Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens

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Brand Canon
Focal Length Description 24
Lens Type Wide Angle
Compatible Mountings Canon EF-S
Camera Lens Description 7
  • Wide angle lens for Canon APS C cameras (equivalent to 38 millimeter on a full frame camera)
  • Focal length & maximum aperture: 24 millimeter 1:2.8, maximum magnification of x0.27
  • Slimmest and lightest lens of the EF S series
  • Circular aperture (7 blades) delivers beautiful, soft backgrounds
  • Full time manual focus allows manual focus adjustment while in One Shot AF mode
  • Minimum focusing distance of 0.16 meters /0.5 feet
  • This product is compatible with all non full frame Canon EOS digital SLRs







Product Description

Ef-s mount lens/APS-C format 38mm (35mm equivalent) one aspherical element optimized lens coatings STM AF motor supports movie Servo AF Micro-Stepping drive aperture mechanism full-time manual focus override rounded 7-blade diaphragm slim design measures less than 1-thick.

From the Manufacturer


EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM

Incredibly lightweight, the EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM is a fast and versatile lens with advanced AF and superior optics. With a 35mm equivalent focal length of 38mm, it’s appropriate for a variety of purposes. The lens features optimized lens element placement and includes an aspheric element for high image quality from the center of the composition to the corners, and has specialized coatings on the lens elements to reduce ghosting and flare. To ensure excellent color balance, a 7-blade circular aperture provides superb out-of-focus detail. The EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM excels during movie shooting thanks to its STM motor that enables silent and smooth focus tracking (on EOS cameras with Movie Servo AF), plus a micro-stepping drive that keeps aperture changes quiet. The lens also offers full-time manual focus, manual AF adjustment (one-shot AF), and can focus down to a minimum distance of 0.5 ft. (0.16m). Delivering optical brilliance in a lightweight and unobtrusive construction, the EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM is a great fixed-optical length lens for photographers looking to add a travel-friendly option to their collection.


  • Focal Length & Maximum Aperture: 24mm 1:2.8
  • Lens Construction: 6 elements in 5 groups
  • Diagonal Angle of View: 59°10′
  • Focus Adjustment: Full lens extension
  • Closest Focusing Distance: 0.52 ft. / 0.16 m
  • Filter Size: 52mm
  • Max Diameter x Length, Weight: Approx. 2.7 x 0.9 in. / 68.2 x 22.8 mm, Approx. 4.4 oz. / 125 g


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10% restocking fee, Buyer pays return postage

Additional information

Weight 4.4 kg
Dimensions 0.91 × 2.68 × 2.68 cm
Product Dimensions

0.91 x 2.68 x 2.68 inches

Item Weight

4.4 ounces



Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Date First Available

September 14, 2014



10 reviews for Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens

  1. Jordan J Tidwell

    Awesome prime lens that deserves to be in your arsenal!Owning Canon’s other fabulous prime lens, the 

    Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens – Fixed

     aka the nifty-fifty, I thought I would take another flyer on one of Canon’s budget, fixed lens offerings: Canon’s EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens. In short, this lens at this price point does not disappoint and if you’re after quality on a budget this lens definitely belongs in your arsenal as a wide angle option.–Build and Aesthetic AppointmentsAs other reviewers have mentioned, this lens is small. It’s small size helps the whole lens feel very sturdy despite it being 100% plastic. The focus ring feels nice (which can be adjust manually even when autofocus is engaged, which is a huge plus) and the autofocus and manual focus switch has just enough resistance for a good quality feel to it.In terms of looks, this lens looks like any other non-L-series lens from Canon. Silver ring appointment with a nice rubbery-toothed grip on the focus ring, it’s a nice looking lens. One thing you should notice before purchasing this lens is that the glass itself almost looks like a toy, seeing that it is so small and surrounded by a large plastic bezel. As far as I can tell, this does not have an affect on image quality, but definitely does not look like a conventional lens.–Usage and FeaturesThe size and price of this lens makes it a perfect knockaround lens that will deliver some pretty stellar images–you can literally slip this thing in your pocket, fanny pack, purse or whatever when traveling; really cool. Its maximum aperture is 2.8, while not as fast as the amazing nifty-fifty, the extra light you can get at this maximum f-stop across all focal lengths is a huge upgrade over most lens kits, making it a cheap and worthwhile upgrade.One thing to take into account is the focal length on this prime lens on an APS-C body is the APS-C crop factor that adds a 1.6x (I believe) magnification to the focal length. What this means is that, while this lens is certainly wider than the nifty-fifty fixed lens as example, you will more than likely not have as much headroom as you would like with this lens. Still, you have plenty of frame to take some nice architecture interior and exterior shots or group photos; just do not expect fisheye’ish expansive landscape shots from this lens–which would be too high of an expectation for this lens in the first place.Autofocus is fast and, for a lens at this cost, pretty quiet. I have not had any trouble getting proper focus with this lens even when shooting quick moving subjects like my dog running around at the dog park. For videographers planning on purchasing this lens is to be wary of the noise that your camera’s on-board microphone will pick up from the autofocus and manually adjusting focus. Believe it or not, noise from autofocus is not as big of an issue as the noise made when manually adjusting focus. I’ve noticed on video I have shot with audio that the focus ring makes a bizarre whirring sound that is almost cute, but the sound will cut through all of the other audio being recorded. If you are really serious about shooting video on a DSLR and need audio, it should go without saying that you should buy a separate mic for your rig and you will minimize or completely avoid picking up unwanted camera audio but this is just something that is good to know before you buy.A cool secret feature is this thing takes some pretty good macro shots. I have been able to get extremely closeup on subjects such as flowers, plants and my dog with really great results. My images turn out sharp even at f/2.8 and I have been pleased with the flexibility to get in tight on subjects to capture more depth and details.Another thing I noticed the first time I attached this lens to my 7D is that it was almost scarily snug. I was a little worried, but I have not noticed this issue again since changing lenses a multitude of times. So, if you notice that this lens fits a little tight on your camera’s body, this is more than likely not something to worry about as my camera and all of my lenses are functioning properly as they should.–Image QualityFor a lens this size and its price point, this little thing takes some fantastic images. There is noticeable softness in the edges with this lens, even at lower f-stops but is still a jump up from just about any Canon kit lens. Vignetting in my use has been negligible in my use and have noticed very little barrel distortion, even when getting close to subjects when shooting.Color aberration, or lack of it, is incredible for a lens at this price and tier. While writing this review, I had to go through quite a few images in Lightroom before I could find any example of fringing in the photos I have taken with this lens. Even then, aberration would be very easy to remove in Photoshop or Lightroom.Bokeh effect is fine on this lens as well. Nice, smooth bokeh where the background is still discernable but the focused subject jumps off the background, sharp and bright. I have been more than happy with the bokeh effects I have been able to achieve in still images and video with this lens.Colors overall are luscious and vibrant. I have been very pleased at the saturation and color of my images and video shot with this lens, even before editing.–OverallIf you are just starting out building your lens collection and do not have the nifty-fifty, I would suggest purchasing the Canon’s 50mm budget prime lens offering before getting this lens. I do believe that after purchasing any of Canon’s budget or L-series prime lens offerings, this lens is totally worth purchasing–as long as your camera has an APS-C sensor as this is an EF-S lens. Even as a knockaround, travel lens this thing smokes kit lenses and is just a fun little toy to have in your rig.This lens is always on my 7D by default because it is a prime lens with a little more versatility and frame headroom than my fixed 50mm. I love prime lenses and will end up purchasing Canon’s L-series fixed lens offerings eventually, but will always have a use for this lens as long as I own an APS-C camera body. Quality, fun and portability make this lens one of the Canon’s more intriguing offerings in the EF-S lens class and would highly recommend the lens to any photographer beginning or intermediate photographer. Buy it, love it and get a even more insatiable taste for prime lenses.

