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1. PCI-E VS USB – Which Capture Card is BETTER?


is the axis 4k60 even worth it accus i think that's how you say their name sent me this for free they're not paying me they just want me to check it out and see if it's any good compared to any other capture cards this is a pcie capture card so it goes right into your computer as opposed to being a usb so let's take a look and see if this is even worth it so when i was unboxing this thing the first thing i would notice obviously is there's the capture card that goes into pcie slots you also get an hdmi cable that's really nice that they include that i have so many hdmi cables i don't know what to do with myself but it's a nice touch in addition to what comes inside the box there's brackets as well extra brackets for let's say your motherboard sits further away from the back of your pc or closer or sometimes they might just fit differently based on different models you've got extra pieces there in case it doesn't fit and more on that later because i did have an issue with that i've reviewed a bunch of capture cards on this channel in the past and if i had to choose a winner it would be the elgato cam link 4k it's a 4k capture card at 30 fps if you want to get 60 fps you got to go down to 1080p which honestly isn't that big of a deal because you're not really streaming in 4k anyways it just gives you more flexibility in obs or whatever stream software you use now we're going to take a look and see the comparisons between these two capture cards we'll take a look and see if any latency is in them which there definitely is in both and i'm going to show you the difference and if it's really noticeable we're also going to take a look and see do these inputs and outputs really work as well as they claim they claim zero latency let's take a look and see if that's even true so far for all of my streaming i've used the elgato camera in 4k but let's see if this will even replace it now remember you need to have a motherboard that supports this capture card my previous pc which is an older computer you can see there's a new one right behind me it's sent by digital storm a new video coming out pretty soon about that it's got a rtx 3090 and i'm also going to tell you how i was able to get that but with this capture card you have to have specific pcie slots in your motherboard this capture card is not compatible with a pcie x1 or a pci slot but it is compatible with a pcie x4 and a pcie x8 and a pcie x16 in my computer behind me i have a pc4 8 and 16 slots in that motherboard so when i got this capture card i was pretty confident that this was going to be compatible when i was first trying to install this capture card it was a little finicky and rather annoying so the brackets that were attached to this capture card were either too big or too small so when i replaced the big one with the small one i realized that it still wasn't going to fit and the hdmi connections were kind of inside the pc they weren't sticking out of the pc like any of the other hdmi inputs or outputs on the back of the computer so i tried putting the bigger bracket back onto the capture 4k60 and it still wasn't fitting and at this point i was getting a little frustrated trying to figure it out honestly i didn't think it was gonna fit so i did what any macgyver would do i just put it in the computer and didn't worry about putting in the bracket at this point i didn't have very high hopes for this capture card so when i went to their website and downloaded the drivers which i will leave a link down in the description if you want to download those drivers for this capture card i downloaded the drivers installed them or i tried to but it wouldn't notice the capture card that was in my pci 4 slot so then i tried to put it into the pcie 16 slot and it still didn't work so i put it back into the four slot shut down my computer restarted it it booted back up i tried to reinstall that driver and it noticed that it picked up the capture card which i was rather excited about it actually works and then i simply click that source that was available now because of that driver so then it was just a matter of opening obs right clicking and adding a new capture device and selecting my new pcie capture card so now that i've actually got this capture card working let's take a look and see if it's better than the camlink 4k and what other features does this capture card include so it's a couple days later and finally some extra gear arrived so i can finish this actual review so what we have is we've got an hdmi splitter which is coming from the camera itself it's splitting it into two hdmi cables you can actually see them right over here these two thick cables they're 15 feet long so long for an hdmi cable but it's because i want to be able to run it to the stream pc behind me more on that in a second so two hdmi cables are being split one is going into the pcie capture card and one is going into the camlink 4k i'm recording them separately in two obs programs so the cam link is going into one obs recording the other one is going into another obs recording so we've got two files to compare right now you're seeing the video recorded right from my camera and it's also going into the road caster pro for some good audio sounds it's going to sound the exact same in obs because i've got audio treatment in my road caster pro i haven't done any audio treatment in obs but let's take a look and see the differences here if we have these two side by side you can see that there's really pretty much i can't tell that there's any delay between the two they both look exactly the same i don't see any frame drops as far as i can tell it looks all normal currently the cam link is doing 4k 30. the pcie capture card is doing 4k 60. so these are currently maxed out at what their max resolutions are and their frame rates i don't notice any difference com to can be completely honest i'm actually going to drag them side by side just to make sure that i'm just i'm not making a mistake here yeah they look exactly the same there's almost no difference if no difference at all if i were to say there were any difference the camlink 4k is just a very very small fraction like 10 milliseconds 20 milliseconds i'm gonna say that because i feel like there's a very very very slight delay between the two i can't tell but to be completely honest 10 to 20 millisecond delay between the two is not a difference now you might see a slight delay between what the audio sounds like and the microphone from the obs recording because it's still going to travel through a splitter it's got to travel through a 15 foot hdmi cable into a capture cart and then into obs the video might be slightly behind from the from the audio but it's going to be about 100 milliseconds and i'm going to show you what it looks like directly from the camera to the capture card into obs without a splitter without a 15 foot cable i'm gonna do that right now so right now i've removed the splitter and these two 15 foot hdmi cables right now what you're seeing is hdmi from my camera to the cam link 4k and into obs there's currently about a 100 millisecond delay which is almost unnoticeable to the human eye you might be able to notice it a tiny bit if i've mentioned it to you because now you're looking for it but also it's just very hard to catch okay so now i'm using the hdmi cable directly from my camera into the pcie capture card currently at 60 frames per second 4k and honestly i don't notice any difference i'm monitoring it right now i see maybe a 100 millisecond delay just like the elgato cam link 4k uh which is actually i'm honestly a little surprised especially with an off brand like this i'm just looking here there's the motion looks great i'm not dropping any frames here but you might be wondering why should i spend two hundred dollars on a pcie capture card if i can buy a hundred and twenty dollar cam link 4k a little bit more about that in just a second but first so remember you can use this axis 4k 60 with the dual pc streaming setup so i've obviously got my main gaming pc here but in this case i'm going to call this my streaming pc just for this scenario right so my streaming pc is all set up i've got obs on it i've got my camera going to it too right but my gaming pc is