Ankbit E600Pro Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with aptX HD & Low Latency, Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones Wireless

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Brand Ankbit
Model Name E600Pro
Color Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless, Bluetooth, Wired

  • 【Advanced Noise Cancellation Technology】Build-in 2 independent active noise cancelling chips and 5 microphone, the noise reduction depth of E600Pro wireless headphones can reach 35dB, which can effectively reduce the noise in the low and medium audio, such as the noise in the office, airplane, train. Maintain your focus with E600Pro’s hybrid active noise cancellation.
  • 【High Definition Music】Equipped with the most high-end chip QCC3034, E600Pro Supports aptX HD, aptX, AAC and SBC. Custom oversized 40 mm dynamic drivers, these features will deliver you an immersive sound experience. Even More, E600Pro Bluetooth headphones also be featured with aptX Low Latency, Pair with 1Mii Bluetooth transmitters, it’s an ideal wireless headphones for TV watching without lip delay.
  • 【Crystal-Clear Calls】The Latest cVc 8.0 noise cancellation technology of E600Pro Bluetooth headphones, filter out background noise, so people can hear your voice more easily. If you’re on a phone call in a loud environment, it makes a huge difference in call quality.
  • 【80H Playtime】Enjoy 80 hours of playtime in standard mode, 45 hours’ wireless ANC mode.
  • 【Pressure-Free Comfort】E600Pro wireless headphones have ultra-soft protein leather earcups with memory foam padding to fit snugly over your ears, deliver maximum comfort and strengthen the noise reduction effect.
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Product Description

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Ankbit E600Pro Bluetooth Headphones

All-Day Comfort

Memory foam padding covered by ultra-soft protein leather gently fit around your ears and the headband’s rotating joints adjust the angle of the earmuffs to adapt to the shape of your head.

Ankbit E600Pro Noise Cancelling Headphones

80-Hours Playtime

80 hours of playtime in standard mode, 45 hours’ wireless ANC mode.

KEY FEATURES of Ankbit E600Pro

Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling: 5 microphones and 2 ANC noise reduction chips, which can filter out 95% of mid- and low-frequency sound for you. Transparent Mode (Ambient Sound Mode): Lets in outside sounds so you can hear what’s around you without removing the headphones.

Music with Rich Details: Master Tuning, oversized 40 mm dynamic drivers and aptX /aptX HD technology produce the exceptional clarity and details.

No Delay for TV watching: aptX Low Latency is a great function of E600Pro, watching TV without any delay.

Crystal-Clear Calls with Build-in Mic: The Latest cVc 8.0 noise cancellation technology filter out background noise even you are in a loud environment.

80-Hours Playtime: 80 hours of playtime in standard Bluetooth mode, 45 hours’ wireless ANC mode.

All-Day Comfort: Memory foam padding covered by ultra-soft protein leather gently fit around your ears and the headband’s rotating joints adjust the angle of the earmuffs to adapt to the shape of your head.

Multi-Point Connection: Want to enjoy gaming but worried that you might miss an important call? Not to worry, the “Multi-Point Connection” feature will auto-switch onto your mobile device when a call comes in.

Mute Option: Specially designed for online conference, get mute button works by pressing ANC button three times.

Fast charging: USB-C port for fast and convenient charging, 5 minutes charging gives you 5 hours of playtime in standard mode.

Buy with Confidenc e: 12 months replacement hassle free If there is any problem with the product quality itself.

12 months replacement hassle free?

Yes, Contact seller, 12 months replacement hassle free If there is any problem with the product quality itself. Buy with Confidenc e!

Why can’t my Ankbit E600Pro wireless headphones hold a charge?

Exclusive Ankbit Over-voltage protection technology, ensures the safety during Ankbit bluetooth headphones charging.

Charge Ankbit wireless headphones by a power adapter with 5V output will works.

Why can’t my Ankbit E600Pro wireless headphones connect to my TV?

Ankbit E600Pro Bluetooth wireless headphones works with Bluetooth-enabled devices e.g. phone, computer, TV or transmitter, etc., Non-Bluetooth enabled TVs need a SEPARATE Bluetooth transmitter to work with Ankbit E600Pro Bluetooth headphones.

Why is my Ankbit E600Pro Bluetooth headphones not sync with my TV?

Expect an audio delay (of approx 200ms) if used with non-aptX Low Latency TV – not ideal for watching TV / movies.

Connect a Bluetooth transmitter with aptX Low Latency feature to your TV for watching TV/movies will address your latency issue.

Does Ankbit E600Pro wireless over-ear headphones support voice assistant?

Yes, E600Pro Bluetooth wireless headphones support Siri & Google assistant. Double press the power button to activate voice assistant.