  2. Jane Fairchild

    Terrific lens for the R10!Ordered this lens for my R10 and I couldn’t be happier with it. Before getting this lens, I tried the RF 50mm 1/8 STM, but it failed to live up to the ‘nifty fifty’ hype, so I returned it and ordered this one instead.This lens is just plain fantastic. I use it on a daily basis, and its on my camera pretty much 90% of the time. Its much faster than the 50mm (yeah, I know that doesn’t technically make sense, but it is).The autofocus is lightening fast, and stays locked on the target. While you can hear a little hum when its working, its barely audible – much, MUCH quieter than the 50mm.Even though my R10 doesn’t have image stabilization (and neither does this lens), I am able to achieve hand held razer sharp focus with ease.The low light performance is great as well.And while the bokeh might not match the 50mm’s creaminess, its still great.This is such an amazing little lens. Incredibly versatile, and for the price, its really a no brainer.Must have for R10 owners, and well pretty much any Canon owner. If you’re on the fence about it, just get it. Its so cheap, and it works so well that you definitely won’t regret it.

  3. Alvar

    Cheap and Practical Videographs and PhotographsThe media could not be loaded.

     I mainly bought this lens to record videos indoors for my university courses but I knew it would be very useful for indoor photography to get in tight spaces where my EF 50mm ƒ/1.8 STM would just be too much range. I already heard it was close to the human eye in viewing so I was quite excited to take this out onto the street with my Rebel SL1 to double the tiny DSLR with this tiny lens. Overall in every situation, the lens has met my expectations. It’s not as good as the 50mm but it’s still very good considering the size and price. The EF-S 24mm ƒ/2.8 STM actually works surprisingly well for portraits and self-portraits in dim light or with the flash, similar to the EF 50mm ƒ/1.8 STM. You can get very crisp detail, hair pores, skin shine, and iris color. I think this lens is supposed to be like an EF-S version of the EF 40mm ƒ/2.8 STM, so buy this lens over the 40mm first, especially if you already own the 50mm. It’s a little redundant to get all three so I suggest skipping the 40mm to save up for other lenses and then return for the 40mm.The wide aperture is great to have, even if it is slow compared to some other prime lenses, but I think this lens performs better in the middle to narrower range instead of shooting wide. Auto-focus works very well, at least better than the rest of my cheap lens collection. This is my fifth lens, my other four being the kit, a prime, a zoom, and a wide, making this more of my practical lens. The EF-S 24mm ƒ/2.8 STM will move in and out during focusing without twisting and this is one of my favorite features of this lens because it makes circular polarizer so much more convenient. It has no image stabilizer but I don’t think it needs one because it seems fine without one given the small size, and to include one would push up the price and increase the size. The small lightweight lens is really cool to have, especially as my DSLR is one of the smallest ever made, so it can be a bit fun to go compact. I would’ve bought this lens long ago had I known how useful it is for tight spaces. There tends to be some slight chromatic aberration on average, so take a deep look at your images. The colors seem to be generally true but I often have to increase the saturation like normal. I never actually take off my circular polarizer, so I have no day time images on hand without it. The filter I use is made by Ultimaxx.My post-process suggestion, in Canon’s software that is, is that you do not use Digital Lens Optimizer, Color Blur, or Peripheral Illumination, and start the Unsharp Mask with a Strength of 8, Fineness of 5, and Threshold of 2. Keep Chromatic Aberration on as I usually have to slide the red slider to the left while the blue slider is generally left alone or pushed to the right, while 100 is mostly all you need. This of course varies overall depending on situation variables but this is what I found works best for me with this lens.This lens generally goes for $120, but I paid $134 because the $120 lenses were sold out and I needed this for a project. The full price is $150. If you’re tight on money, I think this is a good buy, depending on what you want to shoot. If you have no specific subjects to shoot, this is a great choice for hobbyists because of the versatility. You can probably make it work if you’re a professional but I wouldn’t know because I actually need to use this lens some more. I uploaded some of my pictures, half were images I had on hand while the other half I went out to shoot just for Amazon. My videos always look grainy so I need to learn how to take better videos, but it’s a nice lens for videos. One suggestion I found online after making my video was to use Auto-Intelligent Scene and auto-focus for videos on high resolution. I was using 60fps but I will now change to 30fps. Auto-focus from what I found is not silent, so I rate the lens 4.5 for that, in addition to auto-focus not being totally good but the touchscreen makes it good.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Freaking amazing for small spacesI have struggling to perform full body portraits inside my small house with my 50mm lens. With my 50mm lens my model would be at the far end of the room and I would have to back into the wall in order to get most of her into the shot. But with this it is far easier and gives me a lot more flexibility for shoots. Also it works really well for doing video.

