Amcrest 2MP Outdoor PTZ POE + IP Camera Pan Tilt Zoom (Optical 25x Motorized) ProHD POE+ Camera Security Speed Dome, CMOS Image

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Weight 5.26 kg
Dimensions 26.67 × 26.67 cm
Part Number



‎1 Count (Pack of 1)



Power source type

‎Battery Powered


‎24 watts

Light Source Type


Plug Profile

‎Wall Mount

Special Features

‎Portable, Night Vision, PTZ Technology

Batteries Required


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Package Dimensions

‎43.18 x 26.67 x 26.67 cm; 5.26 Kilograms



Date First Available

26 May 2021



10 reviews for Amcrest 2MP Outdoor PTZ POE + IP Camera Pan Tilt Zoom (Optical 25x Motorized) ProHD POE+ Camera Security Speed Dome, CMOS Image

  1. nj28sharp

    I just love the Camera just wish it had built in Mic
    This camera features 4MP resolution, 32x optical zoom, and AI-powered motion detection and alerts. It also supports two-way audio need external power, so you can communicate with visitors or pets remotely.he Amcrest AI PTZ POE IP Camera is easy to install and use. It can be connected to your home network using a wired Ethernet connection or wirelessly using Wi-Fi. The camera also supports remote viewing and control using the Amcrest Smart Home app.I have been using the Amcrest AI PTZ POE IP Camera for a few months now and I am very happy with it. The camera is very clear and the motion detection is very accurate.ProsWorks in Blueiris4MP resolution32x optical zoomSupports 3D positioning in Blue Iris ( love this)Easy to install and useSupports remote viewing and controlCons:Two-way audio requires external power and does not work with POE

  2. Odi

    Fantastic PTZ
    Initial look and feel:This camera is extremely well built, heavy metal. While unpackaging, I decided to add an SD card which I am glad I did. Inside were some silica gel packets. Had I not opened the back panel, I would have not known this. It also looks like due to heat during travel, the wires protective casing melted a bit to the silica bags.I really appreciate the fall out proof screws on the removable panel. Inserting the SD card was easy as well everything went back together well.Installation:The stand off arm is well built out of metal as well. The only supplied mounting hardware was for concrete so I bout some lag bolts as I wanted to mount it to a wood area. The safety connection between the standoff arm and the camera was three chain connectors (manual states it could be these or a wire). There was an issue where the bracket side on the camera’s hole was too small to fit the chain connectors so I had to drill it out a bit.Connection:Connecting to the camera once on the network was very quick and simple. Adjustments like IP, time, etc. were simple and easy to find. After getting its new IP, formatting the SD card and all other adjustments I brought it into my Blue Iris. This too was rather quick and displayed almost instantly. I also utilized the sub stream for my motion and the main stream for recording.Settings:Basic settings were easy to configure. Setting up PTZ presets was easy but remember to click the save icon each time you add one or else you risk losing them. The speed of the PTZ movement was fantastic to have such a variance from slow to fast. Building preset locations and putting together the tour takes some initial time investment to understand but once understood, moves quickly.Overall: I really enjoy this camera. I’ve wanted a PTZ for some time and being able to have such a fast, smooth PTZ added to my system is incredible. It integrates with Blue Iris really well.Things I really liked:• Video quality Night vision (No supplemental needed)• Solid construction (Metal)• POE SD Card slot• PTZ can move crazy fast and still be smooth• Tons of settings to play with and fine tuneThings I wish were a bit different:• For any of the AI functionality, you must use IE for the plugins• Wish it would have come with motion tracking feature• Didn’t find the AI options to be very helpful as it was difficult to really get it to work right• Does not have microphone built in

  3. RickS

    It is a discontinued product
    I am fairly disappointed with this purchase. This IP2M-863EW camera was sold as new. It was new, sealed in the box but was manufactured in 2019. The user manual was printed in 2018. There have been no recent firmware updates. It appears Amcrest has discontinued the product. There are several nice things. The optical zoom is amazing. The PTZ is smooth and responsive. The image is clear. The product build seems to be solid. Lots of strong metal. It’s a big camera, at least twice as large and twice as heavy as similar residential outdoor cameras. It does require PoE+ and needs 30w of power or use the provided AC 3A power supply. I have had some problems where I changed the RTSP port value and was denied HTTP access. I had to factory reset several times to get back into the settings. I wound up leaving them alone and changing what I needed in the UPnP settings. The main reason I am disappointed is that it was very pricey for a 4 year old design with no recent firmware updates. I also read a review that the camera may overheat in hot weather and stop working. That reviewer was in Texas. We’ll see what happens in the Northeast. Another problem I encountered is that I expected the camera to support an ordinary external electret condenser mic. This camera only has a line input for audio. It is not a mic input like most cameras. It does not provide the voltage to operate an electret mic. What is the purpose of a line input on a PoE camera when the audio input device needs to be externally powered? I decided to keep the camera because my old one was problematic and I have several other Amcrest models. I also decided to scrap my plans for buying any more of this model. For the steep cost I expected a newer model and active support. My fault for not doing my homework.

  4. Kaylee

    Not bad But for the money I expected more
    would buy again but for the money i thought i was getting more. the 2 way audio requires external addons, i was disappointed after 30 min of trying to just hear audio like you can with the cheep 5MP form Amcrest. the PTZ function is awesome, I can make out license plates like i was standing in front of them hundreds of feet away 2 parking lots over. i cant seem to get a good picture above 30 FPS but it will still get a faster moving plate.