right behind me here okay so let's switch over to that real quick all right so now we're at the gaming pc the streaming pc is behind me everything's going into that computer and then it's going out to twitch or youtube whatever platform you use to stream now i've got my game here on the computer screen on the gaming pc and let's just go into a practice here all right so now i'm on the gaming pc here and if i'm you know just playing my game i'm looking at the the other screen where the stream pc is and i see just like usual about a 100 millisecond delay i don't see anything crazy as soon as i move my mouse it looks like you can see it on this screen here as soon as i move this mouse you can see on screen there it's almost exactly the same time so delay is not bad at all in fact it's almost not even noticeable so you can definitely use this for a dual pc streaming setup so now i've used my computer here i've got an hdmi connected to this and i've got a display port connected to this my display is going to my screen here the hdmi is going through the 15 foot cable you can see in the corner there and it's going into the capture card the pci 4k 60. now what happens if i'm using a console let's say and i want to be able to see my screen but let's assume there's only one hdmi cable coming out of my console but i want to send it to stream into my pcie capture card but how am i going to see it i don't want to watch obs and play my screen on obs well this capture card also has a pass through now i'm not sure what it's going to look like so let's test that out right now right now i see the streaming pc or you could use a console it's going into the in port on the pcie capture card now there's an output on the capture card as well which is going into my monitor here so i can actually see my game assuming i have a console controller here i don't own one but assuming i do i can see it right here let's see what the input delay is oh that's really good i could be gaming on my console i can watch it in 60 fps at 4k right now my screen here is 2k i'm sending a 2k signal into a 4k capture card so i'm not maxing it out if i had a 4k display that would be fine at least with a streaming pc if i had a console and assuming i could send 4k into my capture card from the console it can support that keep in mind you won't be able to game at higher than 60 fps because this capture card is 4k 16. okay so i can do 2k at 144 hertz so that's actually pretty nice i can record or stream at 2k at 144 hertz assuming that i can get a 144hz monitor into the capture card from my console or my stream pc i can still gain a 144hz monitor through the out port or the hdmi out on the capture card in the stream pc i can send that to my monitor so i can actually watch the game i can do that at 2k 144 hertz i cannot do that at 4k at 144. i can only do 4k 60. to be honest if i'm gaming on a console that's all i really need is you know if i'm doing 4k 60 great but most of the time i might even do 1080p 60 or 1080p 100 maybe 140 144hz is great i'm not going to complain about it but if i'm gaming here it's real time through the pass-through pass-through is great i don't see any delay which was advertised like that so why would i spend two hundred dollars for the pcie capture card as opposed to the 120 dollar cam link 4k well it has a pass-through so you can use it for a console with a camling 4k you don't have that option unless you're using an hdmi splitter like the one i have which is like a 20 hdmi splitter you can split your hdmi into a cam link 4k and then the other one into your pcie capture card that's possible it's a bit more of a setup there's nothing wrong with it and it worked just fine as you saw earlier so because i've got a wireless mouse and keyboard why didn't i just do this in the first place i could just game right here look at this there's absolutely no delay i play valorem pretty often you should come check me out murrayfrost and there's no delay whatsoever through this pass-through so if i'm gaming through my console or maybe through my stream pc and i want to have the out i only have one hdmi cable on my graphics card let's assume that scenario send that hdmi into my stream pc use the passthrough with hdmi out into my main monitor and i've got a whole setup here this looks great i see no delay in any obs recording or anything i'm so glad i'm recording obs i will be so mad if i forgot to press record now let's assume that you're duplicating your monitors so that you can you know send it to your capture card now if you're dropping frame rate or you're losing your hertz let's go to the desktop here let's right click and go to display settings now what you can do is go to the advanced display settings and here in right now i am set to 60 hertz all right so if i go to uh this over here display adapter properties let's go to the monitor and i can update my hearse to 144 hertz let's apply that uh looks like the screen is freaking out oh wait it's back at least in here i don't see it there i don't see it through my pass-through either so i'm completely blind if i'm using a console setting my uh hurts at 144 hertz and now the screen is freaking out here what is going on okay so i can't play at 144 hertz and that's pretty clear it kicked me out of it uh let's see if i can at least go higher so let's change the monitor to let's do 100hz let's apply that oh that's why because i i could skip the changes if i wanted to and that's why i kicked me out let's keep the changes let's click ok my monitor is refresh rate as at 100 hertz am i getting that on the pass through to my monitor here i can't tell honestly i can't tell the difference it's because 60 and 100 hertz is only a difference by 40 hertz which might be you know important in a competitive sense but i don't see a huge difference at all let's let's do 144 hertz let's apply that i've got to save the changes but i cannot see it on my main screen here but i can see it on my recording in obs it's just not sending a 44 144 hertz signal through the pass-through let's save those changes i can't see it on my second screen here so i'm going to have to change it back now i'm just using obs to see this let's do 120 hertz let's apply that is it going to show up on my main screen it is not it won't send a 120 hertz signal through the pass-through all right back to 100 hertz okay so it looks like it can only do a max of 100 hertz through the pass-through on the capture card onto my main screen so if i'm using a console and i want to be able to game at high refresh rates or if i'm using a dual pc stream setup my gaming pc is behind me assuming i'm sending the signal into the capture card which is plugged into the streaming pc i can only send a maximum of 100 hertz through the pass-through so i can see it on my monitor i can still send a 144 hertz signal into the in port on the pcie capture card and it'll show up in obs i don't see any issues with that if i wanted to use the pass-through which is an out on that capture card then i can only do a max of 100 hertz i hope that made sense it's a little confusing but pretty straightforward if you understand the principle of what's going on here i love this capture card if i get a console i can game without switching anything i just switch my scene with my stream deck to a different scene set up with my capture card that is connected into my pcie and i can have the pass through into my monitor switch the input on my monitor without switching stuff and it's good to go oh this is amazing for 200 bucks that's great so there you have it it's a pretty decent capture card i definitely would consider using it especially if i had two camera angles and i wanted to use that and i can also use it for dual pc streaming as far as is it worth it for the video quality and latency that's up to you to decide if you like it or not personally i don't think it's all that bad i can always add an audio delay to my audio that's going into obs if you enjoyed this video and want to learn how to fix dual pc audio problems i will be uploading that video next week so stick around for that if you're interested leave a like for my cat because she's extremely cute and i'll see you next time but until then make something great kitty kim queso come she's been sleeping she's half asleep but isn't she cute hi say hi say hi you are adorable


