CHAUVET DJ Hurricane 1600 Compact High-Output Fog Machine w/Timer Remote & Automatic Shut-Off, BLACK

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The Hurricane 1600 is a compact, lightweight high output fog machine that with DMX control to enhance any light show. Variable output control from DMX or the included timer Remote allows for precise effect operation. The Hurricane 1600 features always ready technology providing fog on demand. A manual fog button provides easy control at your finger tips and the LED-illuminated tank enhances operation and safety. An advanced fluid sensor, with automatic shout-off protects the pump from overheating. The machine has ultra-fast heat up time for a quick setup and residue-free water based fog output.

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20 August 2015


‎Chauvet Lighting

10 reviews for CHAUVET DJ Hurricane 1600 Compact High-Output Fog Machine w/Timer Remote & Automatic Shut-Off, BLACK

  1. B. Hendrix

    Does not work out of the box
    Purchased this for Halloween 2020 Haunted Graveyard. First time I’ve ever spent decent money, and first Chauvet product. I normally use store brand/Walmart specials and they work okay, just not enough volume and options. I spent the $200 on this hoping the bad reviews about it not working or failing shortly after purchase were one-offs.They were not.The exterior box was fine, but the actual product box inside had clearly been retaped with a single thin piece of cheap tape. However, opening the box everything seemed brand new and neatly delivered. All pieces were accounted for and tightly bundled. I removed all pieces carefully, set it up outside for some trials. I notice the power was set to ON out of the box, which was odd. I turned it to OFF, plugged it in, and filled the tank about 75% with some brand new Swamp Juice fog fluid I purchased. I use this product every year and have used it in every fog machine without any issues.Once filled I turned the power on and plugged in the remote. Was excited to get a decent timer remote with both intervals and duration. On the remote, there are three options: Timer, Continuous, and Manual. Once plugged in I noticed the red light above the ‘Continuous” option stayed on no matter what button was pressed, but that the other lights only activated if I selected them.Inside the fog machine next to the fluid tank are two LEDs that indicate the status of the tank, for temperature and readiness. I waited while it heated up and the red light turned off. Then the blue LED for the fluid tank came on and began flashing. According to the user manual, this means the device is ready, but that the fluid in the fill tank needs to be filled up. However, it was full already. There was no sound of a pump or priming and no fluid pulled through the line from the tank to the inner workings of the fog machine. The lines were very dry. It seemed like the pump simply was not registering the water level in the tank. I’ve read multiple comments about bad sensors, but I have no idea where they are in relation to this issue. There’s a single clear plastic tune leading into the tank, with a small metal nozzle on the end that has a sponge-like filter on it, I assume to prevent impurities.Pressing the remote buttons for manual fog did nothing, and there was not even a sound from the machine like it was trying to work. No fluid was being pulled into the feed line. I noticed the Blue LED went solid for about 5 seconds once, then went back to flashing. Not sure what sensor is managing the tank level but possibly defective, I have no idea how to troubleshoot that.I called Chauvet Tech Support and explained the problem to tech support. he advised the fluid line was not priming and asked me to “move the unit left and right to 45 degrees to get it to prime.” This seemed odd, like a lumbering swishing of the machine. I followed his directions but nothing changed. He then told me I was using the wrong fluid in the system and it probably clogged the line. I explained the system had not yet even sampled the fluid as the device had not even registered it was ready for dispensing. I felt pretty confident it was not a fog juice issues if the system never made it passed the “please fill tank” phase of setu.p.He advised it may be a bad pump/defective unit and to reach out to amazon to return it for a new one. Sadly, Amazon had no more in stock for this unit in time for Halloween.I do not know if this unit was used or brand new, as there were indications of both. But it should work out of the box. Period. For $200, it should be voice-guiding you through the setup and making a toast while you wait (IMO). I’m sad to see that I fell into the same group of disappointed purchasers. Back to my Spirit Halloween 39.95 device that’s work consistently for 5 years…

  2. Momof5

    Great smoke machine for the money.
    Works great. Sometimes too well (you can adjust it though). Produces large billowing mass of smoke. Makes a lot of noise which is great for a haunted house, maybe not as great in some other applications. It is big, simple, easy to use and appears well made. Filled an entire hall with smoke in a few seconds (it has to warm up before using it the first time, then it stays hot and does not cycle like some others.)