Additional information

Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 6.77 × 6.61 × 3.46 cm
Product Dimensions

6.77 x 6.61 x 3.46 inches

Item Weight

9.5 ounces



Item model number



‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

November 17, 2021





10 reviews for Ankbit E600Pro Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with aptX HD & Low Latency, Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones Wireless

  1. T. Bonini

    They liedI had a pair of noise cancelling headphones that I really liked but after a few years of reasonable use, the ear pads had failed so I needed a new pair. I do not use them with Bluetooth devices and actually plug in an old but still functional Apple Nano into them. Yes, I am showing my age with that bit it is what it is. While looking for a replacement set of headphones, one of my primary needs was the noise cancelling function and that it would work without using Bluetooth since the Nano is not a Bluetooth device. While looking at various headphones many said that the noise cancelling only worked with the Bluetooth function, including the lower cost versions from this manufacturer. The description for this set clearly said that the noise reduction function would work with a sound source plugged into them and no need for Bluetooth and that seems to be a flat out lie.When I first got them, I checked them to make sure that they were ok and plugged them in to charge them up but I was busy at the time and really didn’t need them so they sat for a while and that was my mistake. When I finally had the time to really look at them, there were a few things that I really didn’t like.The headphones themselves look ok and fit well, but the case they come with will not protect them from much. My old set came with a hard case that was not much larger than the headphones themselves but held the headphones, cables and adapters and would protect them from dust as well as most impact damage. This set comes with a soft bag that while it looks nice, offers no impact protection at all. While these headphones are not cheep junk, they are in no way heavy duty and a good hit like a carry on bag being bashed will probably damage them.My older headphones has a mini USB port for charging but uses a 1/4 stereo plug for the plugin connection so if something happened to that cable, it would be no big deal replacing it and I can buy pretty much any length of cable I needed. This set uses its mini USB port for both charging and for plugin devices and comes with a cable with the mini USB on one side and the 1/4 plug on the other but if something were to happen to this cable, you would be SOL until you found a compatible cable.My older set had an LED that indicated when the Bluetooth was activated and one to indicate when the noise cancelling was on. This set also has them but the difference between them is that on my older set, you actually had to look at the headphones to see if either one was on. On this set, the Bluetooth LED is so bright, it lights up the whole room and there is no need for that. I would hate to be the person trying to sleep on a plane with that intense light shining on them in a otherwise dark cabin. Even in my own bedroom at night, the light is so bright that it is annoying and if the headphones are trying to bind to a Bluetooth device, the LED flashes making it even worse.Many of these devices come with a manual that is poorly translated and although bad, at at least somewhat understandable but this one is actually worse. There are no words, just cartoon images that are supposed to show you how the functions work. For the simple things it is fair at best but for anything any more complicated, it is useless.The main reason for this review being so negative is not really for the above issue (except possibly the LED brightness), but for the one thing that I really needed that they lied about. I needed this set to do what the older set I bought them to replace could do, run its noise cancelling capability without the need to activate its Bluetooth function and the description said that it could. Either is really can’t or I just can’t figure out how to do it and there is nothing intuitive about how to do it and the picture manual is also useless here. The set has 4 buttons on the one ear cup that controls its functions. The top one turns the power and Bluetooth function on and there doesn’t seem to be any separation between the two. No matter how you press that button, it always goes into Bluetooth binding mode and perhaps that is exactly what it is supposed to do. The middle two buttons are volume control buttons for any connected Bluetooth device. The bottom button is the noise cancelling function button but unless the top button is pressed to activate the Bluetooth function, this bottom button does nothing, IOW, no noise cancellation. If you turn on the headset with the top button, then you can activate the noise cancellation function and it does work with a device plugged into the audio input but the headphones are still trying to bind to a Bluetooth device and if it doesn’t find one within 3 minutes, the headset times out and shuts down, turning off the noise reduction as well so as I said, they lied. In the description here on Amazon, they indicate that some units come with a push button for its noise cancellation and others have a slide switch and that there is no difference between them but this may be another lie. It may be that the ones with the slide switch have a fully independent noise cancellation capability like my older set does where the ones with the button depend on the headset already being turned on by the upper button to work like their lower level headsets do and unless it finds a Bluetooth device, it shuts back off, killing the noise cancellation in the process.If you decide to buy these headphones, I would strongly suggest that you begin checking and testing them the minute you get them and make sure that they can do what you want them to. While Amazon has a good return policy, there is a fairly short time window and if you miss it, too bad for you. That is where I made my mistake. I did open them the next day after I got them and looked them over and they looked new and undamaged. I didn’t put any effort into testing within the return window and counted on the description bring accurate and it wasn’t and that cost me good money. Don’t make the same mistake that I did.

