AVKANS 30X SDI PTZ Camera with IP Joystick Controller Package – 2 pcs 20X HDMI SDI PTZ Camera with 1 pcs Super Joystick

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Main Featrues of AVKANS HDMI SDI PTZ Camera
Studio Image Quality: 1/2.7 inch Panasonic’s CMOS sensor, BIGGER CMOS SIZE than other PTZ Camera, gives you better image quality.
Low light: High SNR CMOS combined with 2D and 3D noise reduction for a clear picture even under very low light conditions.
Faster Auto Focus: Using the same auto technology as Pro-AV Camera.
DUAL low latency IP-Stream: H265, H264, SRT and MJPEG compression at a bitrate up to 40Mbit enabling Full HD video stream by ultra-low latency over RTSP, RTMP, UDP, Unicast and Multicast.
Faster Movement: Built-in imported Motor from Japan, AVKANS PTZ camera moves Faster than other PTZ Camera with below 35dB.
More Ways to control: Control this camera by Visca Over IP, Sony Visca, Onvif, Pelco-D, Pelco-P through IP/RS485/RS232 3.5mm audio input for embedding audio into an HDMI signal or IP stream
SDI, LAN, HDMI video output ports are simultaneously live
Open source customizable via HTML commands
Control via LAN over a network, over a network, and RS-232 via VISCA commands
Set up to 64 presets (or up to 255 via RS-232), with a preset accuracy of 0.1°
Cant be mounted on desktop or ceiling or Tripod, upside down installation..
Multiple Network Protocol: Support GB/T28181, RTSP, RTMP protocols; Support RTMP push mode, easy to be connected to streaming server (Wowza, FMS); Support RTP multicast mode; Support network full command VISCA control protocol.
Multiple Presets: Up to 255 presets (10 presets via remote control).
IR Remote Control: PTZ, zoom, preset, menu settings, combination shortcut key, Our Controller Supports Fast Zoom and Slow Zoom for smoothly shoot.

Additional information

Weight 9.84 kg
Dimensions 43.99 × 23.19 cm
Package Dimensions

‎ 50.39 x 43.99 x 23.19 cm; 9.84 Kilograms

Date First Available

‎ 29 October 2022


‎ B0BKW2Y2D6



10 reviews for AVKANS 30X SDI PTZ Camera with IP Joystick Controller Package – 2 pcs 20X HDMI SDI PTZ Camera with 1 pcs Super Joystick

  1. Steven M. (AKA Bobby Goliath, comedian)

    Updated review, satisfied
    once I was able to set everything up correctly, I was extremely satisfied with the quality of these products. I purchased the 2 x 20X PTZ with the PTZ controller in a case, and one of the 30X PTZ. This being my first foray into this kind of setup was a little challenging for one main reason. Multiple reviews the raved how you could run a rig using only CAT6 Ethernet and that was very important to me at first. the confusion came when there are so many examples examples of using these cameras with the black magic design mini pro switch, which I bought. I was incredibly impressed with tech support especially with the language barriers and they were still able to communicate clearly with me on a team viewer session, And not only that they responded immediately – if you take in the 13 hour time difference. my 8 PM east coast was there 9 AM China standard time. I’ve raised a lot of fuss about their configuration software being only in Chinese which of course makes it useless for Americans – and I’m sure many other nationalities. However the next day the English version was available, and that’s impressive with these types of companies. so I can give their tech support Five stars because they struck with me over my learning curve.I finally understood that the only way to use the just Ethernet and a POE switch you had to take the physical black magic mini pro switcher out of the mix and use OBS or Vmix on your computer. If you wanted to use the the physical switch you will have to run both Ethernet and HDMI to each camera. if you’re if you’re OK with using a virtual switch on your PC, Then you can do away with the HDMI cables, but you can’t have it both ways. In the end I stuck with using the physical switch because black magic design software allows you to do a lot of of extra stuff and if you’ve ever ran a switcher for a live concert The last thing you want to be doing is using a mouse and keyboard. The very general nature of having to use a mouse to click a virtual a virtual button introduces latency when it comes to switching your preview to program camera were fade to black, or whatever.So how about the quality of these bad boys that are 3rd of the price of the PTZoptic cameras that are identical. Not only are they true color, but it’s hard to get them to produce artifacts. we have not taken out into the field yet as this whole set up is for music festivals that we produce, and we needed to run both our lighting and cameras to tweak everything and make sure there were no surprises when we’re out at venues. So my garage was turned into a virtual music festival field where we had for lighting two scorpions and a Quinta. If you are not familiar with them they are exceptional lazer and RGB concert stage lighting. But they move very fast. There is a lot of action going on that could cause artifices. These did not and we are using heavy duty outside 100 Foot CAT6 and 100 foot optical HDMI cables. so if you can imagine that kind of lighting set up in a garage these cameras produced high quality video and true colors.I am extremely happy that I purchased this lower priced set of cameras that are equal in quality and function to once it cost two to three times more drama and that is still in the 1080P arena.EDIT: We had to build a mobile rig because we film music festivals, bands, etc. I am pleased to say we got our monies worth. Using 100 ft Cat6 and optical HDMI we were able to setup at an all day music festival in less than half an hour and filming was a breeze. This was at venue in High Springs, FL. and the date was 3/25/23. I’ll post pictures of our rig once I unpack it from the back of my fifth wheel.