  5. Glenn Austin

    Fast, focusing sharp, and good contrast in a very compact packageThis is a good value lens and works well with the EF2 RF lens adapter on my canon R7. The equivalent 37mm focal length works very well for me as a walk around lens.

  6. gazorpazorp

    Excellent for PortraitureThis is a fantastic lens for portraiture or low-light level event photography. It’s low aperture 24 mm length allows for an almost wide-angle field of view that allows a wider capture at closer distance. Highly recommend!

  7. Georgia lucas

    Came fastBought for my cousin who is a photographer. He was looking for a wide camera lense so I found this one. He says that it works well and it’s a great value. The package was in perfect condition. I’d buy again

  8. Movieskinny

    The One Inch Wonder++++++++++I have a Canon T5i with the two standard lenses of 18-55mm and the 55-250mm. This is the second lens purchase for me. The 55-250mm was the first lens I purchased. Before all this I had a nice prosumer Kodak P880 that took excellent lesser megapixel pictures. The 55-250mm has produced very nice photos also, but now that I’m getting slightly more savvy with my photos, this 24mm STM has opened my eyes to better lighting. The kit lenses work great if you give them plenty of light to work with. This 24mm STM is great indoors with a little light, better outdoors in low light, and the kit lenses can’t function at all, adequately many times. I went to a pro camera shop sometime ago and asked about kit lenses and I never saw a nose go up in the air so fast, wow, and he had none.I watched a lot of reviews on all these lenses before I grabbed this 24mm, and glad I did. I am seriously considering the 40mm next. I read a lot verbiage about this lens being slow, and yes maybe for video, but photos on Live View or View Finder, I found it very fast. View Finder was almost instant. I went to Yosemite with kit lenses in early June, and plan on hitting Yosemite again to try out this new little 24mm gem.Every review has mentioned the cool sleek factor of this tiny guy, and it is slick. I can now use my old Kodak camera case again for grabbing it quick from the hip. Other folks also mentioned the noise in the video. My favorite method of shooting video with the T5i is using video snapshot with 2-4 second clips melded together for one MTV style video of your trip. Amazing, people will sit through your whole trip of video if it is only a few minutes long. Now, for the sound, people have said that the 24mm STM is noisy. Since the lens movement is external for focusing, the lens is somewhat audible, unlike the kit zoom lenses that are internally focused. Here’s another option that most folks don’t know about. This process takes a little time to learn. Load your Canon software on a computer. As a short cut, I tried to copy this process from one SD card to another, Bzzz, won’t work. You need to do this for each memory card. What is it? OK, in the Canon software, you are able to put your own music or another WAV sound track into your T5i. When you play back any video, your music will play instead of the terrible recorded sound through the camera. Voila, high quality sound for your videos. I never turn on audio recording. If you do, turn on the wind filter if you are shooting outside. Last note on this, you need to take a CD or mp3 and turn it into WAV format, and it would help if you can trim these files to a quarter of song for more varied tracks. I think you need to have the camera on and software open to get into that portion of the program to upload the songs. Good hunting. I will generally answer a question if you have one.I have included the first two pictures, and I think the 18-55mm set at 24mm compared to the 24mm STM is a good side by side. I loaded these directly from the camera with no processing either. The first thing I noticed after taking about 100 photos, I didn’t toss out but a couple. Most everything focused wonderfully. The first pic is my painting of the Shining’s bathroom rage scene taken with the 24mm, and obviously the second comparison is the 18-55mm. This is the most dramatic lighting experiment I’ve personally preformed with lenses. The last four are some decent close up shots. I really can’t wait to try this out on some nice classic scenery besides the local nursery or garden. Get this 24mm STM lens to enhance your 18-55mm STM experience.

  9. Abby

    It just works at 35 mm on my canon RIt just works at 35 mm on my canon R

  10. Brenda

    ExcellentI love this pancake lens.

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