  5. Paul Boynton Beach FL

    Updated – Poor Support, poor app, poor configuration via data connection
    This is my 4th Amcrest camera. I always have difficulty with the View Pro app and to reset the cams to default, you have to open up the camera to reset it. Which I can live with because overall I have been happy once I get it working right. However this time It will connect on wifi and online through, but it will not connect through the View Pro App on my data connection. But my other 3 amcrest IP cameras do. After waiting for an hour for support, they told me the only way to get it to work is with port forwarding. If that was true, why do my other 3 amcrest ip cams work and why can I view it online via If I get a better reply with the e-mail I sent to support, I will update my review, but I’m not holding my breath.————-Updating my review. Technical support replied by e-mail and helped me resolve the issue. I do still have one problem with this camera, which is upon PTZ, the camera sometimes reboots. It may be that I need a POE+ 30W switch because the PTZ uses more juice. If that fixes my reboot issue, I will go 5 stars. To be continued. —Updating to a stronger POE fixed the rebooting issue. However, sometimes I lose the connection. I’m not sure why this happens. Then all of a sudden, a few hours later or the next day, it starts working again. Despite my issues, the night vision and zoom is great.

  6. Ed Duran

    Quality, Performance, Technology
    Amcrest IP2M-863EW-AI PTZ camera is another home run product. It is a Power over Ethernet (POE+) device which means you only run a single CAT5 cable to it for power and data, however, this connection must originate with a POE+ Switch or Power Injector. The “+” means it requires the higher power (802. 3at) of the POE standard, generally because of the additional requirements of the motors and IR in a PTZ camera. The supplied 12 volt power adapter is intended for initial configuration.The 25x optical zoom is incredible and quickly focuses on the subject. Night vision, like all their current offerings, provides clear images in total darkness. This is a very well built camera, made of high grade metal in both the housing and mounting arm. As such, it’s heavy at 6.6 pounds, so be sure to select a sturdy mounting location.The “Amcrest Pro” app on your phone allows viewing and some configuration settings. Many of the Amcrest camera products use a Chrome plugin, however this did not work. Full configuration is accomplished by logging into the website at the cameras IP address and entering your username and password. Here you’re able to upgrade firmware, manage user logins, create PTZ presets. The camera also supports the ONVIF standards which means it is compatible with Blue Iris DVR software (as well as others). Once the presets are created, you can select them through Amcrest Pro or Blue Iris. The PTZ speed and accuracy is incredible. The camera supports up to 256GB Micro SD card for recording. I am using Blue Iris and did not add the SD card.Perhaps a bit on the larger side for mounting on your house, this PTZ camera would be perfect for business solution where you want people to know there is security surveillance. I highly recommend this product.

  7. Drew from Long Island

    Great camera but the web interface and phone support is very rough
    Let me start by saying don’t even bother trying to get this to work on Safari. It doesn’t work. Spent an hour with tech support before finding that out. They kept trying to blame my POE injector and when I removed it I still had the same issue. Google chrome worked in 2 minutes. Also, if you’re having problems adding it to the Amcrest View Pro app on an iPhone, delete the app and reinstall it. Wasted another hour and a half fighting with the app and trying to understand what tech support was suggesting. Had I known this at the very beginning it woulda saved A LOT of time.Once I was able to get it connected then I did the install. Very nice and sturdy arm. Came with cement compression bolts but no lag screws for wood so that was a trip to Home Depot.All in all, after hitting those time wasters, now the next one will go so much faster because the ease of use and camera quality are amazing once it’s up and running.

  8. Zach N.

    Fantastic quality for the price
    We all know, IP security cameras have the best quality and can run circles around wifi cameras, the only problem is that they are usually super pricey. Enter the Amcrest PTZ camera.It’s everything that I wanted in a PTZ camera for my home. Quality wise, it’s on par with the SUPER expensive verkada cameras I use at work, but 1/4th the price.Prior to purchasing the camera, I was a little concerned since I don’t have an Amcrest NVR (my NVR and other cameras are by montavue) but after talking with Amcrest customer service and finding out that they are a Dahua OEM I thought I would give it a try, knowing if all else failed the camera was ONVIF compliant. Camera was plug and play with my NVR which made things super easy. Everything works great with the rest of our system and my wife loves that she can drive the camera around from her phone to see what is going on outside the house.

  9. LHarrell

    Blue Iris PTZ initially didn’t work. HTTPS certificate download problem during setup
    Initially Blue Iris wasn’t able to control PTZ capabilities. Turned out to be an issue with HTTPS, so if Blue Iris discovery is being redirected to port 443 (the https port) and then failing, maybe same problem.Still unable to delete the bad https certificate with any of the Amcrest utilities (haven’t tried Factory reset yet).OSD text placement using amcrest utilities don’t appear to be able to change location of text.Amazon description listed the “connectivity” as “wireless”. That is wrong for this model, which must be hardwired to network. I have another IP2M model that is BOTH.

  10. phillip atchison

    Fast Rotation and Excellent Picture quality!!!
    After unboxing the camera it was a little daunting to see the amount of mounting material it came with but it was actually pretty straight forward. Configuration and operation with the NVR was a breeze (plug and play). The hardware is top notch with excellent night vision and a long range zoom. A few things to note. the software that controls the camera is a touch slow on its responses but Im not certain its the camera itself. The “AI” human detection needs some work, it detects all objects as human and this would be nice to refine. False triggers are not helpful. Overall its a great camera for the price!

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