Atlantic 77335799 Speaker Stands for Bookshelf Speakers up to 20 lbs, Black, Pair

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The Atlantic Bookshelf Speaker set in black is comprised of 2 speaker stands, each with 45 degree adjustable mount. A wire management accessibility hole helps keep your speaker wires concealed and neat. 4 adhesive strips and 4 spike studs provide 2 surface options. The speaker plate is 6 inches by 6 inches to hold larger bookshelf speakers secure. The whole stand sits on non-marring feet. Holds up to 20lbs. speakers.


Since its founding in 1986, Atlantic Inc. continues to be one of the largest global manufacturers and distributors of storage and organizational solutions to retailers worldwide. Atlantic’s distinctive products blend affordability, functionality, and style to ensure the best home organizational experience. Atlantic is ‘The Art of Organized Living’.

Premium Stands for Bookshelf Speakers

Atlantic Bookshelf Speakers in black is comprised of 2 speaker stands, each with an adjustable mount allowing you to point the speakers straight forward or at a 45-degree angle. A wire management accessibility hole keeps speaker wires concealed & organized. 4 adhesive strips and 4 spike studs provide 2 surface options. The speaker plate is 6 inches by 6 inches and supports bookshelf style speakers up to 20 pounds each.

  • Easy Assembly
  • Heavy Duty – All-steel construction
  • Wire Management – concealing cables for a clean look
  • Adjustable – 45 degree rotation for speaker positioning

Quality Construction

The steel construction means you can place speakers weighing up to 20lbs and safely enjoy your speaker stands for years to come.

Wire Management

The pedestal of the speaker stand is hollow with a rear access opening for wire management offering a clean and organized look.

Easy Assembly

The Atlantic Speaker Stands have non-marring feet and can be assembled in minutes. The measurements of the speaker stands are 10” x 10” x 30”.


The set of 2 bookshelf speaker stands have a 45 degree adjustable mount for speaker positioning.

Additional information

Weight 2.81 kg
Dimensions 26.67 × 76.2 cm
Product Dimensions

‎ 26.67 x 26.67 x 76.2 cm; 2.81 Kilograms

Date First Available

18 June 2019


‎ B007P8DKDE

Item model number

‎ 77335799

Country of Origin





Atlantic, ‎Atlantic, Inc.

10 reviews for Atlantic 77335799 Speaker Stands for Bookshelf Speakers up to 20 lbs, Black, Pair

  1. Monojeet

    Brilliant stands…holds 6.5kg easy. Highly recomended

  2. Mok Kim Hong

    Material they use feel solid. But the screw holes are totally misssd aligned. The base plate and upper plate does not align properly. Didn’t expect such a Low class manufacturing defects on such quality product.

  3. Scoby

    some assembly required, works well, thanks

  4. Jaryd

    There were better choices at this price range

  5. Jagroo

    Excellent value and very nice!
    Overall, I went with these speaker stands, because they were the best deal on Amazon for a set. Atlantic is a good brand, and I also liked that the upright steel piece is one solid piece.The stands arrived this morning and the instructions were so easy to follow. All parts are in separately labeled bags, and you only need a philips head screwdriver to assemble. The instructions were clear and left no room for error. The best part of putting the screws in is that they are going into metal threaded holes, so you’re not wrenching around trying to get screws into wood and wrecking the screw and your hand. This would also open the door for future disassembly/reassembly if needed. That’s very nice.The spikes on the base are wonderful on the carpet for stability, but they are not wonderful for luxury vinyl flooring. They probably wouldn’t hurt something as hard as wood – but they would definitely leave impressions in your luxury vinyl tile which has some flex to it. Unfortunately, my room has luxury vinyl tile where I placed one of the stands, and I needed to figure out a way to protect my floor that didn’t look bad and also would stop the sharp cones from punching through. Ironically, I had some samples of LVT with cork backing in my storage room from when I ordered the LVT floor. I cut a piece to fit neatly underneath the base, and the spikes sit on it instead of directly on my installed floor. Over time, I’ll be able to see what it does to the LVT sample with the weight of the speaker on the stand and make a judgement as to whether to put it directly on the floor or leave the LVT sample square underneath. I’ve got a feeling it will leave marks. In the meantime, I couldn’t have had a better base for it!What kept me from quickly making the decision to buy these stands was the hokey fake carbon fiber base. I used to work for a company that made actual open weave carbon fiber, so I was feeling snobby – and also didn’t feel like my decor was really open weave carbon fiber decor. I have a more fresh farmhouse look. In the end, I figured you really wouldn’t see the bases, and I could disguise them if necessary. I don’t really notice the finish now that they are in place. I will say, that the photos on amazon make the base look like it is patchy – but the carbon fiber finish is seamless and looks much nicer in person. It has a texture to it and isn’t glossy.The stands come with spikes to rest your speakers on or adhesive. I feel like both would damage the finish on my new wooden Klipsch R-M51 speakers, but I opted for the 3M stickers provided. They are small triangles and are applied to each of the corners of the metal base. There’s always goo gone should I need to remove adhesive later, and it would be on the bottom of my speaker, so that’s not so awful. I do feel like some antiskid material would give almost the same protection. If the towers go down, the 3M stickers aren’t going to hold my speaker to the stand. So I’d recommend to the manufacturer to find a pad that can be stuck to the plate that’s anti skid on the top (like shelf liner, etc). That could even be put in place at the factory and leave room for the holes for the spikes. The spikes would easily be taller than an anti-skid pad, so if someone wanted to use the spikes, having the anti-skid material preinstalled wouldn’t cause a problem. The spikes fit loosely into the holes and are easily removed/installed. I will also add that the size of the speaker shelf at the top was excellent and larger than the other stands I viewed. I like that, as my speakers aren’t lightweight and are decently sized for bookshelf speakers. The larger the support, the better, in my opinion.The speaker shelf is also designed to rotate to 45 degrees to the left or right – or they can be placed square straight ahead. The top fits into the pole and is secured with one screw that secures it in the direction in which you prefer. Again, this is easily adjustable should you move the speaker or change your mind. I love this feature, and it made these more functional for my space.Overall, I love having both my speakers at the same height; it improved the sound. These would make perfect stands for the front speakers of a surround system, but I’m just using them for a component stereo system and music. They’re the perfect height for my speakers to sit at head-level when seated.The stands are sturdy, designed well, easy to assemble, and stable on both my carpet and hard surface. I have heavy-ish speakers on them, and I feel confident they are a safe base for them. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and highly recommend these stands to anyone looking. I was quite impressed!