  2. A verified shopper

    King of the budget ANC headphones?I’m a Audiophile on a budget. I normally use Sennheiser cans connected to an amplifier, or Sony XM3s when I need good noise canceling. I also have a large head and ears being much taller than average.So when my XM3s started developing problems, I did some research on replacement ANC Bluetooth headphones. I was not feeling great about spending $400 on XM5s, and stumbled across a review for the E600Pros that said they were almost as good as the other companies flagship cans. So I bought a pair to give them a try.Sound quality from the E600Pros is very close to my other, much more expensive cans. Like uncomfortably close. It’s really very good and I can’t nitpick it at all.Build quality also seems solid, with a mix of metal, memory foam, and mid grade plastics. Fellow big head people need not worry about ordering these either as they are very comfortable with the band extended all the way. They don’t pinch my ears like Anker Q30s do. They do make my ears warm, but so do every other set of ANC cans I’ve worn before. I’d say they’re slightly cooler on the ears than my XM3s.The claim of 60 hours of battery life also seems legitimate. They had an 80 percent charge out of the box, and after about 4 hours of listening they are still sitting at 80 percent. They also have good passive sound isolation, I can’t really hear much with them on and music playing.So what’s the catch? Why do these amazing headphones only cost $60? The catch seems to be the ANC function. While it does indeed do a good job canceling low frequency noises, the superb audio quality takes a sharp dip when you flip that ANC switch on. With ANC enabled they sound like you would expect $60 headphones to sound. Other budget cuts include a soft case instead of a hard one, no app support, and lack of touch control features like enabling transparency.So who are these headphones good for? If you are on a budget, don’t need top tier ANC, and have a large head, these are for you. With ANC off they legitmately sound as good as cans that cost several times more. People on a budget with small or average size heads should also consider Anker Soundcore Q30s as they cost about $20 more than the E600Pros, but have all the bells and whistles the E600Pros cut to keep price down.

  3. Bad in Bahston

    Amazing even compared to Bose headsetsLong time Bose headphone owner and wanted another pair to use with our different Pelotons. Bought these on a whim and based on reviews and I have to say, they blow Bose over ear headphones away. Great bass sound and super clarity. Great quality feel to them and no audio lag. Highly recommend.

  4. HSPS2

    Revised 10-11-22: Impressed with Ankbit Customer ServiceUpdated 10-11-22: Shortly after posting my original review, Ankbit contacted me regarding the problem I had with the headphones. A couple days later, a replacement set arrived at my doorstep via Amazon. I’m pretty excited because I loved everything about the headphones except the breakage for no apparent reason. In this day of non-existent customer service everywhere, I’ll give Ankbit a lot of credit and an extra star in this review. I’m hopeful the new headphones will hold up better this time.Original Review: I loved these for about 1 month. Noise cancellation was wonderful on my four long Europe flights. Sound quality was excellent while streaming music. Sound during phone conversations was perfect at both ends. Fit was great for this large male head and gave no discomfort for hours at a time. Then it all turned to cr*p when both plastic retainer assemblies around the ear cup extenders broke – obvious fatigue from casual, normal use. This left both ear cups dangling by the internal wires. I’m not the only customer to experience the failure of plastic parts on these earphones. Just look at the 1 and 2 star reviews. It’s too bad they went the cheap route on critical parts because the electronics and comfort are first rate.

  5. A. Hensley

    Great Bluetooth Headphones with ExceptionsWorks great with all my apple devices except my MacBook Pro. Have consulted both Apple and the headphone manufacturer. The two have technical incompatibilities. So, If you are looking for headphones for your MacBook Pro, this is not the solution.

  6. Minxi Han

    The Most comfortable, GREAT sound Headphone yet!!!Really enjoy using the headphone on the flight and especially take the noise canceling.Here is pros I believed:-Comfortable fit-Great sound quality-Nice storage case-Easy to charge with included charger-Easy to control volume-Noise cancelling button awesome

  7. Haozhe Duo

    The cost performance of this earphone is very goodEven though I originally bought an old version of the headphones, the old ones broke pretty cleanly. But after talking to customer service, they sent me new headphones. These headphones are pretty good. It’s worth it at this price.

  8. Sergei V.

    Great headphones,Love these headphones, design and sound quality for the price. Very comfortable.Support also works perfectly.

  9. SummumBonum

    Great pair of headphonesThe headphones are really nice with super long battery life. The bass booms and vocals and music can be distinguished without static or distortion. I recommend, highly.

  10. Gennaro F. Camelio

    quality headphoneThese headphones feel comfortable to wear for long periods of listening; they cancel background sound very well without making you feel like you’re underwater; they are a good value on Amazon.

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