Elgato Stream Deck +, Audio Mixer, Production Console and Studio Controller for Content Creators, Streaming, Gaming, with

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Brand Elgato
Compatible Devices Laptop, PC
Connectivity Technology USB-A, USB-C
Keyboard Description Gaming
Special Feature Backlit, Hotkeys and Media Keys, Integrated Stand, Customizable Display Keys
Color Black
Operating System Windows 10
Number of Keys 8
Keyboard backlighting color support RGB

  • Tactile Control, Visual Feedback: LCD keys, touch strip, and dials for audio, video, lighting, and more. Know that your command has been executed.
  • Fully Customizable: Use as an audio mixer, studio controller, production console, etc.
  • Multi Actions, Smart Profiles: trigger multiple actions at once or sequentially, automatically switch between interface configurations for different apps.
  • Powerful Plugins: Elgato Wave Link, Camera Hub, Control Center, OBS, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Discord, Spotify, Philips Hue, and many more.
  • Stream Deck App and Store: drag and drop setup, download plugins, icons, thousands of royalty-free tracks, SFX, and more. Regular updates and new plugins frequently added.
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Iconic Stream Deck tech with customizable LCD keys, dials, and touch strip. Stream Deck + is your audio mixer, studio controller, production console – anything you want it to be. Unlock Elgato Wave Link mixing software, and hit the Stream Deck Store for plugins, icon packs, thousands or royalty-free tracks, sound effects, and more. Technical Specifications Size: 140 x 138 x 110 mm / 5.5 x 5.4 x 4.3 in Weight: 465 g | 1 lb Keys: 8 x customizable LCD keys Multifunction Dials: 4 x 360° encoders with push function LCD touch panel: 108 x 14 mm / 4.2 x 0.5 in Interface: USB 2.0 System Requirements Windows 10 (64-bit) / macOS 10.13 or newer

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Additional information

Dimensions 5.51 × 4.33 cm



‎Stream Deck +

Item model number


Hardware Platform

Laptop, PC

Operating System

‎Windows 10

Item Weight

1.04 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎5.43 x 5.51 x 4.33 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎5.43 x 5.51 x 4.33 inches





Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎November 15, 2022


‎Elgato, Corsair

10 reviews for Elgato Stream Deck +, Audio Mixer, Production Console and Studio Controller for Content Creators, Streaming, Gaming, with

  1. Diego

    Es un increible producto en su construccion, materiales y funcionalidades.La verdad es un producto que no compre por el uso en stream sino para darle uso de manera productiva. por eso estoy esperando al lanzamiento de perfiles que se pueden adquirir desde sideshowfx.Solo le veo un gran defecto a este producto y es que tiene problemas con varias sesiones en el mismo ordenador y para alguien que no quiera ponerse a echarle mano como yo hago, es posible que se encuentre incomodo, ya que lo ideal es poder llegar y usarlo directamente.Es más a sugerencia, algo que me daría mayor atractivo al stream deck es desarrollar plugins que sean para otras funcionalidades aparte al stream, sideshowfx lo que hace es readaptar shortcuts de las distintas apps y crear un perfil adecuado para cada espacio. Pero si quiero configurar a mi propia manera no es tan fácil como decir quiero asignar este botón a esta función sino toca buscar el paquete de iconos, buscar el shortcut correspondiente.Para terminar, creo que los dials tienen una gran posibilidad de más usos, sin embargo está un poco limitado, creo que este apartado va a ser mejorado y puede hacer mejorar mucho al producto.

  2. BillRayDrums

    Great idea but not quite ready for prime timeI use Logic Pro X and needed a way to control separate faders within that program. This deck would be the perfect companion, except Logic doesn’t have the capability to control individual channel faders. So this isn’t so much Elgato’s problem, but rather Apple’s.It’s easy to set up and deploy, as long as you know what hot keys you need to use to accomplish whatever it is you are wanting to do.