  3. John Humphrey

    The BEAST of its generation.
    I have an old 1700 workhorse and figured the newer stuff would be a lightweight, wussy, every-kid-gets-a-prize version. No, Chauvet has only put this fat kid on a diet and sent it to the gym. Leaner, meaner and much improved remote. You can dial in the duration of the fog blast, the frequency of bursts, as well as the output volume. Uh, idk if you are even thinking about using this inside, but don’t. Fire alarms WILL be set off in any commercial facility (besides, perhaps, an arena or stadium). Crazy great value for the money.

  4. DW

    Great value with variable output and dmx
    Fair quality, great features and a goid price with variable output and dmx, amazingNot the highest quality out there but really good value and great features and very affirdable

  5. Jeff Putz

    Awesome output and control
    If you’ve messed around with cheap 400W foggers, you know they do OK in small rooms, but beyond that aren’t great. The Hurricane checks all of the boxes. It can continuously output fog and you can output a little or a lot. The DMX control is particularly useful if you’ve also got lights in your rig. I’m surprised at how you can fill an outdoor area in a few seconds. You get what you pay for, and this is worth every penny.

  6. Oscardia

    It’s a must get
    It works very good

  7. Thorne

    Never buying chauvet again.
    This is my third attempt at using chauvet and they all start malfunctioning after a couple uses. After watching countless videos, tech support and forums, I realized for the first two I’d been using “non-chauvet” brand (albeit expensive professional fog fluid) which voids the warranty so I thought I’d give them one more chance with exclusively chauvet fluid. This one stopped after a single night. It just starts blinking read and making horrendous clicking noise. Tried calling technical support and they were very rude and claiming I must have done something to it. Fixes require soldering. I don’t have time for all that. I had to borrow a friend’s fog machine that was a twenty dollar spirit halloween machine that has outlasted my chauvet’s by a factor of 10. I was conned by chauvet again.

  8. Walter Hall

    Best For the Price
    I think this is the best all-around fog machine that you can purchase whether it’s for Halloween or some sort of stage application. It’s very easy to use set up and control. It puts out an amazing amount of fog for how small the machine is. By far the best you can buy for the money.

  9. Irving M. Lamansky

    THE best I have used so far! Sturdy, great features, removable fluid container and super output.
    Fog/smoke machines are intricate pieces of equipment. Treat them with respect. I have used several machines over the last twenty years costing in the neighborhood of thirty to forty bucks. I went for this model for all it’s features and due to my using other Chauvet DJ equipment and being very satisfied.This model comes with a wired remote that allows control of the interval between bursts (between 30 seconds and an hour) and the duration of the burst (lasting 1 second to 15 seconds).There is a third control for output (volume of fog during bursts). There is a switch to allow continuous fog (but keep the output set no higher than about 6 or so. There is a cycle time limit you need to keep in mind). I used continuous fog sparingly and then at a low output volume. Works pretty slick.It will take a little practice to learn what is going to work best for your venue. And be sure to use a high quality fog fluid. I use Visual Effect’s non-toxic, water base, unscented fluid and a home made cooling box.This last Halloween it was the neighborhood sensation with back lit, low lying fog moving through a front yard cemetery.

  10. Michael Amador

    A beast
    Used for Halloween . Ran our fog through a large trash can type fog chiller and it worked amazing . This thing puts out a large amount of fog and the timer worked perfectly . It goes through a lot of fog juice so be prepared to have some back up juice . I hope the longevity is there . Time will tell.

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