Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera – Wireless Security, 2K Video & HDR, Color Night Vision, 2 Way Audio, Wire-Free, Direct to WiFi No

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Brand Arlo
Model Name Pro 3
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi Connection. Working broadband connection with at least 2Mbps upload speed
Special Feature Night Vision,Motion Sensor,AI Human Detection,Two-Way Audio

  • Security at its brightest – The motion sensor outdoor lights illuminate your property with 2000 Lumens of brightness or up to 3000 Lumens using the outdoor magnetic charging cable
  • Zoom in to see sharp details with your home security system – See and record security camera outdoor footage in 2K with HDR for a clearer, undistorted picture, day or night
  • Never miss a thing with a wider view – The outdoor camera wireless video offers a wide 160° diagonal viewing angle lens that has an auto image correction, reducing the fisheye effect
  • Smarter alerts, quicker action – The security camera system lets you receive notifications for people, vehicles, and packages so you can take quicker actions with emergency response features provided in the Arlo Secure trial
  • Coverage from every corner – Fast, wire-free setup, the wireless outdoor security camera delivers increased installation flexibility to get the perfect camera view
  • Respond to visitors, from anywhere- Hear and speak to visitors at your home through the surveillance camera & security camera system with clear, two-way audio
  • Reliable security, no matter the weather – The security cameras wireless outdoor and weather-resistant design is certified to withstand heat, cold, rain, or sun to give your smart home year-round security
  • No hub required – The outside cameras security wireless system conveniently connects your camera directly to Wi-Fi without a SmartHub and offers easy, wire-free setup
  • Arlo Secure – Includes a trial of Arlo Secure for 24/7 Professional Monitoring, 30-day cloud recording, advanced object detection, rich notifications, Smart Activity Zones, and more.
  • Arlo does not guarantee the quality, reliability, or origin of products sold by unauthorized resellers on this platform, and purchasers of such products will not receive the full spectrum of Arlo support available to purchasers from authorized resellers.
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Security at its Brightest. Zoom in to see and record video in 2K with HDR for a clearer, undistorted picture, day or night. Connects directly to Wi-Fi without the clutter of extra gear. The flood lights outdoor camera illuminates your property with 2000 lumens of brightness or up to 3000 lumens with the outdoor magnetic charging cable. The flood light camera is wire-free and weather-resistant to deliver fast, easy installation and flexibility to get the perfect camera view, year-round. With the floodlight wireless security camera, see important features like faces, licenses plates, and pets in full color, at night with color night vision to make the perfect surveillance camera and pet camera. Get the big picture with 160° diagonal view. Receive smarter alerts for quicker action. With a trial of Arlo’s Secure plan included, receive notifications for people, vehicles and packages and take quicker action like sound the siren, call a friend or dial emergency services.¹ Ward off unwanted guests by triggering the siren or floodlight automatically or manually from the Arlo App. Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit² and Samsung SmartThings. Requires Arlo Outdoor Magnetic Charging cable (sold separately) to emit up to 3000 lumens. ¹Arlo Secure includes cloud recordings of video clips at 2K or lower resolution for 30 days. Renewal of an Arlo Secure plan is required to maintain Arlo Secure features, including cloud storage, advanced object detection, rich notifications, quick responses, cloud activity zones. Arlo Secure service not available in certain counties. #178;Apple HomeKit compatibility for Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight requires connection to a compatible SmartHub or Base Station – sold separately.

From the brand

From the manufacturer

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, Security Camera, Spotlight cam, Arlo, Arlo Pro 3, Floodlight, Arlo pro
Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

Security at its Brightest

Illuminate and view 2K video with the powerful wire-free Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera. The multi-functional wire-free floodlight camera cuts through darkness with brilliant LEDs, and an integrated high resolution 2K camera.

Powerful Floodlight. Wire-Free Setup.

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Smarter Security. Trusted by Millions.