2. How to Install and Setup a Capture Card | Pengo 4K HDMI PCIe Capture Card

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: 📹 How to Install and Setup a Capture Card | Pengo 4K HDMI PCIe Capture Card

so if you're a content creator or a streamer there's a very good chance that you'll probably need to capture some sort of video at some point in your career and today we're going to be taking a look at a very cool capture card from a company called pango [Music] g'day guys welcome back to the channel my name is sean and today we're looking at a 4k hdmi pcie capture card which goes into the motherboard of your pc and what it allows you to do is to capture the video signal from your dslr camera but also it can capture something like the video signal from your xbox or playstation and then pass that signal through to your monitor so you can stream and capture that video play games and share that with your audience maybe on youtube or twitch if you guys like this kind of content then chuck it a like get subscribed and let's begin so today with this video we're going to break it down into sort of three chapters first part we're going to be going through the product and the features and how much it costs second part is how to actually install it into your computer and then the last part is how to configure it in something like obs so you can capture that signal get it optimized and then upload it to something like youtube or twitch so the company pengo you may not have heard of them you've probably heard of other companies like elgato but pengo is in the video capture i guess product category and what they make some really really affordable good quality capture products that i've been using for a long night long time now to capture the video signal from my sony a7s2 to stream to youtube and today we're going to be sort of looking at some of their other products this one that i'm really excited about though is their 4k pcie capture card they can capture 4k 60 hdr so if you're wanting to play um like with your xbox or your playstation and you don't want any bottlenecks at all and you want to be able to share that with your viewers with your community this is going to be a device that you can do that with it costs around about 270 dollars here in australia right now and if you compare that to something like from elgato that can cost uh for the same features to do the same thing over 400 so it's a very very um good value product if you want the absolute best of the best for streaming and sharing that with your community now what does a capture card essentially do the way that you need to sort of think about capture cards is it's taking a video signal from something like your console from your playstation xbox or your dslr camera it's capturing that signal in windows and then it's converting it into a way that windows can understand it and then stream that or share that upload it with something like obs to a platform like youtube or twitch or whatever platform that you're using to stream facebook for example so in a sense like a tv is a capture device if you've got your xbox going into your tv right your tv is capturing that signal and then you know you're viewing it through the screen what this is doing is it's a device that you can put into your computer so you can capture your signal from a console from a camera upload it through your windows pc to something like twitch or youtube so it's sort of doing the conversion right so that's essentially what a capture card does so this product is obviously meant to go into a pc as well so if we have a look here at the actual capture card you can see we've got a really nice black aluminium heat sink here we've got those pcie connectors on the back side is essentially just the pcb for the capture card so very very simple but this heatsink here is going to allow this product to stay nice and cool when it's really working hard capturing that video input and then if we look at the actual inputs and outputs of the um of the card here so like i said before you've got that input which is for capturing the video signal and then the output which is to loop back into part of me the monitor so you can actually go ahead and you know monitor the gameplay or play the playstation or xbox whatever you're doing without any added latency very very simple really nice looking card but this will just go into the motherboard of your computer plug and play no drivers are really necessary windows will detect it configure it and then all you need to do is which is what i'll show you is how to configure it in obs to capture that video signal all right so what you're seeing at the moment this is the inside of my pc my personal one that i use for streaming and making all of these videos obviously the inside of every computer is going to be slightly different but what you want to try and find with a motherboard for this pci capture card you can see here you've got these little little teeth right this is the pci express connector and then on your motherboard if you can sort of see right in here somewhere you should have a connector that sort of matches up with those two little teeth right so you want to remove first of all if there's a piece of metal here that's going to block something like a capture card going into here you want to remove that out so that should be pretty straightforward there'll be a security screw or a screw here that you might need to remove and then once you've got your capture card if you're holding it by the edges you sort of just want to try and go ahead and you know you can use the back of your graphic card if you've got it there to sort of just line it up and then just give it a push and it should just go straight in so just like that so that's basically in now and then all we need to do is you know basically push the little i o uh bracket here to a point where we can just put a screw in and secure it and that's literally it so now on the other camera angle what you can see hopefully is the hdmi in and the hdmi out so your console or your dslr camera is going to go to the in if it's a camera that's all you need to do but if you're looping the video signal out so like your console or something you want to plug your monitor into the out so i'll just go through that again your dslr or your console is going to go into the in and then if you're wanting to loop the video signal out to your monitor you want to plug it into the out alright guys so here we are a bit of a other side of the camera so you can get a bit of an idea of how the streaming setup currently looks and also so i can show you how i've actually got the hdmi cable going from the uh from the dslr camera into the capture car into the pc so you can use this as a bit of a rough i guess guide to do