ECHOGEAR Speaker Wall & Ceiling Mount Pair – Universal Design Works with Vizio, Sony, & More – Tilt & Swivel Without Tools for

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Color Black
Compatible Devices Speakers
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Special Feature Adjustable

  • Enhance your musical experience in under 15 minutes by mounting your satellite speakers anywhere on the wall or ceiling! Requires a keyhole or threaded insert mounting hole on the back of your speaker.
  • These mounts are built to tilt and swivel, allowing you to adjust your speaker to create the most perfectly angled sound for your unique setup.
  • Comes with brackets to fit most satellite and bookshelf speakers weighing up to 8 lbs. Included in the box are all the screws you could possibly need, so don’t worry about making that extra trip to the hardware store.
  • This mount pair is ultra-compatible, working with speakers from top brands like Vizio, Sony, Klipsch, & more!
  • Weather-resistant, nylon construction means you can mount these suckers outside. Time for your barbeque to turn up!
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Product Description

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When they go low, we go high. Or, at least you can if you want with these adjustable speaker wall/ceiling mounts. Trip hazards? Nah. Skip the stands and get just about any speaker weighing up to 8 lbs up and out of the way – either on the wall or the ceiling – for perfectly angled sound, whether you’re enjoying it in your home theater or just chillin’ & jammin’.

Sound Up!

Sure, you could put your speaker on a side table. You could even put it on a stand. But why stop there? Why not be a little extra and mount it directly to the wall or ceiling? These bad boys can be swiveled or tilted to put the sound right where it’s supposed to be: In your ear. Because what’s the point of having those extra speakers if you’re not going to be… well, a little extra with them? Oh – and don’t let all this fancy talk scare you: These speakers install in just three steps and in less than 15 minutes with minimal tools (just a drill and a screwdriver).

What’s Your Angle?

Plan on mounting to the wall? Cool. Point your speaker toward where you’ll be sitting. (Duh.) Mounting to the ceiling? Unless Yao Ming attends the lion’s share of your small get-togethers, you’ll probably want to point your speaker down for the listening benefit of the rest of your vertically-challenged friends. The best part about these mounts? They let you do just that: Not only to they hang on tight to your small surround-sound speakers, but they allow you to get the most out of the sound they pump by being angle-adjustable. Offering up to 120 degrees of left or right swivel and 60 degrees of up or down tilt, these mounts do it all. Well, except make the music. We’ll leave that to Miley. (Hey, Party in the USA is still a bop. Don’t @ us.)

Plays Well With (Most) Others

Let’s be honest. Nobody likes going to the hardware store. It’s always on the hard-to-get-to side of town, the lighting has a way of making you uncomfortable and it always smells just a little bit too much like fertilizer. It’s true – it’s a trip almost less fun than one to the DMV, and ECHOGEAR gets that. That’s why we took it out of the equation altogether. Yep, we’ve included the screws and brackets needed to fit the bulk of today’s small speakers – Vizio, Sony, Klipsch, Samsung – you name it! As long as it weighs 8 lbs or less, the odds are ever in your speaker’s favor that this mount’s its match.

Mount It Good

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Works With What You’re Pumping

Vizio? Sony? Klipsch? Check, check, & check. We built these speaker mounts to work with all major brands of speakers, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility…unless you built the speakers yourself, no promises there.

Hang It Where You Want

Mount your speakers to the ceiling or to the wall. You can tilt & swivel for the perfect angle, no matter where you mount. Includes the hardware to get it done, just bring a screwdriver.

The Best Audio Experience

When you attach your speakers to the wall, you can put them at the best height to maximize your audio experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re jamming to Lizzo or watching yet another Keanu Reeves masterpiece, you’ll get the best sound. Perfect for setting up a true surround sound system.

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Weight 13.7 kg
Dimensions 11.06 × 8.19 × 1.42 cm
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11.06 x 8.19 x 1.42 inches

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13.7 ounces



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June 13, 2019



10 reviews for ECHOGEAR Speaker Wall & Ceiling Mount Pair – Universal Design Works with Vizio, Sony, & More – Tilt & Swivel Without Tools for

  1. Russ C.

    Great qualityThese worked to mount my Vizio rear speakers just fine. It’s not specifically designed for them because the rear plastic plates stick out but they do hold. I positioned in a way that is not quite visible how they stick out awkwardly

  2. Bryan C. Tejada

    Good price and productVery easy to install comes with all the things necessary to install various speakers

  3. Mike H.

    Well worth the small price.I have the Vizio 5.1 surround sound system, and these worked great. The mounts not only worked great, but the instructions were understandable and funny. The opening line was:YEA, THE BORING STUFF…but read it, so you don’t jack things up!All through the instructions were funny comments.I’ve never given a straight 5 stars, but they deserved it. Not only for the price and quality, but the laughs. No Chinese translator needed.

  4. Nghia Le

    Simply the best!This is the most sturdy and versatile mount I’ve used so far! If it can angle 90 degrees, it would be absolutely perfect but I was able to modify it easily to do just that.

  5. willie

    GreatHappy with the product

  6. Mackmd

    Great product.. Works as advertisedA nice product. Speakers can be positioned in multiple angles.

  7. Rteach72

    Great sound!Like the ease of hanging them up and the great sound. Have had many people ask about them.

  8. TahoeBassHead

    Great add on for surround soundCouldn’t be happier.

  9. Jaime L Torres

    MaterialFor email speaker

  10. Matthew Collins

    Good quality, easy install, and good looking!I was surprised by the high quality packaging these came in for a setup at this proce point. So, right off the bat, based on the packaging, my hopes were high for continued quality into the product itself. I wasn’t disappointed, the quality of the mounts was equally as high.The mounts themselves are rugged, sleek, and offer as many adjustable positions that you could ever want/need. With that being said, the one pice that could use some improvements are the pieces that mount directly to the speaker, they are hard plastic and I could see then easily chipping or snapping if you’re not careful while installing.As for the various speaker mount screw selections, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a set of speakers that these will not work for(within the written guidelines under the description).Overall, I’m very happy with these and look forward to seeing how well they hold up over time.

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