Using the Apple Vision Pro, view events in the future.

Apple’s first 3D camera is called Vision Pro. Vision Pro sets a new bar for event organizers and professionals by combining cutting-edge imaging capabilities, augmented reality (AR) features, and seamless connection with Apple’s ecosystem. It provides unmatched ease, productivity, and creativity. In the US, it will be accessible at the beginning of 2019.

How will it affect the industry and event professionals?
1. Improved Event Visualization and Planning
Event organizers have access to strong tools with Apple Vision Pro that help them realize their ideas more effectively than ever. The technology’s sophisticated imaging capabilities enable accurate virtual venue mapping, which aids event planners in precisely visualizing the event layout.

Event planners can create immersive experiences using VisionPro, which elevates every detail—from seating arrangements and stage sets to lighting and decor—and ensures flawless execution.

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