something similar for yourself so let me flip the camera around and i'll show you how that works okey doke so what we've got here is obviously you know my whole streaming setup the two monitors the microphone mouse imac the whole this is basically my setup right so here we've got the sony dslr camera which is what i use to make all of my videos and do my live streams we've got a dummy battery connector going in just to give it continuous power but the most important part is this part here so this is the micro or miniature which one it is hdmi connector going into the camera and then if we basically follow that cable down right and we've got the back of the pc here and if we squat right down we can see a whole bunch of connectors so this one here where my finger is on this is actually that cable right which is going up to the camera so this is going into the input right you kind of can't see it there i'll try and get it in focus so you've got hdmi in and then next we've got hdmi out so for example if this was a xbox or a playstation right and you wanted to loop that out to one of the monitors you would use that output connector to go to your monitor so in for the capture out to loop out to your monitor down the bottom here i've got my other display port connectors for both of those monitors because i'm not doing that i'm literally just capturing the one source and then i've got you know all my usbs and everything else so that's how to basically go ahead and get your dslr camera configured to the pc you might be wondering why there's such a high difference and that's because by the way this is a standing desk so don't mind the cable mess but i have to sort of allow for a bit of extra slack there because this desk can go up and down obviously when i stream i have it usually down but i you know like to have um have the option available so that's how to go ahead and get it configured from the camera to the capture card and again very very similar process if you're doing a console obviously you won't have your console mounted up on a tripod maybe you would have it you know on the little side here but basically console goes into the input and then loops out to either one of your monitors so what i'll do now is clean this mess up a little bit get the camera fired up get into windows 10 on my pc show you how to configure the capture card in something like obs which is a broadcasting software i guess program or utility so you can show you my settings that you can use um to go ahead and broadcast to something like youtube or twitch alright guys so we're here in the streaming setup and what i'm going to be doing is taking you through a guide on how to set up the 4k pcie capture card from pengo in a program like obs which is a very popular program for you know streaming and recording your game play or you know creating content if that's what you're doing it's completely free and there is a link down below to obs if you want to go ahead and download it and get it installed but once you're at this point now where you know you're you're ready to sort of add the device in as a capture card what you want to do is you want to go into your sources area okay and you want to click the plus button and then choose video capture device because that's literally what the category of device it is that we've plugged in okay so we're going to click on video capture device we're going to choose 4k we're actually going to give it a name i should say so we're going to call it 4k pango pcie the reason why you want to give it a name is just so that we've got some sort of way of knowing what it is you know in case you've got multiple capture cards um so press ok and then it'll get a preview of you know your your device so the main one at the top here 4k pcie we've got a preview window with the sony camera we're going to choose the maximum resolution which is 4k 30 frames we're going to choose the resolution type 3840 2160 we're going to match the frame rate we're going to go ahead and choose the format press ok let me just make sure the frame rate set as well and we'll press ok we'll resize this window now so let me just bring that up again because you might not might not have been able to see it but if we just double click on the pango pcie you'll see here let me just make this a little bit smaller so you can see in the frame with everything else going on let me just move things around a little bit but you can see here pengo 4k pcie capture resolution type we've got it set to custom resolution 3840 2160 fps is 30 video format is nv12 and then everything else is basically set to default and then we can go ahead and just press ok there is a bunch of other things you can do here if you want to but we're going to leave it default for the moment and press ok and now what you can see is a bit of a comparison between the logitech webcam and my sony a7s ii we're doing a display recording and this is all working flawlessly recording in 4k on a pretty high end pc if you want to know the minimum specification is you have to have at least an i5 cpu so at least a quad-core cpu and four gigabytes of ram um for me you know this is definitely not an issue to run i've got a 5900x cpu plenty of power a 2070 super graphics doing all of the encoding and this is a 4k lossless recording and it's completely smooth as silk so really really good products i've been using this now for a few weeks and haven't had any issues at all and it's been super reliable the only thing that you might want to do is if you're you know taking a console in is just changing that resolution and then making sure that the output is going to be going to the monitor that you're going to be facing and you're going to be playing on so that's really the only other thing that you might need to do if you're going to be playing on a console but guys let me know what you guys think of this product from this uh awesome awesome company called pango big thank you to pango for sending this product over to over to me uh for me to use it really and for also to let me create more content and make this video for you guys to help you with you know content creation or streaming so massive shout out to pango for that one if you guys have any questions about this video feel free to hit me up in the comment section there's a link to my discord as well if you want to come over and chat with everyone else in the community and i'm live every friday night on youtube as well so plenty of ways for you guys to get in contact with me and ask me questions as i try and answer as many as i can it's a bit of a challenge but i'd love talking to you guys and hearing what you have to say so thanks once again for watching this video guys hopefully you found it helpful and i'll see you guys in the next video cheers