  3. Mturner

    Innovative and Handy!Finally a quality device for non-streamers. Playing games on the pc, working within teams for work or discord for fun…. Volume control was always an annoying game to play. Now I can easily change or mute input volumes which has been a game changer.As a non streamer, I’ve found uses for the keys as shortcuts within discord and teams, and many other functions. I really hope they continue to grow the market for non gaming steamers use of the plugins.Great purchase, it’s made life 100% easier and keeps me organized and in control of my PCs outputs.

  4. Peter T.

    Wish angle was adjustableBest solution for a volume mixer, typing macros

  5. DJ REY

    What An Upgrade!This brand new Elgato StreamDeck + is a must have if you’re an owner or previous owner of any of the original StreamDecks. The new innovative touchscreen features add a whole new arsenal of options for customization and use. But the main attraction are the knobs which are more useful than you think when you need to control the volume for separate applications and is a great sidekick to the Elgato Wave 3 microphone which I also currently own. Trust me, it’s worth the upgrade both as a streaming and productivity tool.

  6. Alex

    Not ready with very few additional features over a normal stream deckThe Elgato Stream Deck+ is a good concept, but there are very few features that you can’t do on a normal stream deck. The difference is that the Stream Deck+ has the screen and knobs. In theory, this would allow for tons of customization, but currently the only thing you can bind to the knobs are hotkeys and volume control (There are like 10 dial options but 8 of them are just copies of the normal button plugin options). And hotkeys heavily rely on keyboard shortcuts. And volume control can already be done on other stream decks with Elgato’s own plugin so it isn’t very meaningful. Until Elgato, adds more plugins that supports applications natively, I would not buy the Stream Deck+ and wait until Elgato updates with more features.Although having Wave Link is very nice, but you don’t get access to high pass filter or clipguard for your microphone if its not an elgato mic or xlr. You can only control output level and use vsts, and you don’t get a seperate mic source in Windows.

  7. Thomas S.

    Easy to set up – so far great for video conferencing.Initially just to easily control the volume levels of windows , web browser , conferencing software (WebEx, teams, zoom , etc) with respect to each other. Does that superbly. The widgets for the buttons let you display/monitor things like cpu and gpu fan speeds and temps , or mute the mic.Add controlling free OBS and now you can teleconference and have a “lower third” that displays , or a “be right back” screen when you step away.For souping up your teleconferencing presence this is ideal. For streamers who want lots of macros for sounds and effects so need lots of buttons (swiping on the display bar let’s you switch pages but that’s extra motions) this may not be for you. But for the rest of us this is great so far.I’ll be seeing if I can open up the base to stick some lead in to make the unit a bit heavier to lessen the likelihood of it sliding when I press a button.

  8. Fr. Ryan Humphries

    Still not ready for prime timeElgato’s all-button stream decks are awesome. I have three in use (work PC, 2x on Livestreaming PCs) and I’ve bought six total.The value is in what you can program the buttons to do.This guy can’t do much of anything yet. The knobs are SUPER limited. You can’t even assign specific audio sources to different toggles. I mean, it’s useless.I expect the app will catch up in time, but as of Jan 2023, it’s not ready for prime time. Do not recommend.

  9. Bryan R. Jeffries

    Great product as usualthis is a stream deck. it works like any other stream decks, for better or worse. it functions as advertised.i see other people complaining about how it works and i have to chalk it up to: they don’t know what they are doing, or they are expecting too much too early. i know the dial functions are a little limited rn, but in a few months there will be more features than you know what to do with. i am confident that elgato will add much more functionality in the coming weeks and months. just be patient if you get it or hold off for now untill there is more 3rd party support.my issues with the device are that there are limited mounting options (i VHB’d mine to tablet stand), the usual mushy buttons (mushier than usual, actually), and a few early days bugs. other than that, this is a worthy upgrade my setup. i’ve been using a SD mk2 for a year or so and when i saw this drop, i had to get me some knobs!

  10. jamie cox

    A must have for almost everyoneI bought the stream deck + knowing that it would be a great buy, but was still suprised by the quality and functionality of this thing. You have endless possibilities with hotkeys, profiles, and pages available to you. From work, personal use, video games, spotify, sim racing…… I have a page for everything! This truely is one of the most versatile and useful gadgets I have purchased in a long while. It is very much worth the cost.

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