  6. mdc

    Okay for small bookshelf/satellite speakers but nothing bigger than a breadbox
    tl;dr: These are top-heavy stands because the bases are so small and light. If your speakers are more than about 10 inches high or weight more than about 10 pounds, a slight bump could cause these to fall over if you don’t weigh down the bases or stick them to the floor.I originally bought these for the Micca COVO-S speakers (B00N8265I8) I was using as satellites in a cheap 5.1 setup. I like how I can adjust the angle of the platform so I can put the stand in a corner and point the speaker along the bisecting line, but they only have a couple positions. The platform on these stands is just the right size for those tiny speakers, and with silicone pads they stay in place well enough. Those speakers are also small and light enough not to worry about them falling over on these stands due to a high center of gravity. Later I upgraded the setup to 7.1 and the satellites to Micca MB42X bookshelf speakers (B00E7H8GG2), which are about four times as big and heavy, and I was a little concerned about the rear channel speakers/stands being knocked over accidentally because they were basically in the middle of the room rather than against a wall. I’d say those particular speakers are about the biggest and heaviest you should consider these stands for if you have kids or pets (or wild parties, etc.) because any bigger/heavier and the center of gravity is too high–a slight bump causing the top of the speaker to move a few inches may be all it takes for it to keep moving all the way to the floor.Obviously the point I’m making is, the bases of these stands–where you want the weight to be to keep the center of gravity low–are made of MDF, which is really light, and are only 10×10 inches, which is really small for their height and heavy pole/platform. Tempered glass would have been better. If you have a hard floor you could consider using Command Strips or something similar to keep the bases in place, but if you have carpet, especially thick carpet, you might need to weigh down the bases somehow. My solution was to use a 10lb ankle weight (B0088ZVLAM) around the pole on each stand. It doesn’t look great but it works and it’s far less expensive than quality (heavy) speaker stands. I’ve since upgraded the setup to Pioneer Andrew Jones Atmos-enabled bookshelf speakers (B0148NPIM4) which are about three times bigger and heavier than the bookshelf MIccas, and they have to be bumped fairly hard to reach the tipping point with the ankle weights on them. I also used Command Strip velcro to hold the speakers to the stands’ platforms because I didn’t want holes in my speaker cabinets.The cable management opening under the platform of these stands is big enough to accommodate thick, low-gauge speaker wire with big banana plug ends, like the Mediabridge Ultra Series 12AWG (B01CYGMF6Y). In fact, I’m able to run two pairs of those cables through the stands to power both the side/rear channels and their corresponding Atmos channels. Keep in mind if you have really thick speaker wire and don’t use the stands on carpet with the included carpet spikes, you might need to buy different/extra pads at a hardware store to raise them up a bit more off the floor.All in all if your budget’s tight and you’re looking for basic black stands with platform tops at 29-30 inches high with cable routing, these will work for small/light speakers (unless you do something to weigh/hold down the bases and possibly adhere the speakers to the platforms). If these had heavy (maybe tempered glass) bases I’d have almost no complaints about them. More adjustability for the platforms might be nice, because some people like to point their speakers at the seating position without turning the stand bases; and what would really be cool is if the pole came in two or more pieces with different lengths so you could “adjust” the stands to be different heights by building them with the pole lengths you wanted–that would also potentially make the platform adjustment easier if all you had to do was twist one section of pole inside another.

  7. Simon Rosconi

    Great customer service they made it right
    Let me start by saying these are nice little speaker stands, and I really like them however, Overtime, the particleboard started to split around where the screws screw the pedestal into the base. I noticed this when I went to move last week. Before writing a negative review, I called Atlantic and they were quick to ship me. New bases and new hardware at no charge. Therefore they get five stars. Good on you Atlantic.

  8. Davinci

    Works great on carpet!
    Perfect for use on carpet with smaller size speakers (mine are about 11″h x 7″w x 10″d).No issues with paint or assembly. I imagine they are good on hardwood floors without using the pointed pegs under the base. Stability seems to be fine… on carpet they are more than adequate.

  9. Ron

    Best speaker stand I have ever seen
    This is easily the finest speaker stand on the market at any price! Superb build – great features including adjustable speaker angle and cable management.

  10. Isidoro H.

    Calidad relacion-precio adecuada
    Los materiales muy buenos, estan robustas, el unico detalle que no quedan bien alineadas por mas que le hagas, pero como mencione …por el precio que salieron…estan bien

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