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, Security Camera, Spotlight cam, Arlo, Arlo Pro 3, Floodlight, Arlo pro

Superior brightness

Brightly illuminate your property with 2000-3000 lumens.*

*Requires Arlo Outdoor Magnetic Charging cable to emit up to 3000 lumens.

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, Security Camera, Spotlight cam, Arlo, Arlo Pro 3, Floodlight, Arlo pro

Zoom in to see sharp details

Record video in 2K HDR for a clearer, undistorted picture.

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, Security Camera, Spotlight cam, Arlo, Arlo Pro 3, Floodlight, Arlo pro

See color at night

Notice important features like faces or license plates in full color, even at night, with color night vision.

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, Security Camera, Spotlight cam, Arlo, Arlo Pro 3, Floodlight, Arlo pro

100% wire-free

Free of power cords and wiring hassles for easy installation in a variety of environments.

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, Security Camera, Spotlight cam, Arlo, Arlo Pro 3, Floodlight, Arlo pro

Respond quickly

Hear and speak to visitors clearly with superior audio quality.

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, Security Camera, Spotlight cam, Arlo, Arlo Pro 3, Floodlight, Arlo pro

Ward off unwanted guests

Trigger your siren automatically or manually from the Arlo app.

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, Security Camera, Spotlight cam, Arlo, Arlo Pro 3, Floodlight, Arlo pro

Powerful AI – object detection

With an Arlo Secure plan, recognize when a package is delivered and know the difference between a human and a tree branch.*

Works with Alexa, floodlight camera, security camera, echo, echo show, Alexa, voice assistant

Works with Alexa

Receive alerts and manage your home security using your Alexa device.

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera Accessories

Arlo Solar Panel (2021 Released) for Arlo Ultra, Ultra 2, Pro 3, and Pro 4

Arlo Solar Panel Charger

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, Security Camera, Spotlight cam, Arlo, Arlo Pro 3, Floodlight, Arlo pro

Arlo Charging Station

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, Security Camera, Spotlight cam, Arlo, Arlo Pro 3, Floodlight, Arlo pro

Arlo Outdoor Charging Cable

Max power. Zero electricity.

Keeps your Arlo Essential camera charged with direct sunlight

Stay Fully Charged

Charge up to two batteries so you can spend less time charging

Stay Charged, Rain or Shine

Easily snaps into place with a weather-resistant connector

Install anywhere.

Weather resistant design, 8-foot power cable, and adjustable mount.

Works with Arlo Cameras

Compatible with Arlo Ultra, Ultra 2, Pro 3 and Pro 3 Floodlight camera batteries

Works with Arlo Cameras

Compatible with Arlo Ultra, Ultra 2, Pro 3 and Pro 3 Floodlight cameras

Important information


65 watts

Additional information

Dimensions 5 × 3 cm
Part Number


Item Weight

‎1.36 pounds

Product Dimensions

4 x 5 x 3 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)


‎1 Count (Pack of 1)




‎5 Sensor + Yard Sign

Power Source

Battery Powered


‎65 watts

Item Package Quantity


Mounting Type

‎Wall Mount

Special Features

‎Night Vision,Motion Sensor,AI Human Detection,Two-Way Audio



Included Components

‎Camera Body, Battery Pack

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery Cell Type

‎Lithium Ion

Warranty Description

‎1 year manufacturer



Date First Available

October 8, 2020



10 reviews for Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera – Wireless Security, 2K Video & HDR, Color Night Vision, 2 Way Audio, Wire-Free, Direct to WiFi No

  1. Tiffany Coppock

    Great cameras- needs better integration with AlexaThese are great- I was able to put them up to help protect a family member within an afternoon and we all rest easier having access and being able to see so clearly. They’ve made improvements since I got my original pro2s and I had no complaints with them.My only issue is I’d like to be able to see them from an Amazon echo show more easily- the integration is not great even if you can get it to work and it definitely not smooth or user friendly. Just be aware.But luckily with so many people watching these cameras, we love these cameras!

