Acoustic Audio by Goldwood R191 in Ceiling/in Wall 5 Speaker Set 2 Way Home Theater 1000 Watt New R191-5S

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Brand Acoustic Audio by Goldwood
Model Name FBA_R191-5S
Speaker Type Subwoofer,Tweeter,Woofer,Surround Sound
Connectivity Technology RCA, Coaxial
Special Feature Radio

  • FLUSH MOUNT IN CEILING SPEAKERS – Wide sound dispersion designed speakers easily integrate with new and existing audio systems, traditional Passive speaker design, simply drive power from your home audio receiver or amp
  • FULL RANGE 2-WAY SOUND – 5.25″ High Rigidity Polypropylene cone woofers with butyl rubber surrounds, 12mm soft dome tweeters, frequency response is 45Hz-22 kHz with 95dB at 8ohm
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Pressure lock mounting system clamps tight to drywall, fits round speaker hole size of 6.625″ with a mounting depth of 3″, overall size of 7.625″ with raw wire clamp or solder connections, durable ABS housings and grills can be painted to match your decor
  • SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS – Any home audio receiver or amp with raw speaker wire outputs, power from your amp should be no less than 10 and no more than 200 watts per channel, CL3 rated in wall certified raw speaker wire to connect your receiver to the speakers
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX – 5 Acoustic Audio by Goldwood R191 speakers, removeable grills, cut-out templates, instruction manual. Use for home theater surround sound, whole house audio systems, business or retail installations


Acoustic Audio by Goldwood R191 Flush Mount In Ceiling 5 Speaker Set
– Center Channel with Front and Rear, Right and Left home theater configuration
– Wide Sound Dispersion Designed Speakers easily integrate with new and existing audio systems
– Traditional Passive speaker design, simply drive power from your home audio receiver or amp
– Flush Mount low profile housings install easy with unique Pressure Lock Mounting System
– Full Range sound coverage with 2-way woofer and tweeter configuration
– 5.25″ High Rigidity Polypropylene cone woofers with butyl rubber surrounds
– 12mm Soft Dome tweeters
– Frequency response is 45Hz-22 kHz with 95dB at 8ohm
– Pressure Lock Mounting System clamps tight to drywall with No Hardware Needed
– Fits round speaker hole size of 6.625″ with a mounting depth of 3″
– Overall speaker size of 7.625″ with raw wire clamp or solder connections
– Durable ABS Housings and Removable Grills can be painted to match your décor

System Requirements
– Any home audio receiver or amplifier with raw speaker wire outputs
– Your receiver power should be no less than 10 and no more than 200 watts per channel
– CL3 Rated in wall certified raw speaker wire to connect your receiver to the speakers

– Home Theater Surround Sound Systems
– Whole House Audio Systems
– Business or Retail Installations

What’s in the box
– 5 Flush Mount Passive Speakers with Removable Grills
– Cut-Out Templates
– Instruction Manual

Additional information

Weight 2.25 kg
Dimensions 7.7 × 3 × 7.7 cm
Product Dimensions

7.7 x 3 x 7.7 inches

Item Weight

2.25 pounds



Item model number


Date First Available

August 2, 2013


Acoustic Audio by Goldwood

10 reviews for Acoustic Audio by Goldwood R191 in Ceiling/in Wall 5 Speaker Set 2 Way Home Theater 1000 Watt New R191-5S

  1. joshua c.

    Very great speakers for the price!I’m very pleased with the sound quality from these speakers. I saw some complaints in the reviews but their audio issues are likely from poor soldering joints or loose connections of the supplied crimped wires. I would recommend soldering your own 16awg speaker wire.My only complaint is the terminals on the speakers are on the smaller side so it’s a bit tricky getting a mechanical connection with 16awg wire prior to laying down solder. This is a very minor complaint though. Overall VERY pleased with this purchase and would recommend for a budget 5.1 setup. I have this installed in my loft for gaming and movies and is connected to a Sony STRDH590 receiver.

