Five Upgrades Requested by Customers to the Registration System of PheedLoop

In response to your inquiry, we have listened. PheedLoop places great importance on being a feedback-driven platform, and we consistently endeavor to improve the experience of the final attendees. We place significant importance on consumer feedback and promptly respond to their comments. As time has passed, an increasing number of clients have initiated communication with us seeking feedback, features, and enhancements pertaining to our registration system. We have carefully considered these requests and are delighted to present five significant enhancements that will surpass your expectations and not only fulfill your requirements.

This article will examine these improvements in depth, furnishing you with a thorough comprehension of every feature and its respective applications. Therefore, shall we commence?

In your capacity as an event organizer, you are now authorized to furnish potential registrants with Protected Category Links in addition to Protected Ticket Links. By enabling access restriction for designated Registration Categories, this exceptional feature guarantees that only the intended group is capable of viewing and registering for said categories.

Case of Use

Consider that you are in charge of coordinating a multi-track conference that will feature VIP, general admission, and speaker categories of attendees. Protected Category Links ensure that only the intended audience registers for their respective category by enabling you to distribute unique registration links to each group. This functionality establishes an extra level of protection and guarantees a smooth registration procedure for your multifaceted occasion.

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