  2. Dialy Manzanares

    ArloI like the product. I can say it’s better than Ring.The only downfall is that sometimes the picture quality is not so great but I’m happy overall with the product.

  3. Brandon H.

    Worth the buyI was looking for a while trying to decide. There’s a lot out there, but Arlo was just attractive to me. Their floodlight is as bright as two spotlights that I had around my house. Plus, it doesn’t stay on for a lengthy amount of time. It find motion and it only on for maybe a minute after the motion stops. I can talk back and forth and even play jokes on my kids (for you parents out there). Absolutely no buyer’s remorse here.

  4. blackfox23

    DO YOUR RESEARCH! Hardware itself is okay, but anything beyond that is not worth the moneyMy review is two part: (1) the product itself, (2) Arlo overall. In summary, the product itself is not really worth it unless you just want to be able to check in on the live feed and get motion alerts for things happening immediately in its focused area. Otherwise, expect to pay out the nose trying to get a system working the way you want it, only to find out it doesn’t work the way you think it will.The product:The first floodlight camera arrived and after installing it and testing it out for a few days I noticed that the audio was horribly muffled as if it was underwater. You could talk to it head on and nothing could be heard. I was able to get the floodlight exchanged really easily with little headache (thank you Amazon). After installing the exchanged product I was able to verify no audio issue second time around.2K recording is decent during the day. When cars pull directly into my driveway I can make out the license plate number fairly clearly. The same cannot be said for the night time footage. I license plate could only be clearly read if the floodlight turns on and the car headlights aren’t reflecting too brightly. The motion detect is hit or miss, I’m not sure why some days it does great and others it struggles. It took me 2 weeks of daily adjustments to get the motion areas just right so it didn’t trigger when cars would drive by, but it would trigger when I had people walking passed or up onto the property.The service:I can’t speak to what the experience is like without paying for Arlo. I imagine if you plan on using this for free, it is worthless. I wanted the full functional experience so I opted to pay the $15/mo for Arlo Secure Plus. This allowed for the ability to have 4K cloud recording, 30 days of cloud history, custom activity zones, smart (and rich notifications). The smart notifications is this product/services only redeeming quality. When motion is detected, Arlo sends you a notification letting you know if the motion is a person, animal, vehicle, or just general motion. This was really cool, at first, until it triggered a notification for something overnight that I wanted to follow up on. Unfortunately, the motion detection triggered a person prowling around, but I was not able to see all of there activity or see where they came from or where they went because the camera only recorded the motion trigger and about 30 seconds after the fact. Frustrated by this, I went to Arlo support to find out that a service option for continuous video recording (CVR) was available for $9.99/mo per camera. I figured I only really needed my main camera to be opted in to keep costs down. Well, I looked all over Arlo support and spent days, if not a few weeks e-mailing back and forth with Arlo to finally find out that the only way you can opt in to CVR is if you have an Arlo smart base. Frustrated by this, I gave in and purchased a kit that included 2 – 4k Arlo Ultra 2 cameras and a smart base. Got the smart base all set up with no problem and even opted to insert a class 10 SD card into the base of it to backup video clips. Fast forward a few months and disaster strikes again, this time for my neighbor, who asked me to see if I had captured anything. I reviewed the camera I had opted into CVR and found that I had captured the entire crime from start to finish. Then, I tried to export the video to provide it to them and law enforcement, but ran into my next big headache… there was no option on either the app or while logged in on a browser to export the video. Again, I found myself researching for an answer for an hour or so to find that the consensus was to use a third party screen capture software. This is unacceptable! My camera obviously didn’t record it off a motion even because I have it set up to not go off every single time a leaf twitches on my street. So, I took a screen capture of the video and provided it to my neighbor, but seeing as it didn’t really provide suspect information, it is probably worthless. Even if it had, I question whether any such evidence would be suitable for the court as I have no way of exporting it and having the metadata show when it was actually captured. A screen capture obviously will only show the time of when my screen capture occurred.Overall, I’m incredibly disappointed because I’ve invested nearly $1k into all the equipment, accessories, and service just to find that it is nothing more than an overpriced system for someone far older than me who enjoys just being a nosy neighbor. If I could go back in time and avoid purchasing this I would have. Arlo doesn’t seem to be in a rush to improve any of its products, so I’m not going to hold my breath for it to get better any time soon. Most of the answers to my questions I found have been asked and answered as far back as 2019, so obviously not a whole lot has improved over the years. I bought the system based on how it ranked on some of my favored technology review sites. I guess I should have dug deeper into the systems capabilities. This was my first time setting something like this up, so I really didn’t know what I wanted until it was too late. Next time I’ll buy a wired closed circuit system with a DVR and take the extra time fishing wire through the walls.