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294 game catur live ciri2 lihat di sini dia ada dua port HDMI 1 input dan satu output ya Jadi kalau kalian mau main game konsol bisa dari PS1 Nintendo atoh Xbox telepon soalnya bisa masuk ke inputnya untuk direkrut dan distribusi di komputernya dan outputnya bisa ke TV atau layar yang besar biar kalian mainnya bisa puas nih seperti digambarnya ya Nahin Disini di infoin bahwa bisa menggunakan beberapa capture jadi Mungkin kalian kalau main berdua atau bertiga gemsmore streaming jadi satu ini bisa banget nih ya digabungin tiga kecepat ini cuman gue blom nyoba ya jadi gue nggak stabil apa ya Kita lihat speknya sedikit kebawah Hai edisi ini bisa dilihat dia kemampuannya adalah resolusinya full HD ya full HD TV cwcc sangat sangat cocok untuk gaming Karena untuk gaming ya gue terima ke bawah sini kalian butuh minimal biar bagus hasilnya sik tv oke nah hari ini Kartini ya easy cap 29 part ini akan menggores hiu kita tes buat mencolok kamera dan juga untuk untuk ngecat to redeem Ya seperti biasa Amera untuk melihat hasil gambarnya dan game untuk melihat stabilitas dan frame ratenya nah sekalian gua akan compare dengan satu kartu lagi yang kita Triguna kartu tekan lagi yaitu dekling Mini recorder pada dia Defy Mini Nah ini dia teknik Mini recorder sebenernya agak beda ya karena kalau Dek Mimin dan ini dia tidak bisa pasrujambe hanya input aja cuman dia adalah input HDMI dan ke input SDIT ini enggak bisa dipakai keduanya harus pilih salah satu Moet atau hari ini cuma karena gue nggak ada untukmu sehingga dioksin untuk bandingkan dengan produk lain dan menurutku yang paling mendekati adalah ini karena dia akan Bay klik banner kode ini tidak bisa 1080 six TV ya bye bye cuma mau ngasih tau aja buat yang pengen streaming game dan sedang melihat-lihat Kartini Jangan sampai salah beli ini gue pertama kali beli salah beli karena tidak bisa full HD asikkkk TV ya kalau mau hdcv kalian harus beli yang deklik mini recorder for key yang harganya lebih mahal ya by Widya gue punya adalah ini hari ini kan kita lawan mainnya isi KPI ini ya kan 1080 TV jadi biar sama biar imbang Mungkin Nanti gua akan input ya typicali has TV kita coba dvp nanti gue coba otak-atik untuk harganya ya ini sikap 294 di sekitar 1 jutaan nya bisa dilihat di toko hijau cie di toko jalur jutaan dan untuk dekling ya kita mampir ke toko merah atau merah ini dekling harganya wuh paling murah 2,6 tiga kali lipat harganya warbiasa yah Sob SketchUp HDMI 1 jutaan proses check-out HDMI dan STIE harganya tiga kali lipat tapi tidak bisa full HD CCTV yang ini bisa flagship langsung aja kita akan mulai dengan komparasi warna ya gua udah setup untuk kedua Katanya sudah di dalam enggak nunjukkin fisiknya Unboxing nya karena jago malesnya hotel lagi maaf ya tapi cuma ngasih tau aja ini di dalam Hai di dalam kotak ijtihadnya ada sebuah CD dan ini Oke sudah selesai setup nya untuk tetap kali ini sama seperti setup seperti setetes sebelumnya gemericik Afrika dari itikaf juga jadi dari kamera Go ini gh5s output HDMI Masuk ke Twitter dan dari sweater satu masuk ke dekrit kunir kode dan satu lagi inputnya masuk ke qwerty sikapnya soft m ini gambar yang kalian lihat ini adalah adalah teknik Mini recorder ya Wah kurang lebih mungkin kalau kalian sering lihat video-video gua yang lainnya ya inilah gambarnya kalian lihat seperti ini bentuk warnanya dan dia mirip juga dengan hasil yang dihasilkan oleh item ini yah warnanya lumayan akurat sesuai dengan output kameranya dan kami dapat dari kameranya next dan mampir dan lihat hasil dari isikan ya ini langsung terlihat bahwa langsung lebih gelap lebih kontras dan warnanya juga lebih secreted ya hehe sama hasilnya dari semua produk indicated yang gua review hasilnya sama Jadi mungkin memang keras karakteristik daripada apalagi jika tuh seperti ini ya mungkin dia chipnya sama atau apa onderdilnya terutama jadi hasilnya pun mirip gambarnya pasti lebih kontras the blackest yaitu kelihatan hitam banget ya sangat-sangat keadaan hitam ah jangan warnanya jauh lebih 100 jadi kelihatannya seperti lebih fokus yang lebih search lebih short itu kayak biasanya ya lebih sehat lebih tinggi juga cepet Gua akan bandingkan langsung Site B biar teman-teman bisa melihat yah ini full kau terlihat krimnya seperti ini Hai Yang pastinya yang Hai lebih terang telah dekling dan yang agak gelap adalah Ijab yah jauh detail-detail detail-detail baju gue masih Kelihatan nih Diang ngisengin recorder tapi di sikap sudah hilang sudah gelap Sudah gelap semua ya khusus untuk lebih jelas lagi gua kan nunjukkin zunya perlu ujungnya seperti ini ya Hai muka gue tuh jadi kelihatan deh enggak halus diisi