1byone 650W Snow Machine Wired Remote Control Great Machine for Kids, Parties, Parades

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  • Create Snow Flakes for a Spooky Halloween – Outputs 2000CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) at 6.5-10 feet (2-3 meters) distance to create a spooky, mysterious atmosphere for holidays and parties!
  • Easy to Use and Safe – Simply add fluid, turn on the Snow Flakes Machine, and control it using the simple wired remote control. Also contains a visual fluid meter.
  • Big Capacity and Non-toxic – CE, RoHS and ETL certified for safety and comes with a 10.1 fl.oz. (300ml) tank for long lasting, non-toxic fog production.
  • Compact Aluminum Body – Built from aluminum for better heat dissipation to ensure durability and a long product lifespan.
  • Note: the nozzle is a piece of cloth/fabric and NOT a piece of plastic. The cloth nozzle was not supposed to be removed. The description in the user’s manual is printed wrong. What You Receive – Snow Flakes Machine with Power Cable, Wired Remote Control, User Manual and we will provide full technical support to get your issues solved quickly.


Product Description


1byone Snow Machine is a must have to make your next gathering truly special and unique. Bring 1byone Snow Machine into your home and have a magical experience today.

Throw a party your friends will always remember, give the gift of an unforgettable birthday, and share holiday memories that will last a lifetime.

Your family and friends mean so much to you, so give them an experience that will mean so much to them!



1byone Snowflake Machine

Item Specs:

Power Input: AC 110-120 (US)

Power Consumption: 650W

Outline Size: 13.4×7.2×7.3 in

N.W.: 2.1KG

Tank Capacity: 900ML

Snowflake Output: 2000CFM

Output Distance: 20FT

What’s in the package:

  • Snow Machine with Power Cable x 1
  • Wired Controller x 1
  • User Manual x 1
  • Note: Please read through the manual before use.



Important information

Safety Information

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Additional information

Weight 4.63 kg
Dimensions 9.64 × 9.44 × 10.62 cm
Product Dimensions

9.64 x 9.44 x 10.62 inches

Item Weight

4.63 pounds



Item model number

Wired Remote Control

Date First Available

June 24, 2015



10 reviews for 1byone 650W Snow Machine Wired Remote Control Great Machine for Kids, Parties, Parades

  1. Sara

    It’s so good I bought two of themThis machine is durable. It works effortlessly. It doesn’t get clogged. This machine I feel is really worth the money. You could buy a more expensive machine that blows out a lot more snow but to be honest with you my whole front area of my house was covered in snow when these machines were on. It was covered all the way to the sidewalk into the street so I don’t think you really need a humongous machine but preference is preference. Anyway, if you really want to do something big for the upcoming holiday season this is a great option. The children love it I had so many people come to my house and take pictures with them playing in the snow. The parents are very appreciative because you’re giving their kids an experience that they may not have been able to receive for December.

  2. Lily Johnson

    Makes for great pictures and fun for kids.This snow makes a great back drop for winter pictures! The kids loved catching the snow flakes, most have never seen snow as we live in a NO snow Arizona climate . Wish it was not so LOUD! The sound is so loud that it ruins the vibe of a silent night .

  3. Best Grandma

    A really fun item.The grandkids and some teens had a ball with this Christmas Day. Since the snow fluid didn’t arrive before Christmas, I went on YouTube to find out how to make my own. So much cheaper. This was an easy item to set up and use. Glad I bought it. Doesn’t snow much in my neck of the woods.

  4. Amazon customer

    Kids loved itUsed it twice in the last week or so. Simple mixture of distilled water, bubble bath, and isopropanol and you’ve got “snow”.

  5. Billy Whitely

    Great value!I used two snow machines in a Christmas parade and was the hit of the whole parade! I had a generator in my pickup and the snow machines on 2X4 arms aimed at the crowd. Perfect!

  6. Amazon Customer

    Buy it!!Works great and produces sooo much snow! The whole neighborhood loved seeing snow. Covered the trees and grass well.

  7. Jacqueline

    How well the machine works?This is a great product for the money. It’s not too loud and blows great snow far!

  8. Jennifer

    DelightfulSuper excited to use this 🙂

  9. derek crabb

    Well worth it!You can burn through a gallon in 30 minutes though!

  10. Dave M.

    GREAT value for moneyI must admit, I was a little dubious when my wife ordered this for a birthday party we were arranging, but after setting it up I was extremely pleased with the results. Considering this was the first time using the snow machine, we decided that it would be wise not to purchase potentially expensive snow machine liquid, but searched online and found a great recipe for a home made version (see below).This little box throws “snow” (actually foam) about 12′ from source (no wind) and consumes a gallon of snowflake liquid in about 23 minutes (consumption was missing from previous reviews which is important IMHO) – so bear this in mind when setting everything up and judging how much liquid you’d need for the length of time you’d like to run it. At the end of the 23 minutes, there was about 6″ of a “snow” drift! The internal tank holds 900ml (about 1/3 of a gallon) of snowflake liquid but we didn’t use it, the feed pipe (that sucks the liquid up into the machine) is slightly over 1′ in length so managed to reach the bottom of a gallon water container positioned beside the machine which we used for our home made liquid.This model has a wired on/off control switch which is 6′ long, so again bear this in mind when positioning the machine (for example) on a roof. We ended up building a small ledge in a tree which worked beautifully – the machine only weights 2Kg / 4.5Lbs.The only (slight) criticism I could really make about this machine (preventing a full 5 star review) is that it’s a little noisy but in our opinion that’s a small price to pay for what we think is a superbly priced snow machine. I will try placing it in an egg shell cardboard lined box to see if it reduces the noise of the fan but to be honest, the excited screams of kids in a county that rarely sees snow, drowns everything else out!==============================HOME MADE SNOW MACHINE LIQUID==============================1 x cup of Mr Bubbles bubble bath1 x cup of rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol2 x gallons distilled water*Place distilled water into bucket and mix in the bubble bath, careful with the mixing to prevent excessive bubbles. SLOWLY add the rubbing alcohol (slowly as alcohol and water generates heat). The gallon water containers were great for storing the liquid (use a funnel to slowly fill) and during use.* Use 1 extra gallon distilled water for smaller flakes

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