Bluetooth Amplifier Board 2.1 2X50W+100W 12V-24V Audio Power Amplifier Module Bass and Treble Control for Store Home Theater

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Model: ZK-MT21

Blue tooth Version: 5.0 (without occlusion 15m)

Audio Input: AUX + Bluetooth

Channel: 2.1

Input sensitivity: 500mV

Adaption Supply Voltage: 12-24V / 5A above (Do not connect to 24V battery pack)

Speaker: 20-100W, 4-8Ohm

Output Power: max 50W @R&L channel; max 100W @subwoofer

Protection Mechanism: anti reverse connection, overheating, overcurrent, short circuit protection

Tip: To have enough output power if the audio input is sufficient and the supply voltage/current is sufficient. The power supply voltage is higher and the relative power will be larger. The speakers with different impedances will have different output power. In the case of sufficient voltage and current, the larger the ohms of the horn, the smaller the relative sound power. Please ensure that the power of the adaptor is greater than the actual working power of the amplifier.

What you get:1 * Amplifier board blue tooth 5.01 * Shell (upper+lower)1 * Antenna+base1 * Accessories as shown

Additional information

Weight 130 kg
Dimensions 11.2 × 5.3 cm



‎Black 2


‎24 Volts

Are Batteries Included


Item model number

‎ZK MT21

Package Dimensions

‎13.3 x 11.2 x 5.3 cm; 130 Grams



Date First Available

12 March 2021



10 reviews for Bluetooth Amplifier Board 2.1 2X50W+100W 12V-24V Audio Power Amplifier Module Bass and Treble Control for Store Home Theater

  1. Greg Bizzell

    Important to be technically inclined/not a turnkey item
    The unit is impressive. Lots of sound control, frequency, tone, volume, also specific channel seperation of controls. The day I got it, Saturday, I assembled it and wired it up to a DIY music box I had created with old Good Will purchased book shelf speakers. 3 accoustic suspension cabs, 2 paired smaller 2 way cabs and one larger 2 way cab used as the sub woofer section. The larger cab sub woofer section had 6 1/2 ” woofer I put in 7 1/4″ drivers in isobaric push pull wired in series they were 10 ohm so 20 ohms in series. Ran the sub input to this cab. The other two matched cabs, smaller ones, got the left and rt outputs. I did not install the Blue ray antenna, did not need it. Powered with an old lap top pwr supply, 19v 3.5 amp. DC. I think that it would be better to use two 4 ohm speakers on the sub woofer but the controls on the unit for frequency and volume of the sub woofer made it possible to match the amp and speakers to the sound it was processing at the moment. The twenty ohms impedence of the sub woofer is a mismatch with the units specifications but it did work OK. Building speakers and sound systems is a hobby of mine so I am equiped to deal with the challenges. One needs to be technically inclined to work with this product. I am happy with the purchase and will probably buy others.

  2. Cain

    This is so cool, I replaced a old fm radio at work with one and its crazy good.
    It’s really small, like the size of a pack of gum, so be aware.It’s closer to 10w per channel, but even that is super impressive with how small it is.I paired it with some el-cheapo 20w plastic bookshelf speakers at work (I tossed the old receiver).Make sure that you buy a 12v 1A dc wall adapter because it does not come with one, but it does have a little adapter/plug so that you can wire in your own power supply in case yours is a different mm jack.It sounds really good and the size is perfect for tucking it away out of sight or on your desk.I wouldn’t trust the volume dial or the power button to last very long because of how small they are but it’s $15 and it weight nothing so who cares just auto connect and use the volume control on your phone.

  3. Scarlett

    Handy little things lol
    Not quite enough power to push two decent sized automotive speakers, but pair them with just one 4″ and sounds really good actually. Some say “Bluetooth mode” with a strong Chinese accent, which I consider a fun bonus lol.Oh you do have to have a moderate talent for arts and crafts as they don’t come fully assembled, you have to stick the heat sink on and then screw the body around it together (they do supply a little screw driver though!)

  4. Ernesto


  5. peter pampel

    I left a bad review because I didn’t read the instructions.
    Hooking this up R+ and L- isn’t they way to make mono sound, I was supposed to hook up the R+- or the L+-. I left a 1 star review because I’m an idiot.. this amp works very well for what it is. I would recommend this for hobbyist because of its good sound, small foot print and ease of setup. The volume knob is a great feature so ya don’t have to pull out whatever device your Bluetooth is coming from to adjust it on the fly. The price is hard to beat for a Bluetooth amp with volume knobs. I would recommend this to anyone who want to build or upcycle radios.

  6. Tyler Watt

    Deal of the year!
    I’m using these as an amplifier and sound card for a bass shaker / tactile transducers on a sim rig. Get yourself a dual male end USB A cable and when plugged into your computer, it acts as a sound card. No issues with it overheating, and it can put out plenty of power for my uses

  7. Brian Reese

    Good product, seems to be 50/50 on these if you get a good one or not.
    Some of these got HOT and died immediately or within a month. Some have lasted years and dont run hot. This is a good product if you get a good one. Basically playing the chinese silicon lottery here.Edit – Seems I had 1 bad unit out of 4 and amazon accepted the return on the bad one. Upping to 4 stars because the ones that I have going sound great when paired with a decent PSU and have lasted 2 plus years at this point. Highly reccomend a used 3d printer power supply and xt60 to barrel jack adapter. Or multiple PCIE 6 pin to single barrel jack adapter and a spare computer PSU with a jig to turn it on so it thinks its plugged into a motherboard (75 watts x 3 should hit 200w easy enough). many ways to do this, whatever happens to be cheaper on ebay or that you have laying around. These things JAM. Much bass. very happy with it and I rescind my former complaints.

  8. Pedro Ruiz

    Its real good and fun to use.
    Nice product and overall well made.

  9. William Schartiger

    Awesome little amp
    Just need a power supply

  10. art weekley

    It works
    Added to my 1960 6volt Karmann Ghia.

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