works as advertised, at an amazing breakthrough price, but you better think it through and know exactly where/how you plan to use it before you order one and start doing handsprings over the money you saved.For example, I purchased this for use in a fixed installation church PA, for the sole purpose of eliminating amplifier “pop” that was occurring at shutdown after our replacement of a VERY old, failed amplifier. However, the guts of this particular PA are run from a single, four-plug AC outlet turned on and off by a simple toggle switch located outside the locked PA cabinet where all the guts are stored, and giving all users access to the PA cabinet is not an option. Result: when the outlet is turned on, the sequencer works normally. When you turn the outlet off, BOOM … everything powered by the outlet (including the sequencer) goes off simultaneously. So, in my case, out of the box, no help whatsoever on the sole intended purpose of the device.Because I’m such an electronics genius (that’s a joke), I quickly divined that the sequencer can’t be properly run from a switched AC outlet … it must have continuous AC power through both startup AND shutdown. The same is true of the Furman sequencer. However, the Furman device has a port on its rear panel that allows the sequencer to be turned on/off via a remote, low voltage switch (e.g., so all users, no matter how tech-challenged, can safely turn the entire PA system on and off, in the correct sequence, by use of one, simple toggle switch located away from the front panels of the sequencer and all the other components that are plugged into it). This sequencer has no such port, so I had to “McGyver” a remote switch of my own and patch it into the sequencer’s on/off switch inside the unit (probably thereby voiding the manufacturer’s warranty); remove the switch that previously controlled the PA at my church to make power to the switched AC outlet continuous, and mount my custom remote switch in the same junction box that previously housed the AC outlet switch.Fortunately, I didn’t blow anything up removing the old AC outlet switch, and my custom remote switch for the sequencer works perfectly. Startup/shutdown of the whole system is now controlled exclusively by the sequencer from a simple toggle, but it took a lot of head-scratching to get there. This sequencer does exactly what it says … not the manufacturer’s fault that I couldn’t figure out before I bought it whether that would work for me.My only complaints (one star off): the fit/finish of the outer case hardware is a little rough, and I got ZERO help from Monoprice tech support on the issue I was having at first. But come to think of it, what could they tell me? “Sorry … no port for remote switch on our product … you’re screwed?” It’s OK, guys … I got it to work for me, without any damage or alteration to any of the original components. Notwithstanding the trouble/confusion I had at first, I STILL think this sequencer is a great value for the price.

  3. Friendly Neighborhood Nitpicker

    Excellent device, recommend highlyI wish it included a relay port for external devices like some Furmans do; And I wish the front outlets were switched or even had their own switch;Butfor dead simple and reliable sequencing of equipment, at an excellent price, you really can’t beat this. I don’t know how long this has been on the market, but I wish I knew about it years ago; I could have replaced several far more expensive power sequencing or less capable distributors with One of these.I am using it to control a small church audio system, in which I need to sequence a thousand watt amplifier, behind a mixing console and various pieces of auxiliary equipment.I may end up buying one of these eventually for my home recording rack as well, and possibly for our church video rack.

  4. Amazon Prime Fanatic

    If this thing works for a long time this is a true winnerI only hooked it up today so don’t know its long term durability, but for the time being, this unit is perfect. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do. No more pop’s while shutting down my bi-amped studio monitors.

  5. Milt

    WorksThis eliminated hum and improved the sound of my record player. It simply sounds better. Pretty amazing. All you hear is the music nothing else.

  6. rhythm_sniper

    Cheap Junk. Developed a worrisome electronic buzz after a month. No word from them manufacturer…I bought this to run my 2-channel audio setup at home because my preamp/amp combo doesn’t have a trigger function. I bought this device because it allows for power to be switched on in the proper order (from line level components to amps) and then switch them off in the reverse order.For about one month, this worked as advertised. However, after about 32 days, it developed an odd light issue and buzzing sound. After I shut down the system, one of the LED lights on the front stays partially illuminated and there is distinct buzzing sound emanating from the box. The only thing I can do to make it stop is to unplug the system, wait, and then plug it back in.I did contact Monoprice and they have yet to respond to my inquiry.It’s cheap. I guess you get what you pay for… in the future I’ll just get a Furman rather than relying on Monoprice’s slow-poke and inconsistent customer service.

  7. Chad Spencer

    Works great!This a great option for a simple setup.

  8. Bebé

    I love the design and simplicityI was a little worried because there is no adjustment for the sequencer/timer, but I receive the package which was packaged very professionally and everything worked perfectly, exactly how I wanted. The product looks beautiful, it’s super light-weight, but very solid. This is a great steal compared to the price of other sequencers.

  9. daknee

    Works great at a good price.Sequencer works exactly as it should. Hope I don’t have to test the surge protection! the only thing i would add would be a way to change the sequence timing (faster or slower). As it is, it works just fine and the price is right.

  10. br423

    Great value for the priceI shop around on line and lots before making a purchase. I saw others with more bells and whistles but the price didn’t seem equal to the options. I kept coming back to monoprice. For me it works.

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