kep kelihatan minyak dapat jodoh teh kalau yang dekling lebih soft jatuhnya ya lebih soft hasilnya suaranya juga likenya di belakang lebih soft warna warna di komputernya semua lebih soft tahu hah Tri biasa yang mana yang lebih bagus eh kalian yang jawab sendiri kalian bisa lihat hasilnya seperti apa Eh kalau menurut kalian Oh dekling jauh lebih bagus lebih akurat ya tapi harganya tiga kali lipat jangan lupa dan jangan lupa abis ini kita mau ngetes untuk input game dan 25 sekali lagi ini tidak lirik orange tidak bisa full HD CCTV dia bisanya sampai TV silahkan disikat bisa sampai TV untuk Devi mirip orderkan harus beli afford kalau mau mendapatkan siksa TV jadi kita akan mencoba mengetes di 50p setelah ini kecil Ingatlah ini sih langsung aja kita Hai step sekarang juga Eh kau sosok lebih bagus mana-mana kalian lebih suka ya AHM website ke kalian Saya lagi mereka lebih bagus kalau kalian Dek lebih bagus ingat harganya tiga kali lipat dan bukan cuman itu kalian tidak bisa mendapatkan full HD dia nggak bisa terima enggak bisa jemput capture full HD fix TV ya Dek wingi recorder sedangkan si icv2 selanjutnya itu bisa seingat ya kalau kalian mau menggunakan diklik yang forte harganya lebih mahal lagi dan kenapa begitu penting untuk bisa full HD cicipi gua contohin sekarang ini abis ini kita mau ngetes game ya kita akan output isi ya akan seperti biasa bapak Chandra dia buat main PointBlank lagi ya Aduh gamenya kaget update-nya dari setahun lalu MP4 dan kalau dari PC itu rata-rata outputnya itu akan 60/5 9 Heart yah jadi CCTV harus di capture dengan karet yang bisa sanggup CV karena yang rekeningnya enggak bisa jadi yang Dek link-nya Mini repot nggak bisa jadi gua nggak bisa nunjukkin gua nggak bisa ngebandingin antara dua produksi itu Oke sekarang kita akan testing game capture resolusi full HD fix TV menggunakan itikaf 294 Bagaimana hasilnya harusnya Nikita nyoba nya enggak pakai PPBD harus lebih Yang lebih hi-res gitu ya cuma kita lagi belum install install dari kemarin sibuk kerja jadi kita belum update update game-game terbaru sementara masih aman tidak ada fresh atau like hai oke singkat aja gue nggak akan terlalu lama nunjukkin gameplaynya Gue cuman mau Negeri bahwa ya s-works capcay game full HD CCTV Oke cukup segitu ya reviewnya Eh untuk Cut onboard bukan anggota internal ya buat desktop isi kp294 yang mampu menggeser input HDMI full-hd 60p cocok untuk para gamers yang mau capture gaming console atau pc yang juga dilengkapi dengan HDMI output yang berarti bisa di Fast truk ke TV atau layar lainnya m menentu produknya Oke buat untuk harganya ya harganya juga murah banget dibawah satu juta bisa dapetin Kazakhstan ini mantap banget mungkin kalau untuk kamera follow gue personal untuk input kamera untuk f1000 jadi kamera mungkin gue tidak terlalu cocok ya karena Hai kalau dari kita untuk produksi itu video kita butuh warna yang sangat akurat ya Dan kalau Spy produksi KPI dan gue ngomong karena pengoperasiannya para ini adalah produk ketiga yang kita trail dan semuanya karakteristik warnanya itu Sam jadi ah kalau dari Gue pernah pakai dari sikap harganya murah ya Mantap lah buat dikantong to apalagi bermula Mantep banget sangat cocok untuk gaming ya untuk gaming cocok banget untuk para slimers timer game enggak usah ragu-ragu lagi cobain produksi Jeff mantap banget lah hah untuk video dalam mati yang out dari kamera nah ini penting atau tidak buat temen-temen kualitas gambarnya seperti apa kalau wajib gambarnya Gak perlu yang Wah misalnya untuk kajian untuk di masjid untuk di gereja yang gak perlu terlalu detail kenapa enggak pakailah produksi vikep jangan Wow not go forth trimongkol teman-teman yang bener-bener nyari kualitas gambarnya detail untuk toksow untuk brand untuk klien mungkin akan lebih better invest untuk dekling atau Ya biasalah item ini file sudah produknya blackmagic saja jadi gue seneng banget ya karena beberapa tahun yang lalu juga sebanyak option kayak sekarang ya betul 2016 itu aduh mau nyari barang tuh masih susah banget yang yang pas dengan baik kita juga susah sekarang tuh mau yang murah ada lu mau yang mahal ada ngomong kayak gimana pun bentuknya sekarang udah banyak banget di market so Mantep banget lah ini pasti ngebikin dah dunia streaming kita di Indonesia ini makin maju lagi soal Nice gitu aja dari gue Semoga bermanfaat mungkin ada temennya Lagi mikir mau beli cash Cepatlah ini bisa membantu evgenia membantu jangan lupa serta javami studio karena kita akan terus mereview produk-produk yang berhubungan dengan live streaming video production broadcast ahaha setiap Minggu kita pasti ngupload video baru-baru SUV tq for watching see you on the next video bye bye