  5. MaineMeem

    Half a spotlightOverall, I felt this did the job I needed, until the spotlight gave out. Now my area is half lit. Awesome.

  6. chris goodwin

    Too many problemsI bought this exactly two years ago. I also purchased the charging cable so I wouldn’t have to keep getting a ladder out and taking in down to charge. About 3 months ago the charger went out so now I have to pull my ladder out every month and take it out and charge it and then go back up to plug it in.But every time I charge it either i have a hard time getting it to take a charge or once I plug it in I have a hard time getting to work. Eventually I get it to work so I keep it.It was a lot of money for having this many problems after 2 years. If I ever have to replace I will be looking for a different product.

  7. Isidro Oliva

    Easy to install/ poor battery lifeSet up the camera above my garage. I wanted it to secure our driveway. When you first get the camera please charge the battery fully before mounting. After 3 days on a full battery the camera is around 40%. I will order the outdoor cable for $50 from Arlo. I know it’s a busy area where I have the camera at. So I will not 4 star this 5 star product. Will be buying another one soon for my parents home.

  8. Christopher Spina

    Worth the $ if willing to deal with constant alertsI really love this camera, it’s pretty awesome. When it spots movement it automatically zooms in! “AWESOME” what I don’t like is “& for me life of me can’t figure out” is why on my other Arlo devices can inn able motion features to turn on & off what the camera is motioned by? Such as vehicles people & animals? Anyway that is the reason for the 4 stars. Other than that, I love it!

  9. Marshall Swatt

    Unreliable. Inconsistent. Therefore not worth it.Extremely disappointed and frustrated. Returning it.I installed it outside my home, not 25′ from the wifi router. The camera worked consistently for the first week or two, and then suddenly I couldn’t connect to it to view the camera. Repeated tries failed. I had the camera connected to a power wire, so power was not an issue. The app said the camera had a good wifi connection, so that apparently wasn’t an issue either. It is winter and it’s cold outside, so perhaps that is a factor, but then again this is supposed to be an OUTDOOR product. I took the camera off the mount and brought it indoors. It still didn’t work, then later when I checked it, it suddenly started working. Brought it back outside, reinstalled it and it worked, until the next day when the same scenario played out again. I couldn’t connect. Brought it inside, still couldn’t connect to view the live video, then it did, then when I tried to connect a few minutes later it failed again.Other notes: the mic/speaker never worked. Motion detection never triggered the floodlight.Arlo door chime is as unreliable btw.How can a security product work if I can’t be confident it is actually working 24/7?This is not a professional, mature, reliable quality product. DON’T BOTHER WITH IT.Maybe it can’t handle below freezing weather. Maybe it has lousy wifi capability, maybe the phone app to camera streaming is lousy, only the company themselves would know where the product is fatally junk quality.

  10. K. Schmidt

    Get the 4I got this for the combo light & camera for my driveway. The battery has died in the first month and the camera had to be manually restarted twice, once while I was out of town… Totally defeating the purpose of getting this. The 3 also needed a special outdoor charger that is more money and somehow still inferior.I have the Arlo 4 over the back door and had no problems there: camera/battery/charger/software all great.Skip the 3 and get the 4.

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