  2. Steve Thompson

    Good value & excellent support
    This is the second AVKANS PTZ camera I have purchased. I bought one several weeks earlier to assess its quality and was very impressed with its form and function and it delivered high-quality images. I use these cameras for medical procedures so my clients need good-quality images in a demanding field.I had a few minor color adjustment issues with the second camera but their support team quickly did an online firmware upgrade and fixed the issue with professionalism.

  3. Roxanne Williams

    Great Camera!
    This is a high quality camera. You get the most bang for the price. It has great zoom in features, and was super easy to connect and begin to use. We Love that the camera can fully rotate to follow the person speaking or singing. I would definitely buy and recommend!

  4. Audio Visual Tech

    Excellent PTZ Camera
    Just bought two of the Avkans 30x SDI AV-CM30 cameras and WOW! Met and exceeded all expectations!Used them on a show a few days ago and shooting 70′ from stage the image on 12′ screens was EXCELLENT!I own a Canon G50 4K camera and was getting a better image from the AVkan cameras.They are easy to set up as long as you know basic network routing. Everything works as described and the AItracking also works very well but have only tested at about 20′. The colour is very good and both cams match perfectly. All the settings you need camera wise are there so you can set manual colour temp, exposure, output, etc..The PTZ is also very good and was able to follow presenter on stage at 70′. Was also a breeze to set upin OBS. Now I have decided to fully upgrade both cameras with NDI and contacted their support and was responded to within 30mins. Try getting support like that from others !Being an Audio Visual tech for over 25 years I would recommend these cameras and very happy with mypurchase.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Utilisation Pour un groupe de prière sur zoomMais je dois féliciter le support à la clientèle.Ils nous ont aidé et fait la mise à niveauEncore bravo

  6. Alicia Helmick

    This camera made me mad in THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE
    So I am a professional videographer and I have tried multiple PTZ cameras at this point. This camera made me mad in the very best way. I bought it to work along side some $2500 cameras and my pocket 4K on an ATEM mini pro switcher. I already hated my $2500 cameras. Honestly think the church got ripped on those. However this camera did something very unexpected and stood next to my bmpcc 4K and matched it. Of course the setting on the 4K was at 1080 and it currently has a somewhat cheap lens on it but still. The lowlight ability on the PTZ is outstanding and the color is legit true color right out of the box! It made me mad because I didn’t get these things sooner they are by far the best PTZ Cameras I have used. Better than the popular brands. Obviously I haven’t tried them all but it looks a lot like another which is twice the cost. Don’t be fooled this one is better in my opinion. Not just cause it’s cheaper.Don’t waste your money on an expensive brand when these are available. There are better cameras out there but I don’t think any exists in this price bracket and the bracket above this one. I don’t know anything about the controller or the pro versions. I am pleased and I will be purchasing the pro version when I get the 30x ones. However this one is sitting about 150’ away from our piano player and we can do a medium close shot without noise filling the picture and it’s the basic 20x. Now during movement it does have artifacts so just keep in mind you may not want to do a bunch of close zoomed moving shots. It’s the only issue I have had with it so far. I will update if that changes.Definitely recommended

  7. Amazon Customer

    Great value for the quality and ease of setup
    After reading reviews of these cameras we purchased four to live stream our church service. Installation was easy because only one cable is required for power, content and control. Video quality is very good and control was easy to setup in OBS. I’ve only been using them for the last four weeks and so far they have met our expectations especially for the cost and quality. Only thing I missed is to order the camera with the NDI option, I contacted Avkans they said I can add the license at anytime.

  8. Brian J. Quinty

    Premium quality for 1/3 the cost!
    I bought this PTZ (actually 2 of the cameras and 1 controller) to replace a brand name camera that sold with the building that it was installed in. The cost of ALL of this was only 200 USD more than a single PTZ camera from the competition without a controller! They work smoothly and have excellent picture quality. I was hesitant at first but funds for what I wanted to do made me purchase the AVKAN equipment and I’m glad I did! I have nothing but praise for these and if they have problems down the road…..I will give and update!

  9. Caleb G. Bond

    Good picture quality. Support helpful
    Delivery was quick, support has been helpful and accommodating helping me set it up.

  10. Chris McWherter

    Tech-support is amazing ..
    The media could not be loaded.

     I was having a little problem connecting my controller to my camera . Five minutes tech-support up and running no problems . AVKANS cameras are fantastic controllers fantastic ..

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