  2. Tony Pritchard

    These things are PERFECT for office/background music!!Overall: I was blown away by how well built these speakers were and how easy the installation was! I installed them all over my dental office into removable foam ceiling panels and it was so easy due to the speaker coming with an integrated mounting bracket. Just cut the circle, slip the wire through and the speaker clamps down in a few seconds with the help of a phillips head on a drill.Sound quality: The sound is excellent for this specific purpose (high treble, low bass), but I wouldn’t be very likely to install these for a 7.1 surround sound experience due to the lack of range. Again, I knew this buying them and have zero regrets. I keep them playing music (on a pretty low volume) all day and have only been using them for a week now but everyone has been so pleased with the sound quality. We usually crank them up to about 70% at the end of the day and jam out a little and even then, they sound great.Installation: Super simple even without instructions if you’re techy. If not, follow the instructions on the mildly confusing paper that comes with it. I would recommend using a better quality wire. I set up one speaker with the included wire and it sounded great but then compared it to my InstallGear 14G premium wire and it wasn’t a fair comparison. Just solder the wire to the terminals and wrap the exposed metal in some sort of electrical barrier for safety.Excellent product 10/10 would buy again.Hope this helps!

  3. Alex Movitz

    Great mids and highs.These in-ceiling speakers are fantastic. They’re very easy to install and come with a good template for cutting in walls or ceilings. I wouldn’t recommend the wire that comes with it. It’s quite thin.Here’s my tips for ceiling mounting:-take one of the templates and find the center. Put a nail through the center. When you have a place where you think you want the speaker, nail up the template. This way you can step back and see if it’s in the right spot. Draw around the template with pencil and take the template off.-always check what’s behind your drywall when cutting into a ceiling or wall!-use a sharp jab saw to cut out the circular template you’ve drawn onto the ceiling. Cut just outside the line. The speaker has a lip, so don’t be too afraid. Cutting inside the template will make it really difficult to put the speaker into the ceiling.-use a drop cloth or a large garbage bags just under your cutting surface to catch the drywall when cutting.-gently push the screws from the back and the speaker grill will pop out.-test fit the speaker in the hole! It should just fit without forcing, but definitely not super loose. The hole should be completely covered by the lip. Then pull it back out.-while the speaker is out, you can pull your speaker wire through the hole and either add wore harnesses to slip on the speaker’s tabs or solder directly. Doing it while outside of the ceiling will make it much easier than crouching in a hot attic. Trust me.-put everything back through the hole and screw it down. You can use a drill, but the screws should be hand tight, not so right it breaks the plastic!Add a powered subwoofer and a nice receiver and you have yourself a very nice speaker system!

  4. The Chad + AMDavis

    Great inexpensive speakers for surround setupI bought 2 of the 5 packs to setup my 9 speaker surround sound. I have it set up with 5.1.4 (4 overhead speakers for Dolby Atmos) and it sounds great. There is one overhead speaker that sounds different than all the rest, not sure if it’s the speaker or if some insulation got inside but I have an extra one to swap out if needed. These sound great and are crystal clear at any volume. Don’t expect Bose level performance but these are great for the price. Very clean looking with the frameless ones. They look much better than their other style of speakers. The speaker covers can be easily taken off if needed as they are held on by magnets. The speakers themselves are hidden behind the cover, there is a cloth like material on the metal cover to help hide them more. Comes with a template to cut the hole out of the wall and these slide in and mount in place super easy. They are very secure in the wall. I haven’t heard any rattles or anything like that. 2 way speakers are actually the better way to go if you are buying cheaper speakers. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  5. Rod Swartz

    Clean look and sound great!Install requires a bit of planning to be sure to avoid studs in the wall while having proper spacing. Make sure you also have enough speaker cable to run to them as well as a plate in the wall to run the wires to. Great to have the speakers out of site while producing great sound.

  6. McKenzy

    Great customer serviceHad issue with one of the speakers I bought. The sound was off. I emailed them and they were very quick to respond and sent me a replacement speaker within days. All of the other speakers were great quality and sound. They get pretty loud too! Would highly recommend buying from this company. Customer service is excellent. Very happy.