6. $30 Capture Card?! | YK762H PCI-E Capture Card (Timeleak HD72B) Review

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: $30 Capture Card?! | YK762H PCI-E Capture Card (Timeleak HD72B) Review

hey guys Devonian plays and welcome to another review video today we have the HDMI capture card PCIe cuz it that's how it connects and it's got a it's got a crazy name on eBay so yeah that might or may may or may not be in the title but I will definitely be in the description if you want to pick one of these up this was $30 you heard it 35 more like 36 but I mean free shipping I think I think it was free shipping but yeah this is a capture card it's supposed to do 720p at 60 fps and 1080p at 30fps I got this idea from my good old pal online X 4 20 he actually owns this and he did a review video a while back on it and I thought I would try it and I've always wanted a capture card and I didn't want to buy like it can all gotta or something so yeah let's just check it out so we got the protective packaging I guess and in here oh this also goes into your computer by the way PCIe so that's the bag and we have it right here looks like it is a I guess that just goes right into the computer we got our HDMI in and out we have this is for like slim cases slimmer cases I don't need that though and we have the drivers on the little disc and I do have a disc tray in my computer so hopefully that works I think it's like sometimes works no it's from like an Windows XP computer so you know but uh yeah I guess we're gonna put this in I'll show you put show you me putting it in and then we'll take a look at the drivers alright so I believe that is our PCIe slot so which plugs that that plugs into so we got a first open up the gate alright so as you can see these are the same so it should fit correctly so we just pop it in to the PCI slots exactly how it looks like should be in business I think all right I think it is in it sure seems like it I think that's good I think we're in because it is our HDMI so I think it should work alright so I went to go put this into my DVD drive but I realized that my SATA cable does not work so I went back to on lines video and realized that in the description he has a link to the drivers it's been days because I've been waiting for the SATA cables that I've ordered so let's download them alright so once you get this downloaded go ahead in the folder and go to HD 72 B and then go to driver go to that go to the driver folder not setup dot exe it does not work it says you need like 64-bit it didn't work for me for some reason but I had to go to the driver folder and then go to 64 and then do that exe and install everything whatever says and then you're good all right so now obviously you need to be able to use your capture card for YouTube or whatever whatever you're doing it for and if you're using OBS this is how you do it in OBS make your scene or whatever you want right click go to add and then go to video capture device name it whatever you want and then find the time link it should work from there and then set like fps and resolution uh however you need to but I already have it right here and if we undo that my xbox is on and connected make sure you have two HDMI cables because you need one from your xbox into the capture card and then out of the capture card to your monitor and now you're ready to go I have it at 720p but you can do 1080 but remember 1080 is 30fps and it's not really that great so 720p 60fps good and yeah that's it's really yet I mean yeah all right so that's really it with this video I mean I showed you everything about the capture card from unboxing to getting it set up on OBS so hope you guys enjoyed like comment and subscribe hit that Bell icon so you get notified exactly when I upload and yeah like Han and subscribe goodbye [Music]


7. auvisio PCI-TV- & Video-Capture-Card ink. Fernbedienung (refurbished)


8. VideoMate C100 PCI Capture Card – Installation

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: VideoMate C100 PCI Capture Card - Installation

hey guys are this in a post this morning it's a video mate c100 pci video capture card open the box i think the audio cable and the thing is it's got rca on this card but these are not going to be any good for me for capturing because i'm going to have to get female rca's which i've ordered is only like just under a pound on amazon that's where the audio will go the phone went good s video here and composite components all av in there i'm going to install this in my computer in a moment just have a look what else is in the bag we have the driver disc there's some software here dvd movie factory i'll install us to see what it's like there was something else here video studio okay um and press pause now i'm sorry gonna knock my computer off and install this into my pci slot got the side of my pc ready um i got a firewire card in here which is down but there it doesn't even pick up a camera so it's a lot of crap so i'm gonna be removing that at the same time as i install the new card right i'm gonna put this camera down a second use my screwdriver still got a firewire in the back there's my old firewire card just took that out sorry i'm gonna put the camera down from there just slotted that in there now i'm just going to screw it in tight that's screwed in nice and tight there i don't know if you can make up that little screw i'm gonna press pause now because i have to put this back on the shelf and turn it on game i put my computer back on the shelf switch it on i just picked it up it says it's not successfully installed so i'm gonna have to put the disk in okay i'm gonna install the drive now okay um when my female rca deformer cable's coming of course now i shall do a capture test on one of my gaming consoles and i shall leave it as a video response to this video so you can have a look how this um capture card works um it cost me 25 pound i think on amazon i forgot to mention how much it cost um but anyway thanks for watching


9. AVerMedia SD PCI-E Video capture card AV composite vMix wirecast


10. HDC-701EL PCIe video capture card

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: HDC-701EL PCIe video capture card