  7. matthew

    Extremely poor manufacturing and QC, lack of documentation – I do not recommend.Bought these for my basement to have audio while I’m working in my workshop. Therefore, audiophile quality was not necessary, but durability/moisture resistance was.3 of the 5 speakers in my R191 package rattle or have static/distortion. There’s bits of solder stuck and loose everywhere. The manufacturing of these has to be the poorest I’ve ever seen.The included cutout template only specifies in millimeters, which for most people doing cuts will require conversion. Here, I’ll do it for you: 6 5/8″ = 168.275mm.There is zero specific documentation on these, just a generic instruction manual for all their products.The bass response will be variable due to the requirement of a sealed or ported enclosure and since most people will toss it into a wall or ceiling it all depends on the volume of the bay between joists or studs in those cases and usually will be far too large. To build your own proper enclosure in-wall, the Vas, Fs, and Qts parameters of the R191 units are necessary and should be provided by the speaker manufacturer… and they’re not. The best guess/option I have for enclosure volume is 0.15ft^3. Less would probably be better but I can’t build something any smaller in my situation. For the record, that means an enclosure that’s 7.25″x10″x6″ using 1/2″ thick material.Running these speakers without any anclosure behind them will render the bass almost non-existant. To be fair that’s true for most in-wall speakers with a woofer driver. However the documentation does not mention anything about this, which is extremely poor on their behalf.I’m contemplating a return, it depends on if I can get these speakers to stop buzzing/rattling or not.The only benefits here are cost, ease of mounting, and that they gave you a template at all. That represents all the stars I gave it. I would not recommend this product.

  8. Joey Renegar Jr

    100% worth buyingI wanted hard wired surround sound but didn’t want the speakers to look like blocks and hang from ceiling. I found these and absolutely love them. I have gotten a lot of compliments on sound and looks. I highly recommend these.

  9. Carlos

    Really good soundI’ll be honest I was very skeptical on the performance of this product due to the price. Truthfully these little speakers have surprised me. The speakers are fantastic for a bedroom if you want to have a home theater in your master so you don’t always have to be in the living room. I wouldn’t recommend the speakers as a living room home theater package but definitely for a bedroom even a patio. Just please understand the speaker have no bass you will have to have a separate subwoofer.

  10. div3

    rear channel use maybe? you get what you pay for,,,zero bassi had high hopes for these speakers after all the glowing reviews. I planned on putting these in my bedroom ceiling along w/ redoing it and scraping off the popcorn finish. I don’t intend to play loud in the bedroom,,,i have a bose acoustimass sytem downstairs for that and another setup outside on the deck. after unboxing these and hooking them up and going through a simulation,,,theres no way i’m gonna go through the trouble of actually putting them in the ceiling. i don’t have a subwoofer hooked up w/ them yet,,and the ceiling would perhaps help the bass response a little bit? However there’s no way i will be happy listening to these inferior quality speakers for years. I guess if you’ve never heard or gotten used to good sound or your ears are’nt that sharp they may work for you? They have almost no bass response at all. They don’t seem to have much of a midrange either? I spent 30 min’s trying to adjust the receiver to bring out frequencies and sounds on a cd i’ve listened to for 15+ years; many of the sounds are not present,,it’s like listening to a whole different cd! these speakers are incapable of reproducing the frequency range required to hear the whole disc. If i did’nt know what i was missing,,maybe i could be fooled into settling? The price is great for 5 speakers and they do emitt sound? Thats about all i can say about them. Yeah,,,they may be great for elevator background music in your convenience store or your restaurant or a nursing home, doctors waiting room, etc.? I don’t really consider myself an audiophile but there’s no way i could settle for these nor understand anyone who could use them as front or center surround speakers in even the most basic home theatre set up,,,(are you serious!). 2 of the 5 could be used as rear speakers but thats about it,,so i’d have 3 left over. Sorry i tried,,,but they’re going back 🙁

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