paradise my name is Steven I'm the sensor for the sales department and today we have the Steve here and his department managers and in the past decade iein lunches several products including the multiples Anna Vissi and today the reason we invited Steve because we also have the bottom line of the capture cost and I do have experience in selling like xdc y0 for in Japan and they usually on the surgery and to recording the surgery situations and we also have the experience into surrogate actually sister easier one to monitor the highways and the trafficking situation as well so actually capture cockily by2 leaves in a different situation and last year we launched a new product and it's called HTC 7 through one from my understanding the interface is quite different from the product I wrote which you might explain to me about differences about this one and our previous partner man please okay this guy's actually one channel is who was just before in Kodaka and it is suppo 1pp input VI input I missed a lot and did connect to another cable for my BB PR or be my import so they have many different kind of interface to import video we use one two different input into one petrol the same time yeah you use there one point this car was a quick one video scale so we can combine two video input together and to become a full screen another small VIP window and they actually you say sorry we record to see me about VIP VIP is a functional video scalers true ok can that's a fun video to be display in a full screen so it is like a picture in picture yeah yeah a picture in together so the metaphor is many different type of input and the video scale okay are so friendly is part line is quite different because you can have the multiple like interface and if you want to have lots of different include sources you have the possibilities to use this car yeah okay environment all on Tobias activity and kind of output okay sometimes a VGA or sometimes give us a nice TP and you can use one car to finish you all different kind of reader import to import ok say ultra normal about these products oh very sick would you mind sharing me specification and its ability splitters you mention about lots of interface support it so you have the one channels include and one channel start boot so what are the specifications will you quit led number and for you can set up the number of for each pole and when we dysfunction because we can use of or come in this one system together so you say mean if the multiple has the full expansion PCIe yes okay use like this led to indicate that different source yeah okay so we can record full include resources but what kind of patient you can use these kind of applications I mean what do you need first mentor touch me man the P she had different kind of output something either Michelle Oh mija VGA and the other one and the other one I want to use one system for before many ship know from different PC so I guess you so Pocock Peter in one system so if the interface is different but it can use the HTC k70 we want to put different input into one system yeah and they encode together okay that's quite amazing okay in this car also equipped one video skater so what's the function of video scale the best one is convert a video signal from one resolution to another one and even lower to higher from higher to doll and we just get all soaked and used to control color from your video input so you can adjust the five minutes or country or chutney etc just like TB Ruyter we also provide to customer customer buys function austere and poppy this means you can it is some information in Europe good video I'm sorry with this evening OSD party and this heinous okay OST is on screen display okay you mean you can add picture or logo in your video and some tax information or some type of stand in your video so like what do we do now you can create actually the scripts under the under video videos that we can go sit on the livestream to show some titles yeah because it's very important for some first maybe in a hospital Olivia are stationed for some safety issue you need to be call the time for the colored name see the video information video I see okay let's see the next VIP function okay we provide five video input DVI HDMI DVI etc but you can choose one to be that many video input and it can display two more screen and you can choose another one to be the PIV with your input and you can become a small one between the more screen so you can see the main video in the second source video okay but actually they can go only one channel video so we can put it means you can integrate to different resources into one channel yet okay inclusion is popping this means you can cut some video area from your video source but I can't get this part because it's kinda Mohican could be different but the pictures videos normally but why you know size of this function right I just called a video from sauce not the picture on the fire I've already Nicole so you can act in this sauce when you get encoding and at the same time yeah before I in the body I can edit anywhere I want to cut or you can change it away or change you don't like so he said it puts the edge you can add it in accent I'm on you to the video recordings yeah so after cutting the video size will be more smaller because I just used okay later I will do that thing to install apart this software and they change the kind in number kinda I will use IV she to square the video out from T P which year and DVI to import the discs are and to encoding so which means we will have a live demonstration for that yeah okay that just go straight to simulated products okay I see their long time of year so I wonder these two is the imported sources as you're right yeah so could you tell me how do you connect to our HTC Senate's rule one my normal only that one HDMI output okay yeah so I used HDMI to DVI cable and connect to the it's the veneer one car okay so it's HDMI to DVI yeah then have that tank this thing will have three video output in the best idea DVI and VGA and now I just connect TV so one resources is TBI and the ten is using the TP yeah sever Cade now it's DC sevens everyone has to Evie do you solve a problem and now I also can ever say my output to this morning which team and how good to this morning's here so however encoded content we come to this okay I see okay before we install a car you can change the economy ID for example this car set-up number one okay because you can install this setup unique ID in one car number one number two and first owner said to car for number one so once you have the numbers you won't compete about yeah what kind of recording your team okay after you install the car first go to our website and such as TV 7001 yellow so what I should do is to go to the main page of ie and go to the download to IE i yeah and just a cook just a search page such as DC 7001 yeah okay click toggle button and you could unit under page so what kind of Travis should I turn out with the SDK or driver our SDK in cooler tribal SDK sauce and application serving sheet under this SDK one again just a filly and seven polymers in solution to set up those driver and so we'll so we also have the instruction on the user menu yeah you can follow the instructions ok ok I'll tell you install the driver you can check out the bus manager you can see the audio device you can see the HPG seven year one year that means you in so travel successfully ok and now this screen is after I think the iPhone HTC seven-year one is that a professional also will and we said to be setting and now you guys you go to the scalar then click the misc yeah you can to reset okay and now you can create the input source page ok you can see a lot of video input now I want to change the video input to TP this means my tank okay and take dua pattern so output video source will show the video thumbnail so this is the video from tank okay yeah this means the TP to HDMI to some principle okay and now I can do in holy that you can change the audio standpoint way long 74 another one and set up body okay an input resolution now is 1080 60 feet and encoding this latosha in study fee and you can change the feed wave when you go to recording okay this is the peak Easter okay okay stop and key in your name and now it's okay see and you can see this file here okay and now I stop and change to recording my notebook video okay so the same equal to the scalar yeah angel educator sauce DVI to HDMI I see in good white thank you and now I can set up again that the solution from the highest she's different second in study by the second Star King another name yeah business end with this one okay very easy to use will recall from different kind of salts okay I see you can see a lot of control sitting here for color because he equipped the video scalar function here so you can adjust the color of red black and red or blue or something or when these Japanese surgeon decided kind of calibration see you want your designs to construct a brightness here for says oh I just said one country okay you can change the color oh I see so you see with the screen is for pink yeah so you change the video sort and pictures a lot of color just like to be morning and you can encourage this kind of video okay I see okay LM so will we see the product and we also see the demonstration of the like demo yeah it's very nice so thank you so much and thank you for watching and please don't forget to subscribe our channels and there's more videos on our website thank you so much thank you


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